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  1. XP11

    I suppose it's possible to add some DHL 757's into the scenery. I did this on PilotPlus LSGG, as their own version of the airbus looked dreadful :(
  2. That's a good way of putting it, Alan.
  3. Looks like a hardware resource issue to me. What Graphics card have you on your system?
  4. Hello Ben, sorry to hear that you went though all that pain, but still emerged safely on the other side. Also good that your job is relatively portable and that you can easily move around. Wishing you all the best, Jude (reviewer for Dash8 ATS).
  5. The fix is to remove the windows update.
  6. Hello Tony If you have this issue with the IXEG, then turn off the "draw vortices" option from the ac menu.
  7. Buy ALL of them, hahahahahahahaha!
  8. Thank you for the updates, it's always a nice surprise when an update is released :)
  9. Very nice, on par with the (other airbus).
  10. PMDG?

    Hello Gregory, It seems like your hardware is not yet calibrated. I'm guessing this is the PMDG NGX we are talking about here. The best place to open a ticket is in the PMDG section here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/432-pmdg-737ngx/ Describe the issue in the header of your post, "please help" is not very eye-catching, but a description will get you better replies.
  11. As I said as the start, this is an OS level issue, and can only truly be solved by changing the OS to either 7 or 10. The main cause was the new power management at kernel level of the OS, so the device manger options can only partially solve this issue.
  12. Bought yesterday when it came out. Performance is surprisingly good. 30fps with the Jardesign A320 Night lighting much better than the earlier version. Very much recommended. The discount code also works for the box product too. It was the first scenery I bought when I bought X-Plane 10.
  13. In that case, I would check your order history in Aerosoft, the product key should be there.
  14. Very handy, as I happen to fly this route on X-Plane and NGX a lot :) I guess this is Ryanair :)
  15. Well seeing as we miss the MD-11 most, I thought us old cheeses might appreciate that work is happening in other fields as it were. It should hopefully stop the PMDG requests for a redo of this fine ac.