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  1. Mountains full of snow in the middle of summer. MSFS is rendering winter texture in July. Its not accurate
  2. MSFS 2020 is not very accurate rendering seasonal textures. I live in the Yukon and in MSFS is rendering the mountains covered in snow and in reality there is next to no snow at all for this time of year.
  3. X-Plane pre UI overhaul was much better then now! they dumbed it down
  4. I live in the Yukon and it looks great. I haven't crossed the border into Alaska yet
  5. I have no doubts this is a great simulator but not for probably another 6-12 months. Just like all the previous versions of MSFS it will take several service packs before everything good. The out of the box scenery is stunning. The UI and controller setup is awful. Probably the worst I have seen in my 35 years of flight simulator.
  6. Started to figure it out. Its a difficult UI for sure!
  7. Same problem with my X55 Hotas. What is the video you found?
  8. I am not enjoying this user interface. I cannot get my X55 controllers working. They show up in the menu but I cannot assign any buttons and when I load a flight the axis don't respond! I am not having fun.....
  9. Thanks I see it at the top now. I was looking at the time notes. So 9pm Pacific in north America
  10. Has anyone who purchased it via Steam been able to start downloading it yet? If so what region are you in?
  11. You pay for what you get. The cheaper the price usually = JUNK!
  12. Name one simulator that was released without bugs and performing at 100% out of the box on release day? Perhaps in the future you should wait until a title has been released a year before you buy it. Then you wont have anything to prematurely complain about!
  13. I've probably spend $1000-$1500 annually of my flight simulators for the last 20+ years.
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