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  1. I posted this 2 years ago, I still stand by 100%. As as soon as I did this I never had a windows 8 joystick disconnect ever again. As soon as I dont have fsuipc involved = disconnects every flight.
  2. OK Guys, I am living proof this problem doesn't exist using FSUIPC. I made this post from over a year ago, and still haven't had a disconnect. Not a SINGLE one. So you are free to keep messing around with unproven ways that fail within a few flights, or you can just end all the frustration and have a 100% reliable connection with FSUIPC.
  3. This has been suggested dozens of times, has not been a permanent fix. How many times have you flown without a disconnect?
  4. Southwest "Maryland One" 737-700 (N214WN) http://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=176618
  5. Are you making sure the joystick is disabled every time, and are you accessing fsuipc menu during flight? I've flown hundreds of flights over the past few months and not had a single disconnect. Someone above mentioned DINPUT8.dll was disrupting fsuipc, did you put that in your fsx folder?
  6. Can't get enough of that nose :lol: great job!
  7. Just started this! brb with more updates!
  8. Now make sure FSX joystick is unchecked. And stay out of the FSUIPC menu during the flight. Report back with your results!
  9. No worries, I will have to make a video tutorial on exactly how to do this, cause so far this is the only way to make your joystick work 24/7 on FSX/Windows 8. A registered version is required as the free version doesnt have the function.
  10. I've started and made some good progress on a "Maryland One" Southwest repaint. Still need to work around some quirks with the paint kit, it might not turn out, I know others have failed already, stay tuned!
  11. I can't believe this thread is still going at this rate. Register your controls with FSUIPC, Disable your joystick in FSX menu = 100% reliable joystick availability.
  12. A few months later, I can still confirm that FSUIPC registered controls is how to fix this issue. I've now flown dozens of flights with multiple addons and flying online. With not one single disconnect.
  13. Yes without win7 mode it disconnects shortly after. But just win7 mode is not enough because without fsuipc it disconnects from the standard fsx controls too. Windows 7 compatibilitiy + fsuipc registered controls = no disconnects for me! every other combination has failed
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