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  1. Not sure in terms of failures, but the Hjet does some things like this conceptually. It will load with shades, doors, dials, ground power. I realize this is not exactly what you are asking for. But I've always liked this touch. I know the maddog MD-80 did failure persistence in p3d, but not sure if that's also in MSFS. I personally do not fly with failures these days.
  2. I'm the opposite. I like to fly north in the winter and hope to see some snow. I grew up in the northeast and somewhat miss seeing the snow
  3. what graphics card are you running and does your monitor type have any form of variable sync (VRR/GSync etc)? Edit: I actually am not experienced using surround. So my help will be limited. Though I think providing all your specs will help get the best advice.
  4. No it's a different setting. In fact I would recommend trying DLSS off (since it causes blurring of the virtual cockpit gauges) and TAA (antialiasing) on and Frame Generation on. Take a few minutes to try, but well worth it.
  5. locking this one since another thread already handled this.
  6. I don't have any files. But an example is KDCA by DD. the marketplace version you can't remove static planes which is a problem if you want to use 3rd party AI or fly on VATSIM. However, on the non marketplace version you can.
  7. you have a 4090. You absolutely should test just toggling it on in the MSFS settings. It's a game changer.
  8. G-Sync makes a massive difference. Although I would look for more than just Gsync compatible. Just posting this in case somebody else hits this thread later.
  9. It's a good midrange throttle. Not as good as some of the more expensive options, but far better than the entry level ones. Though there has been questions lately about the state of the company.
  10. gents. we can have this subject and discuss with civility right?
  11. Do you think the p3d home user group is over 100k or are you including commercial and military?
  12. Same. Then I discovered the ribeye cap cut. Tough to find though
  13. Once they get the non marketplace version I look forward to picking this up. Hopefully whenever they do the next usa one we get san diego
  14. I've calibrated my colors pretty well. Most of the sim looks nice. It's literally just viewing the aircraft itself from the outside on the sun side. It's way too much saturation on the plane itself.
  15. Takeoff and get to cruising altitude and go to external view. The over saturation has been a thing since day 1 in this sim. Color correction barely helps that.
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