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  1. 757-200 would like to have a word .. 🙂
  2. Have not noticed any deviations with the LNAV/VNAV on my flights. But im the type that wont close the doors till the entire flight plan is double checked and all waypoints are making sense and accounted for.
  3. I did the same thing around two days ago before posting in this thread and my pics were i would say were even better than what you posted ( i usually run TLOD 300) So i know its not an issue on MS side. But the user insists that its not his hardware or connection so i excused myself and wished him good luck in rectifying his issue. Will still monitor it to see how it gets resolved.
  4. Thanks for your video rebuttal . However im not convinced,,, The laptop in the review has 6gb of DEDICATED.. aka discrete VRAM.. You stated you have 4 .. on top of that we do not know if that 4 GB on your laptop is discrete or not. With your hardware having limited resources you have to properly balance them to get the most out of it and Vram is a precious commodity in this sim especially with the upcoming service pack on the horizon. So i presume you will just live with it since you have stated you have done a clean install with no resolution .. Good Luck
  5. 1.Terrain LOD is too high for your specs in that first video 2. You are working with only 4gb of Vram on a laptop (Dont know the specs but your situation is possibly worse if that Vram is shared vs discrete)
  6. I kinda wish the beta required a few more hoops to jump through so people who are a little more objective and methodical in their approach end up being participants.
  7. Did they leave the memory optimizations in for AMD cards ? Considering the Xbox stuff is running more smoothly ?
  8. I think a lot of these driver side upscalers have been missed by the general sim community when they were released. Myself and a few others tried it out in April when it was released and it works pretty well. Comments and directions on how to implement it ( For AMD Cards ) can be found in this thread. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/amd-super-resolution-version-22-3-1/505344/16
  9. Short answer No.. Your on a 4K tv .. which is typically a little more flexible in resolution options which is why In your drop down you have all those options. The majority of us are on Monitors where the highest native hardware resolution is the highest option available .. ( So no 4k option on a 1440p or 1080p monitor)
  10. I was waiting to see how you would have achieved getting the sim to render native 4k on a 1440p monitor for you to then scale it back... Glad i didn't miss any secret settings. As to the OP... While i do think that tacking on a little extra renderscaling for a slight enhancement isnt too bad ( im at 115% myself) I personally think its counterproductive to use DLSS + maxing out the renderscaling.. But if that method works for you then who am i to question. As far as i know the DLSS implementation will presently give fuzzy gauges .. Asobo has acknowledged this and one can assume they will try to address that.
  11. That's debatable.. The other shoe hasn't dropped yet for FSR 2.0 implementation. So another wait and see approach for that aspect as well.
  12. 7000 Series chips will not support Socket AM4 .. The new chipsets with the new sockets in the new LGA (land grid array socket) specs are already in production and quite possibly shipping for distribution. The only reason i am holding out is to see sim performance post SU10 of the 5800X3D vs my present chip (5900X) vs the all new chip (7800X/7900X) .. evaluate the cost and see where to go.
  13. So you chose a title like that to ask such a question ?
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