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  1. Yes, I use Active SKY Active Couldart and Envtex as well as Skyforce 3D for the cloud models.
  2. So I still have these white mountains. I have already uninstalled and reinstalled the client, I also activated EA in Envshade and P3D, but the white mountains do not disappear. No idea why Envshade is the newest version installed. It's just sad that there is no Tomato Shade for the V5. Works wonderfully in the V4 and without problems.
  3. I think that the 777 (all variants) is worse after the whole update when landing than before the updates. The flare is no longer right with me and I've been flying the 777 for more than 7 years. Landings were never a problem but now the 777 just slams onto the runway. So she does not float down nicely or does not sit down as usual. I've already tried everything from calibrations of the stick etc. but it doesn't help. I honestly regret that I didn't keep the old version, it didn't have such problems. It's a shame, because flying the 777 is no longer fun if you know from the start that the landing will not be good.
  4. I get this message when I want to start the update in the Places market. microsoft flight simulator version required. But when starting the Sim, no update is found when checking.
  5. So I've tried that again with RTTS. What is very strange, with the PMDG aircraft it works that the frames are limited to 30. But it doesn't work with the FS Labs buses. It always worked before. Very funny.
  6. No, the SIM only runs on a 60 INCH LED TV
  7. So until yesterday the beta worked very well. Sim started today and RTTS no longer blocks the frames. I have no idea what's going on, but it always worked very well. Hope there will be a solution soon.
  8. ahh ok. Then I not only have the problem but it seems to be a server problem. The ticket system is also offline !!
  9. Sie beide Versionen. P3D v4 und V5 haben die neuesten Versionen
  10. Hallo dort habe ich ein Problem mit FFTF und das Programm sagt mir, dass eine neue Version verfügbar ist. Es hat bisher immer so funktioniert, aber wenn ich auf Jetzt klick, erscheint das Fenster mit dem Produktdetails und dann ein neues, das ein Fehler meldet, wie auf dem Bildschirm angezeigt. Hat jemand diese Probleme, weil auch eine neue Installation nicht wirklich hilft.
  11. One can only hope that the Scenery developers recognize that too. And don't forget who has given you the money for the buns for years.
  12. Question In every sim it is possible to deactivate the cockpit tips, why is this not possible in this sim. Or am I just too stupid to find it. Because it's really annoying when you see what you are operating in the cockpit every time. I know what I am operating and don't have to be shown it every time.
  13. Hi Have a question about AILPE and that's about it, I changed a few partitions on my system, including the one where AILPE was installed. That was actually not a problem, because AILPE also works on the other part! But the AIGAIM has a problem that AILPE is no longer on the path where it used to be. Is there a way to change the path of AILPE without having to reinstall everything? Because AIGAIM doesn't work properly anymore because it can't find the program !! Many thanks in advance for your help.
  14. Maybe we should still wait for REX EF for P3Dv5 and see what possibilities it brings. And Rex Skyforce §D for P3d V5 will fix the sun and the moon as in V4 !!
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