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  1. Have fsx se running like a dream with the DX10 fixer but I need 64 bit so enjoying myself building up scenery and other ad ons in x plane so when some of the issues are sorted I can switch over as the primary sim, Will still keep fsx though. If I started simming today I would go x plane and save a small fortune in add ons
  2. They can still follow the topic if they as you say "have a little interest" but most are grown men that are having a dummy spit. If it were me I would click the follow tab without making a scene. It ain't rocket science. For those that are totally not interested it's just a matter of not clogging the threads and moving on. Surely if they are flying pmdg jets they are smart enough to figure it all out.
  3. I don't understand why those who have no interest are posting on a topic they have no interest in. I could go to 10 threads a day and say I'm not interested in your scenery, plane, software etc but what's the point?
  4. Wouldn't surprise me if PMDG announced a new aircraft within a few days. I think they have toyed with emotions before. Anyhow let's wait and see how it goes with this new software. A you tube tutorial will clear up a lot of questions Zoran
  5. XP11 is a great sandbox to play in. If your creative you can build an amazing Sim completely for free but donations for the Devs appreciated of course. But why are you leaving FSX? If OOMS are not an issue then grab steves DX10 fixer and you get shadows and bloom and some nice eye candy bringing it closer to P3D visually I have both but am mesmerized with XP11, such fluid flight dynamics and ORBX have now released 2 airports so the future is looking bright...If only PMDG would commit with jets!
  6. zmak

    I'm going to miss you PMDG

    This is really surprising. I dont own it but I guess it sends a message about the future of XP and PMDG. I really like X plane and the moment I took off in the demo I was hooked, It kind of feels like your floating and not on rails.. but I was expecting a big difference after come from 32 bit FSx SE after many years . I have quite a few hours in GA and XP feels a bit closer to the real thing but cant comment on P3D, never owned it.
  7. Amazing and free! I just downloaded the whole USA ortho project over several days. Would have cost me a fortune in FSX with Mega scenery earth
  8. zmak

    A renewed love for Virtual Flying

    Your break of 2 years is the key here. I take a break every 12 months or so and always excited to be back especially PMDG
  9. zmak

    Ortho Problem

    Xplane has amazing scenery for free but it does require a high level of user input so its a bit late now but either a regular back up or a second xplane being installed in vanilla version for testing is a must
  10. zmak

    RealityXP GTN750 - Popup Window

    Did you select 2d panel in settings for monitor 1 ?
  11. zmak

    Addon Airports Free and Payware

    Payware and free stuff. Im heavily vested in fsx-se but XPLANE draws you in. Very sleek and smooth All USA large airports payware
  12. zmak

    Aerosoft's SimStarterNG problems FSX-SE

    Hands down the best add on I have . Used every flight Cant imagine losing the control it gives me and such a powerful program. Yes as mentioned it takes some time to understand how it works but eventually every thing "clicks" and there is no turning back 👌
  13. zmak

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    Is it best not to use V sync if frames are at 30 or below?
  14. zmak

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    Yep I went from 20-23 fps and tried everything and then methodical followed the guide and am 30-35fps testing using default 747
  15. "you set your artificial stability sliders full left " That did the trick