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  1. Question In every sim it is possible to deactivate the cockpit tips, why is this not possible in this sim. Or am I just too stupid to find it. Because it's really annoying when you see what you are operating in the cockpit every time. I know what I am operating and don't have to be shown it every time.
  2. Hi Have a question about AILPE and that's about it, I changed a few partitions on my system, including the one where AILPE was installed. That was actually not a problem, because AILPE also works on the other part! But the AIGAIM has a problem that AILPE is no longer on the path where it used to be. Is there a way to change the path of AILPE without having to reinstall everything? Because AIGAIM doesn't work properly anymore because it can't find the program !! Many thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Maybe we should still wait for REX EF for P3Dv5 and see what possibilities it brings. And Rex Skyforce §D for P3d V5 will fix the sun and the moon as in V4 !!
  4. YES TrueSky is very good, but the night environment is far too bright. It can't be that at midnight you can see the plane completely from the outside! In addition, the sun play on the water is much too strong, it doesn't look nice anymore.
  5. That's too bad. Because the night is really too bright in the P3D is unrealistic.
  6. Wird es Tomatoshade für das P3D v5 geben? Finden Sie heraus, dass dieses Tool wirklich fehlt, die Nacht allein ist in V5 viel zu hell. Das Flugzeug ist in völliger Dunkelheit immer noch vollständig sichtbar, und Tomate fehlt einfach. Envshade kann sich ein wenig ändern, aber kein Vergleich zu Tomato. Oder müssen Sie warten, bis EV für V5 von Rex kommt?
  7. Start FTX Central, and then go to Settings, there in the Window then on Help there is Simulator synchronization.
  8. Since V4 I install all Scenerys in a fake P3D directory. This has the advantage that I can see exactly what is being installed and where it is going.When that is done, the scenery is moved to an extra SSD in my addons folder. Then an XML file is created and everything is integrated. It works very well for me. In my P3D directory V4 there are only the PMDG aircraft, otherwise everything is on 2 separate SSDs, aircraft and scenery. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xEYcOBlY1ev_aAR1q9PINqOUlz54zotU
  9. Yes, and that is exactly why I cannot understand why Loockhead Martin did not take the developer into the beta team. And otherwise no support for V5 will come or can be given in the moment.
  10. These are pictures without Orbx Night Light ... and that's what my whole world looks like. I don't want to miss this night flight anymore... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1R53bF27aZG5xQ369-uh7QhlEEDE_8Xt5/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/open?id=14legNRdB3FbS6M4dsVTQHwvrSS-3r7Ck https://drive.google.com/open?id=1y9eeysjRzb9egtciHUrfQnJ0x4nwyAmJ
  11. My V4.5 looks exactly the same, and with one of the best night light addons currently available for P3D. Unfortunately, this developer is unable to provide support for 5V, which is a shame. For more information, check out the Support Forum.
  12. The night light of the scenery still looks very modest in V5 to put it nicely. Too bad, you have to rely on other addons.
  13. Is actually already known whether there will be both ways to integrate Scenry. Because at the moment I am still using the Scenry CFG for ORBX products, everything else runs on XML outside of the Sim.
  14. You can not use this FS Labs version with the HF2. It will get an update from FS Labs for the HF2 Best Torsten
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