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  1. Did an 8.5 hour flight getting screen smears again but I think that is the PG server getting hammered but anyways all went well loving the plane reminds me of the LvL D 763 back in the day.
  2. Running fine here on high end settings with non enhanced edition. Doing a 8hr flight see how we go.
  3. Flying some A310 from Australia to Hong Kong. It's been however long since MSFS came out when I did any decent haul.
  4. I just move the cockpit camera around with alt and shift + the arrow keys.
  5. A310. The Black Square King Air is my top GA aircraft. Nothing comes close.
  6. Here's to our first mid to long haul plane. Can't wait.
  7. It's defiently worth it. I love using it in the Black Square King Air. I paid for the year.
  8. I do it for stress relief until something else comes out that's better.
  9. You only get the discount when you bought the Caravan. It's worth the price such a great plane.
  10. The new King Air is a very good my payware of the year.
  11. Have latest black square update and latest 750 and works good. Buy the premium too it's worth it!
  12. Can't believe how much fun I'm having with this aircraft it reminds me of flying the Majestic Q400! I'm slowly getting sucked into the rabbit hole just purchased premium subscription for the GTN570. What yoke setups are you using that works well with this aircraft?
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