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  1. I know flying through a pre-thunderstorm cloud formation causes fits for altitude hold on the Baron AP. Constantly adjust with Control Steeering button or the up/down rocker which I have assigned a switch.
  2. I think the hate trolls fit perfectly well with the Internet/Social media generation. I myself want MSFS Xplane 12xxxx Lockheed/Martin P3D Flightgear DCS To all be successful and strive for "Real As It Gets". Because they are all "sharpening iron" for each other. They all push to equal or best the competitors and we the Flightsim fans enjoy their improvements. I wish all of them success. Makes the hobby better and creates choices.
  3. Any USB conttoller works with Xplane. I have a hodgepodge but my core control setup items are CH Yoke USB CH Pedals USB Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant Flightsim stuff vernier styled TPM with elevator trim and flaps. My accessory controllers are a mix. Clamped left of my yoke is my older CH Throttle Quadrant with the knobs of the handles. I use the 6 two way switches and the switches in the Axis detentes. I have a 5 gang two way toggle switch panel A 5 gang two way rocker switch panel A 5 gang rotary encoder panel. On my right is a one hand mini gaming keypad and the 5 gang rotary encoder panel which I use to control the GNS unit. I also use 3 of the encoders to move the Heading, CRS, and Altimeter bugs. Two for the GNS but it's a pain because I must use one direction for each decimal decliment. I want to upgrade to a Flighsimbuilders GNS panel when funds allow. I don't have to use my mouse much. Most flights I do with physical controls only and all my controllers can be positioned similar to an actual cockpit location. I have a hutch above the monitor I can clamp to for Airliner overhead if needed.
  4. Okay. So, I missed the Oshkosh Vatventure event and my schedule might not allow me time this weekend to fly Oshkosh in Pilotedge event either. But, I have the Airventure scenery from pilotedge. If I chose to fly to Oshkosh when the real event is happening is there a chance that a lot of other Vatsimmers might be doing it also? Would Center clear me for the Fisk or Warbird Transition? Which ARTCC covers Wittman? Minneapolis isn't it? Thanks
  5. I would really like a GPS peripheral and I have looked at both Realsimgear and Flightsimbuilder products. Because of price I am considering Flightsimbuilder product. I have been working with XP 12 a lot lately but I have a fully equipped P3D v4 installation with RXP. I want what I invest in to work with both platforms. My question is this. The instruction for P3D/RXP operation on Flightsimbuilders website mentions FSUIPC. I use FSUIPC unregistered because addons that use it use the unregistered version. Does anyone know if the Flightsimbuilders GNS peripheral depends on registered FSUIPC or will non-registered still work? Thanks
  6. I use P3D 4.5 Looks good. Flies good. Although I typically fly A2A GA Aircraft only.
  7. Runs good with my RX580. Haven't seen majenta bug since like Beta 7. Gear suspension a little soft on the Baron. LR has improved it now no prop strike when landed by Beechcraft numbers. Braking is a bit grabby but can be mitigated by flattening the response curve.
  8. I saw it several times several Betas ago as of 6 I believe. Not since. I have an RX 580 8 gig. I keep my Radeon Adrenilin Drivers updated and I have auto OC set on GPU. I used to see it mostly in twilight lighting and overcast/rain. Haven't seen it since 7 but I have also been working with the suspect B58 suspension issue, trying to land without propstrike and loss of engines. The boys at KSEG are rolling their eyes by now and my aircraft insurance costs are virtually killing me. 🙂🙂🙂
  9. People make mistake in unfair comparison. Unfair because MS Developes for one OS. Their own. LR developes for three plus mobile now. Not their own proprietary OS's either.
  10. Yes. It is VFR. Most of my flights are in the Mid-Atlantic. My homefield sim and for real is KSEG, Selinsgrove, PA. You ought to see how I used ADE to dress up the whole area in P3D/FSX. Only the paint shades are a little off. In both P3D/Orbx and XP11 the regional scenery is reasonably correct. No, the buildings are not exact but street grids are close enough and roads, water courses and geography are very decent. I was amazed when I first toured around in Xplane 11 how accurate our local regionals were to the actual airports. N79, KZER, KCXY, KMDT, KRVL, KLNS, KRDG. All very well done for default. Although I did need xAmerica to have the landmark cooling towers West of MDT 31 approach. But, in either I can navigate piloteage. I even once flew Pigeon Forge to Shenandoah following I-81 in P3D. Two hours. I am learning in a C182. I stay with planes I could resonably get close to in the 20- 30 or so years left in my life.
  11. I suppose I am not average. I always have aircraft loaded cold and dark. I always do spot view walk around following the checks. I always start according to checks. I do run up, mag check. I lean on ground to prevent fowling. Lean in flight to save fuel. I follow all flight regime checks. At uncontrolled fields in XP I fake UNICOM reporting. Don't have to fake in P3D but I use MCE, sometimes Vatsim if my area is covered. I suppose Im too busy "operating" the aircraft to look at the ground much.
  12. Scenery, road, and terrain accuracy is helpful for visual navigation. Exact buildings to real world are nice to see but only the significant for visual aid landmark types are essential. Authentic ATC Air traffic on actual routes or doing patterns at GA Fields Proper weather and atmospheric effects Thermals, microbursts. Windshear, cross winds, icing effects Realistic emergency scenarios All of these are far more valuable to the total simulated flight environment than seeing ones' actual house below.
  13. Dude. That is exactly how Pennsylvania looks from November to April. Realistic depending where you are.
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