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  1. Hello Alex, I've sorted out all problems and am now using the latest version. Now I have a question for a mid eighty years old man, who looks for a version of LNM, that would work on Windows 7 64 bit. Is there one, and where could he get it? He tried a version, where an error message popped out, saying the "VCRUNTIME 140dll" would be missing. Thanks in advance, Scott
  2. Beside that a newly copying of the maps into the earth folder didn't work, the new versions of LNM have problems to display the red plane from Virtual transmitter online. That's why I will revert again to an older version. Thanks nevertheless, Scott
  3. Hi Alex, why is LNM not using any longer added maps from the folder in which are also the default maps for example google-maps -sat.I used to use them in older versions. Scott
  4. Hi Alex, you're right and I updated the the newest version and the error message disappeared. Thank you, Scott
  5. I tried to read this entire thread, but couldn't find a solution for my problem How can I upload my log files here into the thread? Regards, Scott Edit: After updating to the newest version the error message is gone.
  6. Hi Alex, as I used it before without problems and as I can see it sporadically,yes the set up is correct.
  7. Thanks for the information, Alex! Another problem with the new versions is, that the Virtual Online Transmitter works only sporadically on my PC. That means, the little red plane is only visable once in a while. But don't worry, there must be the culprit on my end.
  8. Hi Alex, on your link to older versions, I only found versions, not older than one year!? So I goolgled and found a link to a site from avsim.com.That was accidentally 2.6.17. It's working by using the "ABarthel " folder from the newest version. Scott
  9. Hello Alex, would it be difficult to implement a "move plane to" function, as this is sometimes very helpful for testing purposes. Regards, Scott P.S: I am now using version 2.16.7 without problems.
  10. Sorry Alex, even with an old version 2.8.0 it is not centering my plan on the map. Any ideas outside from LNM, which could cause that? I also have a problem with Plan G, that program is freezing every ten seconds for 20 seconds or more. It's really a pain in the a... Regards, Scott
  11. Unfortunately I was wrong. Clicking on the Icon for "Jump to the user aircraft" and "Keep the user aircraft centered on the map", the map only jumps to the airport, on which I started the flight. Regards, Scott
  12. Hi Alex, I've downloaded the newest version today(2.8.7 64 bit). It is working again, as it should. Thank you very much, Scott
  13. Hi Alex, could be old files from LNM installations cause this problem? Where are all the places, LNM puts files in? Merry Xmas, Scott
  14. That's weird, all started with the latest update from LNM. Can I get the previous version somewhere? Scott
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