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  1. What are you on about the A330 was great. It was better than the PMDG one.
  2. That's why I like planes not pilots cause they talk rubbish like this.
  3. In Tasmania which is the island below Australia. Btw PMDG sucks still has no EFB 😉
  4. Loved my Aerosoft A330 in P3D and if it's the same it'll be my main mid/long hauler in MSFS. Their EFB in the P3D A330 was great and it will probably come out before a certain other EFB....
  5. Flying Fabio now previewing it so it can't be long until it's out.
  6. Just use Volanta or something equivalent .
  7. Another preview by a real world King Air Pilot this time. https://youtu.be/93rpMrql7vc
  8. I rarely activate approch mode the MCDU as when I hit 10,000 I turn off speed manage mode and change the speed to 240kts or per ATC/STAR. I've never had that problem you described once. That's my way of flying other people do differently. I have found throughout the years bugs that pop up from time to time and I'm sitting there going "what the hell" when the plane is doing things it's not supposed to.
  9. Turn on dev mode and show fps and see what is the issue - your gpu or cpu. Go from there.
  10. Running great here so far 2 hours into a 5 hour flight and I'm running DX11 still. Won't try DX12 with the new fancy features till new driver comes out. New Fenix update is amazing too.
  11. Can't wait hopefully this leads to updates from Fenix etc and new releases like the King Air.
  12. Was hoping this drops over weekend so I can do some flying again. Ah well new drivers, new sim update and hopefully King Air around the corner.
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