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  1. Jude Bradley

    744 V3 update does not work!!

    Try downloading the complete aircraft manually from your account.
  2. Jude Bradley

    Taxi2Gate -20%

    Doha works fine in P4D
  3. Jude Bradley

    Landscapes from FL300

    Looks great. (as always).
  4. Jude Bradley

    Sad News......FlyBe Up For Sale

    I'll take two Q400's 🙂
  5. Jude Bradley

    best option for A320 in FS2004 in 2018/19?

    The Wilco one was not bad for FS9, but I was happy with Airsimmer. I still have their site as a bookmark even now.(God knows why).
  6. Jude Bradley

    Bittorent Files Install

    Depends on the setting on your client program.
  7. Jude Bradley

    In 1984.....

    I had a chance back in the 90's flying from London to Dulles to chat to a Liberator pilot. I didn't want to push too many questions unless he prompted first. Just yesterday. I heard of a friends uncle who fought in WWI and survived to live in Dublin. My friend said that a few moments after going to sleep, he would start shouting in his sleep about the advance of the enemy over the trenches. Those that survived lived through hell of their own.
  8. word not allowed, 10 minutes too late. Which aircraft/airac in particular?
  9. Jude Bradley

    Another Lion Air incident

    I've done that on the sim - It's idiotic to have the alt-sel in such a place and so easy to miss.
  10. Jude Bradley

    Another Lion Air incident

    As far as I know, yes. They are still licenced.
  11. Jude Bradley

    Another Lion Air incident

    Wow, just like a toy!
  12. Jude Bradley

    Another Lion Air incident

    Also the infamous BA 747 in S.A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oijW_m7gtLU "Lucky" it was at the end it's service life and was about to be scrapped anyway.
  13. Jude Bradley

    Another Lion Air incident

    Basic airmanship appears to be lacking in that airline.
  14. Jude Bradley

    Best/most popular FSX add-ons?

    Anything by PMDG for Boeings. For Airbus, either FSL (FlightSimLabs) or if your system is not too recent, the Aerosoft Airbus.