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  1. Awesome awesome job done by the Fenix team..... that would put the icing on the cake for sure!👍😀
  2. I need more space, my 500gb hard drive is full, cud I run my community folder from an external 1TB hard drive or do I need to get an internal hard drive ?? Advise please?? Thanks
  3. Thanks for your input everyone...I went ahead and bought it late yesterday ....had no problems either...really pleased with it....bought Aerosofts EBBR too.....bloodyhell.......looks soooo real!!! 😀👍
  4. So I installed GSX Pro on monday of this week and I've been flying between the two European airports in the Fenix A320 EDDM / LIMC you can use it with to try it out and I think I like it and I'm thinking about buying it, might wait untill friday though, its not crashed on me once and once you load a simbrief flightplan in it seems to work flawlessley.....any thoughts guys....do you all like it if you have it??
  5. so using FSUIPC will sort the job out of assigning the switches and buttons on the the bravo will it?
  6. Is there a way to get the buttons hdg, alt etc working on the honeycomb bravo with the Fenix …has anybody been able to do that….if so …..how?? I’ve got the throttle, and flaps and spoilers to work but I want to be able to map the buttons etc….advice please? Thanks
  7. I had a walk around the Fenix A320 with the APU running last night with this new Fsrealistic feature and it was ok obviously cud be improved but as I walked towards the back of the plane it was just silent, I couldn’t hear the APU at all…why wud that be? If I zoomed around in drone mode then you cud hear it no problem…so I can’t weigh that one up!
  8. I spent an hour or so today deleting all the new aircraft what came with the update yesterday in the content manager, still not finished but up to now I have reclaimed about 20GB back, I have no interest whatsoever in historic aircraft including the A310 which I will never touch, I like to fly the modern Airliners
  9. PMDG 737-700 and Fenix A320...no interest in ancient old aircraft
  10. I fly every day 1 to 2 hours and I don’t consider it a game
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