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  1. DellyPilot

    EZDOK V3 - I like what I see

    Thanks great to hear and good luck. Once I get SimStarter setup and reinstall I will do a youtube video to show you the centering/flickering issue I see when MM panning and turning, could it be the Look to turn feature conflicting? Could well be an assigment conflict, but I did follow the forum instructions to remove my default assignment for mouselook (space bar) 2 issues (could all be my install/config). Space (as MM) only works when pressed, you can't use it as a toggle (unless I missed that option?) this is a standard feature in P3D and CP. Toggle MouseLook (MM pressed until space pressed again). This makes it easier to move about with QASD (move) and the mouse to pan/zoom (quake fps style). PS Also having to enable 'Walk around' for each view really caught me out, in my CP world every view is walk around once I press the magic space button. Just different ideology I guess but maybe worth noting in documentation/tooltips for the 'other lot'. The other issue which may be my config is that even when I hold down space zoom with mousewheel it doesnt work, you still have to click in MM button and roll the wheel which I find very awkward. Is this just my install?
  2. DellyPilot

    EZDOK V3 - I like what I see

    Thats odd, the zoom in and out works for me in CP but not in EZDOK 😂. I read they are working on a fix now, apparently its to do with Middle Mouse key press faking, its still not possible to toggle pan/zoom mode (as far as I can tell), you have to hold space down (or whatever key you assign to mimic Middle Mouse button). The view switching is the same as CP. You can cycle modes (in out), then views within each mode. If you don't mind taking a chance on BETA software then just buy it and play with it. It will take you a few hours to read the manual (which isn't complete) and set it up (for 1 plane!), but the weather and turbulence effects and head movement are significantly better than CP. If like me you use the mouse to look around the cockpit you will get some pretty annoying flickering back to the middle as the dynamic head movement tries to move against your mouse movements. No word on whether this will ever be fixed. If you are only flying airliners you won't see much difference. I would also add that the uninstaller doesn't work properly, it left loads of stuff still configured in Prepar3D and I had to manually remove it all. Make sure you backup cameras/cfgs/exe and dll before you install it.
  3. DellyPilot

    EZDOK V3 - I like what I see

    What an arrogant comment, if you have done all this homework awf and understand how it works how about helping me out with my questions instead of just laughing rudely? Do you seriously have no input other to just tell me how stupid I am and that I am not worth helping? And who cares how long CP was in BETA it isn't now? I just spent quite a lot of money on a product in BETA that at no stage made that clear. I'm not even asking for money back because I want to support these guys in building a great rival product. So yea I will continue to submit suggestions and questions here even if you think I am a joke. This info is surely useful for the developers as I am pretty much the target audience they are trying to convince.
  4. DellyPilot

    EZDOK V3 - I like what I see

    Believe me I have spent a good while on it. But ok lets see please correct me on each of these if I am wrong.: 1. I want to be able assign a key to Instruments and cycle through Instruments (Lights), Instruments (Radios) Not Possible, best you have is all these hotkeys that I find incredibly confusing to configure. 2. I want to be able to in any view press Spacebar once to toggle Mouse pan and Mouse Middle button Zoom Not Possible, I can hold space bar but zoom mousewheel doesnt work. Maybe this is just a bug? 3. I want once in any view to move a bit and press CTRL-U to save the new position I think this is possible but its confusing because actually you just press edit mode twice. I can live with that. 4. I want to be able to toggle my mouse look mouse zoom mode with space bar (point 2) and not have crazy flickering as EZDOK tries to apply its various effects, stop overriding me, if I click (or hold) space bar let me look wherever. The current behaviour is the biggest issue I have. Is there a way to stop the flickering and the headmovement overriding my manual panning? Its not there, I suppose its Beta software (which I didn't know when I bought it stupidly). If someone can explain how to do the things above I will try 1 more time. The UI seriously needs tooltips, its a big improvement over v2 but jaysus coming in cold you will have no idea. CP is so easy to use and configure albeit less realistic, it has features like "change all", so if I am in my A320 in "Pilot" view I can change a setting and right click it to Apply to any plane that has a view named Pilot. I have bought SimStarter now and I going to experiment with trying to switch between the 2 systems (it would be great if they could work together but its impossible as far as I can tell). For GA EZDOK wins, the turbulence and effects are amazing but for airliners CP is definitely still better and more functional.
  5. DellyPilot

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    +1 nothing more disheartening than seeing 26R in use at Gatwick 🤦‍♂️ Making it a component that is extensible by the community and developers would be great.
  6. Sorry, I have found out how to disable the popup question, I looked before but missed it! Thanks 😚
  7. Please could you make it so I am not forever restarting CP. It is doing my head in. If I run P3D, then close P3D (or it crashes) and restart CP from the first intance sits there doing nothing. Can you not poll Simconnect? Other applications do not have this problem, AS for example, what is even more infuriating is when I try to close CP it pops up with an annoying question, are you sure? Yes I am sure you #!%£ for the 1000th time! 😄 Please add a checkbox, never ask me this annoying question ever again. Thank you!
  8. DellyPilot

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    I like the pun even though I don't fully get the point 😂
  9. DellyPilot

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    It absolutely uses all cores (16 over here!) but importantly not for all jobs. Some compute jobs parallelise nicely like loading and processing autogen, but some (rendering related where synchronisation is key) are only single threaded, thus creating bottlenecks. Elegant engine design is about chasing bottlenecks. There will always be one limiting factor, but ideally faster hardware should = better performance. P3D has to run on millions of possible hardware configs and remain backward compatible, what they have done really is a brilliant feat of engineering but it is now not keeping up with hardware. I see 100FPS but stutters, 40FPS but wait 6 minutes for terrain to load when I arrive at my destination. This is so fixable. As a programmer I want to know more about the P3D engine architecture, its a powerful beast but has these issues that lie right at the core of the engine. I'd really love LM to do a developer blog/vlog on the engine design, I think building more of a community would actually provide them with some great ideas and input.
  10. DellyPilot

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    Great to hear simbol, I posted my 2 cents last week here (My 3 big wishes for P3D v5) and linked back to this thread. Hopefully someone in LMWorld takes a little look. I guess the issue is that posting on their forums is unlikely to have as big an audience as here and you will rarely see a post from LM. Even though I agree with you people just think whats the point.
  11. DellyPilot

    P3DV4 EZDOK CamerV3

    All I want is space bar to allow me to zoom and pan in all views (not just SPOT). I wont bother re-installing until this is achieved. Last time I uninstalled it didn't work, registry still full of EZCA and the sim still having the module loaded! I had to manually clean it all out, it also never fixed the hidden camera modes. Another thing I might suggest is perhaps use ToolTips to explain what all these things do, Simple MM mode vs complex MM mode? How about a little tooltip explaining what any of this means in more detail. Anyway clicking the MM button and spinning the wheel is awful and I am not sure who can actually do that comfortably, not on my cheap mouse anyway! Good luck with your new versions Nick, I look forward to when its ready as the new effects are brilliant.
  12. DellyPilot

    P3DV4 EZDOK CamerV3

    Nick, is there anyway to use the mousewheel to zoom in without having to click the mousewheel button? I just want to be able to press spacebar and then pan & zoom freely. Is this a known issue? EDIT: I just saw that the latest has some MM changes, will go and try it out now. Thanks
  13. DellyPilot

    Loading terrain data stuck at 6%

    I have just bought a 2TB Samsung 970, I am hoping it might help with stutters and terrain loading issues.
  14. DellyPilot

    New to Prepar3d- Video Card upgrade time

    I can highly recommend the 2080TI 🙂 But seriously any upgrade you will notice. In most situations the biggest impact will be your CPU. Ideally you should get a 2070 with a 8700K or better still an i9 9900K. Really most of the performance improvement I saw was moving to the 9900K. Problem is then you have to get a new MB and RAM so it adds up quickly. There are no easy answers but a 1070 would be an awful shame. Better save up another few 100 bucks (wait for P3D v5) and get a RTX2070.
  15. DellyPilot

    What features would you like to see in P3Dv5?

    I thought I would share my thoughts here too. I posted them over on LM forums too. Having just attempted to build the fastest Prepar3D sim possible I have been taken to the edge of what the engine can do. I think this reveals some of its limitations (and amazing strengths). Here are some of the things I would like the dev team to take a look at and where I think the sim is falling behind against XP. 1. Texture and Scenery loading The AutoGen / BGL texture loading algorithm is ancient and although an impressive increase in autogen density has been achieved the same old texture loading issues are here. Even on the fastest PC you will often experience blurries or even worse autogen failing to keep up and popping in. If you go far enough (unlocked frames) eventually the autogen will not be able to keep up. Pausing the sim, you will observe the engine loading/drawing the textures/autogen on the path behind the plane. The engine is not clever, and not optimised around the viewport direction or the ac position meaning if you are on a long flight and the scenery hasn't kept up when you come back you may have to wait 15 minutes for the scenery to 'unpack' (decompress) all the BGLs that the plane has flown over. This may seem like a niche issue but it really at the core of the bottlenecking the current engine creates on the fastest hardware. I believe (but could be way off) the fact that BGLs hold compressed scenery (and textures) means a very large amount of compute power is needed just to unpack scenery. As scenery gets more detailed the compute power needed per frame goes through the roof. On my I9-9900K can see all 16 thread cores at 100% when I am just flying at 300kts across Orbx TE GB. TE GB would be a very good scenery for LM to use to attempt to optimise the scenery loading (blurries) and texture loading (stutters). It perfectly demonstrates where the engine is not being efficient with the hardware. I would love to understand where this regular stuttering comes from. TE GB is the kind of product that we will see more of in the future so Prepar V5 should be optimised for it. 2. Ability to always maintain smooth FPS - why is the engine not tweaking for us? Linked to point 1, the engine should be able to delay or sensibly throw out expensive rendering jobs to ensure consistent FPS (smoothness). I would like to fly from a low density scenery into London and see consistent FPS (whatever I chose) and let the engine sort out what density or LOD to achieve that. Currently I have to have 4 GFX profiles. What?! This is quite standard in today's games, usually called Target FPS, Level of Detail or Density could be dynamically adjusted to maintain a desired FPS. One of the biggest bug bears for many users is the problems in the engine related to Locked FPS / V-Sync and smoothness. On a top end machine significant stuttering can occur even when the framerate is reaching 70FPS! It looks like 1 CORE is bottlenecking, it would be great to understand this in more detail but I guess that there are some key jobs that cannot be split across cores. Flying around in a circle (with a complex airport and high res scenery) is the best way to see these stutters so it seems that even though my VRAM is not full the engine is unloading and re-loading lots of textures. Why? This also explains the black texture issue on an airport when you switch views. Please could this part of the engine be fixed? Again Orbx True Earth GB is a great example (hopefully ORBX have raised these issues with LM, I know they have worked together on the 6% Terrain load bug in P3Dv4.5). To summarise smoothness is absolutely key to everything, a house 10 miles away being rendered 400ms later is ok dropping 5FPS on final approach is not. GFX areas I would like to see addressed: Ability to run unlocked without blowing up the autogen or texture loader (Dynamic Fiber time fraction) Ability to dynamically target a FPS while changing LOD/Density Ability to fade in newly rendered autogen/scenery rather than pop Proper volumetric clouds. Will not happen but maybe one day Real support for PBR materials, shaders need to be extended too, look at TomatoShade, the fresnel stuff makes a huge difference and adding this to the core product would not be difficult Engine and tarmac shimmer effects Sea effects seem worse than FSX, too dark below the plane, no ability to see white chop from 5000ft Better ability to draw clouds behind the camera that will change lighting on the AC. This is the famous bug where if you use Cloud Shadows and rotate the camera suddenly the plane flickers from dark to light because the clouds are not drawn when behind the camera (optimisation). This ruins immersion and makes for some horrible effects at dusk/dawn. 3. Support for uncompressed BGLs As storage increasingly gets cheaper, I think a performance improvement could be made if we could un-compress BGLs ahead of sim time (like XP does apparently) perhaps giving my PC more CPU power to do other stuff. This could be optional per region. 4. Totally rebuild the UI The UI is pretty bad. It needs to be re-imagined. Here is just a small list of things that are infuriating: Allow me to maximise the settings window! The ListBox with planes in it is only a few high (when details are shown), I cannot maximise or make use of my HDPI display Shortcut for Graphics/Settings (why can't I do this) Much preferred the old plane images in FSX so I can quickly see the plane from a grid Save my frequent last planes, locations, weather, scenarios, flight plans. Annoying that I always have to type in the name of the airport every single time. Likewise finding the plane I want each time is ridiculous Moving to a new location should not cause the whole graphical engine to restart from scratch. It should be like slewing, ok pause it while it catches up but given how long it can take to load from scratch this is very frustrating All settings that do not need a full rebuild should be overlayed and should affect the image. E.g Shadow distance/lighting/bloom, let me fiddle with these and see in realtime what they do The clipping modes are bugged out. In the VC any objects outside the cockpit (like jetways) get culled when they come too close The Key Assignments page. Why oh why can I not search for a KEY! What does A do... no idea and no way to find it. Can I sort by Key, nope. Annoying. Use of proper windows or even a 3rd party WPF control set would fix all of this The map is astonishingly bad even for 1990s. How about 'Drag to move' (2000s) and pinch to zoom (2010s) 5. Stop support for ALL 32bit addons Just remove all the 32 bit code and support, kill everything pre 4.4! 6. Working VR This really will be great when it finally comes. 7. Better perf tuning and debugging tools/info - perhaps this is here already but I would love to be able to run P3D in debug to see where stutters are coming from and understand what settings I need to reduce. At the moment it takes too long to tweak and understand whats going on.