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  1. https://secure.simmarket.com/davor-puljevic-dubrovnik-lddu-msfs.phtml
  2. Don't waste your money. Grapics have not changed much since the X-Plane 10 version.
  3. Tapiei by ACO Design Scenery. On the Microsoft Marketplace. Much better than the other version.
  4. Thanks, Bob, that fixes the issue for me. One flawless flight chalked up today.
  5. Thanks, I'll try that. I had no idea what that setting was referring to, Bob.
  6. FPS is quite good, but the autopilot disconnects randomly and ILS is a bit flaky.
  7. Done 3 flights so far, First one - ILS did not capture Seconds one, Autopilot disconnected randomy Third one, no issues, - you might need to adjust your sensitivity settings for the Y-Axis to about -60
  8. Very underwhelming release overall. The Rotate version for X-Plane is much better.
  9. Why would you reinstall anything for a cloud outage? Even their website does not accept logins. What a S**t show.
  10. Zibo mod looks very good now with the cockpit lighting.
  11. Horrible UI. Long loading times where you forget what plane/airport you were going to fly from. Annoying "please insert disk".
  12. One particular country being a complete moron again.
  13. Take a screenshot of your rendering settings.
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