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  1. Hey Frederico, thank you so much for your work! I totally agree with the posts above, I do understand, that intersection stuff would be icing , but its not important to me. Happy new year! McDan out
  2. ...can't believe myself... I am a huge MD-11 lover...flew many many times with the Swissair birds in real life and to be honest I never heard about the MD-10...thank you...I learned something new today McDan out
  3. sorry if I beat the same dead horse over and over again...if you have a trueglass plane (Maddog, QW787, Aerosoft Airbus....) disable trueglass.dll in the gauges folder by adding .off to the filename. Since I did, no more crashes and yes somehow it crashed also if I did not use a "trueglass" plane when the trueglass.dll was in the gauge folder...strange. McDan out
  4. lol yes you bet! I have been on a P3D install marathon since 2 weeks, also building my new pit with a simlab p1 as base. My new machine AMD Ryzen 5900, with RTX 3080 is just pure joy for P3D...lately it's like a dream come true, flying heavy metal with all the traffic in to big hubs and never under 30 FPS...just a fluid dream! McDan out
  5. Hey there Do you use both spadnext and gfit together? If yes don't forget to disable the mcppro in the spad settings...devices...goflight pnp devices. Otherwise they do interfere each other. McDan out
  6. Yep disable trueglass.dll gauges, rename it to trueglass.dlloff.... No hangs since
  7. Hey Rob, I was plagued by the same problem, mine got better when I de-installed all my sound controllers in the device manager, which I don't use anyway...nvidia audio and some stuff...maybe it helps you too. McDan out
  8. well after the not so great benchmarks from the 3090, I would still wait to see what AMD brings to the table...
  9. Let me guess, your cpu is overclocked and runs normal "games" without a hitch...not P3D V5, I had a 5.2 OC but had to dial back for superstable...no cdt since
  10. I don't want to be smart, but you do know that LIRN has some special conditions? https://pilotsbriefingroom.com/2011/09/18/naples-italy-naplirn/ Hope it helps. Kind regards McD
  11. Works perfect, mine looks like this now: [Window12] size_mm = 375,250 window_size = 0.30, 0.25 position = 4 ; Middle Of Screen visible = 0 ident = SIMCONNECT_WINDOW scaleform_file = MenuWindow ; Use the generic menu window scaleform content scaleform_instance_name = SimConnectWindow ; Provide a unique instance name
  12. I have exactly the same challenges with route following, also on long straight legs, my route deviates from the line over time. Ticket submitted. McDan out
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