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  1. How is it any harder to install? Wow
  2. Go look in the PMDG forums!
  3. The PMDG 737 is what 7-8 years old and is no where near as complex as the FSLA320. So you can't really compare the two and frames. Apples & Oranges
  4. PMDG is just $10 cheaper and PMDG have there share of bugs on new releases! And don't blame FSL for sales tax. Its not there fault! Its a better product then anything PMDG have released. Support also isn't condescending towards the users like the PMDG staff is
  5. 50% off is not worth the hassle of installing FSX-SE I probably wouldn't even do it at 75% off! I will just wait for P3D version. Even if its a year or more away. So be it.
  6. I think Canada should just buy Typhoons or something. Its funny here as some people in Canada say we should just design and build our own fighter. But that's unrealistic and per unit cost would be crazy! Would make the F35 look cheap.
  7. No Australia has 24 Super Hornets and 12 EA-18 Growler Super Hornets and they are not for sale. Australia purchased them as a stop gap when they retired the F111 but have since decided to keep them all, They have only been in service a few years and the 12 EA-18 Growlers Super Hornets was only just delivered.
  8. No I doubt Canadian pilots are at Luke in the JSF program. I do know they have Australian Pilots trained and now working as F35A Instructors at Luke AFB. This is a 2016 Australian 60 minutes story on the Australian pilots at Luke AFB and the F35.
  9. Its not super hornets Canada are going to buy from Australia. Its 30 year old Classic A&B models
  10. John do you go to the Luke AFB airshow in March? I am thinking of flying down from the Yukon and going. I need to get out of dodge for a week during winter and an airshow is perfect.
  11. No one is judging an aircraft by an airshow! I think you are right that Canada relies and the US a lot more then Australia does.
  12. Aussie F35 display
  13. Aussie Super Hornet display
  14. And Another
  15. Its funny how those so called experts who say the F35 is a lemon have never flown one. Here is a Canadian news report from CBC in 1980 with them saying the Hornet is a lemon! Sound familiar? And the hornet turned out to be a fabulous platform.