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  1. I can definitely see an integration with Farm Simulator here.😁
  2. That dummy sitting on it's chair looks a bit akward I would say.
  3. As far as I can tell the modelling looks good, not so the cockpit textures. I don't have the 32bit sims installed anymore, but I'm curious about this airplane. Would like to see some more screenshots and a video showcasing the cockpit, displays and sounds.
  4. My goodness, visuals on this new MS sim are truly mind blowing! I'm affraid my old PC will struggle a bit with graphics. Now I'm really curious about all the other stuff like, flight dynamics, weather, ATC, and scenery of other parts of the world, specially my country (Brazil).
  5. The next step on the GA fleet would be a Piston Twin. On the warbird fleet I really don't know what to expect.
  6. With the A2A GA fleet you can always disable "accu-sim" on the menu and add to that the "auto-start" function. So it could be get in and go. But if by "easy" you mean less or close to none complexity simulation, Carenado is the way to go for sure.
  7. A2A Comanche and A2A Bonanza. Don't know what do you mean by "easy" though. Both are considered "complex and high performance" on real life, but not that hard to learn.
  8. MauB


    Great review of an outstanding addon! One of the best sim airliners out there, if not the best.
  9. I've edited my post, because what I actually wanted to say is the guy is a singular person. I don't know him, but find him real funny when watching his streams. Just to clarify.
  10. So he got an investor that didn't invest, and now he can't pay his team (which of course are bailing out)...This is confusing. He (Matt) seems to be a nice guy though. His "investor" is an odd bloke with a full motion sim pit, and with a funny personality. I follow both on Twitch.
  11. I fly both, PD3 a bit more, but I love X-Plane 11 as well. Both have great aircraft add-ons.
  12. Well gentleman, good and bad, during my step-by-step troubleshoot process, I did a new self made panel state and the problem is gone. Good because the problem is gone (at least for now), bad I can't file a support ticket about the issue now and don't have a clue on what was causing this LOL. I've tested literally 20 times, starting and closing the sim at different locations, pretending I'm doing a normal flight until the moment I would close the cargo doors and diconnect the GPU, and the issue is not happening anymore. So, perhaps a gremlin somewhere was messing with my panel states before and now it vanished. BUT...it seems there is some issue with the "Pilots In Ext View" option. When you click on this LSK menu option, apart from doing its thing of hidding and showing the hadsome pilots 😂, it also changes the values for the LSK below it ("Ground Service Objects"). For this one I can open a ticket if needed.😉
  13. Will do tomorrow Michael thank you, I'm just preparing a step by step with all my actions, just to make sense. Hey Vinod, with the "default state" (engines running) which have nothing connected the problem doesn't happens. It only happens with a saved state (a self made one, as I've deleted all the default ones which had the same issue). I'm on the latest 747 version on P3D v4.3 as well. Thanks!
  14. Deleted all panels states, made new one, same issue. I've noticed a bunch of strange issues with ground service objects options on the FMC menus, I'm uploading a video right now and will post here as soon as it gets online. I'll open a support ticket as well. Edit: Video is online just now. Give it some time to better quality... This is with a remade panel state, aircraft on GPU, chocks on, brakes off, IRS are still aligning, "long" turnaround state. Don't get why the "Pilots in Ext View" could interfere on the ground vehicles...really odd.
  15. Indeed it looks great, it's coming along nicely, but I'm affraid the wait will be much much longer then expected. It's an alpha and it shows, lots of things to add and correct. I'm sure it will worth it though.
  16. The -8 FMC calculates an "off-idle" VNAV descent, so it's normal behavior AFAIK.
  17. Tried this, no good. Didn't touch the ground chocks at all. The strange thing is the aircraft flies with an invisible GPU connected Lol. Both external power avail lights are ON, and I'm at 37000ft dragging an invisible power cart through the virtual skies.
  18. I have this issue as well, not only with the GPU, but with all the ground vehicles and I've noticed that sometimes I don't even get the grey "disconnecting" message. I click on the correspondent LSK buttons forever, nada. I had this on the 400 too, but it was just ocassionally. Now on the -8 it's almost every flight, but sometimes it doesn't happens. Can't reproduce though. Edit: I have the GSX (version 1), but don't use it.
  19. Lets consider the runway you are going to takeoff is 3600m long and the outside air temperature at your origin airport is 22ºC. The limiting weight for this condition is 438500kg (just cross the runway lenght line with OAT column). Now lets say your takeoff gross weight is 410000kg. So you take the runway lenght line to the right all the way to 411500kg (as the next one is less then your expected TOGW) and you'll notice the OAT column is 38ºC. So this is the temperature limit for your weight, with flaps 10 at sea level, packs on, anti-ice off, dry runway. Of course you have to adjust for different conditions (and there are many other things you have to consider as well), as depicted on the charts. But for simulation pourposes, you can go with 38ºC assumed temperature at sea level, flaps 10 takeoff.
  20. This is really strange. On my PC all A2A aircrafts are stable, I don't have any problems with controlling them. The 182 is rock solid, just need some right rudder but it rotates and flies very gentle. The Bonanza is just a bit twitchy on pitch but far far from being unstable.
  21. Dispatched ZFW + estimated fuel at destination = estimated landing weight.
  22. Surely you can do this all with your own hands, no kidding.😄 For old timers it's something like this: - GA thrust (manually) - Flaps 20 - GA attitude - Positive rate, Gear UP - Clean up on speed schedule (manually) - After TO Checklist
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