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  1. Hi Maarten, Many thanks for your help. Strangely enough this problem has never happened to me when not using SLX. Also, I am unable to shift-right-click the taskbar icon as there isn't one there, the only evidence of P3D is the running EXE process in task manager. I will try and research the issue further and come back to you if I find anything, for the time being SLX is sadly unusable for me. Best regards, Oliver
  2. Hi all, First of all let me say - many thanks for this excellent freeware tool. Unfortunately, I have the issue that when I launch a P3D v3 flight using SLX, once P3D is loaded the window is nowhere to be seen. So I see the splash screen, followed by the loading bar and then POOF its gone. P3D however continues to run in taskmanager and SLX reports itself to be connected, the only way to kill it is by ending prepar3d.exe. If I start P3D directly then my default scenario is loaded immediately (no scenario setup screen anymore), which is a behavior changed by SLX that I do not want, how can I reverse this? Any ideas what the problem could be? Many thanks
  3. They used 15 just over a year ago, I'm not sure what they use now though. Hope that helps.
  4. Received 2/17/2008 7:40:06 AM Ident/FlightID BAW283 Status Active Center LLON Equipment Prefix Type B744 (Boeing Company Model 747-400) Equipment Code Q (unknown) Proposed Departure 11:55 AM GMT Actual Departure N/A ETA 04:53 AM PST Actual Arrival N/A Dept EGLL Dest LAX Route EGLL BUZAD.T420.WELIN.UN57.TNT.UL28.RODOL.UM65.TENSO.UL603.REMSI.UP6.MIMKU.UP6.OSBOX.UP858.SUNOT 5800N/02000W 6000N/03000W 6300N/04000W 6400N/05000W 6400N/06000W MUSVA YFB 6200N/08000W 5930N/09000W 5430N/10000W VLN BIL FFU.J9.MLF OVETO HEC.RIIVR1.KLAX/0958 Speed 0478 Altitude 32,000 A bit late, but you probally still want it ;)
  5. >roflmao. Oh man, the babies don't get their candy for a few>hours and all #### breaks loose. Listen to this guy...such a>valuable member of the FS community that he's only driven to>register and post when he wants to tell us he's leaving>becuase he can't get his free stuff. Oh me oh my, please>don't go...we'll miss you so...lol>>>Don't worry Tom et al, anyone with half a brain understands>the enormous trials and tribulations you guys undergo in order>to provide this phenomenal service. Avsim is without a doubt>the best FS file library on the net. A little down time isn't>going to kill anyone. Unfortunately, I've noticed over the>past few days that there seems to be an unusual insurgence of>people around here who are blessed with significantly less>than half a brain... >>Haha I was thinking exactly the same thing. People act as if they're paying money for this, they aren't!Looking forward of course to it being back up, great to know about the new servers on their way.Cheers
  6. >Hi Oliver,>>I am not sure about the prices of monitors in europe, but here>in Australia the prices have come-down somewhat.>>You mentioned that you are willing to go as high as>"400-Euro's".>>I would have thought that you could get a "bigger" monitor for>that price.>>For $750 AUD I can get a 27" from Viewsonic.>>http://www.viewsonic.com/products/lcddispl...eries/vx2835wm/>>Regards,>>Ralf..Hello Ralf,Thanks for your reply. I just checked prices online for that monitor, and here it costs over 900 Euros. Other problem is that because larger monitors often have dead pixels ideally I get a monitor which can easily be replaced from a nearby shop.Those ViewSonics sure do look good though :(.Cheers
  7. Thanks (as always) for the great advice!Should I go ahead with the purchase of the 226BW I will ask to look in the box and see on the back the code. I'll certainly come back with the results of my purchase.Cheers!
  8. Hello Folks,As always for my Hardware related problems I turn to you guys, as the advice I've had so far has been top notch.Situation is:Got a new PC a couple of months ago (E6600 OC, BFG 8800Ultra, 4Gigs RAM, n860i SLI etc etc) and I've still got my "old" Dell 15Inch monitor. Seeing as X-Mas is only a stone throw away and there seem to be some nice discounts I thought it would be a good time to take the leap for a new monitor.So far my preference has gone to the Samsung 22Inch 226BW, yes it is WideScreen but I use mostly VC + my other monitor could be used for the instruments.What do you guys think of this monitor? I like it because for 270Euros it seems a good price.I'm willing to go up to around 400Euros for this monitor, if neccesary. Advice is really appreciated!Cheers,
  9. >Hello, does anyone have the following flight FP
  10. >Running FS9 on both XP64bit and Vista 64bit, have no issues>not even XP64bit, since most drivers are available nowadays.>>XP will give better performance, mere to the fact its less>demanding OS.>>What would do better,.... running FS9 only, 2GB is enough (or>3GB if personal preference), so if you like XP32 then its fine>to stay with that. >>For FSX id opt for 4GB+Vista64, but thats just my opinion.>>Regards,>Hello Davis,Great to hear from you mate! I'll look to get Vista64 in Dual Boot Config with Windows XP32, I havent had many problems yet with the new PC in terms of frame rates, just the odd out memory and CTD errors (EGLL 2008 and UT Europe mostly at the cause of those).Thanks as always for the top notch help!Cheers!
  11. >My personal experience says, don't use XP64bit - unstable,>bad drivers etc., and Vista 64bit seems much more stable and>pretty good, many drivers out for it yet.Thanks for the info, I've heard though the perfomance isnt that good with Vista, is that true? I mean would the perfomance be better on XP 32 with 2gigs or Vista 64 with 4Gigs using FS9?Cheers
  12. Hello Folks,In July I bought my new PC, this is the spec: Operating System Microsoft Windows XP ProfessionalOS Service Pack Service Pack 2DirectX (DirectX 9.0c) CPU Type E6600, 3000 MHz (7 x 429)Instruction Set x86, x86-64, MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3Original Clock 2400 MHzL1 Code Cache 32 KBL1 Data Cache 32 KBL2 Cache 4 MB (On-Die, ATC, Full-Speed) Multi CPU Motherboard ID OEM00000 PROD00000000CPU #0 Intel® Core2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz, 3001 MHzCPU #1 Intel® Core2 CPU 6600 @ 2.40GHz, 3001 MHz CPU Utilization CPU #1 / Core #1 / HTT Unit #1 12 %CPU #1 / Core #1 / HTT Unit #2 8 % Display Video Adapter NVIDIA GeForce 8800 Ultra (768 MB)Monitor Dell E151FPp [15" LCD] (4R869359N8WZ) Multimedia Audio Adapter Realtek HD Audio outputField ValuePhysical Memory Total 2814 MBUsed 1278 MBFree 1535 MBUtilization 45 % Swap Space Total 8820 MBUsed 1059 MBFree 7761 MBUtilization 12 % Virtual Memory Total 11635 MBUsed 2338 MBFree 9296 MBUtilization 20 % Physical Address Extension (PAE) Supported by Operating System YesSupported by CPU YesActive YesAs you can see above it sais:Physical Memory Total 2814 MBBut I have 4Gigs of OCZ RAM, from what I've hear I need a 64bit OS?I believe I'm currently running XP 32Bit, is 64Bit stable? Will it work with FS, Photoshop, MSN etc?Cheers!
  13. Thanks for the flightplan!I just got back from holiday in Austria, hence my late reply, sorry to hear you were in hospital, get well soon!Cheers!
  14. Hello!Well a few weeks back now I bought my new PC, the specs are:Intel C2D E6600 OC at 3.1Ghz| 4 GB GeIL Black Dragon RAM | BFG nForce 680i SLI | WINDOWS XP Pro SP2 + WINDOWS VISTA ULTIMATE DUAL BOOT | 74GB WD RAPTOR SATA (10000rpm) | SEAGATE BARRACUDAs: 1 x 200GB SATA 1 x 300 GB SATA | 1 x BFG Geforce 8800 ULTRA OC 768Mb| ZALMAN CNPS9700 NT TRITIUM SUPER AERO COOLER | 1 x 17 INCH TFT Black 1024x768 | EGA850EWL-DXX GALAXY | Thermaltake Cabinet Swing Black with Window | Trust Speakers Sp-6600A 5.1 Home Theatre System | 4 x Nexus Fans 120x120 (silent) | 3 x Hard Disk Fans | Blue and Red neonsWell up to now I havent had tooo many problems, appart from Call of Duty 2 crashing, but now FS seems to be throwing a wobbly a little too often for my liking aswell.Today I was flying EGLL-LLBG, and I went to watch some TV, when I came back the screen was black and I had a msg saying that it had to close. I tried retrieving the flight from the "AutoSave" utility, but FS just crashed again.I've also had problems with my drivers, at the moment I'm using the ones which came with my graphics cards, the latest ones from the Nvidia site give me horrible AA and if I open a window in FS everything below it is black (and seeing as I fly online with SB3 that problem is not good).Now I'm wondering, are there any good drivers for the card I have? Do you think its a driver related problem? I also had the same problem about 2 weeks ago during and event when the PC crashed on finals after about 7 hours, that flight was with the Level-D 767, todays flight was with the PMDG 747.My AA is set to 4x, AF to 16x and High Quality.I shouldn't really with a system like this have much instability, allthough I wasted alot of money getting 4 Gigs RAM when my OS can only support 2.75 afaik.Any help would be appreciated!Thanks alot!
  15. No one? I really would appreactiate it ;)
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