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  1. tamsini

    Phoenix to Tuscon

    WOW! These are gorgeous!
  2. tamsini

    Any news on Vertx DA62

    Why does a P3D update come to mind?
  3. tamsini

    Community flights

    YOU THE MAN, sir Dave!
  4. tamsini

    Community flights

    Hi all - was just wanted to know if there is a list or calendar of available community flights where simmers get together and fly online. I have seen a few topics of upcoming events from time to time and now that I feel ready, I would like to give it a try, So, again, anywhere where I can find a calendar of such events?
  5. tamsini

    Some GA favourites

    All beauties!
  6. tamsini

    Your sim of choice poll

    Let's face it - anytime XP and P3D/FSX are mentioned in the same sentence and/or topic, an all-out war breaks out, ridiculous as it seems.
  7. Great shots. And I must say - after taking a lot of heat from disgruntled customers who purchased the early versions, Aerosoft have done an outstanding job of fixing this plane. I agree it is a lot of fun to fly.
  8. I certainly remember that episode. And if I had to wear those outfits the citizens were wearing, I'd be the first in line to the incinerators.
  9. Just wondering what the ultimate goal is for these creatures.
  10. tamsini

    PMDG BAeJ4100

    Hello Chris - are you able to shed some light as to whether plans to make it compatible with P3D v4 still in the works?
  11. tamsini

    Why the World is Running Out of Pilots

    The one main reason I grasped for the pilot shortage is the refusal to invest in a 300K education and only getting a 30K salary - and only getting paid for when you're in the air. That's a bit too much to sacrifice.
  12. tamsini

    PMDG 737 NGX For P3D v 4.3

    That, unfortunately, is a definite, no.
  13. How can I resist making this a 1st-day purchase? I always wanted to learn the proper use of a fully functional (and fluid) G1000 so just the fact that Sean was part of RealAir makes this is a must-have.
  14. Excellent - remember rule number 1: HAVE FUN!