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  1. I guess I haven't expressed the problem properly. It seems I have lost all navaids within the sim. Whether I use a flight planner to import a flight plan or use MSFS flight planner, I will only get direct to as all waypoints (if imported from simbrief, as an example) are unknown. And again, why all airports have no controllers is a mystery. The only options I have are :tune to xxxx traffic (example, if I'm at KJFK, I do not have ground or tower, only "tune to KJFK traffic". I have given up and am in the midst of reinstalling. *sigh*
  2. Hi all, posted this on the MSFS forum but no replies yet, hopefully will get luck here: This is a new one for me - tried searching but cannot seem to find a similar problem. When I try to get MSFS to create a simple flight plan from the world map, it keeps telling me low/high nav aids are not available so it just gives direct routes. If I use simbrief, all waypoints are “unknown” (in FBW A320 or Working Title CJ4, for example). I have tried updating my database with navigraph subscription and then removing it - both have the same results. Additionally, all airports now show up only as non-controlled airports as in "Tune to KJFK Traffic: - no controllers! Any help from you would be greatly appeciated.
  3. Well, I just bought it and am honestly amazed! My first attempt actually generated a call sign of M89B for my Just Flight PA28 route from EHAM to EGLL. Before buying it, I struggled for weeks as to whether I should use GFLI or D89Y as a call sign, Now I don't have to stay up at night stressing what my call sign should be. Because of this wonderful program, I might probably be able to discontinue my blood pressure medication!
  4. This is great news! Looking forward to trying this out. Thank you so much!!!
  5. You brought it up... you tell him 🙂
  6. Hello all, as the title indicates, is there a website that lists all the landing fees of a given airport? Mostly looking for GA airports.
  7. Hiya Rich - is it getting near FSLabs? (I must admit, even I'm not sure if I'm serious or not!)
  8. Look between the avionics stack and copilot yoke. You'll see two rotatable knobs for panel lighting (lower part of panel).
  9. Hi Bert, you're a right, forgot about point number 1. Thankfully, I have not encountered point number 2 yet. As for point number 3, well, I'm wondering if that will ever be addressed or will it take something like F1 GTN etc..
  10. Bob, what would you consider the issues, aside from the current sim problems? Just curious as I too love this plane.
  11. Hiya Todd, actually, if you set the altitude selector to, let's say, 8000ft, click ARM and when you activate the autopilot once in air, it will climb at the default 500ft per min. Same for descent. Give that a try.
  12. Is DirectX 12 the technology introduced with P3Dv5 that caused horrendous performance with GPUs that did not have at least 11GB of vRAM? I'm not trolling - I'm just concerned that this may be an issue with MSFS 2020. I have lost touch with P3D and not sure if this was addressed.
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