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  1. Asking for trouble when you're not reinstalling Windows on a hardware change.
  2. For the full price you get a lot. It's a buy.
  3. That's great mate I created this thread just for people like us. I couldn't find much info. I had a lot of stutters etc too. I'm smooth as butter now after deleted configs and shaders after install and let P3D rebuild both. Then I tweaked as necessary until I'm happy between frames/higher settings. I would recommend that - but before doing rename the old config. If anyone is using projectfly I'm on there using VBHB. Currently over Oman doing my Perth Heathrow super long haul. 789 just eats it up no problems.
  4. Best thing I've noticed is delete and rebuild your config and shader. Let P3D rebuild and tweak until your happy.
  5. VBHB

    GA Aircraft Recommendation

    The old Caravan of courage is a good aircraft.
  6. So been flying this great aircraft around doing short hops and long hauls. Just completed Melb to San Fran recently flew like a dream. Just figured out how to step climb and the fuel burn is on point. Very happy. Next will be Perth to Heathrow.
  7. VBHB

    The "magic" of a NEW Config file

    Yeah I've done the same after getting knocked for 6 trying to fly out of EGLL in my QW787. Was down to low teens. Deleted and created new config and deleted shaders folder and rebuilt. Then went back to EGLL in the same conditions and frames up over 50fps. I tweaked it to make it prettier and could keep constant 30ish fps whilst flying around. It's like a reinstall of p3d.
  8. VBHB

    Nav subscriptions

    Just stick with Navigraph.
  9. VBHB


    Really enjoying ASCA in dynamic mode looks awesome at 1440p. I've used REX before but I'm a hifi guy I like the look better. I think it's a personal thing between the two products.
  10. Orbx Aus v2/Base and Airports YMML/YBBN/YBCS. EZDOK v3 QW787/Majestic Q400. AS/ASCA. Gonna get GSX soon and Orbx North America.
  11. VBHB

    Low FPS with a current graphics card

    Gotta get that overclock going. 4.5 minimum. I also upgraded my card to a 2060 so I can step up to 1440p. But I still have to pull backon the autogen, LOD and draw distances. My system gets more killed at night using payware airports. During the day it's fine.
  12. VBHB

    QW 787 and Simbrief

    Hey Bill. I'm keeping the passenger weight to 210 and just moving the payload sliders until it matches the Simbriefs TOW in the created flightbriefing. So usually bulk cargo is full in the middle and I play around with the front and aft cargo until it matches the required TOW. But the front and aft cargo isn't that much. I think I need to modify the ZFW by only how much luggage simbrief automatically adds even with different passenger weights. It always loads 55lbs of luggage even with 1lb passenger weight?
  13. VBHB

    QW 787 and Simbrief

    Hi all just trying to work out the figures. This is for the 787 900 - total passengers is 285. Now the QW787 dispatcher has 1 passenger loaded as 210lbs. Total passengers for the plane is 285 so total passenger weight will be 59 850lbs (285*210lbs). With Simbrief I've selected the weight of a passenger as the same (210lbs). To get the sums right I modified the ZFW of the dispatcher by adding another 59,850lbs. I did this so the MTOW and ZFW could be matched with the dispatcher otherwise the ZFW/TOW would be out due to the passenger weights compared to what Simbrief calculated. Does anyone get me? Am I correct lol?
  14. Rivatuner has me around the same. I'm finding with this card it's relatively new and getting weird textures in cloud layers with AS. Card is so new maybe a few teething issues?
  15. Hi all. Creating this thread just to tell you my experience in moving up in resolutions and hopefully anyone googling to research graphics cards will find this beneficial. So I've completely moved over from FSX:SE to P3D v4. So I'm new to the P3D platform. 1080p system was: i5 - 9600k O/C to 4.8ghz - could get it to 5ghz but pushing too much vcore and heat so lost the lottery unfortunately. Ram is 2x8 - 16gb Kingston Hyper X 2400mhz. SSD 1TB. Vid card was a Asus Radeon RX 580 8GB OC - pushed it further to 1410mhz clock speed, so about an extra 500mhz squeezed out of it. So following the usual setting guides for 1080p resolution I averaged about 25fps with QW787 at Orbx YMML airport with Orbx AusV2 and Activesky with ASCA. Moving to 1440p I purchased a Gigabyte RTX 2060 6GB OC card. I changed the resolution and had to play around with the sliders a bit more. I've noticed the change from 8GB to 6GB video memory - there is a bit of late loading of textures (a skyscraper will be blue then for a few seconds then the texture will load and it will look like a skyscraper) and small amount of popup. Also what I've noticed is that the frames are the same but I'm able to male the sim look nicer due to being able to utilise HDR and Higer Res textures etc without losing more frames which happened with the 580. I can go into more detail if people like but going to 1440p was definitely worth it looks amazing. So in summary get bigger video memory and going to a better card may not get the extra results you want - it'll just make the sim look nicer.