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  1. Just slammed into the water again. This time 1 - 2nm from rwy 10R at Flightbeam KPDX. Last night it was Flightbeam KSFO. Both are over water approaches. Wonder if that has something to do with it?
  2. This happened to me as well. I was on short final into Flightbeam Studios KSFO rwy 28R when I slammed into the water about 1nm from the runway.
  3. I haven't tried the 777. Did you try turning the display brightness down using the brightness knobs in the VC? The text on all of the displays in the NGXu are very bright and I have to turn the brightness down more than half way.
  4. PMDG NGXu. Just rename P3D v5 folder to P3D v4 then run the installer. Run operations center to get any updates. Install any liveries etc. when your done rename your P3D folder back to v5. Not that hard. Works great.
  5. I have a Titan X (Maxwell) with 12GB of VRAM. Actually I have two of them but SLI is not supported in v5 yet. I have not had one VRAM OOM issue. You can pickup a used one on Ebay for $235.
  6. Thank you, I guess I'm blind. 🤦‍♂️
  7. I see ORBX just released an update. v1.1.78S that claims: "Issue where ChasePlane would not close after the sim shutdown on P3Dv5". However ChasePlane still does not close. Obviously they know about the issue. I'm sure they will work it out. Its a very minor problem. I have another quick question. Is this forum still the offical ChasePlane support forum or has it moved to ORBX? I don't see anything ChasePlane related over on their boards.
  8. This is a minor problem. I'm more curious if other people are experiencing the same thing. In P3D v4 when I close down the simulator ChasePlane automatically exited some amount of seconds after P3D v4 closed down. With P3D v5 ChasePlane remains open and I have to close it manually. Anybody else having this problem or is it just me?
  9. Please keep things in perspective. To expect every add-on to work on day 1 is unrealistic and unreasonable. P3D v5 has been out for just over 24 hours now. I am blown away at the level of performance gained from P3D v5. There seems to be a lot more overhead room available to the CPU. I've loaded up all of my favorite ORBX addons, cranked the sliders to the right and can happily fly around with 60% cpu utilization, and a rock solid 30 fps locked. LOCKED! I have NEVER, EVER been able to lock the frame rate at 30 and actually have it stay there. Unlocked I can easily hit 60 FPS. I have no idea whats going to happen when I load up a PMDG or FSLabs aircraft but I'm hoping for the best. My flight sim rig is getting pretty old. I'm running an Intel 4960x cpu with 16GB of DDR3 RAM and a TITAN X (Maxwell) graphics card. This CPU is 5 or 6 generations old now and P3D v5 has given this PC new life. I say good job to the Lockheed developers. They did an outstanding work on v5. I look forward to what they are going to do next. I also want to mention I do notice a small boost in performance if I turn hyper threading off. Also it looks like P3D v5 does not support SLI but with the performance gained, I don't need it any more anyways.
  10. I was finally able to login to get the download link. Download speeds are good. I'm getting 6 MB per second which is the max for my internet connection. Download size is 22.7 GB. The last version v4.5.13.32097 was 12.9 GB. Definitely looks like there is new content.
  11. I can confirm this is happening to me as well. I start Prepar3D v4.5 HF2 and ChasePlane closes after about 30 seconds. If I manually restart it, ChasePlane closes again. I will attempt to uninstall/re-install. Not sure what's causing the problem. There is nothing to report from the Windows Event Viewer.
  12. I'm using P3D v4.5 HF2 with envshade + envtex. There are no presets you just turn it on. There was an update for envshade not to long ago that allows you to adjust some of the shader "values" however I just go with the defaults. This is one of the reasons I prefer envshade, you don't have to spend hours adjusting and tweaking settings, finding presets. You just turn it on and load it up. The results look pretty good right out of the box.
  13. Hi Everyone, I've got the itch to upgrade my flight sim rig but want some feedback from the community. I currently have this setup: Intel Core i7 4960X overclocked to 4.5 GHZ Hyper Threading OFF. This is a 6 core CPU Asus X79-Deluxe Motherboard 16GB DDR3 RAM @ 2400Mhz 2 Titan X (Maxwell) GPU in SLI 2 512GB Samsung SSD - 1 for Windows, 1 for Flight Sim. This rig started out with a 4820K CPU in 2013 but I was able to score a 4960X on e-bay for $225 in 2017. I'm interested in jumping to a Intel i9 9900KS however i'm not sure how much of an improvement I'll see. Other differences include jumping to DDR4 RAM and M.2 NVMe SSD instead of old school SATA. Again I'm not sure how much of an improvement I'll see, and is it worth the $$? I'm also looking at AMD's offering the Ryzen 3900X 12 core beast. However I know Prepar3D and X-Plane crave GHz and raw single threaded power. Intel seems to always perform better than AMD in this category however thhe 3900X CPU is a beast and beats Intel in multi threaded workloads. Unfortunately this doesn't really matter when it comes to Flight Sims. Yet... My system struggles with dynamic lighting in P3D with high AA settings even with two Titan X GPU's in SLI. In complex scenery / weather situations I'm in the low 20 FPS range. The FSLabs A320 also brings my system to its knees in complex scenery. All comments / opinions are welcome. Thanks
  14. I am experiencing long pauses when tool tips display. For example in the FSL A320 if I hover the mouse over a button or control to cause a tool tip to appear, when I move the mouse away from the tool tip which causes it to disappear I experience a long pause. Every time. The solution for me so far is to turn off tool tips. I also experience log pauses whenever my mouse cursor leaves the active P3D window. For example I use a separate PC for Active Sky, PFPX, Navigraph Charts, etc. I use software called Multiplicity which allows me to control the mouse and keyboard of the second PC with the mouse and keyboard on my primary Flight Sim PC. Its seamless, I just move the mouse off the edge of the screen over to the second monitor which is attached to the second PC. When I move the mouse back and click into the P3D window I get a long pause. I have been using P3D in this way for years now since version 2. With the latest 4.5 and 4.5 hotfix 1 I have noticed this long pause issue with the tool tips and multiplicity.
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