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  1. Some good bargains here https://store.x-plane.org/Specials_c_137.html?viewall=1
  2. Yes, I tend to use Changi -> Davao rather than go through Manila.
  3. Only been to Manila airport. Try to avoid it whenever I can. One of the few times that Flightsim gives a better experience than real-life.
  4. Also if you use the same CAD software, you're going to get similar results.
  5. From my Simmarket updater, it shows MSFS version 1 with the changelog. Very confusing as I have version 2 for MSFS but it still advised me of the update.
  6. There is a roadmap for improvements here: https://www.x-plane.com/2023/05/whats-new-in-x-plane-12-05-and-12-06-short-term-roadmap/ 12.06: Better VRAM usage, Improved Clouds, and More The 12.06 release lineup has lots of fun stuff in it! It is the result of three months worth of rendering engine improvements. New cirrus clouds, lower VRAM use, improved cloud rendering in general and OpenXR integration to make the X-Plane VR ecosystem easier to access for 3rd parties. Improved Video Performance The VRAM re-architecture and improvements coming out in 12.06 will mean improved performance and reduce the risk of blurry textures. Goodbye, Awkward Zebra-Stripes! I’m really excited about the visual improvements coming for clouds. Those zebra-stripes and funky real weather cloud pyramids have been resolved for 12.06. Clouds Improvements and CIRRUS! 12.06 will have some major improvements to the flexibility and visual quality of our clouds. We will also introduce cirrus clouds to our volumetric 3D cloud engine for the first time.
  7. The text file in question is in your installation folder for X-Plane eg: C\X-Plane 12\Resources\ or wherever you installed X-Plane. The settings.txt file should be backed up before changing in case you need to restore it.
  8. It depends on your VRAM usage. Try dropping to FXAA and use this https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/271801-lots-of-shimmering-and-jagged-textures/#comment-2402077 "o all Pilots, this is just temporary fix for Jagged Edges " Antialiasing " issue for X-plane 12. Also, this fixes overall graphic quality of the game including clouds quality at a little bit of FPS cost. (Not noticeable with a powerful GPU). Follow these steps: 1. Make sure set Antialiasing in-game graphic setting to FXAA. 2. Go to X-Plane 12\Resources\ settings.txt === change this line under (SETTING EFFECTS POPUP renopt_HDR_antial 4) change this last line on red == " SETTING_1 renopt_HDR_antial 1 hdr/fsaa_ratio_x 1 hdr/fsaa_ratio_y 1 hdr/use_post_aa 1 hdr/msaa_hw 0 " To == " SETTING_1 renopt_HDR_antial 1 hdr/fsaa_ratio_x 1 hdr/fsaa_ratio_y 1 hdr/use_post_aa 1 hdr/msaa_hw 1 ".
  9. True enough Ray, Perhaps not so strange is that Ireland, being formally part of the British Empire at one stage, also as a recipe for the above soup. https://foodandwine.ie/mulligatawny-soup-2 I've tried it in our canteen, and nice it is too. I didn't realise it originated from India. It almost sounds Celtic in name.
  10. True, and it also works in Linux, unlike the other A320 which has dreadful cockpit textures in X-Plane 12, and is still not finished.
  11. It might be cheaper to make it Ray.
  12. No harm done. We won't be too hard on you :)
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