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  1. I tried to do the same with last version of MSFS and AAO but i was not able to assigne a button to a specific FS2020 view. The problem is not solved yet from Microsoft as you know? Regards Stefano
  2. I did ... but the head up display is always visible in the external view.
  3. After SU7 the head up display is always visible in the external view. How I can disable it? Regards Stefano
  4. Spoilers not armed & Cabin check not completed 🙂 By the way : nice video !!!
  5. Hi, I'd to add some buttons in my home cockpit setup but i'm not able to find the Event IDs used by FS2020 for Custom Views. Do you have some idea? Regards, Stefano
  6. Same problem mapping "map zooming" ... may I ask you which is the HTML variable do work? Regards Stefano
  7. Thank you !!!! It looks amazing ... Stefano
  8. Arches’s scenery is incredible!! Thanks for your effort as freeware Stefano
  9. Do you know how a can create a chrono label using Touch Portal? Just a simple button to start/stop a chrono with a label that show min/sec... Any idea? Regards, Stefano
  10. I'm a new TBM930 pilot Which MOD are you suggest me in order to improve the TBM930 ? Thanks, Stefano
  11. How can I open the aircraft from the hangar?
  12. I hope in a more realistic Grand Canyon area .... Stefano
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