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  1. Thanks for the tip. I will go try it now.
  2. I know you asked about P3D. But from my experience in not great in MSFS where it's available. There are trade off in using it. For example, the gauges and not crisp to look at while using.
  3. The upcoming TFDI MD11 has more function on the tablet and the plane has not even released yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aO_0Id59X90
  4. This is just my opinion. They never started working on the tablet 2 years ago. They only started developing this tablet maybe 6–12 months ago. Look at what FENIX for example offers with the release. Night and day over PMDG.
  5. Apu starts and stabilizes in 5 seconds, Engines do the same. Crashes XP when going between outside and inside views
  6. I would have added the IXEG 737, but the XP12 version is in my hanger until they fix the many bugs.
  7. I find it hard to believe PMDG worked on the tablet for 2+ years. It's as basic as they come.
  8. Agree! You would think you could open and close doors, call your ground equipment, set up a pushback, and set your aircraft loads all via the tablet! This is as basic as they come.
  9. I'm a long time PMDG customer (20 years) and I have purchased every product on day one of release. I really enjoy the aircraft's tremendously. However, I'm not getting any sort of wow factor from this Tablet. I don't know if it's because PMDG has been telling us for 2 years that this Tablet will set a new standard, so my expectation in return was very high. I'm just not seeing it!
  10. I'm in Yukon, Canada and it's working. Hopefully they sort it out tomorrow.
  11. It's working for me, but I'm sure there are gremlins. Usually are when something new or is added.
  12. did you try setting the option from sim to real world in the tablet settings?
  13. The package only comes with the Horizon default livery. There is already 4 Qantas liveries here Qantas
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