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  1. Ask to your lawyer, these are matter of public and privacy laws, not opinions like yours. Yes, you are free to accept or not their rules, but you know the consequences just after months or years, like in my case.
  2. The problem was when I discovered my real name associated with PMDG sim airplanes through Google engine search, this several years after my PMDG forum subscription (first here on AVSIM). Regarding Facebook subscriptions, you have to use a real name, email and cellphone number, but you can use any alias you want. And I use my real name on Facebook because I want to use it for my old and new customers. I remember that in almost any public online forum you have the option to "anonymize" yourself. If you are forced to use your real name in a public forum, it's a privacy violation, doesn't matter if you accept their arbitrary rules at the forum subscription, and you don't pay attention to those rules because your flight sim enthusiasm and/or you need urgent assistance for problems regarding their products.
  3. You right, but Google isn't indexing you while you are playing golf. I like sharing my flight sim enthusiasm, but without anything or anyone violating my privacy as PMDG is doing.
  4. I'm not writing messages anymore on the PMDG forum because this absurd rule, I don't want my real name associated with flight simulators, that's it. I'm a violinmaker and more than once my customers (stringed instrument players), found my real name associated with flight simulators because the Google indexing. This was a not wanted coming out and it's a violation of my privacy. The PMDG forums are public, not private. I was not banned from the PMDG forums, but you cannot find my real name on my messages there.
  5. @Sonosusto you are the half glass guy, good for you.
  6. I never told it was fixed, I'm testing it and I find the gyropilot not reliable, as I wrote previously and many times regarding this topic. The bright side isn't so clear, and you have to pay attention to the majority of the users that has problems with the dc-6.
  7. After 5 discussion pages on the gyropilot reliability and more than 50 guys stopped to fly the Dc-6 because bugs, you are asking me "what sense"? 😂😂😂
  8. The DC-6 ha received some "symbolic" patches recently, but just to show that it is not abandoned, substantially it remains broken or bugged at best.
  9. There is a new FS20 users category, the Catch 22 guys: "if you can start the sim, it cannot be broken, but you can't fly it because it's a sim"
  10. Yet another server problem, following the most recent Live Weather problem, and wild disconnection while flying and landing: dedicated to the "it's not MSFS20 fault" guys.
  11. My problem is to know how a real DC-6 behaves in a real ILS controlled landing, because I don't have any reference, especially with the most recent WT GNS. When I was in P3D, the ILS landing was very different, it wasn't necessary to activate the Alt Hold, and you could intercept the ILS frequency from almost any angle, it's very different now in FS20! What's the real behavior?
  12. It's a modern gps implementation, but it doesn't have pressurization if I recall correctly.
  13. We are talking about home flight simulators and airplanes and everyone is free to fly pigs and cows, but I don't like the PMS solution because it hasn't the right bezel in the cockpit and you can't find it in the real world in a DC-6.
  14. I have a normal and without charts Navigraph subscription, I'm using LNM to see SID, STAR and Approaches and it works well for the DC-6, because it flies different, it's not an A320 and similar.
  15. That is a total unrealistic workaround, in some YT videos you can see the GNS and no other GPS devices. I don't look at what is working better, but at best realistic compromise for the PMDG DC-6. It is not an "elderly aunt" but it's an "elderly HAUNT", but fortunately it's working well for me. Regarding the gyropilot problem driven by the GPS or the Bendix radio, we have to consider the Navigraph thing, because they had problems recently with VORs and we are at the Rev.4 at the moment. and here a VOR navigation:
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