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  1. I'm real curious to see what next year will look like in the GPU world. NVIDIA working on a new one, and now rumors intel will be jumping into the high end card market. Good time to be a buyer maybe.
  2. thanks for the replies. P3DV4. I have the registered FSUIPC, but not too advanced of a user of that
  3. on the logitech I'm just curious. When using something like this with a sim like P3D, is the braking just on/off. Or softer push=lighter brake and harder is full. I've been using keys or toggle type switches.
  4. sometimes when I look at amazon reviews my head spins. That's why I wanted to come to this community for feedback since we tend to be more "into" the hobby.
  5. What does everybody recommend these days? 99% airliner guy. So it's mostly for taxi and final approach. Ive been a twist stick guy forever. Have about 30 hours real life flying, so yes I get the concept and know how important they are. Is it possible to be in the $250 (US) range and get something ok?
  6. I agree. We need a top tier version of this airplane.
  7. Is vegas about the same from a performance/resource standpoint as their boston offering?
  8. yes have read thru quite a few tutorials. I don't believe it's related to the FD's. They are engaging just fine when I hit toga. They also maintain the proper cruise settings. It's a climb issue and I'm really thinking this has something todo with the preflight FMC setup. Once the TOGA takes over I don't think my throttle works at all anymore, so doubt it's being over rode. I will send some screenshots later. thanks for the reply.
  9. Hi Guys. I'm pretty new to flying "study level" airplanes. I can't seem to figure this one out. My PMDG 737's or 747's are staying at takeoff power all the way up to cruising altitude. Even when I select reduced takeoff and reduced climbs in the perf before taking off. I've done a lot of reading, but am obviously missing something. Any quick pointers?
  10. I agree. Love them. Pdx is great. Dulles is about to be updated.
  11. looks like the logo light isn't working
  12. When I'm back I'll take a few shots. I'm not sure why the 777 stood out as far worse than the 737 to me. WHo knows. But I'm also of the camp that they should be updating their products. For the price they charge, one would expect them to be best in class in most to all aspects. At the very least the expansion package should be updated.
  13. eslader. Spot on. I have to admit. That picture really makes me realize I was being too hard on them calling it cartoonish. I don't currently fly with any failures on, however the dimmers and function-less switches can be a slight annoyance. But like you I fly that plane far more than I thought I would. Back to the PMDG 777. I can't help but feel ripped off considering their no refund policy. I mean their website describes the airplane: PMDG has once again raised the bar on visual quality with an incredibly detailed, accurate and functional virtual cockpit, hundreds of switch animations along with their accompanying sounds, a visually stunning exterior model accurate to the finest detail. Nothing visually here could be considered raising the bar. Does the 777-300 expansion package have the same quality textures, or was that redone?
  14. I'm very happy with their depth of systems and such. Love the 747 and the 737. But fact of the matter is, their textures out of the cockpit and somewhat in it are lower quality compared to others. The QW787 (minus the FMS) is way higher quality when it comes to the graphics department. I say minus the FMS for 787, because I feel that is still slightly cartoonish. Although, with the coming update it could be updated.
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