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  1. Some might find this video interesting.
  2. I did not copy the resources folder. This doesnt mean its right , I seem to be having no problems.
  3. You need to find the 1.1 version. https://www.alpha-india.net/ai-manager/
  4. Does the Ifly 737 adv have rain effects?
  5. Hi, I dont own the falcon, but i do have rolands radar installed in the learjet 35 overlayed on the milviz advantage radar. Works ok. Im currently using p3dv5.2.
  6. Curious about your system specs.
  7. rickgo


    @coastaldriverI hear what your saying but if Legacy mode asca calls for and produces a cirrus layer, shouldnt vol clouds show the same thing when just switchng from legacy to volumetric? I've also seen where volumetric called for multiple layers and 2 layers are there but not the 3rd layer which is cirrus.
  8. rickgo


    I also have never seen cirrus in AS live weather. However if you dont startup AS, and use one of the weather schemes such as "Building storms" , cold fronts and fair weather you should be able to see cirrus.l dont have a clue why AS cant show cirrus.
  9. Im also having a ctd when entering flightplan on gtn750
  10. ASCA doesnt work when Volumetric cloud slider is set to low,med, and high setting and of course Ea is on.
  11. Are you saying that you believe they are not even going to honor support until December? In that case its kaput.
  12. I didnt notice any problem, but that doesnt mean you wont. i'm currently usiing it on about 5 ac. I'm also using the latest version, which is about 2 weeks old.
  13. You can use FSL " Spotlights" to take care of the issue.
  14. that order has now changed to content-client-scenery. I installed the same as you and had all kinds of issues.A deletion of hdsl shader folder and regular shader folder followed. The reinstall of client took care of most problems, however the black screen is intermittent and i deal with it by entering and exiting window mode.. I see the black screen less if I load default ac first and then change to ac i want to fly.
  15. I think your running into a windowed mode bug. This happens to me also. I usually end up jumping in and out of window mode until the aircraft takes. Sometimes you have to min or max the wilndow to get it to set. This is similar to the problem I was having with black preview mode on V5.0 , but it was fixed in 5.1.
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