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  1. The Board of the URL you posted is used to request such an upgrade for this scenery in case it was not done yet. The Topics with released upgrades can be found here: https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?board=267.0
  2. many scenery developers are not having AI on theier checklist when testing the airport addons this often results in major AI problems. Many users then belive this is caused by the AI Traffic.... Over at the AIG Forum are many upgraded AFD files for payware addons that are designed to work with AI Traffic, have a look at them.
  3. You can install AIG-OCI into any directory you want. AIM will setup the path in the P3D cfg files automatically. In case you run both SIm (v4 and v5) you can select on startup of AIM your version and AIM will change OCI to that Version automatically. We recommend not to switch to often 😉
  4. https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=24615.0
  5. I developed the Converter shortly after the release of P3Dv4, becuase some addon airports using default aprons had a missing flat that preveted them from being shown in the Sim, since then this flag was ignored so no one noticed it, but in v4 LM fixed it and many airports from Ray Smith an others had no visible aprons. Based on this I could try to extend the convert to load the default v5 buildings and remove them from the files. The result may be ok but is far from perfect. The best way is still to create a whole new AFD-File based on the new default airports in P3Dv5, since we have still no full list of what has changed at each airport (Between FSX/P3Dv4 and the new database in v5). And have in mind that LM is still updaing airports in v5 with each Update (so an AFD file created in V5HF1 can cause problems with HF2 already)
  6. first of all models are needed and when they are done the repainters can start working. After that is all done it would be great to have some kind of tool that will help adding repaints etc to the files that will assign installed aircrafts to the online aircrafts - so basically until it is released nothing we can do other then spaculate what will happen 😉
  7. since the default airports in v5 are even worse then the default airports in FSX/P3Dv1-4 i had the idea of extending the AIGTech AFD-Convert to v5. But I have not yet decided, but if I will find the time and there is actual a big interest in such tool I will give it a try.
  8. is actual confirmed that FA will use "live"-traffic? FA has a huge database of flights based on the live data as well as data provided by airlines and so on, so my guess is that based on this data the aircraft will be injected to the Sim and the rest will be handled by the internal system. At least I hope so - since it would be a shame to "loose" an airplane because it is no longer tracked by FA live data.
  9. should work as well, but i recommend letting it fly for 20mins since the AI is sometimes spawing way to close to the Airport which will end in many go arounds
  10. the time can verify but 20-25mins are a good value for medium airports. Since this is the time a newly injected approching AI Aircraft needs from the edge of the bubble to reach the airport. Use the time after loading the scenario to perform your preflight checks (and if you have GSX for catering/loading/refueling). You can ofcause use time acceleration up to 4x (faster and the AI will be removed)
  11. make sure you let the Sim run for about 20-25mins after laoding the scenario to let the AI sattledown. The problem when using 3rd party waether is, that it is injcted after the scenerio start and the AI is already injected while loading. So the approch will be calculated based on the defualt weather.
  12. Performance of BGL based Traffic is depending on multiple factors of your hardware. The actual visible objects/textutres animations are more or less depending on the GPU, but the actual calculation of the traffic is done by the CPU. So both of them are potential bottlenecks when it comes to AI Traffic. I have done quick test some time ago and compared BGL based traffic with SimConnect based traffic and I got on my system (i7 3930k and GTX970 - yeah I know not that good) a light increase of FPS in v4.5HF2. So far I have not yet run this test in v5, but I am sure that at some stage in the development of AIG Traffic Controller AIGTech will investigate if there is actual a improvement on the CPU usage and FPS. Over at the AIG Forum are some posts that discussed different design options for models/textures and how they impact performance.
  13. short info: AIG AI Manager (AIM) is developed by AIGTech. AI Companion (AIC) is developed by a user named "koala" and uploaded/supported in the AIG Forum.
  14. AIG AI Manager and OCI will never become payware. AIG has never been payware and is only finaced based on Donations
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