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  1. Over the past there have been issues when users running missmatched P3Dv5 Parts, thats the main reason to always suggest a full system wide version of P3D. LM sometimes moves files from one installer to a new one (in 5.2 it was the effects that got moved from content to client IIRC). -> Basically "keep your system clean and consistend"
  2. AIG OCI was tested dwith P3Dv5.2 without performance impact (actual performance gain). 1) Perform a full reinstall (Client, Content, Scenery) 2) Delete Generated Files (via batch file) 3) Disable all other addons 4) Start P3Dv5 again
  3. unless you have converted it to glTF and added the contact point - at least according to the AIG conversion team (not tested it yet myself)
  4. we had and I hope we will have in the future - at least in todays QA jörg sounded very positve about our last talks
  5. as soon as we have a stable setup and more stuff that can be installed. As long as we need to fix/update models a full reinstall is often required and that is not something I want to have in a public beta (would end in to much open support requests....).
  6. for those not in the Q&A chat today: We have started the private alpha phase today with full online/offline support.
  7. liveries yes, models are still WIP. We have started the first private alpha today and I hope we will make the progress I am hoping for. Actual offline is reaedy as well, sice we dropped BGL support
  8. before some guys are starting to ask about AIG 😉 The stuff regarding the first question was discussed between Jörg and myself. regarding the second question (flightplaner) I was a bit off guard... So I need to talk with him about that, before give feedback on that.
  9. sure, might be something for the public beta, you would still need to get the flightplans since they are the "basement" of AIM and OCI, but you can just disable them within the Sim to use only the models for matching.
  10. since this workaround contains our new fileformat and AIGTC this might take some more time.
  11. we have to wait on the end result.... (Jörg wanted a second talk this week, but I am stil waiting on a date/time confirmation xD, so i guess he has missed my mail with options or it is not that important^^). But yeah the first talk and the mails we send are showing that this might be heading in the correct direction.
  12. time for an development update Over the last days I have worked on the backend for the MSFS part of AIM and it looks like for now all needed features are added. This marks the next milestone on our roadmap for a public release. Our Conversion-Team is working on updating/upgrading the models, so far we have around 6 or 7 aircraft types already converted and were able to keep backwards compability with the paints. AIG OCI for MSFS will support glTF format Models as well as MDLX. A feature to upgrade from MDLX to glTF is panned, so in case an upgraded version is released later the tool will perform an inplace upgrade on the users system automatically (incl. all needed changes to the repaints). As you kmight have heard there is currently a major bug within MSFS that prevents correct model matching even for offline AI. We at AIG have already a workaroudn for that under develolment that we might release as default installation method for offline AI in AIM. In case MS/ASOBO is not able to fix this, I will disable the BGL installation support in AIM to reduce possible support request on our end Support for offline and online AI is still on the feature list and based on the talk with Jörg I had some weeks ago it looks like we will keep both features supported - more on that at a later date (when I had time to discuss some other stuff with Jörg). Next milestones: Start private alpha testing (DO NOT SEND ME ANY REQUEST!!! - I will pick the team, because this is not like early access, this is far more technical) - there will be a public beta before release Finishing the Database to incl. all published (glTF/MDLX) models and the needed information Create the conversion-data sets for lagacy MDLX textures (mostly FAIB Models) Since we can fallback on our workaround for offline AI, we are still on track for a potential full release in Q4 this year.
  13. yeah, thats my guess as well. Maybe a question for one of the Q&As, how many active users are regular using MSFS xD
  14. 2 milion is a number published by MS/ASOBO. It is not clear if this is "sold" copies and how many actual are still active using the Sim. I guess in the 2 milion also the users that used it in the free 1 month Game Pass. MS is not publishing any specific data, but you can have a look at the Steam Data: https://steamcharts.com/app/1250410 (Drop by nearly 90% since release).
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