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  1. Psychic ones, no doubt. The truth is (and it is probably the only truth right now) is that *nobody has a clue* Some links to the numerous 777 drivers' debunking would be great Thanks jake
  2. Very sound article on WIRED.COM putting forward a theory (from an active ATPL holder) that it had an on-board fire, main busses were pulled (thus entering radio silence - Aviate, navigate, and lastly, communicate), Then smoke overcame all and it flew on until bingo and then ditched in the Indian Ocean as the Aussies are now saying,.He thinks they were headed for the 18k rwy at Palau Langkawi remember Helios 522? http://www.wired.com/autopia/2014/03/mh370-electrical-fire/
  3. Ask in the P3d forums. They have it fixed now. It would be interesting to know how...
  4. At last I got round to actually using FSUIPC to sort this and it works a treat. well done, Pete! Takes ten minutes to get your head round it and presto! Sorted!
  5. So you've put it back how it was before you started and it still makes the noise? I can't help thinking this is an HDMI audio issue..what happens if you knock the output sample level on the HDMI audio device from 48khz to 44.1? Of reverse if that's the case..have you trashed your FSX,cfg file also? It might have conflicting entries in it now you've been fiddling
  6. In addition to the two very good suggestions above, also, go into the sound settings and silence each one individually..you can then see what it is making the noise..I have had this same issue. It was a 3pd planes cockpit ambient noises (reinstalled) is your external device using optical? jake
  7. Marniftarr, 1) Your product absolutely rules. Please ignore anybody telling you they don't need cameras!! we ALL need cameras Please don not take any features out, only add them in! 2) I'm so glad you are ok and that you are working on V2 still. I heard that you may have been unwell and that V2 may "never" come. 3) Great video! 4) Some small suggestions; a better manual Native P3d support; better and more flexible assignments for views and cameras; some control over the way cameras act with models (large bites when moving in to models from ClipMode=minimum) All in all very excited that V2 is on its way!!
  8. But of course, Paul (in fact a bit like a hero if you can get KPDX working with DJ and Sean)
  9. Hi Paul, Thanks for that. So, that is in addition to DJ's fix or do I do that with the original two fixes? (and the FSX patch obv.) It's getting a trifle confusing! I've totally removed it again, now, and am about to do a re-install into my dummy FS9 folder..I'm going to just do as DJ says from there, and then look for the file you talk about - assuming DJ's fix doesn't use it - I can't scroll back a page now so can't see which files he copies over, but if it isn't one of them, presumably the shorelines will be gone anyway. Thanks for all your hard work, guys...I love modders..I haven't got the time any more; I would spend all my time tinkering in 3ds max rather than flying if I allowed myself to get back into that kind of stuff :) DJ, I was posting as you posted. I will wait. I'm off to fly the Lancair in Canada while I wait... I love you guys :Big Grin:
  10. DJ, Firstly, thanks again for this fix, I'm implementing it as we speak to fly my newly purchased Lancair legacy (thanks for the glowing reviews of this too) A couple of questions, if you don't mind? Did you run this with PNW enabled or disabled in FTXCentral? I see you are moving some ORBX bgl's.. Also, I'm guessing your procedures above replicate but supercede the original procedures on myflightsimblog and the French guys posts? Do i still need to follow those instructions? Do I still need to run the FZ FSX patch and then run your fix? I'm guessing no to both, as your folder structure doesn't resemble theirs. Best to check, though..Assuming makes an &@($* out of u and me as my old divemaster used to say.. I have my "default" FlightZone folders in my dummy FS9 folder. I just start at your post #38 and go from there? I'm not really brave enough to start editing bgl files and the like..I might start that with a smaller, default FSX airport! Thanks, DJ..I love this scenery but the coastlines really get to me..
  11. Yeah agreed. ORBX basically said it would take one of their devs over a year to do a major field like KPDX and they weren't up for it (which is why they didn't do YSSY yet) Props to Jose for making that second link available (and props to the French dude who sussed it out) I use FlightZone KPDX in FSX, and the only issue I can be bothered with is the shorelines..I followed the first fix fine a while back..Now to do the second fix (and re-enable KPDX yay!)
  12. Fantastic news, and well done, again Mariano and John..Looking forward to flying these..I second the sentiments about ORBX doing more fields in AS.. Great work, guys! jake
  13. Awesome work, Marcelo - Must've taken many, many patient hours of aligning stuff to get it looking so great. Sterling work! Installing it as soon as I get home What with this and Chris Hicks' dirty planes, I am now back in the left seat of the NGX after a bit of a lay-off j
  14. Interesting results. So at 5.0ghz the 3820 is a fraction slower than my 3930 @ 45. In the interests of completism, and because I said I would, here are my 4.5 results with WideView FALSE. As you said, it is possible some people got this wrong. Who knows. I'm done tweaking and testing now. Stable at 4.6 and wanting to fly now...
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