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  1. The only way i know ,get a subscription at Navigraph. Nebojsa
  2. The unfortunate thing about Flightaware is, it does not give you the whole flight plan when going west (sometimes). EGLL-KLAX it only showed the North America part of the flight plan. EGLL-KIAD it showed the whole flight plan going west. So i guess it varies on the city pairings. nebojsa
  3. I don't know if this helps. SIMBRRIEF's airac is not up to date. The Sid/Star name might have changed , maybe from ABC1 to ABC2 All the fixes maybe same but the name changed . I don't know if you are using up to date airac. nebojsa
  4. Is it possible for somebody to this livery for FS9 Level-D 767-300 Thank you,Nebojsa
  5. What menu. More detail. nebojsa
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