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  1. I flew x aviations tbm in xp11 yesterday and the difference is quite unbelievable, the feeling of flying x aviations tbm compared to fs2020 tbm even with the mod......well.....there is just no comparison whatsoever.
  2. Nor FSX or P3D or FS2020 can touch X planes flight model, there no comparison whatsoever, none, XP11 flight model is outstanding. FSX us a bloody joke, I cant beilieve people are still flying that.....bloody crazy. X plane all the way here for me, currently flying Aerobasks Phenom 300, it is just superb!
  3. XP11 for me at the moment, my 11 year old i5 pc struggles to run fs2020, been flying Aerobasks phenom 300 this past month and it is just awesome!! It rubs soooo smooth on vulkan... unlike fs2020.
  4. i was thinking of buying shade x......is it worth it then??
  5. I was thinking of buying this and now yiur putting me off....I agree... its a deckchair isnt it... emmmmm... dont know what to do now.......I thought 249 pounds isn't bad but .......I will sleep on it for a few nights and have a think!
  6. yes 490 hours for me gone too......🙄
  7. now its updating...release notes 1.14.60.......bloody bonkers this simulator.....
  8. So I have just had this clear skies problem and also the update your packages problem for the very first time and then shortly afterwards a CTD......so what the bloodyhell is going on here then.....kin roll on! Like you say...great when its working but a pain in the bloody word not allowed when its not hey....just restarting the sim now
  9. I've been getting blank screens in the tbm, pulling my teeth out wondering what was causing the problem, I have tried everything to to fix it, removed all the other mods etc but still had blank screens when I flicked the battery switch so a couple of weeks ago I decided to go back to xp11 and I bought aerobasks phenom 300 and it is just fantastic, it really is but the graphics in xp11.... omg, it was a complete turnoff for me with being used to fs2020, so a couple of days ago I downloaded the crj mod and did my first flight in it and was blown away and I had no problems at all, all the screens came on and just had a mega flight from Newcastle to Liverpool in the UK.... I would love the Phenom 300 in fs2020! I'll prob stay with fs2020 now and fly the cj4, I still can't get the screens working in the tbm but I mean fs2020 is breathtaking isnt it, the bloody scenery is unbievable, the weather, the lighting..etc it so makes it....itll be a mega simulator in a year or two for sure. Regards Paul EGCC
  10. Well on my quadrant which I havent had long and is bloody awesome wont bloody work prpoerly, I have to lift the landing gear 3 times up and down to drop the landing gear on the plane, none of the swithces work, all what works is the little flap lever and the throttle, thats it. after numerous flights I havent once managed to capture the glideslope either.... doing my blooooody head in it is! I've gone back to the WT CJ4 for now ........when the the plane gets fixed I'll give it another go.....I want to be able to use my quadrant obvoiusy, cost me a lot of money....I have the yoke on order too from amazon....been waiting for that since bloody christmas!!
  11. XP Realistic isnt a camera addon is it.....it simulates movement, whats cameras got to do with it?? There is a free camera addon available at flightsim.to......we dont need another camera, there is 2 payware and one freeware available right now. XP Realistic in XP11 was awesome, looking forward to it very much in FS2020.
  12. Well for me, the tbm screens are completely blank and yet I can start the engines.. ..if I remove the latest WT cj4 mod from the community folder then restart the sim everything works in the tbm just fine.....I just can't weigh it up! These updates bugger everything up dont they!
  13. Were do you get the update please to the WT G3000??....thank you
  14. WT G3000 is only part working for me, I cant tune (Input) any ils frequencys or do a 'Direct to'......and as the post above says the plane is invisible for me with the latest mod, hopefully an update will be out soon!
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