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  1. It seems to work fine if not in precipitation. lol
  2. Yes it works but I had to deal with key conflicts because the sim had a lot of key assignment changes that conflicted with what I was using. My active zoom still doesnt work , havent got that one sorted but is now very flyable.
  3. The version im using no longer works.i dlwd it about a year ago It worked fine in 5.1
  4. I wonder if issue is related to AMD card. I am having very similar issue, basic planes install , complex planes ctd every tiime. I am using amd rx580 card. I also have a windowed mode issue, The planes always spawn iin windowed mode. I installed client ,content and scenery, reinstalled client and deleted shaders folder again.
  5. Make sure your on layest sw version....2.22hf2. This can be found on Flight One Purchase agent.
  6. If PMDG produces a 737max for p3d, then I will be buying my 1st PMDG product. I'm also not holding my breath.
  7. I just got the message from Navigraph that navdata is ready for the FMS.
  8. Have patience. I think the Dev is located in Texas. They have been hit with massive snowstorm and power is out in many places.
  9. How did you accomplish that? Does it have any anomalies?
  10. shivers9, check yur PM.Message sent
  11. when filling out the application its necessary to use real name instead of alias...this held me up for a long time, I had to resubmit app and all was well.
  12. This version will not work with HF1, only 5.1. They will need a further update for HF1.
  13. Probably because Simbol was saying to change content and scenery also.
  14. Just checked, your not alone,mine are doing the same thing in 5.1hf1 with only client installed.
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