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  1. rickgo

    FlythemadogX just released SP1

    HI, Im using a 4690k and 970..No issues Rick
  2. Any rain effects for this plane? Trueglass ie... Rick
  3. rickgo

    Art Poole?

    I have his last airport being Corpus Christi...Dated 10-22-18...Try the flightsim.com library.
  4. If somebody figures this out...Please post. Ive tried new Allegiant file, replacing config file entry, changing postion inside config file and same results ie p3dv4.2 immediate CTD Rick
  5. rickgo

    GSX menu opens in full screen

    Im having the same issue..I tried the q400 and the wndow was normal size, not expanded..So maybe a maddog/gsx thing..Also using 4.2 Rick
  6. im using p3d 2.5. should i use the fsx or the p3dv3 version? Rick
  7. rickgo

    Correct procedure to capture altitude

    try the avionics switch
  8. rickgo

    P2A says I'm off course.

    Dave, Ill just wait for the next update as suggested. I did try the same route again but checked all atc options and still had the off course message after passing " Lewke". Rick
  9. rickgo

    P2A says I'm off course.

    I had the same situation the other day..If you have none of the ATC options checked in "config" setting, then the p2a flt plan and the internal atc flight plan should be the same..If I understand this correctly. It obviously made a change (I flew it twice) but I dont know why. Rick
  10. rickgo

    Navdata 1609 of Navigraph

    Navigraph needs to outsource this p2a issue...its been going on for way too long Rick
  11. rickgo

    P2A - Navigraph

    From Richard @navigraph: RE: Pilot2Atc by NAVDATA » Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:12 pm Hi Rick, that was our plan yes, but there are still bugs in the dataset sorry ... small one but still there. It makes no sense, to release a dataset, where I know that this is buggy ... sorry Rick. We do our best but the format is my death ... I´m still working on it, and it´s the only addon at the moment on which I work ...
  12. rickgo

    P2A - Navigraph

    There is a topic on this at the Navigraph forum. The latest is hopefully to have it included for the next cycle release... Rick
  13. Hi Dave, KGNT Kabq ifr. I did not receive any tod instruction. Then I flew Kabq to Kgnt and the same happened. Rick Ver 2.013
  14. Will Unicom be available at uncontrolled airports for announcing Taxi and takeoff in the future? I see nothing for say it and I usually will get unhandled exception if I try. RICK
  15. rickgo

    Pilot2ATC vs VOX

    HI Mike, There is a "runways" button available that zooms in on your current airport and gives a top down view. Also there is a '"taxiways" button that will provide a drawn taxipath that is superimposed on the" runways" view for your designated runway.HTH Rick... This way you will know where to go without marking on the actual taxipath of the sim.