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  1. And all the better for it, I suspect. I have kind of given up on crowd funding of games/music after my mate Kris, latterly of The Orb, had his Kickstarter cancelled by them as he hadn't got more than 15k in a couple of weeks (they decided he wouldn't "make the cut" after it was finished, months hence), and the whole Occulous Rift/Facebook nonsense. Crowd funding a new flight sim has been a long-standing topic, which, if I went by the notional pledges made to threads discussing it, I would have a lot of money! Certainly enough to kick-start a small game. As has also been discussed, a new sim will (not might) cost millions of $$. Not just making, but marketing, testing etc etc and, you then have to factor us into it, because, as you say: You don't say :LMAO:
  2. You remember the "welcome" FLIGHT got? That's why, I suspect. We're a hard bunch of task-masters, the simming mob. If we don't like something, you'll sure get to hear about it. Wait until you have something we like to show us, or face burning in Hell Fire for eternity. :smile: Amen to that. I suspect, if they've coughed up serious bucks to get into the party, which, if I read the reports from Tom etc about the original discussions correctly, and the fact that he says they must have "deeper pockets" than the other suitors, means they have paid something quite large for it, they too will be under the same pressures to recoup on investment, and will also be harassed by $-sign marketing guys to within an inch of their life, then whatever they plan to release (if anything) may be pushed out the door way too early, too. I really hope I'm wrong.. The days when "gamers" ran "gaming" companies are long gone. RIP.
  3. I'd "agree" with this comment. but...(sorry... :smile: ) I only just noticed it was gone, to be honest. It's a shame a few ppl couldn't hold it in to the detriment of those who used it "properly", though, anything that has a "dislike" as well as a "like" is always going south.. Why d'you think Facebook doesn't have one? I "agree" with all of the sentiments above who thought it was a good feature, but can totally see why it's gone...
  4. Psychic ones, no doubt. The truth is (and it is probably the only truth right now) is that *nobody has a clue* Some links to the numerous 777 drivers' debunking would be great Thanks jake
  5. Very sound article on WIRED.COM putting forward a theory (from an active ATPL holder) that it had an on-board fire, main busses were pulled (thus entering radio silence - Aviate, navigate, and lastly, communicate), Then smoke overcame all and it flew on until bingo and then ditched in the Indian Ocean as the Aussies are now saying,.He thinks they were headed for the 18k rwy at Palau Langkawi remember Helios 522? http://www.wired.com/autopia/2014/03/mh370-electrical-fire/
  6. Ask in the P3d forums. They have it fixed now. It would be interesting to know how...
  7. Hi Kim, Did you restart FSX after removing the entries? I don't think it writes to cfg until you close it down. If this doesn't work, try trashing your controls.xml and re-deleting the EZDOK bound controls once you get back into FSX, then restart FSX and see if it works best jake
  8. Kim, Did you remove the same mappings from within FSX as well? you can't have the game and EZDOK mapped to the same buttons..remove HAT SWITCH mapping within FSX too best jake
  9. You posted this in the wrong forum. I expect the XP forum users would want to hear this (unless you are trolling, of course?) :wink: There's an endless(ly) boring thread about this in the PMDG (?) forum at the moment..go and tell them..they'll love it. People in the FSX forum are likely a bit tired of being told that folks are junking FSX. Good luck to you, but..........whatever!
  10. According to an article in this months PC GAMER, they used the Crystal Cove for some time at CES and confirmed that they have managed to reduce the nausea and spatial disorientation considerably..I'm really looking forward to trying it out..
  11. Is there a bug-tracker anywhere or do we just post them here with a good desc of each bug in the title? It seems this may be the only Carenado forum now? Their forum links to this one :smile: Tbh I can live with this for now
  12. I've done that three times now. With v's 7, 8 and 9. It's the definition of madness :smile: No more. Every time I did it I couldn't get my head round it. For me, it's like suddenly starting to use (and learn) Ableton Live (which is very good but a whole new paradigm for me) instead of Apple Logic to make music. It's a whole new sim to learn. I have tried exactly that, and spent two days getting my head around the interface alone (a bit like X-P LOL) Never mind the new way of arranging tracks and phrases, It's a different base flight modelling tech. I know flying is (nearly) the same but if my experience to get to my chosen flight is vastly different, and I can't have all my eye-candy and fave planes (yes, I'm shallow) then I CBA. If I was new to simming, now that's a better "what if" scenario...I don't know..I'd probably just go for P3d as it has the weight of the largest defence contractor around behind it..In one iteration it has already brought more to its table than the last goodness knows how many of X-P. X-P has been around since 1993. Laminar has had all that time to get it sorted. It should be a whole different product. I rest my case. (yes, I know he was on his own for a long while - but 21 years is a loooong time) Damn. I just contributed a dribble to the digital noise. I couldn't help myself... And why is this in the PMDG forum? Aren't they already developing for a "new" sim? :wink: jake
  13. Oh look! another X-Plane Vs FSX (and now P3d V.2) thread. Time for a "my sim is better than your sim" megathread methinks? They cause so much clutter and hot air..can't we quarantine them all in their own forum? The X-P Vs FSX Forum. It's a winner! (cue irate XP (or FSX) users telling me my comment is not helping) Sorry, but these threads are so boring and have all been done, again (and again and again) They have no resolution! Stop it already! Read the last fifteen topics on this subject to gauge where we are at today (then go fly your chosen sim and stop wasting time making pointless comparison. - you either like FSX or X-P or you don't) Message Ends. *yawn It's a very informative video
  14. I had a cabin diff in red on the annc. panel in cruise at FL10 straight after a standard climbout at 1500fpm. I had to hit the dump valve to get rid of the warning. I hadn't touched the press. panel as I wasn't going to need it. Is that a bug?
  15. Thanks, Vaughan. Silly me for not looking in their own forum. Doh!
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