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  1. HI Maarten! Locking on plane on the map,or even following is only working every once in a while. That's very annoying,also that Sim Launcher is not responding very often. Scott
  2. Am I the only one,who can't see the pictures? Scott
  3. https://picload.org/view/drcoopoa/no.579.jpg.html https://picload.org/view/drcoopor/no.580.jpg.html As I copied the links(the ones on top) to other forums,where they are displayed well,the fault is on this side.
  4. My PTA is a freeware version,I don't know whether it will work for you or not. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7vdsam6ez2tzf9w/Meine3.rar?dl=0 Scott
  5. The proof ,that it is from P3d Thanks to all for your comments. Scott
  6. So I am happy,that it is a Cardinal 177. Scotty And thanks for the comments.
  7. Hi Ed! Just to clarify,my shot is from P3Dv4 . Scott
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