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  1. I can tell you it is possible and I finally have my Xbox controller setup as I did in P3D. A particularly useful feature is the modifier combo's Y + LEFT ARROW, Y + Start etc. I use Y as a modifier for trim, views and ATC then X modifier for many flight controls (flaps, gear, speed brakes, parking brakes). Microsoft should use my mappings for the Xbox release! 😁 I agree the camera system is a nightmare but I can also pretty much do everything I could in ChasePlane although I'd to hack the cameras.cfg to get wing views I move and look about in. The only real hurdle is its not yet plane specific although I believe that is coming. The default mappings on Xbox are atrocious and there is also a bug where if you power your controller on after starting the game it will resets your lovely custom profile to default lol. I have to duplicate it to make sure I have copies because you cant back up to a file. Asobo's logic is often really odd and counter intuitive with especially the cameras, External and Showcase etc, anyone who ever owned a French car will feel right at home in FS🙂
  2. That's because you are moving your mouse up/down (AXIS X) very slightly as you press the button and try to move the wheel, perhaps try holding your mouse midair so it doesnt register a mouse move! 😂
  3. A little awkward but I can confirm it works! Makes a huge difference. I also have right mouse button hold down to allow freelook.
  4. There is another way to solve this. What I did is change COCKPIT ZOOM MOUSE RIGHT BUTTON + MOUSE WHEEL UP COCKPIT UNZOOM MOUSE RIGHT BUTTON + MOUSE WHEEL DOWN. This means you wont accidentally zoom when trying to change dials. Works well, if you have more mouse buttons (4 and 5) you can try those instead of MOUSE RIGHT BUTTON. Makes a big difference. Would have liked to be able to do CTRL + MOUSE WHEEL UP but for some reason Asobo do not allow this.
  5. Actually you can edit these views and save them too. After you figure out how to move (translate) your view about (either in the menu or assign keys/hat switch) you can save the different Pilot views, I have CTRL SHIFT S - SAVE VFR PILOT VIEW CTRL SHIFT I - SAVE IFR PILOT VIEW CTRL SHIFT L - SAVE LANDING PILOT VIEW
  6. No, the rumours are that it might come somewhere close to a 3080 but a bit cheaper.
  7. I think the answer is both yes and no. I have the same setup as you and I have see areas where I am CPU bound (dense cities, loading new areas) and other areas where I am GPU bound (lots of reflections and cloud lighting). So you will certainly have some areas where you get an increased framerate where its smooth but many of the big stutters may well remain sadly!
  8. Something is always a bottleneck. As you lower resolution the GPU has less work to do (shading, anti-aliasing, super sampling, ray tracing, lighting) so the frames go up and up until the rest of the system cannot support the higher framerate. This is often the CPU but can also be RAM, motherboard bus or even disk IO performance. A nice feature the 30 series has is RTX IO https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/news/rtx-io-gpu-accelerated-storage-technology/ This promises to be able to load data from an NVMe drive directly into the video cards VRAM bypassing the CPU and RAM. It is possible this could be quite beneficial for flight simulators.
  9. https://www.msfsaddons.org/liveries/liveries-megapack-v4
  10. Could you post the link to this, you mean something like a "startup scenario" hack?
  11. Those negative reviews are "my download took ages" or "it keeps crashing". Frankly I am gobsmacked by a few in the community including yourself saying this "experiment has failed" and "they haven't done a very good job". That is not what I am seeing, as a developer myself I am seeing an incredibly brilliant piece of software that is only in its first release! This is the default sim, release 1! Give them a chance, remember P3D 3? After years of wrestling with P3D and suggesting improvements on their forums, I'm now seeing all of those things implemented on a remarkable scale and quality, is it perfect on day 1, no it is not, is it light years ahead in terms of scale, fidelity and sheer artistic brilliance, a hundred times yes! And no LM do not have access to this kind of satellite data nor do they have the cloud infrastructure or expertise to purchase or handle it, never mind integrate and distribute it in a creaking simulator like P3D. And to answer the OP, sorry, it is a nice dream but I suggest you forget it, there is no way LM can keep this platform and come anywhere near FS, it needs a complete rewrite from the ground up, UI, flight model, weather model, graphics engine. That will not happen and Petabyte hard disks, lol, am I reading this right!?! LM is not a software company with a huge free cloud architecture behind them. I just provisioned an Azure Virtual machine and it costs us about 20k per year, 1 machine! Microsoft have 1000s of them supporting this platform. P3D will not be uninstalled yet but bit by bit all the things it does really well as mentioned will be superseded as 3rd parties move over and the sim is improved. LM will shift focus to their military and training contacts and the user base will shrink along with 3rd party support.
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