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  1. Why can't RXP or Flight1 just make an Android and Apple version of their GTN software that can work the sim via a small wifi server app. Think F1 Beech 200 FMS controller IFMS FsRadio Panel The logic would still be in the panel unit, the control would be on the tab.
  2. If they do it it could be done the from the same data but static rather than live stream with updates once or twice a year and divided into regions. Someone will do it.
  3. Well, I went from DSL to cable since then so new IP. I have a PC now not that console. If I carefully create new email account and modify my address and don't use the same payment info maybe I can pull it off or acquire MSFS from a third party with a return policy.
  4. Not necessarily. Landsat imagery is free courtesy of Uncle Sam. I have no doubt that Laminar or LM would be able to use that data to code scenery the same way Asobo does with Bing. Perhaps not live streamed but it could be static done with bi-annual or annual updates. Also, Landsat likely covers areas that Bing might be spotty on. DoD uses it among more classified sources of course. If anyone could do it LM could. Afterall, they have built some of those satellites. They build Stealth planes for Heavens sake.
  5. My nephew and I and an Army buddy of his (Ex-Navy here) used to platoon on WoT Console. Apparently we did a little too well and a few butt hurt players we continuously beat leveled some accusations and now all three of us are perma banned. MS isn't very fair to hear all sides always. Accused of cheating but all we used were tactics and comms. Period So, that's my trouble with XB Live.
  6. I have read answers to posts concerning the necessity of the xbox Live account to use MSFS. I have read answers that state the pc version does not require a live account in order to fly solo IE not on their network. Is their anyone who purchased MSFS and flies it single player without a Live account? Only multiplayer I might do is Vatsim which is not MS.
  7. So, after I realized I accidentally uninstalled my P3d v4 application I uninstalled the SDH and cleared out all the empty folders. I ran a registry repair. Tonight I reinstalled P3d v4 and when I started it for initial run it pitched a lot of missing scenery tiles and set itself up as it was before. I realized I should have cleaned out the documents folders also. So I reinstalled the Orbx products and I will reinstall my A2A Bonanza and all ot it had before and see if it runs. But I will disable my addon airports and unlock my gpu and cpu and see if it crashes or not. No time today, must go to work.
  8. Okay. I was confused at first and thought I needed the P3d guide. Also misled because there is much reference to fsx in the CTD area. I downloaded the CTD guide onto my phone making it easier to refer to as I go through things. I accidentally uninstalled P3d. I wanted to just repair. This week I will also uninstall the P3d SDK. Then I will do folder and registry cleanup. Then I will reinstall. I will test fly with the Commander in the vanilla stock version. Then I will install my A2A Bonanza and test. I will install RXP and GTN and test. Then I will test one by one with my scenery mods. UTX, FTX Base, FTX NA, Global Airports, and Global buildings. If all goes well I will load FSRealWX trial version. That's temporary, I want ASN. Finally, UTL 2. If it's still working I will use Lorby and plug the airports back in and test. I think I had either a bad or duplicated airport scenery installed because prior to that I had done a couple hours of learning flights and no CTDs. I will keep posting progress. I will also unclock my hardware to. That I read can cause troubles.
  9. Okay. I think I get it. Download the P3d CTD Guide. I assume it has a page 8. I will do that on my tablet at home. On my phone now. Thanks. I will check it out.
  10. Page 8??? It's confusing. There doesn't appear to be 8 pages in the CTD Guide.
  11. Yes, it has. Twice. First time before takeoff. How do I view event viewer? New to sim from FSX-SE. Thanks
  12. I am putting together a Prepar3d Version 4.5 build and I just linked UTL 2 to P3D 4.5. Now after about 20 minutes of operation it CTDs. It is standard UTL 2 for FSX/P3D. Not the beta for version 5. Just got a forced Win 10 update to. Here is what I'm working with. Ryzen 5 3600. 32 GB DDR4 3000 Radeon RX 580 8 Gig Asus B450 motherboard 240 gig SSD C 2 TB SSD D P3d v4.5 on D Addons UT NA ORBX Base ORBX NA LC ORBX Buildings ORBX Airports Global Free. Ultimate Traffic Live 2 FSRealWX trial (Active Sky P3D next Payday) A2A V35 Bonanza (only aircraft addon so far) Anyone have experienced this trouble and ideas? Thanks
  13. My OS is already on my 240 SSD Drive C. Came that way. Not a new build and I'm not up for major reconfiguring. Thanks
  14. It's also missing a couple functions from RW like weather.
  15. I personally like the GTN better than any other avionics solutions I've seen presented in sim. I'm sure the actual units are very well liked by pilots. Laying in a flight plan is so simple compared to cursor knobs and fmc scratch pads/lsk. But, I want to know there were RW examples of the retrofit. I've seen cockpit photos of CJs and Lears with GTNs. They are rated for jet applications. In fact, they can do anything a Smith's FMS can do and easier to use.
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