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  1. How do you this with Lorby SI? I would like to try it. Thank you Jahil
  2. When loading a STAR on my WILCO A320 FMGC the system will compute top of descent and give me random altitude constraints. However when modifying the constraints to reflect what the arrival chart mandates, the computer will not recalculate the T/D "top of descent" and it wont modify the values of other fixes to reflect the descent profile mandated by the STAR. One example is the HUSTN1 RNAV arrival into KCLT "Charlotte Int'l" if you look at the arrival plate it shows that you can expect to cross NAVEE at FL240 and then BOOZE at 11000. If you punch this values into the FMGC the system should recalculate your T/D "top of descent" and provide you with a either a constant descent profile or a step down descent profile to meet the restrictions but instead of doing that the FMGC will show the constraint at NAVEE and BOOZE and then show me back at my CRZ "cruise" altitude when crossing PROMM and CTF "Chesterfield" which are the 2 fixes between NAVEE and BOOZE in the instrument arrival instead of showing decending values.This doesn't happen with my E-JETS or any other aircraft that I have in my hangar that has an FMS system and VNAV capability.My FMGC database is from Navigraph and is up to date.Any help will be greatly appreciated.Thank you so muchJahil Santos
  3. I'm trying to merge POSKY's UPS 767-300 with my Level D panel but a few things apparently are not working like when engaging the autothrottles on EPR/N1 Mode for takeoff the system will not apply takeoff power.Thanks in advanceJahil
  4. after merging the PMDG panel with the POSKY airplane are you able to apply flaps without having the airplane climb on approach phase. I have that problem with my merge, the second that i start applying flaps for my approach the airplane will start climbing, maybe the flaps are generating to much lift or something similar.thanks Jahil
  5. Angelo, I checked the switches and they are.ThanksJahil
  6. Greetings, I'm new to the PMDG MD-11 but for some reason when I start the airplane on any given panel state except the dark and cold one, everything runs normal but the displays are dark. What can I do about this??Thank youJahil
  7. Hello,After installing the Carenado Mooney I noticed that the strobe lights, nav lights and red beacons on other aircraft dissappeared when switching to the spot view of the aircraft. Thinking that installing the Carenado Mooney was the problem l uninstalled it but that didn't fix the problem. If anybody can help me with this I'll appreciate it.Thanks Jahil
  8. First of all, my hat's off to Terry and his amazing work in creating Terminal Procedure packages for every add on that is out in the market. Still, last night I was flying from Miami Intl (KMIA) to Houston Intercontinental (KIAH) and as I was programming the FMS i noticed that out of all the STAR procedures to Houston's Intercontinental the one that I needed which was the WOLDE1 arrival was missing. If anybody can help I'll appreciate it. take it easy guys!
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