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  1. I found this to be a good explanation. I chose EA on with volumetric clouds off running AS + ASCA.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I reinstalled FSDT which reinstalled simconnect and everything is fixed. Looks like MSFS deleted simconnect.
  3. So after the shemozzle of the latest MSFS update I uninstalled it but when I've wanted to jump back onto P3D I have weird issues with SODE jetways disappeared, scenery issues, simconnect isn't working, keybinds have disappeared and can't pan around cockpit with my hatswitch again on my joystick. The only thing I've done before loading up P3D again is update GSX via FSDT control panel, update YBBN ORBX, install new patches for AS and ASCA and purchase and install WF VHHH and Flightbeam NZAA. Has the uninstalltion corrupted something? I might have to do a full reinstall because my P3D is stuffed now. Below is WSSS and as you can see my SODE jetways are gone and it's grass where the apron/runways are supposed to be. https://imgur.com/gWWUpML
  4. Just came back to P3D and bought 5.1 and the 787 flies like butter well done. Enjoying it heaps such good value compared to the other developer.
  5. So Aerosoft has done a great job in their release. Remember PMDGs fiasco with the updated 777.
  6. $140 bucks hahahahahahaha
  7. Yes. But ram is so cheap get 32GB. It will help a lot.
  8. So I've noticed in my last two mid haul flights with the 787 that it will just crash about 3-4 hours into the flight during cruise near a 'step climb' point that has been calcuted from a flight plan from simbrief. I'm thinking thhis might be the cause? Or possibly a memory leak due to the sim flying for so long? Anyways I've sent a report through. Anyone else getting this?
  9. Flies so smooth now, low refresh rate in A320 gives me 60FPS, weather works and the bumps and shakes are all there and loads quick. I'm just limited by GPU now I don't have those CGTD draw issues anymore. Well done!
  10. Downloading super quick can't wait! Don't forget to take out those FPS fixes and A320 mods.
  11. Yeah I flew from JFK to LAX at night and was blown away from the lighting. Kudos!
  12. From what I've seen the mod community already doing - 3rd party developers need to lift their game big time. I just installed a few nice freeware scenery bits (Sydney Harbour Bridge/Sky Tower and Stonehenge) and modded the A320 and I'm using the upgraded VFR map. I'm more excited to see what the mod community does with this sim than the Payware companies which I've been throwing money at for the last 5+ years with meh results.
  13. Pretty happy with the sim posted some screenshots of my flight with the A320 NEO. Weather/winds and ILS worked. Just controlled plane via managed speed and v/s mode and used descent calculator to work out T/D. Decide for yourself. https://imgur.com/a/guPwBGr
  14. Yeah just save the route from Simbrief onto the PC and then you can load it in via MSFS.
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