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  1. I see from other posts you apparently don't want to learn how to fly this aircraft properly. Not sure why you would purchase such a sophisticated airliner that requires you to fly it the way it was designed when you don't want to. We can't help you if you don't at least try. You have all kinds of issues in that screenshot.
  2. I have -700 and am very disappointed with it. Because PMDG decided to please everyone, or went for the $$$ they have severely handicapped the 737. It barely flies better than the free FBW. It overturns and has to correct, VNAV is spotty at best. I had high hopes for PMDG in MSFS, but the route they have taken means I will not be purchasing anything further. Thankfully I had the $99 credit, so didn't have to learn this by going out of pocket.
  3. It seems it only reads reported snow cover. I flew into KMSP last night in the middle of a snow storm. No snow on the ground (and the 3/4 nm vis reported was 11 nm in sim, go figure)... Loaded up tonight after, I'm sure, the meteoblue snow coverage data was updated, and had snow on the ground.
  4. At least we have the awesome FREE unreal weather plugin.
  5. Lots of testing sir and I’m not the only one. Prediction based weather is fun for gamers but useless for simmers . If it works for you more power to ya but it has a long way to go to be called accurate.
  6. It’s not at all fixed. If you call baro off by tens of inches and completely inaccurate winds and clouds fixed then yes it’s fixed. I guess that’s what Asobo believes as well.
  7. I sure was hopeful this was a complete re-write with no legacy code, but with the way scenery pops in not to far off, it sure seems like they simply ported the old way of loading scenery into this new game. With the terrible weather and other issues, it just seems like a new FSX.
  8. That's cute - - but when it's 12 hours old or nowhere close to reality, what's the point?
  9. tell me how/why I'm still flying with KRSW weather nearly 100nm away? I'm about to land at destination and still have the departure airport weather.
  10. this program is terrible. Did we just get scammed out of $21? Weather isn't changing at all while I fly.... 80nm away from destination airport and still same weather, LOL!
  11. Well... Actual weather is loaded and worked upon multiple airport relocations. Baro will be stuck at 29.92 until you move your aircraft for some odd reason - - need to do a longer flight to test transitions.
  12. testing - - have an issue with the baro in the aircraft - - "B" key does nothing AND I can't manually change it from 29.92.
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