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  1. Simbrief ?

    I dropped my payware and use simbrief exclusivley
  2. In search of ...

    Thats a good package I use simstarter every flight but didnt know about WAMA and its cheap enough.
  4. I have the same system except I have a GTX 780 and it can handle any scenario .oddly enough I would have thought the higher number 1050 would perform better but not according to stats
  5. Headset recommendation

    steel series 5
  6. FSDT add-on manager

    Its nearly always anti virus. Disable and download again
  7. Most simmers now go for separate drives for scenery. A dedicated scenery Hybrid SSD/HD 1-2 TB is pretty cheap
  8. Everything you ever bought will be in your email account since thats the only way they can confirm your purchase. Its there just a search birdog -simmarket or similar combos.
  9. Compress SSD Drive - Taxiing Smooth

    Works right out of the box, I just enabled smart trim . Its amazing to see how it selects a few programs to be active and scales everything else right back even when your not in gaming mode
  10. Compress SSD Drive - Taxiing Smooth

    process lasso does all that for you automatically in game mode and has smart trimm to save RAM...and I think its free although I have the paid version
  11. BAe JetStream 4100

    I gave up and bought the Dash 8 in the last big sale. JS41 is now sitting in a desert grave yard somewhere..shame really loved that bird
  12. goflight mcppro

    I have the VR insight M panel auto pilot and can confirm that everything works in the 3rd party Otter . You should be good to go with Go flight as the otter accepts basic default auto pilot input
  13. If you google colgan air flight 3407 its clear the experience in turbo props being the step up to jets is a natural progression except they are so poorly paid that they sleep in the airport to avoid paying for motels which contributed to the crash. You cant do that with a family so its a tough life unless... you make it to the jets and even then there is no glamour or big paychecks unless you land a gig as a captain with Qantas or BA etc
  14. I would swap out the hard drive for one of these. SSHD (hybrid) for faster scenery load times assuming you will keeping Photo and ORBX scenery
  15. Keep us posted on how that 5ghz holds up in the sim. Does the Noctua give you access to all 4 ram slots?