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  1. Hi Mark, I'm not seeing a big difference between PFPX and the MD-82 planner on my end. I've got something around 200kg (440lbs) more on PFPX, pretty acceptable if you ask me. Are you matching all the information you've got from PFPX (wind, speed, cruise FL, contingency, reserve, taxi, etc)?
  2. VNAV not doing right

    Yes, AFAIK the real Maddog VNAV isn't that useful on descent. Better to use other vertical modes like VS or IAS.
  3. Yes "black background" means "outer space". PMDG Space Shuttle!
  4. Yeah, and AFAIK the airport ground map feature is not present on the 737NG. So we can expect a 737MAX, standalone or being part of a bigger 737 family add-on. Could you imagine a PMDG Originals, Classic, NG and MAX 737 (all variants) addon? That would be YUGE!
  5. My goodness, so many interesting stuff in one shot!
  6. Full throttle no speed increase

    FSUIPC maybe?
  7. Apart from the "Default" panel state, all the other ones have this master caution bug, NOLAND3 bug etc... The good thing is, if you create a new one based on the "Default", you are done. And you can create as many panel states as you like (Cold and Dark, APU, GPU, etc). Just don't use the panel states from PMDG anymore (you can delete them from the folder), apart form the named "Default".
  8. Don't load the cold&dark state, use the "Default Panel State" instead. It starts with everything turned on, engines running etc... Afterwards you can configure the aircraft state to your liking then save it with another name. Done. Unfortunately, the only panel state provided by PMDG that works for now is the "Default". All the others have this problem. Forget about them and create your own using the above method.
  9. Really operator specific. Martinair Cargo uses a combination of fixed de-rate and assumed temperature on the 747. Normal ops.
  10. 744 best range

    Oh my bad, didn't know that. I'm a freight guy, so only fly F ones. I know the ERFs have both variants simulated. Sorry, my mistake. So it seems I can't LOL.
  11. 744 best range

    747-400ER has two engine variants. You can choose between GE and PW. There is practically no difference in range between the two. But I would go for the Pratts, cause I can ;)
  12. PMDG 747-800 prep.

    PFPX did have a 777-300ER performance profile for ages. What it doesn't have by default is a "template" for the PMDG add-on and a TOPCAT performance file, but you can edit the weights of any PFPX profile to your liking.
  13. Thanks Kevin! Here is the Avsim link: