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  1. "Another poster said" type posts should be completely ignored especially when on a non English forum past down as 3rd hand information and translated to English What could possibly go wrong? 😂
  2. What mobo? I don't think they make them for the 2500k anymore I've got a brand new still in its box
  3. Being an ozzy or Brit simmer is for millionaires only lol
  4. Stunning. Sold my old pc so gonna wait it out. Any mention of VR yet?
  5. Pretty sure no differance to any other modern 'game" Take a look at DCS and what their requirements are. You wont need a NASA powered PC
  6. Gotta stop watching these vids, makes my heart race. RIP FSX FSX-SE P3D and XP11 Hello MSFS and DCS
  7. Yep . My controls work fine in DCS without fsuipc so Im positive everything will work fine in MSFS
  8. Don't waste your $$$$ These sales will be a dime a dozen with even bigger discounts to come as 2020 draws closer
  9. By blindly apologizing on behalf of all devs and suggesting ORBX "wisely" didn't charge a bean for P3D ? They did it because JV decided to not follow in the footsteps of the greedy guys. lots of posts of him describing the business practises of certain devs as very questionable to say the least Think!! ORBX free even though switching over to P3D took time an effort. PMDG 100% !! fs2crew 100% active sky 100% get real man its just a cash grab . Stop being an apologist and open your eyes "Up to you to decide whether you want to buy or not. Nobody forces you to fly PMDG. " what has that got to with it. we are having a discussion. So I dont buy PMDG so I have to stick my head in the sand?
  10. So your telling me PMDG had to start from scratch and build a brand new plane with the same effort and development process that went into fsx ? Anything less than that should should have been discounted accordingly..but a 100% lol com on..
  11. so What ORBX could have charged 10 to 50% more or even 100% but they didnt. So whats the excuse for fs2crew and active sky? I think active sky went 100%
  12. Jv at ORBX must be working for nothing then? I dont think so
  13. Pmdg, fs2crew active sky and others had no problem at all charging simmers full price for p3d. Now the shoe is on the other foot and we are expected to feel sorry for them?
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