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  1. And Ephedrin beat me to it as well!!! 😀
  2. Ok, I got this... The item on the poll that is correct is "Other". Am I right?
  3. I'm getting the same error. TrustFailure. I believe their servers are down. I get a ERR_CERT_DATE_INVALID when I try to go to This is the problem with cloud based applications. If the servers go down, the application doesn't work. They really need to add an offline mode.
  4. Bnash00

    Tutorial #1

    Thanks for explaining this! Very helpful!
  5. Bnash00

    Cold and Dark Startup in P3D

    Thank You!
  6. Bnash00

    Tutorial #1

    Glad I'm not the only one scratching their head on this as I can't find the flight plan file either... It shouldn't be too difficult to create your own flight plan file... They give us the route right in the tutorial text: KPDX..BTG.V495.SEA..KSEA
  7. She's beautiful Robert!!!! The whole team did a fantastic job!!! Thank you everyone for your hard work this summer and getting us transitioned to v4 in record time!!!!
  8. Well said, and well done PMDG. Thank you for transitioning us to v4 so quickly and most importantly, so smoothly!!!
  9. Exciting summer!!! Thanks PMDG!!
  10. Holy Toledo.... Somebody had fun!
  11. The problem here Mark is that you nor I have all the facts... We don't get to know what "installation-based stability fixes" means exactly. What we do know, is that in order to get the installation-based stability fixes, you need to un-install \ re-install. It's as simple as that. Sorry, this inconveniences you.
  12. You are absolutely allowed to ask why. The answer to why was mentioned in the very first post by Robert: "Some further installation-based stability fixes to make sure we get everyone up and running in a stable fashion." However complaining about it, whining about it, and or arguing about it, is frowned upon. After all PMDG developed the addon. PMDG is requiring you to uninstall \ re-install. What are you going to do about it? Resist? Then you don't get the update.
  13. Absolutely! That's my favorite part of doing the re-install
  14. May I have your attention, please... May I have your attention, please... Yes - You have to re-download new installers for the 747, 777, and 737. Yes - You have to uninstall any and all existing versions of the 747, 777 , and 737 and use the new installers that were released today to get the update. No - You don't need to deactivate your license via the CDU. Why - Because PMDG said so... That is all...
  15. Bnash00

    A Great Big Thank you

    Thank you PMDG for your hard work. Updating 3 products for v4 in 6 weeks is no joke. You guys did a great job! The 737 is truly magnificent in v4. I have never been able to fly into KSFO with all the addons and eye candy turned on at a solid 30 FPS. My jaw is still on the floor. What an amazing summer it has been for the flight sim community! Thank you AGAIN!