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  1. Oh. Okay. I understand. It is the same for me with the Cessna Skylane. The A2A Skylane fitted with RXP 530/430 is a ringer for the one I train in.
  2. I Love flying A2A Bonanza, Skylane, or Commanche over purty Orbx textures in p3d v4. But seriously, I am anxiously awaiting XP12. Even plan to swap my RX580 8 gig for a 2070 8 gig just to pad my system a bit.
  3. That is true. Totally forgot about that. Only have RXP in P3D/FSX.
  4. Gear isn't automatic on any plane. Do you want real as it gets or cheats?
  5. Or just go to P3D 4 or 5, RXP and get GTN. GTN knocks cr@p out of the G1000 or 3000 all day long. It does everything and easy to use.
  6. I might finally get True Earth FLA. Be nice to be there virtually in Winter later. Live I PA. Terrible for GA flying under Live weather in Winter.
  7. I considered perhaps a macro mapper like that. Could Linda or LUA do that as well? Thanks
  8. Hi all I am accumulating quite a bit of peripheral control hardware for my Sim Setup. My goal is to eventually have enough control mapped to hardware to do a flight without resorting to the mouse or keyboard. I also try to have my controllers mounted in a way that approximates the right/left hand ergonomics of the aircraft I'm flying. My current question is this... How can I map the lighting controls of a given Aircraft Cockpit to hardware controller switches? I have look at the in sim (P3D 4.5) options and they are surprisingly limited in comparison to what most aircraft panels offer on screen. The most common I would want to map would be Beacon, strobe, nav, taxi, landing Strobe, landing, panel, all lights, and beacon in like several directions are available. I know there is a way. I often use the FSRadioPanel app and the lights on the switch panel page work correctly. I would like to learn how to do my own mapping to a switch panel. Thanks
  9. The screenies I have seen of XP12 already look better than P3D 64 bit versions all doctored up with Orbx and other enhancements. The sky looks better also the P3D 5 latest under ASN control. My hope is that accuracy follows appearance where I can VFR my own region and recognize the terrain and towns as what they are supposed to be. And roads and streams are correct. As for aircraft I am happy with a fully functional, accurate flight model Skylane, a Bonanza for a Complex, and a Baron for a twin. I am working toward a PPL in a Skylane. I sim what I may have an opportunity to fly IRL and the hangers at SEG have planes as I mentioned and really nice owners. I will never get near a 737 or Airbus flightdeck or any corporate jet.
  10. Why would you want to do that? FSX doctored up with Orbx Base, NA, UTX for terrain, vector, and Urban textures, Buildings, and Trees looks very convincing to my own area. In fact, it looks better in FSX than it does in P3D 64 bit. I have FSX also and great flying. The old Tom Ruth 727 and DC-10 and Tristar work great and I modified them with the INS gauge available at HJG. Great old fashioned tube liner fun with my Bravo set up with 3 throttles.
  11. Flight1 have had that bundle quite awhile. I never left P3D/FSX world. I like the level of local control and customization available. Also the freeware and addon availability will exceed MSFS for quite some time to come. My P3D v4 and FSX with full Orbx and UTX providing vector and Urban texture looks very convincing, at least in my home area which I know first hand.
  12. Or ambidextrious like the TCA Airbus stick.
  13. But if one is simulating the ergonomics of a Diamond Twin or a Cirrus or Airbus even an Ambidextrious stick grip is best because the right hand has throttles and related and flaps and gear and avionics. This for a simmer with a full array of controls. I have CH Yoke/Throttles/Peddles and a Cessna style Quadrant and the HB Quadrant. The CH Quadrant on left for military use but the switches are good for Skylane and Bonnie. Even for Cessna twins. I everything mounted and I can switch aircraft types by enabling or disabling axis to avoid conflict. Now I just need an overhead mount for airliner switches.
  14. That is a great deal. Sadly it is not ambidextrous designed for those who fly civil aircraft mostly. That is the best feature of Thrustmaster TCA Sidestick. Why do controller manufactures obsess on the right hand grip military style ergonomics predominently?
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