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  1. Psychic ones, no doubt. The truth is (and it is probably the only truth right now) is that *nobody has a clue* Some links to the numerous 777 drivers' debunking would be great Thanks jake
  2. Very sound article on WIRED.COM putting forward a theory (from an active ATPL holder) that it had an on-board fire, main busses were pulled (thus entering radio silence - Aviate, navigate, and lastly, communicate), Then smoke overcame all and it flew on until bingo and then ditched in the Indian Ocean as the Aussies are now saying,.He thinks they were headed for the 18k rwy at Palau Langkawi remember Helios 522? http://www.wired.com/autopia/2014/03/mh370-electrical-fire/
  3. So you've put it back how it was before you started and it still makes the noise? I can't help thinking this is an HDMI audio issue..what happens if you knock the output sample level on the HDMI audio device from 48khz to 44.1? Of reverse if that's the case..have you trashed your FSX,cfg file also? It might have conflicting entries in it now you've been fiddling
  4. In addition to the two very good suggestions above, also, go into the sound settings and silence each one individually..you can then see what it is making the noise..I have had this same issue. It was a 3pd planes cockpit ambient noises (reinstalled) is your external device using optical? jake
  5. Fantastic news, and well done, again Mariano and John..Looking forward to flying these..I second the sentiments about ORBX doing more fields in AS.. Great work, guys! jake
  6. Usually Ryanair from my local, Bournemouth EGHH, to EHAM or sometimes LEPA or LEBL - No VA, as I have an aversion to talking to my PC..But tbh, most of my cool scenery is USA or AU, so I end up there mostly... J
  7. Awesome work, Marcelo - Must've taken many, many patient hours of aligning stuff to get it looking so great. Sterling work! Installing it as soon as I get home What with this and Chris Hicks' dirty planes, I am now back in the left seat of the NGX after a bit of a lay-off j
  8. Interesting results. So at 5.0ghz the 3820 is a fraction slower than my 3930 @ 45. In the interests of completism, and because I said I would, here are my 4.5 results with WideView FALSE. As you said, it is possible some people got this wrong. Who knows. I'm done tweaking and testing now. Stable at 4.6 and wanting to fly now...
  9. Hey Word Not Allowed, That's a good idea re the different folder thing. I might give that a try. re the results..Hmm.. I have run a heap more than those I published (I'm very tired today LOL) and I'm not sure I can go with the 48 on a 2600 @4.46, but he may have tweaked his board to hell, who knows? Looking through the 2600/2700 results in this page and on the google spreadsheet, there do seem to be some anomalies (imo) For instance, if you scroll right to the top of this page, rex251 has a 920 @ 4.3 and he's seeing 35.9 (560 card tho) and then John further down, with his 2500 @ 4.7 is seeing 43.7. Me with my 3930 @ 4.5 gets 42.5 so there isn't much in it. So I dunno..I'm very methodical (mostly) and love this kind of thing, being from the IT industry, so I was absolutely fastidious in my following of the instructions to the letter..I wouldn't be suprised, as you say, if ppl had got a tiny part of it wrong (the wideview and resolution for two)..But I think the trend is roughly your Ghz=your framerate give or take a few..The 5.5Ghz monster at the top basically gets in the 50's, and so on down; but there will always be exceptions.. Bear in mind that I haven't really tweaked much of the board yet beyond the main core speed, as it's new and my wallet is still a bit sore; but I don't mind losing a chip from time to time in the cause of experimentation, so who knows...Great test though..bit boring after watching it 30 or 40 times, though LOL I will say, however, that I am seeing much smoother FSX with a lower clock and the same cfg settings on my new rig than on my old (faster RAM, PCH etc etc) so it's a good thing. best jake EDIT: I'm going to re-run the tests at my stable 4.5 with wideview FALSE to see if I can replicate the higher settings - Also, does monitor size affect the test? (obv all same tested res but I remember reading that FSX likes its monitors native resolution? Mine is 1920x1200)
  10. Hi guys, OK, I totally rebuilt my rig from scratch. I think I had the fever or something; or I'm getting too old for this..anyway; totally new build; zeroed BIOS. The ASUS Rampage Extreme has a stock speed for the 3930K of 3.8Ghz. For the first test, I upped it by x1 to 3.9, then by 3 each time up to 4.5 - all of these wre using my memory's stock XMP profile #1 (timings are on the sheet) this takes the RAM to 2133. Other than that, I just raised the core clock. All other settings on auto except LLC and Power Phase control (Medium and Optimised). The CPU Vcore hasn't really gone above 1.4v and usually hovers around 1.35. Temps in the medium to high 50's when runnig the tests. I am going to do some proper manual tweaking of this board when I have the time. It looks to be a fiddlers paradise! I noticed interesting stuff when not using the XMP profile at higher clock speeds; the FPS went down a couple. RAM speed is very important as well, it seems (I expect you guys know all of this already..this is all new to me..for years I never tweaked anything in FSX, and only had a proper O/Cable board since the P8P67 I had before this) All tests performed 100% according to the procedures. Really interesting stuff. I'm going to do a split-build on my rig so I can have a permanently "new" FSX just for testing O/C's on my board. I reckon I can get much, much higher scores than this..Seeing as how I don't really do anything else with this PC LOL Anyways, here is the new 3930K at 3.9; 4.2 and 4.5Ghz: best jake
  11. really looking forward to these, Mariano. Your NZQN approaches are still my most flown and favorites..I'm now dreading the bashing my wallet is about to take to get the assoiated sceneries!Great and dedicated work. bestjake
  12. Awesome work, Chris..I fly your dirty Delta so much..A true genius..And I love a rivet, too :Nerd:bestjake
  13. Great work. Well done. Are there any good Norwegian sceneries (Fjords :() available for FSX?bestjake
  14. Any chance one of you genii can pull one of these out of the bag?http://en.wikipedia....ng_P-8_PoseidonShouldn't be too hard; it's mostly white! It'll go nicely with the P-8 by Ioan Blidariu that is in the libraryLoving all of these liveries. Amazing work, and fast. Keep it up painters!bestjake
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