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  1. bigmike

    CR-1 Software

    Hi guys, have a look here,Tom from CR1 is back again and you could try to contact him. Mike!-I-finally-retired!!!
  2. Thank you for all your hard work with the Fixer and CloudShadows and all the best for 2019. Mike
  3. Hi Steve, how can i get v4,bought the Fixer from the FlightSimStore? Mike
  4. bigmike

    Can`t get a new password from

    Charlie---i replied via email. I use Thunderbird and made there no settings,it is all default. I have no idea,why i can`t get mails from I can get mails from every other Site. Mike
  5. bigmike

    Can`t get a new password from

    Mario----yes i did. Charlie---thank you very much! Overspeed3-----how true. Mike
  6. Hi guys, after having done a fresh installation of W10Pro,i am not able to get a new password from I submit the request,then i see this "You will get a mail.....",but i never get a mail.Tried this for 4weeks now,have written also the webmaster of answer. Mailed him 6 times now. Receiving a new password works from every other Forum-------but not from Can anybody help me please? Mike
  7. Hi Steve, i want to wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for 2018. Thank you so much for your ongoing work with the Fixer and the Cloud Shadows. FSX is not dead and never will be. Mike
  8. bigmike

    MFG Crosswind Pedals

    Hi Paul,you have a pm. Mike
  9. I am asking here,because i don`t know if the specs of this TV are ok. Mike
  10. Hi guys, i could get this TV for 500€ here. What do you think,is it ok for FSX and P3D? Thank you Mike
  11. bigmike

    RAM and VRAM question

    Thank you,Vic. That saves me a lot of money. Mike
  12. bigmike

    RAM and VRAM question

    Do we need more than 16GB RAM and 8GB VRAM for v4? I am thinking about buying a new PC and this is important for me to know. I don`t fly Airliners,i`m a Bushflyer and WW2 Propfighters most the time----low and slow. Thank you Mike
  13. Nick N. recommends in his bible 64k formatting. Mike