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  1. _Airbus_Fan_

    ON and Off

    Hello Bryan What I do not understand is when I talk to the computer and dictate a text and then say it writes ON and OFF. The voice control understands me perfectly. So the whole thing is really a mystery to me. Best Torsten
  2. _Airbus_Fan_

    ON and Off

    Hello Bryan I have already tried this method, have also recorded the two words !! But FS2 crew just does not want to recognize it, really do not know what I can still try to change except the button function. Best Torsten
  3. _Airbus_Fan_

    ON and Off

    So I think the FS Crew for the FS Labs is one of the best that exists so far. But a problem annoys me constantly and indeed the command "ON and OFF" is overhapted not recognized. At ON we ONE understood and at OFF ALT !! So I'm just in the checklist with Set and Checked which is pretty stupid! But when I say Engine Anti Ice On it will be understood !! With the FS2 Crew for the 777 the "ON" works without problems also in the 747 FS2 crew no problems! Have the computer (Speech Recognition) trained several times but that does not help. I really do not know what to do next. Best Torsten
  4. _Airbus_Fan_

    RKSI Overland P3D V4.5

    Not only you, but also I'm waiting for a release. There are many airports that are just missing a good example, VRMM find a must have in aviation. Best Torsten
  5. _Airbus_Fan_

    RKSI Overland P3D V4.5

    Yes, I already tried the GSX INI with Dynymic Light but it does not solve the problem with the Taxlights or Landing Lights! The ground is not lit.Furthermore, the dynamic lights in the version are very FPS-eating, at no airport I have seen it that way. It would be great if now finally a new version of RKSI comes, is finally a giant airport in a Sim should not be missing! Best Torsten
  6. _Airbus_Fan_

    RKSI Overland P3D V4.5

    Hello I just tried to install the airport RKSI of Overland in the P3D v4.5 so far it worked out. But at night all Edelights are missing and also the taxi lights do not illuminate the ground. Does anyone have this problem ?? By day it looks so good! Best Torsten
  7. _Airbus_Fan_


    Hello You probably need to reset the activations of your P3D from Lockhead Martin. If you uninstall the client you do not need to disable activation. Write to the support of Lockhead Martin and then you should receive an e-mail that you can reactivate. I'm sure it will not be this weekend anymore. Because it takes normally 24 hours to get an answer from the support. Best Torsten
  8. _Airbus_Fan_

    I7 4790k All cores ????

    On my network computer also use a 4770k beheaded with water cooling (Costum) @ 5GHZ without thermal problems On my sim calculator a 8700K 5.2 GHZ also beheaded and water cooled. The highest temperature reached is 65 degrees. Best Torsten
  9. _Airbus_Fan_

    RTSS in P3D for adjusting refresh rates

    What do you set for a value at 3840 x 2160 ??? Best Torsten
  10. Would like to help, helps us all what exactly need you have all payware aviators of FSPXAI wich xlm from the Plane Best Torsten
  11. Ahh ok, it would also be possible to include the Neue AIGAIM as a source. Because my traffic has now almost completely switched to Payware fliers FSPX AI and just FAIB as Freeware.Bin now with this tool on the way it makes a good job but just not real. Best Torsten
  12. And what AI models he uses the program Lorby Live Traffic .. FAIB FSXP etc or does it need specific models. Best Torsten
  13. _Airbus_Fan_

    ImagineSim WSSS Pauses / Stutters

    If Dynamic Reflection is set too high, there are problems in WSSS. Fly Singapore only with Medium Settings !!! It's just not a Flytampa, or Flightbeam. Best Torsten
  14. _Airbus_Fan_

    [Answered] FSP updates

    Hello Will the Prof. version also be able to replace the Nav Lights of the FSPXAI models because the lights look awful. For me it looks in the Sim as if the Nav lights discs were very ugly. Can not wait to buy the Prof version, hope it does not take too long. Best Torsten
  15. _Airbus_Fan_

    Effect Problem P3D v4.4

    Hello Simbol Sorry that I wrote in German, had checked my English text again and then unfortunately copied the German text. I also did not know about the effect when creating the theme, he only told me yesterday evening. Sorry again. And why I mentioned GSX is because this user affected effect affects all the other negative. So I apologize again but I did not know anything about the effects until yesterday evening which I found when searching Addon Airports. But mine questionthat still had them, how can such an effect destroy all other effects like that? Best Torsten