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  1. I don't want to be smart, but you do know that LIRN has some special conditions? https://pilotsbriefingroom.com/2011/09/18/naples-italy-naplirn/ Hope it helps. Kind regards McD
  2. Works perfect, mine looks like this now: [Window12] size_mm = 375,250 window_size = 0.30, 0.25 position = 4 ; Middle Of Screen visible = 0 ident = SIMCONNECT_WINDOW scaleform_file = MenuWindow ; Use the generic menu window scaleform content scaleform_instance_name = SimConnectWindow ; Provide a unique instance name
  3. I have exactly the same challenges with route following, also on long straight legs, my route deviates from the line over time. Ticket submitted. McDan out
  4. As a smoothness freak...ezdok wins in my pov, chaseplan is a good product, but the microstuttering when panning kills it for me. McDan out
  5. Great News...It's a beautiful place in real world...cant wait! KMSO and KGTF would be a nice addition also... :-) McDaniel
  6. Same problem here, reinstall of scenery, still no joy....
  7. CPU Core temp 100C @4.5...something is cooking...:-) I would check my cooling installation...or way to much V on that CPU...just as a tip McDan out
  8. As always! Thank you for all the work! Kind regards McDaniel
  9. Workaround idea: If I just use the inner or outer landing lights, in other words just one pair, I am fine. The GPU load stays under 90%. So how about to be able to deactivate the dynamic light thing for one pair of the landing light's, just show them lith without the light emerging....hard to explain in english :-) I guess the brightness (iluminating scenery) of 1 pair landing lights with dynamic lighting is good enough, in my point of view. Or even just have one light source, dynamic active, for landing light and one for taxi light.... Daniel McDaniel
  10. Hello Ernie, thank's for the feedback P3D V4 here, I do have a navigraph subscripton but I guess I will just wait.... McDaniel
  11. Hello it's me ....again :-) Found this in the manual...I know it does not seem like it, but I do read the manual.... "Flight simulator stock data provides only approaches and transitions. SIDs and STARs are not available. These can be added by navdata updates." How can I get and add those navdata updates, to have sid and star's? (I just love the ability to visualise them on the map) Thank you Kind regards McDaniel
  12. Many thank's, now I do understand, got it working. kind regards McDaniel
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