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  1. From the MSFS forum: Chewwy94Community Manager [Z-0] 19m Hi all, Firstly we’d like to thank everybody for their patience as we continue to work on the water masks in WU16. We can confirm that this is still actively being worked on, and we will provide further updates when able. Thanks, The MSFS Team
  2. Thank you for testing this addon. Sounds good so far. Mike
  3. What do you think about Enhanced Photogrammetrie from Project Coastline? Mike
  4. Available on https://www.flightsim.com/. Mike
  5. I will try it tomorrow,used today DX11 with TAA. Thank you for your time. Mike
  6. Thanks Maxis. Is DX12 with FSR 2 better,or stay with DX11 and TAA?
  7. I have this GPU now for one week,but this is my first AMD GPU,always had Nvidia. I cannot get it working with good performance CPU Is a 5800x with 32GB RAM DDR4. Can soneone please post the settings in MSFS? Must i delete something in MSFS when switching from Nvidia to AMD? When i use FSTL,frame drops 10 to15FPS. Thank you. Mike
  8. I have a AMD 5800x with 32 GB RAM.Thanks for the suggestions,will try tomorrow. Mike
  9. I got the ASUS TUF Gaming OC Edition for 630.-Euro,but i don`t get better FPS as with my old 1080TI. All Nvidia folders are deleted. Do you use DX12 and AMD FSR2 ? Can you please post your settings? Thank you. Mike
  10. Tank you very much,GG. Some very useful tips. Mike
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