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  1. Why does nvidia seem so set on making ncp hard to get?
  2. Agree. My favorite plane of all time in any sim.
  3. Because when cruising over open ocean it looks flat and lifeless unless there is a little wind. I like to fly with real weather. Known issue
  4. Has anybody tried chaseplane in Windows 11?
  5. Chaseplane AI Traffic (AIG) GSX Aircraft (many high fidelity ones I'm still waiting on) AI Lights Reborn Remote CDU / IPAD FMS etc More reliable weather (for vatsim flying) Water (a strange one. But many of the non custom water mask areas in MSFS look terrible) Lastly I miss runways that are not lit all day long like in MSFS.
  6. it's a good point. An autogen upgrade would be welcome. As well as night lighting updates.
  7. I was hoping it was closer than that thanks for sharing
  8. this is so true. It's unfortunate that most gamers don't need this. Flight simmers always suffer
  9. also agree on 65 being too big. I run a 43" and am happy. I'd go smaller than that before I went bigger.
  10. the size of the tv doesn't matter. Your graphics card and cpu have to work just as hard to do 4k on a 65" as it does a 40". What simulator? I used to run p3d with a 1080ti just fine. Your cpu though is getting old
  11. thanks mark. meant to post. Just installed mine this week.
  12. an update should be out tmr. Or install the inibuilds DL. Even though it is meant for MCO V1, it should still work
  13. I was able to bring back DL by re-adding the old inibuilds MCO dynamic lighting file to the V2 scenery folder. But may be a moot point. T2G just posted on their FB page that they have fixed it and will be re-uploading their installer.
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