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  1. Show your revelation in an unedited video. I have a RTX 3080 and an AMD 5800X, FHD monitor on my machine. I'm very satisfied with FS20 and my machine performance, but I didn't see any stellar DLSS miracle from any simmer yet, as announced from Nvidia regarding the RTX 3XXX series, and I'm rather skeptical about the next RTX 4XXX series.
  2. DX12 > TAA here with studio and game drivers, the DLSS thing doen't improve anything and adds blurry screens. I think that this DLSS is a complete failure if you intend to use it in FS20, or in other flight sims (?).
  3. Totally wrong, very good cards in the wrong hands. You don't understand how a flight simulator works.
  4. I cannot sustain the real pilots opinions on home flight simulators, too many variables (at home). There was another infinite discussion on the turbulence "problem", some want a turbulence slider just because the turbulence should be a subjective personal perception, and want to talk about on how real a flight model is.
  5. Regarding the temperatures of my AMD 5800x and Asus TUF RTX 3080 12GB, they are very cool: around 60°C for the CPU and about 45/50°C for the GPU. The GPU appears to be very "cold", but it is due to the special efficient Asus cooling system. My previous GTX 1080 was at 70/75°C.
  6. I'm trying to lock my FPS at full 100% (60Hz on my monitor), but I get 45/60fps when on the ground and there is a light stuttering (high render scaling and terrain detail values). So the 50% is the right solution for a perfect smoothness.
  7. locking the fps at 50%, it's the only way at the moment to get an absolute fps smoothness.
  8. After more flights with the PMDG B737 and the FBW A320, the DX12 and locked 30fps is the right solution for me, very smooth and much better colors and lights. Also, the over exposed lights are not a problem anymore. So the DX12 with TAA and last studio drivers work better on my rig (AMD 5800x + Asus TUF 3080). At the moment there isn't a real fps gain, but smoother and with better visuals than before with ultra settings @1080.
  9. The DX12 thing needs to be optimized, in the previous it was unusable, but now it works without stutters, although at lower fps on my system. Also, I saw better ambient lights and colors with the DX12 (maybe placebo effect?).
  10. I switched to the DX12 just to see the work in progress, but now I'm back to the DX11.
  11. The blurriness is confirmed, but the colors and the general rendering seems better although lower fps in DX12.
  12. Trying the DLSS thing with DX12 and the last Nvidia studio driver, it's a screens blurriness with the FBW A320.
  13. My experience with a rtx 3080 is good, it is a very powerful GPU, but at the moment the real problem is a good CPU to fill it. A new rtx 4080/4090 isn't a real advantage with fps in FS20.
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