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  1. Thanks for the input guys - I think I'll stick to the long winded way - the sim can be quite fragile on occasion, so sounds like the safest option. Eugene
  2. I've been using the long winded way to exit the sim which is tedious, because Alt+F4 exits the sim so quickly, I wonder if it's doing it "properly", saving all the settings etc? Could be it's just the screen that goes quickly and the "under the bonnet" stuff carries on in the background? Do many use Alt+F4 without any consequences? Thanks Eugene
  3. Just downloaded the latest update - which installed fine, but also in the download queue was a Digital ownership download, when I try to download it, I get an error message: https://ibb.co/cvBjzbn If I click on "Details" I get: https://ibb.co/NN1fc8r It doesn't seem to have caused any problems - but knowing the issues some have had over Digital ownership - should I be concerned? Thanks Eugene
  4. Could the artificial horizon need something switching on to work? Eugene
  5. I'm fairly sure that FL 95 is the base of the airway - flying IFR in controlled airspace in Europe is only at whole thousands of feet, so the minimum level to fly after UNEXO would be FL110, as for this direction of flight, and odd numbered flight level is required, FL100, the minimum level above the base of FL95 is for aircraft coming the other way. So you'd file FL110 on the flight plan, expect to climb to FL60 on the SID, then ATC would clear you to FL110 at some stage. Eugene
  6. The other issue with PayPal is you can lose a lot of the protections a credit card provides, as your contract is not longer directly with the Credit Company and the supplier, but with PayPal whose terms and conditions can be quite different.
  7. Thanks Guys, That was what I suspected. but good to have it confirmed. Eugene
  8. I got MSFS from the MS store, and asked it to install on my D drive, which was successful. I appreciate that even so, parts of it are still on the C drive. I've got 1 Community folder on the C drive: Placed at the Windows C:/User/AppData etc /Packages, and another at New Volume D:/MSFS/Community When I installed Just Flights Arrow 3 (bought from Just Flight not the MS Store)- it didn't ask me where to put it, and installed to the C drive Community folder, and it didn't show up in the simulator. I also installed the Next Gen Bandeirante, also purchased from Just Flight, and during the install, it told me it had detected my MSFS was installed on my D drive, and was I happy to proceed with that - I was, and it showed up fine in the Community folder on the D drive. I contacted Just Flight and they suggested moving the Arrow to the Community folder on the D drive, which I did, and it worked fine. So what's the purpose of the Community folder on the C drive? Should I always put Add-ons in the Community folder on the D drive? Thanks Eugene
  9. Well the mystery is solved at last - but bizarre or what! I decided to buy the store edition - and exactly the same thing happened! Click on play to download - a black screen - then nothing! Wasn't expecting that! So back to the drawing board - I spent £3000 on a new PC just for MSFS, I need to get it installed. Dominiques suggestion of using Edge instead of Chrome sounded promising - but no luck there. Tried wired internet connection instead of wireless - no luck Defender Firewall and virus temporarily off - no luck Really running out of ideas - if someone had suggested walking around my garden in my underwear reciting the Gettysburg address, well it's gotta be worth a shot? More Googling - found a Microsoft forum where others were having the same problem - glad it wasn't just me - someone suggested changing the Speaker output. Changing the speaker output to enable a Microsoft download? It's up there with the Gettysberg address - so definitely worth a punt! Switched from using a pair of USB speakers - to the Panasonic TV's build in speakers - pressed the play button for software download for the hundredth time, and, blimey! It worked! That is just the most bizarre thing! That's 30 man/hours of my life I'll never get back - but finally managed to download it - now for the real fun - getting it to work properly! Eugene
  10. That's good to know - I might hold off for a while - recent postings about problems after update 3 are a little concerning... Eugene
  11. Yes, I had the task manager opened at all times - I've seen that before when stuff gets hidden behind a window - but a good call, thanks. I didn't try Edge - but honestly don't think it would make any difference - In the Zendesk screenshots above - once you click on the green play button for the main install from Microsoft, it asks you to log into Xbox there. I never get to there. But actually I now have a refund from Steam Wasn't hopeful, but I thought I'd ask, it was £109, quite a lot - refund was very easy to do - told them the issues, even gave them this Avsim link, said I'd much rather it worked than a refund, in case they had some ideas - but 90 mins later get an email from paypal refunding me the £109 - really wasn't expecting that - especially as all the time I spent trying to install it is counted as playing it - over 10 hours. Top company - very unusual in this day and age. I'll have another go at buying it - direct from Microsoft and see how I get on.. But only after Googling the pitfalls on buying direct from Microsoft - bet they're some - need to have on a D drive, don't want it using a big chunk of my 500gb C drive SSD! Thanks for the suggestions Eugene
  12. Thanks, I've now got an xbox live account - logged in via Chrome - but still no luck. I wasn't surprised - the Zendesk Steam install instructions show that after pressing the green play button - Microsoft and xbox login boxes appear - that's not happening with me, even after logging in to xbox live. Just get a black screen and nothing else. Eugene
  13. I've tried a few more things as recommended by the Steam website, Cleared the Steam cache Changed the Steam download location from Manchester to London. Disabled overclocking in the bios I'm out of ideas - Eugene
  14. Thanks Guys, Think it might be best to video the install sequence with my phone - now uploaded to my Google Drive. I uninstalled it - checked all the MSFS folders had gone - then clicked on install - first bit fine - installs to my Steam folder on the D drive automatically. Then I click on play - get a dialogue box "Preparing to install " - then nothing. After a couple of minutes. I'll get a MSFS icon in the task bar - if I click on it - I get a completely black screen - can only get rid of it by Win+D to get back to the desktop. As you can see from the video, I am in Windowed mode. Hope the link works! Thanks Eugene https://drive.google.com/file/d/1voIvhJcCPk6Cz2VbRnWU4x6iTBHpm8f6/view?usp=sharing
  15. Thanks for the input guys, Tried installing again just now, but still with no luck. I'm a little confused about this Xbox thing - I don't have an xbox or xbox account - even if I did, according to the Zendesk Steam installation instructions, after the initial Steam download - I press on play - and this is what I should see: But I don't see this, or anything. the only thing I can see is the MSFS icon in the taskbar - if I click on it - just see a black screen. I've checked the Steam download page, just to check nothings happening in the background - but nothing is happening. Not really sure what to do now - where's the best place to get help from - Steam or Microsoft - I can't imagine either are easy to contact? Thanks Eugene
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