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  1. That would explain it. I dont want to switch to msfs 2020 yet as as my fsx se runs perfect fully loaded with add ons and pmdg but have a great ATC , vox atc. Im looking at tutorials on converting AIG o fsx
  2. This looks great but I cant find the community folder for fsx se anywhere. Its needed for installation
  3. It says for P3D and msfs 2020 only. How did you install it?
  4. What traffic payware or free are you guys using?
  5. default fsx planes work fine and all other scenery BGL works fine just not WOAI bgls Any one have any ideas why? eg Traffic_000_WoA_Avianca Brasil_Wi13.bgl
  6. I will buy into realism when you stop flying in underwear , beer in hand 😂
  7. No need for expensive sim hardware or fiddling with knobs as it can all be done with voice control
  8. Disable the first scenery in your library. If it happens again after that have a look at the indexer and it will show you the path to the file that hangs so you remove that put it back later. keep doing that until indexer is complete
  9. Just keep the ball centered no difference. Not as realistic as rudder peddles but neither is flying a 777 in your underpants
  10. MSFF on ebay built like a tank With FS force software. You will not regret it
  11. Yes totally agree Bought the i5 11600 today as it perfectly suits my mix as a Netflix station and browsing the net and flight sim. The base clock is nice and LOW at 2.8 and turbo is 4.8 Couldn't see the value in a K unless one is a mad gamer wanting extreme OC
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