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  1. zmak

    BAe JetStream 4100

    IAS is not recommended for descents. To load your aircraft cold and dark you really need fs2 crew that shuts it down quick. im surprised that punters fly this without a co pilot. its not natural and a lot of work!
  2. Yep been using this method as soon as they become glitchty. Cheap and easy fix
  3. zmak

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    They want the same money for fsx se to V2 as well ...$20 for what? lol It was already ready updated a while ago as v1
  4. zmak

    BAe JetStream 4100

    flew it in FSX SE today and no problems with IAS hold when enabled via fs2crew. You have fs2 crew? only problem my end is runway course for ILS wont work but have another program that can set it
  5. zmak

    AivlaSoft EFB v2

    You sure you are i n the correct section in the correct tab? if you are and the wind is showing a head wind eg (+4 ) on a runway and not zero or nil and both ends are green then you have a bug and as mentioned best get over to their forums
  6. zmak

    AivlaSoft EFB v2

    Beat me to it and sometimes they are just grey. There is a tab next to the runway procedure tab that thats says metar or something. That tab shows xwind and head and tail component of each runway so you can choose that way but it seems you need to be a fair way on descent for that to work.
  7. zmak

    Low GPU usage

    The sim is still very CPU dependent . I would overclock it to as high as you can 4.8 ghz is good and that will speed everything up. Im pretty sure the CPU speed is the bottle neck here. Higher setting without stutters should allow the GPU to work harder
  8. hybrid HDD/SSD are a cheap way to store your ORBX/Photoscenery and not to expensive and relatively quick
  9. zmak

    who stole the plane

    must have been tense in the fighter jets. Shoot him down now or wait..Luckily the best outcome possible played out because he was never going to land that thing himself without slamming into a suburb
  10. excuse my ignorance but in what way is it beneficial on a USB3 SD?
  11. zmak

    who stole the plane

    My best friend and fellow pilot did this 45 years ago. Stole a plane from our training school (tobago) and buzzed the house of his girlfriend located right next to bankstown airport after she stopped the affair ( she was married) He then dove the plane straight into the ground at the airport. When i got there there it was only smoldering melted plastic. lucky he didn't kill anyone . His twin brother a few months later tried to do the same thing . Got a plane started but best he could do was ram it into a hanger
  12. zmak

    who stole the plane

    listen live at live atc seattle
  13. Agreed. what a waste to not utilize the maximum horse power available..especially FSX where CPU is king
  14. If your not going to OC then the i7-8700 has a bigger turbo boost compared to the i5-8600k (4,3 vs 4.7)