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  1. Ezdok is fine. chaseplane setup is probably a little bit easier, but ezdok is not hard at all. Earlier versions of ezdok may have been intensive to set up. Ezdok is also the cadillac of motion effects and gives quite the customization options for motion. As for the a320 question, that would be a yes. You can accept the cameras that coome with the plane or modify those and then apply to all your other a320 ac .
  2. The startup modes are still there and working fine. I went on atour of nyc, im really impressed Can u imagine 40 fps with new york cityX, 3 ddesign airport addons, 250 ai active And feels like butter. WOW.....happy so far.......using about 4.8 to 5.8 gigs of vram. I circled for about 45 minutes..true sky was turned off and active sky beta was used Also my graphics card is cheap amd rx 580...8gb
  3. I think you mean the 2nd batch. The 1st was released about a week ago.The 2nd included p40,p51,cherokee.
  4. LSH of course. Maddog is here.
  5. Went out for some plane spotting today. Noticed all ai with extremely bright lights.Im using FSreborn latest version and running 4.5hf3 and v5. fsreborn had default ac listed but my custom groups were completly empty in 4.5 and v5.It did this before on another version after updating but they came back after a reboot. Got any ideas? Rick
  6. I had a load time of 1.5 minutes with AIG in p4.5hf3. In v5 Aig loads in 10 sec. Kinda hard to believe. I was expecting little to no change, quite the surprise!
  7. So you're saying that the black preview window is fixed now? That is my only issue with rx 580.
  8. Ezdok beta release maybe tomorrow.
  9. I guess your in the same boat as far as no Nvidia waterworks. My card is no powerhouse, but the lack of good water is ugh. I will be replacing it later on this year. Waiting for next Nvidia Gen.
  10. Just tested this sitting on the tarmac using amd 580 graphics card...I could not duplicate. repeatedly cycled through the " S " key for 2 minutes which was about 30 cycles.. p3dv5, learjet
  11. I had about a 50/50 mix in p4.5..Half installed in sim and half installed In a separate drive. That worked out fine.In 5.0 if the installer gives option To install outside sim i will. All my orbx is installed in its own library.I Also use P4ao for adjusting and deactivating scenery not in use so loading process Is faster...
  12. Hi Stan, Im not seeing these issues.I use orbx global and NA LC. I checked kewr , and kjax.
  13. So glad to hear that. The negativity here has been quite concerning the last couple of days.My new SSD arrives Saturday and I cant wait to install.
  14. Hi Stan, did you migrate using orbx dload or create folders and copy as suggested above..
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