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  1. Jude Bradley

    Crashes usually hardware or FSX?

    That depends totally on the crash. Did you check the event log (event viewer) to see what caused the crash? A simple text file can crash FSX. The event viewer can usually tell if you have a hardware or software error such as a visual studio runtime dependency error. Check out the CDT forum for guidance.
  2. From Ireland,but I found flying in Brazil is the coolest thing. Bought a few airports during the recent xplane.org sale and delighted. There is even a freeware SBSP (Cohongas) by the same author. Of course, KPHX is a also a favorite airport of mine to fly into and out of in X-Plane.
  3. Jude Bradley

    Aerosoft Berlin Tegel Professional

    Funny even back then,we were complaining of fps. Nothing changes with FSX/P3D 🙂
  4. LOL, I might be arrested if I posed like that!
  5. Jude Bradley

    Dish ish yer pirate speaking, hah hah!

    LInk works now 🙂 Hearing the song since I was 3, so well used to it by now. Plus a Beatles fan to boot.
  6. Jude Bradley

    Dish ish yer pirate speaking, hah hah!

    Referring to http://avherald.com/h?article=4bb06499&opt=0
  7. Honest opinion? Ditch FSX and move to a 64bit Sim. Performance is better where it can take advantage of modern hardware. FSX code is 12 years old now and nothing more in the pipeline for this sim.
  8. Jude Bradley

    Congratulations to Rob Ainscough!

    Congrats Rob,
  9. Jude Bradley

    Aerosoft A318/A319 professional Released

    FYI, the "bundle" offering will not be available until next week. So if you have the A318/319 & A320/312 from your previous purchase, you your old key will not be accepted with the A318/A319 offering today. You will need to wait for the A318/319 & A320/312 "Professional" where you can download the A318/319 and wait a few weeks for the A320/A321
  10. Jude Bradley

    FSX Stuck on "Generating Scenery File Indexes"

    Did you recently add any scenery? You might have to remove it and start FSX again.
  11. Jude Bradley

    FlightSim Labs A320X/A319X

    Isn't that the reason for a real aircraft? If not, why not.
  12. Jude Bradley

    FlightSim Labs A320X/A319X

    Don't know what you mean by that. They both get me from A to B.
  13. Jude Bradley

    George did Good!

    Funny how it takes someone else's screenshot to appreciate the product. I'll have to look deeper into it next time I depart from there in P3D.
  14. Jude Bradley

    FlightSim Labs A320X/A319X

    Consider the textures for the knobs/switches in both FFA320 and FSLA230 and you can see the difference. FlightFactor https://imgur.com/3Ah0Spd FSLabs https://imgur.com/PCeDupT
  15. Jude Bradley

    Any Update on New PMDG Forums?

    Must have missed that post I was on holiday in Asia at the time. I have to say that this would be a big loss to AVSIM. Mostly just come here to check on PMDG stuff, but it's good for peer to peer support on general issues. I hope AVSIM can ride this storm.