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  1. Disable the first scenery in your library. If it happens again after that have a look at the indexer and it will show you the path to the file that hangs so you remove that put it back later. keep doing that until indexer is complete
  2. Just keep the ball centered no difference. Not as realistic as rudder peddles but neither is flying a 777 in your underpants
  3. MSFF on ebay built like a tank With FS force software. You will not regret it
  4. Yes totally agree Bought the i5 11600 today as it perfectly suits my mix as a Netflix station and browsing the net and flight sim. The base clock is nice and LOW at 2.8 and turbo is 4.8 Couldn't see the value in a K unless one is a mad gamer wanting extreme OC
  5. That's what I figured but the poster above you says only one core for turbo. I can't really see that making much sense but I'm here to learn.
  6. The K has a turbo frequency of 4.9 ghz and the other is 4.8 My question is why bother buying the unlocked version when the turbo will take you there anyway?
  7. People getting caught up in the emotion are calling it a tragic accident. Nothing could be further from the truth. Somebody' has to pay its just a matter of who
  8. Somebody's has to pay. He is the producer and owner of the film company. 100 % he will pay. It will be a swift out of court settlement IMO
  9. I'm pretty sure the husband is getting plenty of attention from lawyers to sue Baldwin Will be interesting to see the outcome
  10. Buy a bigger seat or padded biking pants and give that butt some love.
  11. I'm currently on a 55 inch 1080p TV about 2 meters away sitting in a recliner with controls either side and feels like a could go bigger However I decided not to on my current specs
  12. Thanks guys. I think i will save the 4 k untill a PC upgrade when I also switch to MSFS 2020.
  13. I2500k OC 4.8ghz GTX 1080 TI How would this older combo go on 65 inch TV 4K?
  14. Probably need w10 for when I eventually crossover to msfs2020 when it settles down a bit right?
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