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  1. MauB

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    This is really strange. On my PC all A2A aircrafts are stable, I don't have any problems with controlling them. The 182 is rock solid, just need some right rudder but it rotates and flies very gentle. The Bonanza is just a bit twitchy on pitch but far far from being unstable.
  2. MauB

    Landing VRef speed calculation

    Dispatched ZFW + estimated fuel at destination = estimated landing weight.
  3. Surely you can do this all with your own hands, no kidding.😄 For old timers it's something like this: - GA thrust (manually) - Flaps 20 - GA attitude - Positive rate, Gear UP - Clean up on speed schedule (manually) - After TO Checklist
  4. It's quite simple really. - TOGA - Flaps 20 - GA Attitude - Positive rate, Gear UP - LNAV or HDG (roll mode) - VNAV (pitch mode) - Retract flaps on schedule - After Takeoff Checklist That's it!
  5. MauB

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    I think Kevin was referring to aircraft config options on the FMC rather than the real aircraft.
  6. MauB

    FSL A320 strange MAX FL numbers

    Well the A320 service ceiling is FL390, you won't be noticing many cruising close to that altitude.
  7. MauB

    v4.3 mouse problem, sim freeze

    Gentleman, just to inform you that out of nowhere the problem is gone.🤷‍♂️ I did nothing, it simply gone. Fingers crossed it stays this way.🤞 Computers...
  8. MauB

    A question for FSL Fan Club

    I have an old system and with the latest Nvidia drivers I have a CTD (DXGI error to be more precise) every flight (can't even take off actually). FSlabs support told me to use an older Nvidia driver, and I end up with 376.33. No CTDs on the A320/19 so far with this one.
  9. MauB

    v4.3 mouse problem, sim freeze

    Mike, I've tried 3 different mouse (tried all of USB ports on my PC, front and rear, 2.0 and 3.0), with the PS/2 keyboard disconnected from PC, and tried with a wireless USB keyboard+mouse as well. Same issue. Thanks buddy, really appreciate your concern.
  10. MauB

    v4.3 mouse problem, sim freeze

    Already did, same problem. Thanks Mike. As soon as I left click a lever the sim freezes (the mouse pointer turns to a "closed hand" or whatever and I can't click anything, nothing works) and it will only came back when I put the mouse pointer out of the screen or at a top menu item. Any kind of lever, axis, or object which requires you to drag to operate causes this issue. I can use the mouse wheel to operate though. If I right click it doesn't matter, if it's a lever or a button, it will bring the pop up menu and it wont operate the axis. I'm giving up on the 4.3, but I'm affraid I don't have the earlier versions on backup (silly me) 😢. That's why I'm desperately trying to figure this out 😄. Thanks for your help guys.
  11. MauB

    v4.3 mouse problem, sim freeze

    Hi Mike, I tried all the steps you mentioned, same result. The freeze only happens when I click and drag the mouse on a "lever" (axis) command, like throttles, prop, mixture, spoiler, or any other VC object operated by click and drag method. I can normally fly without mouse (as I have hardware yoke, throttle quadrant and pedals), but the problem occurs on v4.3 only. Single click commands are working fine, any button command works. In fact I did the normal client update as I always did, and noticed the problem on the A2A Comanche which was the first add-on I've opened after the 4.3 update. When I tried to operate the cockpit vents and defroster (I don't have buttons assigned to it, so I operate those levers with mouse) using click and drag my sim froze. So I tested with a bunch of other add-ons and bingo, same problem with click and drag commands. Default aircraft, same. Then I went to the full reinstall process and trouble-shooting I mentioned on my OP. Fresh sim, zero add-ons, no hardware connected to PC, 3 different mouse, same problem. Thanks for your suggestions anyway.
  12. MauB

    v4.3 mouse problem, sim freeze

    Hi gents, well I'm somewhat relieved to know that I'm not alone on this, thanks. I haven't got a reply to my post at the LM forums thus far.
  13. MauB

    v4.3 mouse problem, sim freeze

    Hi Mark, I don't have the Saitek Trim Wheel, but I have Saitek Combat Pedals. I tried with pedals disconnected from the PC either to no avail. In fact I tried without any kind of hardware connected to the PC apart from mouse, same result. Really a strange one! I've never have anything similar to this on my rather long simming carrer.😃 Thanks for your suggestion though.
  14. MauB

    v4.3 mouse problem, sim freeze

    Jim, thanks for your suggestion but as I pointed out on my post all my hardware drivers are up to date, including mouse (I even reinstalled mouse drivers to make sure). On v4.2 which is 64bits this problem didn't happen. I think it's not related to mouse driver or 64bit application etc, considering I've tried with 3 different mouse (2 wired and one wireless). Here is a video of the problem:
  15. Posted this on the P3D forums and I'm duplicating here at Avsim. Hi gents, I'm having an annoying problem on using mouse to operate the 4.3 version. Everytime I click and drag the mouse (using some lever for example, throttle, prop, mixture, etc), or when I right click, or clicking MMB, my sim freezes and it only come back if I put the cursor out of the screen or at a menu item. I've tried with 4 different GPU drivers (with and without NVInspector), including the last Nvidia driver, and with a full installation of P3D (even deleted all the LM folders at MyDocs, Appdata, ProgrameData after unistall to make sure I clean everything, etc). All my system and hardware drivers are up to date. So this is on a fresh sim, all default, with ZERO add-ons. Loading from the start screen a default aircraft, on the default airport. I have my sim on a folder direct on 😄 drive (C:\P3D_V4) as I always do since FS9 times, and did on every P3D version as wel. Running on admin rights of course. My Avira Anti-Virus have P3D and it's folders on the "excluded" apps list, but I tried with it turned of either. Tried without any hardware plugged in (apart from the mouse obviously), and tried with a different mouse, same result. Can't think of anything more to do... I'm close to do a full system install, but I'm here to try my luck on a different approach first, I hope, considering my system is behaving normally and a full system install is a tedious thing to do (not the installation but the needed backups I didn't make yet lol). Below are my system specs: i7 2600K @ 3.4GHz 8 GB Ram Geforce GTX580 1.5GB Windows 10 P3D v4.3 My mouse is an EVGA Torq X5, but I've tried with a Kolke wireless mouse, and a generic one (can't remember the brand name, if it has one) as well. Let me know if you need more info. Thanks in advance. Some observations: If I disable "cockpit tool tips" I can right click (to bring menu up) and use MMB without freezing, but the "click and drag" still freezes the sim. With the "cockpit tool tips" option activated, when using right click and MMB the sim freezes again. The strange thing is the sounds continue to work (in a loop kind of state). Left single click is always working fine, the problem is when I click and drag. Will record a video to help. Any suggestions?