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  1. internal tests have started, but we have to add some stuff to internal tools allowing our guys to create such flightplans in "mass-production" 😉
  2. only install the airlines you need 😉 The quantity of 1000+ airlines will cause issues with the Sim - no clue why since P3D is loading in seconds....
  3. will take a look at it next week - might be a buf. Best is to report over at our Discord so it is not lost 😉
  4. we do not know anything yet about this MSFS2024 Live Traffic, so it is ahrd to tell.
  5. at least they showed this on some presentation, no ingame image confirmation yet.
  6. At the moment there a no new news regarding the Real Time version. Henrik and I are still investigating potential options for new data providers....
  7. looks like FR24 has changed URLs again for the data json feed. Btw here the official support topic about the Data-Feed: https://support.fr24.com/support/solutions/articles/3000122673-do-any-flightradar24-subscriptions-include-api-access- I wonder what will happen at the end of the year. I get the feeling that all this changes on the URLs might have something to do with that post.
  8. might have changed to some other API Interface of FR24. Seems they change on the FR24 servers quite some stuff over the last weeks. Some of the URLs that worked yesterday are still returning 0 Traffic.
  9. FR24 free API has been taken offline by them as of today.
  10. AIG is not on autostart by default. You have to run AIGTC to see AI traffic provided by AIG. Do not remove the packages when you want to use VATSIM, since they will provide model matching for you when flying online.
  11. yeah I know and it is doing a great job. But as you said you are AI only, i guess the Mix of ATC and AI with fully offline contolled airplanes will be to much at the moment. (There are ways but the SDK is currently limited - I reported this to ASOBO a long time ago but no fix for the faulty functions yet...). We hat AIG have a fully developed DEMO more or less ready for fully external controlled AI Traffic, it is just that we can not controll any AI that is on the ground because of the SDK 😞
  12. To make it simple: there is currently no way to fully control AI within MSFS. What FSHud amd BATC arw doing (AFAIK) is moving the airplane each frame... Now imagin doing this for 200+ airplanes.....
  13. The issue is caused by a missing check in MSFS: In P3D, when there was no parking spot a requested AI injection could be injected (because all were used already), the Sim would simply not spawn the Aircraft. In MSFS the aircraft is spawned and the old one removed.... Since the parking assignment in MSFS is far more complex and uses many more variables there is more or less no 100% soltion to workaround this inside the Injector tools....
  14. some previews of an upcomming new "first in the AI world" 🙂 We are working on flightplans for the MMRTTU that will contain flights from last summer incl. normal Transports as well as some Air2Air Refuleing ops (see the image).
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