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  1. I run pretty high settings and many other programs and tabs etc. Usually I'll be 20-22 max. 64 I would say is not needed. I have not seen evidence of somebody exceeding 32 with a flight simulator.
  2. While 60 is all I need a 12900 (and any other chip) can be brought to its knees in MSFS. Or even P3D. Or whatever. I do 4k also. But there are times when I wish I had a better CPU. The chase is endless.
  3. looks very nice. But I wish they had focused on Salt Lake City first.
  4. you guys with graphics glitches either need to be using the studio nvidia driver or wait for the release of the game ready driver. They said DX12 needs the new driver
  5. sure they have. https://www.flightbeam.net/feed We get this question quite a bit, what's next for Flightbeam? The answer is sometimes more complicated than one would think. Now that our venture into New Zealand has come to an end, let's take a look at our future roadmap. The following products are in production for MSFS: - KMSP - KSFO: Captain's Edition - KPHX - Unannounced project A few important notes about this list: - These are internal Flightbeam projects only (Mir) - third-party developer plans are not available. - This list is in no particular order. Any of these projects may release next. As with previous projects, these are not P3D ports, but extensive re-makes, with KSFO being the tallest order to-date The big focus moving forward will be major airports in the United States, regardless whether they've already been created.
  6. same thing happened to me. Waited until after the release version came out. Then left. Still wiped out my install. My takeaway is that I'm not going to use the beta anymore. Luckily most of my stuff was also outside of the community folder. But reinstalling AIG/Traffic controller is not going to be fun. Part of me wonders if I should just wait for the just flight real traffic.
  7. my problem is I had used spad.next to handle key bindings. My switch panel now does not work anymore since fenix update. THings like landing gear, fasten seatbelts, lights, AP disconnect. No longer functional.
  8. well we probably won't agree. We are lacking actual sales numbers. but it appears to me both the maddog and the 146 have done pretty well. I think in real life the MD-80 had a bigger following than the 146 ever did. So that would explain the fans and probably the press. I'm an avgeek so I like them all. Not to mention I saw some pretty heavy press and fans for the 146.
  9. Not sure where you are coming up with the position I stated it was more popular than the 146. But I think both appear to have sold pretty well. I can't sit here and quantify what you find impressive. Nor do I care to. I suspect (Wild Guess) that they sold double or more of the maddog they sold in p3d. Don't forget it was one of the very first high level airliners released. If you somehow expected a jet that is mostly retired and sold less than 1200 in real life to have equal sales to a 737NG/A320 (Over 15k sold) then that's probably a little unfair.
  10. Go look at their forum. It was easy to watch during release. Posts went from dozens a day to hundreds and tons of unique users. I never meant for you to infer it was close to the popularity of fenix or pmdg 737. But pretty much hardly any would be expected to be on that level. If it sold on the level of the 146, I suspect most devs would consider that a success in the first place. Some of the maddog paints on flightsim.to have over 2000 downloads.
  11. To an extent I am. But if I were to build today I'd be going with one of those AMD's with the very large L3 cache. The 5800X3D. I think they have an even newer one about to come out. If your decision is mostly based on MSFS, then that's the direction I'd go.
  12. They have been super strange lately. Seemed when the plane was less popular, they were constantly updating it. So many new features were rolling out. Then it comes out in MSFS and appeared to sell like hotcakes (based on forum posts), and the developer seems to have gone to sleep. I hope they are ok over there. Because this hasn't been their usual behavior.
  13. Have you considered using something like volanta instead?
  14. Can't wait to buy it. I also equally want MSP and PHX
  15. This is the peril of mandatory updates. I'm not a fan of them.
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