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  1. Dave. this is fantastic!! Cannot thank you enough.. This should add many more hours of pleasure with this incredible aircraft.
  2. tamsini


    Is it RXP as this forum suggests or is it F1?
  3. Can you point me to the correct path, please? I see it installs in app/data/local but where is the navdata folder? **** SORRY FOR DOUBLE POST ******
  4. Can you point me to the correct path, please? I see it installs in app/data/local but where is the navdata folder?
  5. Thank you all for this valuable feedback. I guess I'll stay on 4.5 until I can either get a new PC (in preps for the new MS sim) or LM addresses vRAM issues on 5.0 (which I'm not even sure is an actual possibility).
  6. Hello all, first off - this is not in any way P3D bashing, I have always been a huge P3D fan and absolutely adored v4.5. But,with reluctance, I uninstalled and had a refund of P3D v5 due to the fact that, even with a GTX 1070 and 8GB of vRAM, I kew I wasn't going to make it. I hadn't even installed any "big guns" yet and I had multiple OOM which made my blood boil. And yet, I see some with 1060s saying it runs great etc etc. So the favor I am asking is: can someone with a similar card try LatinVFR Miami with a GA aircraft and let me know the vRAM usage upon loading? I tried this with the RealAir Turbine Duke and the Alabeo M20 and the sim loaded with 6.2 vRAM usage out of a possible 6.7. Needless to say, I did not get off the ground. I had turned off TrueSky and had most slider to the left in hopes that I could gradually move them a bit at a time. I also ran it in HD and not in 4K which I thought would have helped. After hours of experimenting, I realized that once I load PMDG and FSLabs, I would have zero chance. I'm also hoping that LM will do some sort of memory optimization in the next few weeks that I can once again give it a whirl. Hoping someone can run the simple test for me! THANKS!
  7. Anyone try the RealAir Turbine Duke and/or Alabeo Ovation at night? They work well except the lighting does not illuminate the ground. Not sure what's going on there. Wondering if there's a workaround.
  8. Thanks flyblue and skywolf - that is great news.
  9. After installing P3D v5 - running the fresh installers for Orbx via Central, I notice that Vector cannot be added for v5. Is this normal or they just didn't get around to updating that one?
  10. For some reason, mine has started doing the same thing all of a sudden just this morning.. Rebooted, verified files in Orbx Central and it is still occurring. I'm on the latest P3D 4.5.
  11. What's cool with the Garmin trainer is that it has an update option if you run the Garmin utility from the Windows start menu.
  12. Alan, just paste what you wrote in your summary of individual plane-loading into your CV - no one would be stupid enough NOT to hire you. Good luck, big guy.
  13. Perhaps you could find what you're looking for in this other thread?
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