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  1. Does the Weather Radar work in the Asobo ATR?
  2. G3X is not a good choice ... I have RV14, very good aircraft but the limitations in the avionics are important. They should consider retrofitting the avionics with some more professional package
  3. Good question, does anyone know the answer? Ciao
  4. A really masterpiece for heli flight simulation !!! All H145 variants are a must have !!!
  5. It's true, we're able to ignore the assigned runway ... but AI traffic can't do that. That's the problem...
  6. Is there a way to close a runway for takeoff/landing or to change the runway selection logic? For example, at LIMC runways 17 are used only for a few days in a year but in the sim, more or less, always .. Is there a way to avoid some specific runway from the sim? Thanks Stefano
  7. You're right ... I switched off Standby instrument and my frame rate has been returned stable at 30fps (fixed at 30 fps) Thanks for the help!
  8. Just bought and tried ... very nice model but a bit heavy about frame rate. At least 5/6 fps less than some very complex model (H145 HPG for example). Not so good regarding fps Other problem : the textures ahead of the aircraft are flickering
  9. Some useful docs for RV-14 https://rv-14a.blogspot.com/2017/10/first-flight-prep-my-poh-checklist-and.html
  10. I've just discoved overflying Lisbon that my MSFS is updated at the latest version ( but Spain/Portugal update is not present on my system. Lisbon, for example, is not photogrammery (with photogrammery ON) and in my Content Manager there isn't any Spain-Portugal update... Any idea? What I've to do? Thanks Stefano
  11. Is there a scenery for SwissHelicopter base at Gsteigwiler/Interlaken? Regards Stefano
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