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  1. Jude Bradley

    Speed Confusion - IAS/KIAS/TIAS

    Hi Dan, No, your explanation very clear and educational. thank you. I just meant that 2nd reading was required. 🙂
  2. Jude Bradley

    How to move stabilizer trim for takeoff

    I use the trim up/down on my saitek yoke.
  3. Jude Bradley

    Speed Confusion - IAS/KIAS/TIAS

    My head is sore just reading this..... 🙂
  4. Maybe in 11.40/50
  5. I'd be happy with the Vulcan updates 🙂
  6. Jude Bradley

    Orbx May Sale - 47% Off

    Working again.
  7. Jude Bradley

    P3D V4.2 blurry non-focus picture

    disable mipmap
  8. Jude Bradley

    Wow, I've missed PMDG!

    Maybe Virtual.
  9. I've been kinda quiet on the PMDG front since about last October when the Flight Factor A320 was released to beta. Since then until today, I've been pretty much on "ahem, another flight simulator" every day. Today, I started up P3Dv4 and thought I'd try one of my old faithful routes OMDB=OTHH with what else but the 747-400BCF. Well, I was once again blown away by the sheer work put into this baby. Excellent graphics, great sounds, and smooth as anything. What can I say but thank you Robert and team.
  10. Jude Bradley

    LEHC, Spain...

    Thanks for the ARC suggestion. I was using BING and getting some black scenery around LEMG.
  11. Jude Bradley

    AVSIM Server Funraising Drive

    Happy to help. It's my go-to website every day.
  12. That's what this post is about, Raymond. BTW, your profile pic? "I don't believe it!".
  13. Glad you like our beer. As we say in Ireland "There's both eating and drinking in it".
  14. Jude Bradley

    How far has the 747-8 been developed?

    Don't ya have enough PMDG playthings by now?
  15. Jude Bradley

    Forgive me for raising a stink.

    I blame PMDG for this one. Ever since they released the NGX, the plane itself raised the bar for realism, the airports were suddenly not good enough anymore. That meant addon airports for me - something that I never thought about before then.