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    I used to use FSX almost exclusively. But have been using X-Plane more and more, so that now it is pretty much equal time on both. Seems like X-Plane is improving steadily as new sceneries, aircraft, etc. are being made available for it, while of course FSX is no longer supported by Microsoft.

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  1. Thanks for the response Bert. So where can I get the Reality XP GNS530? -Ed
  2. If I pop up the GNS530 display and change things and then unpop it, the unit in the panel does not show the changes I made. Anybody else experience this? -Ed
  3. Hi- I cannot enable some of my addon scenery packages in P3D v5. For one, DD's Chicago X. The check box will not check, or if it does check, it then gets unchecked again. Can anybody help with this? Thanks. -Ed
  4. Just installed P3D v5 and all my aircraft have the elevator trim locked all the way down. I can get it to momentarily go up with my trim rocker on my CH Eclipse yoke, but then it immediately goes all the way back down again. When I try using autopilot in any aircraft the plane immediately dives. I guess this is because of the elevator trim being all the way down. Does anyone know what might be going on here? -Ed
  5. I'm having a problem in which ChasePlane is negating some FSUIPC settings. In particular, I have some switches programmed through FSUIPC via iFly 737 keyboard commands for the external lighting. All works fine if ChasePlane is not open, but as soon as I open it the switches stop working. I am aware that ChasePlane interferes with some functioning of my CH yoke and have accepted that, but now this additional problem is making me wonder if the program, as good as it is for what it does, is not worth the trouble. Has anybody else out there had similar problems. I am wondering if I using FSUIPC offsets will overcome the problem, but have yet to try that. -Ed
  6. Hi- Is there any way to change the size of the control panel? I'd like to keep it on my screen, but it's a little too large and I'd like to make it smaller and less obvious. Thanks. -Ed
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