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  1. https://www.allegiantva.org/ Allegiant VA is open for all to join! We feature a complete and up-to-date real-world schedule, Flight Dispatch Release System, smartCARS, Discord Community, and are FSX/P3D/MSFS 2020/X-Plane compatible! We fly the Airbus A319/A320 today but we allow you to substitute in the Super-80 that Allegiant Air flew once for many years back in the day. Buckle up, we're ready for takeoff!
  2. Hello folks! I replaced the F1 GTN with the Reality XP GTN in the virtual cockpit of the Just Flight Arrow III. The buttons not working however. Has anyone configured this panel to work yet? Thanks!
  3. Hello I am a big fan of FS2crew products. I am a real world Captain on the CRJ-900 for a regional airline the USA. I am very interested in utilizing FS2crew as tool to practice, however I would need to be able to use my companies checklists and procedures for it to be productive. Are there any plans for additional procedures to be added in the future? I would be glad to offer my time to help make it happen. Thanks!
  4. I posted this 2 years ago, I still stand by 100%. As as soon as I did this I never had a windows 8 joystick disconnect ever again. As soon as I dont have fsuipc involved = disconnects every flight.
  5. We are a flight simulation community of aviation enthusiasts who love Allegiant Air. We utilize our website as a resource where we can gather and share our passion for aviation through flight simulation. This allows us to experience our hobby in the most rewarding way possible. We closely follow real world Allegiant Air and model our own operations after them as close as we can. Our high level of realism comes from up-to-date schedules, accurate fleet information, and various flight planning materials and briefings for every flight. Allegiant VA was founded back in August, 2010. At the time, there were no existing websites that offered a realistic Allegiant Air operation, so we decided we would be the ones to fill the niche .Allegiant primarily uses small to medium sized airports and flies to world class destinations in the United States. MD-80 variants and A319 and A320 aircraft comprise the Allegiant fleet. Our pilots are based at Las Vegas NV, Phoenix-Mesa AZ, St Petersburg/Clearwater FL and Orlando-Sanford FL. Our management team consists of veteran virtual airline managers with extensive VATSIM experience and an actual Allegiant Air A320 pilot (who also flies online) and an airline dispatcher. Allegiant Virtual is a VATSIM Partner VA. We welcome all VATSIM members to join us, whether you are a professional pilot or just starting out. Allegiant VA offers an enjoyable experience for everyone! Join us at ALLEGIANTVA.ORG
  6. not having the metro interface is a good thing, I used the uiautomation core fix and win8 classic shell. zero issues with fsx here.
  7. OK Guys, I am living proof this problem doesn't exist using FSUIPC. I made this post from over a year ago, and still haven't had a disconnect. Not a SINGLE one. So you are free to keep messing around with unproven ways that fail within a few flights, or you can just end all the frustration and have a 100% reliable connection with FSUIPC.
  8. Fly the maddog by leonardo already exists. Thats why pmdg wont make one ever. Plus the pmdg wouldn't be as detailed as the leonardo already is because they dont know how to put a weather radar in their planes.
  9. Thanks for viewing! http://allegiantva.org/
  10. I run windows 8 64bit and every addon I had on 7 works with no issues, PMDG products included. Make sure you completely disable "user account control" through the registry, and run all programs/installers as admin.
  11. This has been suggested dozens of times, has not been a permanent fix. How many times have you flown without a disconnect?
  12. Southwest "Maryland One" 737-700 (N214WN) http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=176618
  13. Are you making sure the joystick is disabled every time, and are you accessing fsuipc menu during flight? I've flown hundreds of flights over the past few months and not had a single disconnect. Someone above mentioned DINPUT8.dll was disrupting fsuipc, did you put that in your fsx folder?
  14. The ground scenery is MegaScenery Vegas, and the airport is FlightBeam KPHX. Here is the download! http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=176618
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