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  1. Isn't there an option for Hires ground textures in version 4?
  2. I wonder how much MSFS2020 is contributing to Global Warming, what with the server and constant downloads.
  3. He must have had Irish ancestors, judging by the grammar. The word "yous" is a commonly used as plural "you", in Ireland and areas such as Liverpool and Manchester.
  4. Pure conjecture, unless it's coming from x-plane.com
  5. Let's face it, it's either incremental updates, or excremental updates. Take your choice.
  6. It must be a Mk IX with that 4 bladed prop, although the radiators under the wings say no.
  7. Run the installer, it will advise if you wish to remove the old version.
  8. CRJ-550/700 has been released by Aerosoft. BIKF just released a few days ago. - discount if you have already the P3D version.
  9. They probably won't be able to recreate this bug as the weather there is so unpredictable. :)
  10. It reads like a bad Douglas Adams novel.
  11. Twice I had the issue with the ILS glidescope.
  12. and it's more expensive and slower updates there too.
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