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  1. Thank you !!!! It looks amazing ... Stefano
  2. Arches’s scenery is incredible!! Thanks for your effort as freeware Stefano
  3. Do you know how a can create a chrono label using Touch Portal? Just a simple button to start/stop a chrono with a label that show min/sec... Any idea? Regards, Stefano
  4. I'm a new TBM930 pilot Which MOD are you suggest me in order to improve the TBM930 ? Thanks, Stefano
  5. How can I open the aircraft from the hangar?
  6. I hope in a more realistic Grand Canyon area .... Stefano
  7. Just a simple question : I can assign every FS2020 key command in Touch Portal or only something of that? Regards Stefano
  8. As a satisfied customer of X-ATC-Chatter for XP11, i'm really happy to have this fantastic program also in MSFS!! Thanks, Stefano
  9. Amazing scenery. I visited two times the real Monument Valley and what I see in the sim is exactly the same. Incredible !!! Thank you for the effort. Is it possible to have the photogrammetric scenery also near UT25 airport (near Goulding Lodge)? thanks, Stefano
  10. Is it normal that If I load the airplane on runway (with engine on) the engine shutdown as soon as the aircraft is loaded? No problem if I start the airplane from cold&dark but if I load the airplane started on runway, the engine stop. Is it normal? Regards Stefano
  11. Yes Yes, if you're referring to the suggestion to move controllers to their fullest extent once the aircraft is loaded, I did ... I tried at least 3 times in different flight but the problem remain the same Ciao, Stefano
  12. Thank you for your fantastic work ... however I've the same AP Trim fault also with your MOD. After takeoff I set AP in VS mode (1000 fpm)... after few minutes of climb, the aircaft pitch up due to trim progressively increase to maximun value and aircraft goes in stall. Any idea? Regards Stefano
  13. Amazing mod!!!!! Now we've a real GA aircraft in MSFS!!!!! Thanks for your effort.. Regards, Stefano
  14. Yeahhhhhh ... it works !!! In order to avoid other similar request like mine, I would propose a small modification to the sentence ... Use the dropdown list in MSFS to select a parking position instead of selecting a parking position from the map as departure beacuse will erase the flight plan. Thanks, Stefano
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