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  1. Excellent - remember rule number 1: HAVE FUN!
  2. Hello dark and welcome aboard. In my opinion, if you want a beautiful (and willing to not settle on nice), you should actually try your 1st suggestion for a turbo-prop - the Q400. The FMS works as it should as opposed to any of the Carenados that require a bit of guesswork and will to make them work (Carenado enthusiasts - correct me if I'm wrong). Plus, any Carenado A/C is lots more pleasurable when using the GTN750 which, understandably, you want to avoid. The Q400 is a great learning experience especially if you follow the tutorial (and enhance your learning by checking out the numerous youtube videos/tutorials). It really is not as complicated as it seems. At least you'll know that you'll ne learning the "right way".
  3. Thanks for the feedback, Henry,
  4. Have you found where the manuals are installed?
  5. As a pre-purchase client, as was announced on FSElite, the long-awaited B350i Alpha was released earlier today. Wondering if anyone has installed yet.
  6. Not sure about you guys, but when I'm that high in the air, a pretty twist in the blade is not something I would like to see!
  7. tamsini

    What a Shot (Toronto Air Show)

    The plane flying upside down is clearly ahead by at least two-feet, Most certainly amateur pilots. ** KIDDING!!! Great shot!!! ****
  8. tamsini

    B737-800 cockpit sound

    Are you using more than one screen by any chance?
  9. But then again, does it give you a gradual descent (example from FL380 to FL240) or is it down to its final descent? If it's gradual, that should be perfectly normal.
  10. This is from memory so bear with me. From the main PATC screen, there should be an option up on top --> DATA --> AIRCRAFT and from there you can select the planes files you have. Let me know if that works. (Should be in front of my sim computer in an hour or so if you need more help).
  11. Certainly no expert but perhaps check your aircraft configuration inside ProAtcX for your PMDG planes? You could adjust your rate of decent and ProAtc should alter the TOD accordingly.
  12. tamsini

    Active sky next: waiting for simulator

    Look in your activesky folder for an .exe file, something like as asconnect.exe. But I cannot honestly remember if this was for Active Sky 2016 or ASN! Maybe browsing here can also help you: https://www.flightsim.com/vbfs/showthread.php?298078-Problem-with-Active-Sky-Next-not-connecting-with-SimConnect-or-something
  13. tamsini

    Active sky next: waiting for simulator

    Did you install the ASNConnect (I think its called) after installing ASN?
  14. tamsini

    How bad do I need a camera App?

    Vote number 3 for Chaseplane. Incredible little program and sooooooooooooooooooooo easy to set up.
  15. Hello all, taking a shot to see if anyone has this problem. I posted on TFDi support and am also awaiting a reply but being the impatient type, I hope to get a few bites here! Hello TFDI! I did a search in these forums, checked the documentation, disabled HDR & Dynamic lighting (as a test) and I still cannot find a solution to my problem. When I turn on the cockpit light, the lighting gets very white and washed out. I did not have that problem before the last major updates (March-ish?). Is there something I need to modify (as I see there is a texture folder in the RealLight folder)? Please forgive me if this was addressed somewhere but as I said above, searching for this problem did not give me what I was looking for.