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  1. Go to control panel/ sytem and security/system/system protection/select OS drive/press configure tab/press delete tab This will clear all restore points. Recently I was going nuts when I lost 25gb and got it all back after deleting system restore you can always create a fresh one from the same page
  2. It works straight out of the box . You dont need to do anything however its also highly configurable for gurus who want full control over their PC but I leave mine in default mode. They have a free version but I went PRO which includes lifetime updates and the dev is very active
  3. Im flying now and under "active processes" its only my flight sim stuff running. Everything else is shut down BUT without crashing your PC , it constantly monitors making small adjustments, you can still open programs and can surf the web, it just adds what you selected to "active process"
  4. You can buy software called process laso. It will take care of all that when your gaming automatically. Simply brilliant
  5. You said CPU running at 100%? go to task manager and click on processes and see what else is running in the background eating up your cpu
  6. Go to App Data/Roaming/ Internal Workings/VOX ATC/ go down to VASettings.xml / find "Taxi Airspeed Value=10.0 and change it to 16.0 or 17.0 or what ever you want. Save the changes. The planes will move along a lot quicker but they will still slow down for the turns,so it looks very realistic.
  7. If your happy flying into default airports that works. I can't do it so I choose a real world route via flight status website and then fly between pay ware Airports with fs captain. It's a very flexible program. However it does take a bit of setting up
  8. FSX-SE

    Dont go blowing big dollars yet. wait and stick with whatever you have IMO and let the sim wars play out ,there is some exciting stuff going on and give it a year or 2 when there is more direction and then jump in head first with the 'chosen one"
  9. FSX-SE

    FSX SE with Steves DX10 fixer is an excellent alternative to P3D If you dont get OOMS then there really is no reason to spend up big to P3D v4 However if you want to fly with all sliders right and in PMDG over ORBX full fat regions and into Payware airports and you dont want to risk an OOM then V4 is all the rage
  10. Great thread its veered off topic but in a good way. Virtual pilots association is highly professional outfit and your flight has to be real world from one of the tracker sites like flight status. You have to report every one hour but that makes you work a bit. You can fly any airliner including dash 8 as long as you fly its real world schedule and within normal time limits... No long pausing After a dozen va"s including high up in delta it's the one I settled on
  11. Yes you fly for your own airline. Take a look at their forum and product page.
  12. You want FS captain. It gives all feed back and monitors your flight, everything including pref flight and loading, fuel flow , real time icing, making all the correct crew and pax announcements at the correct times, slowing down in turbulence and pax seat belts , position reports, and ton of other stuff. It really keeps you on your napping in cruise with this one you get rated on each flight and they even have advice on areas you need to improve on very professional especially for flying tubes
  13. FSeconmy is the best deal = free so may as well give it a try nothing to lose. They also have a thriving forum community
  14. Just to be clear I dont have the older version but the newer version. My ORBX folders dont have the objectflow.dll that's why they are all in red. Perhaps Central V3 made the updates ?
  15. Thanks Micheal, good information. What a brilliant program SS is!