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  1. Does FSReborn have a discord server I cud join?? Just bought it…very impressed!
  2. So I bought this aircraft on day of rerlease which is coming up to two years in Jan 24....its the best plane you can fly on any desktop sim on...it beats them all and I have them all, well all the top not planes and on the other platform aswell, fenix, pmdg ...they are great but I cant put this plane down....I fly it all the time and I love it, I love walking out to it and opening the door and walking up the steps etc....its amazing....I so wish you could do that in other x plane aircraft including FS2020...I love walking up them stairs....its mega!! God knows what the A220 will be like when its finished....Cant piggin wait!!!!! 👍
  3. fantastic news....thank you! Awesome awesome aircraft!
  4. Success guys…completed a successful circuit and ils worked a treat…I will work on my piloting and reading the manual for sure!! 🙄👍😃
  5. Yes the gps was defo in vloc….thats were im going wrong then is it…I did read most parts of the manual but obviously not fully grasped what needs to be set…will do another circuit and hopefully i will correct my error…..many thanks guys for your help ….awesome awesome aircraft veery well done by black square
  6. Im having trouble capturing the ILS... everything seems set up correctly but Ive done abot 4 flights now and its just not capturing it. is there something I missing?? Thanks
  7. I just bought this plane just an hour ago….and done a very quick circuit…I am blown away….wow!! It feels completely different on the ground and in the air to the default TBM…I was so hoping it wud feel different and it does, feels very heavy, I’m buzzing with excitement here and don’t want to go to bed! 😃….awesome job guys…awesome👍👍 just wanted to off load my enthusiasm!
  8. I can’t explain it…pulling on that yoke, rudder control just feeel better…can’t put my finger on it and I’m not a real world pilot either…it’s a funny to do…can’t weigh it up as us brits say!
  9. It’s the feeling of flight what XP gives us, yesterday I was practicing landing the PMDG 737 in fs2020 and I did the same approach in the Zibo 737…quite a few times in each sim….to me the feeling of the aircraft in Xplane is significantly better bigtime….it really is, touching down, braking….everything. I like fs2020, I have most of all the high fidelity planes but I’m flying XP more and more these days because of that ‘feeling’ of flight. Love XP!
  10. Why doesent he just stream it on you tube…far easier to watch on YT
  11. I recently am just having a break from FS2020, and been flying XP12 more and more….it does have that feeling of being close to reality for sure…just can’t put my finger on it but even taxing around feels more real than FS2020. I’m flying Toliss A319 and the challenger 650…completely different feeling to flying in Microsoft. I will go back to Microsoft though …got the Fenix, PMDG etc….they’re great….but taking off and landing in the Toliss A319 compared to the Fenix feels far far better to me…and that’s what’s keeping me in XP12….it’s the flight dynamics isn’t it if the sim…feels “just right” 😄🛫….and the Challenger….bloodyhell…..that thing is something else …in a leave of its own for sure! 😄👍
  12. Well I just completed my first flight Bob , I mean it runs ok but I so used to smoooooth, what you have never had you never miss but once youve had it thats it! Anyway...awesome flight, awesome aircraft....I certainly wont be ditching the fenix because of a few frame drops
  13. 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-11700F @ 2.50GHz 2.50 GHz 32.0 GB Ram (31.8 GB usable) Nvidia RTX 3060 I have everything on ultra and the the previous version of the fenix run so smooooth as do all the other aircraft i have ..very odd that it isnt running well...Im baffled
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