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  1. Yoke as well
  2. Also monitor your CPU and GPU to make sure they are not stuck at 100% I just found a process running in the background relating to an UPS I just bought that was running at 30% 24/7 and that combined with high CPU load in the sim pushed my CPU to 100% and then blurries and stutters.
  3. thanks I tired that but no joy. believe it or not you just solved my problem . When you mentioned FSUIPC it suddenly popped into my head that I use a launcher called sim starter that has a controls section. Had I look in there and of course that was switched to the off postion so I turned it back on and problem solved However I also use FSUIPC, but I still check the controls box in fsx but just remove all the control axis in fsx as well so no conflict.
  4. Hi Simmers When my default flight loads it does so with the the joystick disconnected. Going in to controls I see the 'enable controller box" is unticked. Once I tick it everything is OK again but I need to do this every time a fire up the sim. It only started yesterday and its win 7 system. Anybody now why this sudden development?
  5. No Force feed back and fs force software is a game changer. Was just starting to get into some of the vids about this new sim and like it ..till just now
  6. Did you go to joystick set up in vox atc? You need to set up a push to talk button I think. Im not at the sim so not 100% but you need to set up your key board/joystick anyway go to all programs on your pc and then select vox atc and the joystick set up
  7. Did you do the speech tutorial first? this article describes it .

    Anyone not bought LOWI do yourself a Yuuuge favor and grab it while you can, I had the Aerosoft version and wasn't sure whether to buy another but what a difference! I think Aerosoft has sold their last Approaching Innsbruck Loads of eye candy and amazing frame rates ,locked 30 in pmdg 737 both on ground and in air.
  9. Yeah I know but when you google NVI frame limiter not working there are a lot of posts about it. It seems to affect some but not the majority of users. The batch file is just a fix for us "lucky ones" Mine always worked but now no more. All other settings are fine though

    No but if you go their products page and select a region you can see whats available
  11. As it turns out after further research that the frame rate limiter alone can be buggy. The solution is on line about creating a batch file but Im just using another limiter. Case closed
  12. Thanks but the frame counter in fsx se is sitting on a hundred so its not working Which of course means none of the other settings are working either but the sim looks razor sharp and crisp..go figure
  13. Hi Setting frames to 30 fps in my nvidea inspector is not working so downloaded the latest version , went to MS flight simulator x profile and set frames limter to 30.5 (no 30 setting availble) but Im still showing unlimited frames . What am I missing ?

    I wouldnt be stressed about missing the sale. ORBX seems to be having them far more frequently these days