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  1. Dear Lord - one of those RTFM moments (or the website, in this case). Thanks for that!
  2. I'd rather have several updates per month than having to wait a year for even one. Although the uninstall is a bit of a pain, it's certainly worth the effort. It's nice having a developer constantly taking his/her product (that has already outshone most GA's in the sim) and raising the bar to making it better.
  3. Hi Miquel - it does not appear that a banking/loan systems is possible. It would be a good feature though.
  4. Try going to SHOP tab on left, then AIRCARFT LICENSES on bottom right. Then click on the individual aircraft type where you will then see the companies that fly that particular aircraft.
  5. Posted this on the msfs forum: This is a new one for me and cannot find any possible solutions. Just started this morning - tried rebooting. logon logoff etc. “This app failed to launch because its trial license has expired.”
  6. 1. No Steam VR. You need Windows Mixed reality ((EDIT: sorry just saw you use Steam edition, now I'm not sure. But check out the videos nonetheless) 2. You could use a mouse or sim controllers (i.e Honeycomb. Saitek etc.) once in VR. Check youtube's Into the Blue Simulations for guidance - great videos as he uses HP Reverb also.
  7. If airliners and, specifically, Boeing, do not interest you then don't bother. If you do, get ready for an "as real as it gets" experience. You obviously are not familiar with PMDG products (or are just baiting us).
  8. I do not understand the reference to PMDG. But since it was brought up, when was the last time PMDG released a product for 40.00?
  9. Might find some answers here: Msfs 2020 not running correctly (warning a running process may be interfering) - Bug Reports / Miscellaneous - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  10. Probably won't make a difference but the one I have in content folder is 184,370 KB. I have two others, like you, at 0kb. Not sure why we have to have so many.
  11. Have you tried navigating to the flightsimulator.exe location and clicking directly from there?
  12. Like it or not, it was clear from the get-go (and should have been understood by everyone who purchased this thing) that it was a TEN-YEAR project - gradually becoming a full-featured sim. It's obvious that no one will agree on how this progressions manifests itself but it is certainly heading in the right direction. If it does not satisfy certain users, Xplane and P3D would be better choices. I for one would never go back.
  13. Must admit that I know nothing about this developer: simMarket : SOUTHWEST FLORIDA INTL KRSW MSFS
  14. Did anyone like the P3D version back in the day?
  15. If you have the latest version of P2ATC, you should be able to use the feature to revoke the license and reactivate. Please check that out.
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