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  1. Bought and paid waiting to install on my freshly formatted PC.
  2. Premium is definitely worth it for what you get.
  3. I flightplanning via simbrief so I'm sure they'll do something for MS2020. They've got choices for everything else.
  4. probably? Did you watch the videos explaining the weather engine?
  5. I'm more looking forward to VFR than flying the jets to be honest. Can't wait!
  6. Pretty meh airports. Scenery packs look good. From what I've seen from the previews of MS2020 they need to fix up a few things, like I've never seen a forest between 34L & R at Sydney lol.
  7. I'll pass honestly their quality isn't worth that price point. I purchased the NGXu for $99 for v4.5 but I ain't giving them anymore for what I used in P3D.
  8. I've punted P3D and reformatted computer waiting for the 18th. Can't play P3D any longer after seeing videos when the NDA lifted. No way I'm going back to last gen.
  9. Was always going to punt it when this was out. I'm over the ugly clunker you can stick around with it.
  10. The runway is actually bumpy!! The A320NEO looks Aerosoft level which is all I want! Working FMGS and Autopilot and basic systems. Giddy up!
  11. If it's Aerosoft level that would be amazing (which it nearly sounds like). I want in badly I'm not touching P3Dv5 rather save the money for MSFS upgrades.
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