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  1. correct, and thats the reason your AI will not be able to utilise that feature of the SI for now - sadly. There are some calls for Jetways in the SDK, you might be able t otry them.
  2. we do it quite simple: AIGTC based AI is fully controlled by the Sim, we just tell it to spawn and what route to fly. Rest is done fully internally.
  3. Basically AI traffic online and offline are the same inside the Sim. The major difference is the source. Both share almost all of the internal AI System.
  4. old flightplans that link to old paints that are offline or have been changed since then. Ignore the errors for now and skip them, we have a list of airlines that need to be fixed and we slowly work on them 🙂
  5. No information about it yet..... might be something to askat the next Q&A
  6. ASOBO has started the redesign some weeks ago, but we have no estimated timeframe for release
  7. fully correct. default MSFS live Traffic can not be controled from external tools. Thats the reason we had to "clone" the Airplanes for our workaround till the bug was fixed by Asobo
  8. fixed in SU8 or SU9, workarouned is no longer needed
  9. TC for MSFS is not reading any weather data, this feature is P3D only at the moment.
  10. default AI must be working, since we use the same system in the Sim. Use the MSFS Forum to find a way to remove the content.xml
  11. we know that installing NAVIGRAPH data into MSFS can have some impact on AI operations, to solve this, remove the content.xml and let it get rebuild
  12. any third party nav-data installed? If yes remove it and try again.
  13. If tagged i will check here as well. As ready said not much we at AIG can do, mofels are all 3rd party
  14. reduce traffic density to 0-5% and check again 😉
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