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  1. bob755

    Problem updating version

    After the update I see that the tutorial flights such as "PMDG 737NGX Tutorial #2 EHAM-LOWI Before Approach.FLT" no longer appear in the list when loading a flight in FSX.
  2. bob755

    Problem updating version

    I downloaded and installed the latest version from Aerosoft after uninstalling the old version and then installed the update. All seems ok. Thanks
  3. bob755

    Incoherence between SID chart and FMC legs

    sorry for the late reply. I've been away. Yes LNAV was selected before departure.
  4. bob755

    Problem updating version

    I have a boxed version of the 737-800NGX installed. The operation center version page says that the current version is 1.10.6461 and the available version is 1.20.8885. There is a notification from which I can install a new update but when I click on Ok to install the update I just get a Dos window that flashes but nothing gets updated. Thanks in advance
  5. bob755

    Incoherence between SID chart and FMC legs

    I have tried several departures and the wpts don't move. I make a sharp right turn immediately after takeoff but impossible to intersect these points.
  6. Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I've experiencing a difference between the SID on the Navigraph chart and that created in the FMC. - Simulator FSX SE - Departure: LFMC RWY 04R - SID: TURI6E The initial routing is to turn right and follow 138deg to intercept the NIZ 158deg radial at D8.0 NIZ and follow this track to D11.0NIZ Here one can see that the 158deg radial is way off NIZ 8.0 and NIZ 11.0. In fact it's impossible to reach NIZ 8.0 after t/o since the required turn is too tight. Any ideas of the origin of this issue? I'm posting the same topic on the Navigraph support forum.
  7. I'd almost finished entering all the information for a flight into the fmc. I opened the N1 LIMIT page and selected the TO and CLB parameters but when I tried to enter a temperature, I could only enter in one character. Subsequent key presses just overwrote the first character.. This was the case with both the PC keyboard and the fmc keyboard using the mouse. I went to other pages in the FMC and had the same problem. For example, impossible to enter more than one character in file name to save the panel state. I checked that Insert was not selected on the PC keyboared but in any case I don't see how that would have affected the use of the FMC keyboard. I googled the problem ad see that this has happened to others but no solution. The only solution was to restart FSX.
  8. bob755

    PMDG 737 engine animation

    Ok Thanks. The problem was that I created a cold and dark startup state with a cessna, changed the aircraft to the NGX and saved it. Loading this state caused the engine animation problem to show.
  9. bob755

    PMDG 737 engine animation

    just purchased and installed the 737NG wit FSX Steam edition. I created a and saved a flight with the aircraft in the cold and dark state. When I start the engines they run correctly but the fans are not animated when I go to the exterior view. However if I just start FSX with the plane in the default state, the engines are running and the engine fans are animated.