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  1. Not a fix. Turns out Lockheed Martin will have to make a Fix
  2. I agree rob. I can remember all the pre release videos thinking wow this going to be incredible. Then my immediate disappointment with the alpha. Felt like a bait and switch. Then thought oh it’s young it will develop. Now I can no longer say it will. They may be banking on the Xbox community. But I actually believed this would be a simulator for those of us who are serious about the hobby. The good news is I never stopped buying addons for P3d. In retrospect this looks like it was a wise move.
  3. Even if you don't do failures the highly detailed aircraft made by PMDG/FSLabs/Maddog etc are still worth it IMO. In fact these days I usually don't fly with failures since I've found it is not always the best combination with VATSIM. But it's nice to have the systems and logical fuel burn figures etc. Which A320 Airbus produced by airbus are you referring to? I have no idea on sales volume numbers on medium vs study level. To me there is something thrilling about doing a cold and dark start. It just is much more enjoyable than hitting control E
  4. pretty much the same deal here. The only one I really find myself missing is jetstream Little Rock
  5. I was surprised they didn't do PBR for the 757 also. Like you Steve, I've viewed CS as a developer that values exterior more than anything else. It didn't make sense. I bought the 767. Flew it at first but not much lately. I've always said I would consider the 757. But no chance I would pay $75 for it.
  6. @fluffyflopsHope the recent GSX updates don't have something to do with this
  7. I think it gets thrown around because it's a real thing. While the A32NX has vastly improved the stock A320, it's still a far cry from what we've seen possible in aircraft like the fslabs. I'll gladly join this way of thought of it being an excuse when we have realistic airliners on par with what we have now. Ones like the maddog, PMDG, FSLabs, Majestic. Considering we haven't seen anything to suggest any of these are even remotely close I still consider the SDK excuse to not be one at all.
  8. I guess we are back to the days of grimacing when we click request pushback!
  9. anybody who would call the FSLabs A320 a joke can't be taken seriously. Add Line: How specifically is it a joke?
  10. got one the other day. these won't go away completely until LM fixes it
  11. even that one is priced high. On one hand there is no other 767 to be had. On the other, I suspect the market isn't huge for people who want one in the first place. I love 767's. And 757's. But it seems like the older birds don't sell as well
  12. I just can't imagine they are selling any new 757's at the price they are charging. No PBR. MSFS like it or not has slowed down P3D purchases. It's their business to run, but I think if priced significantly lower they would actually be able to sell this plane to new customers.
  13. Aerosoft had never made airplanes as complicated and realistic as others like maddog, fslabs and pmdg. You call your opinion reality. But your reality ignores that we have at best an incomplete sdk.
  14. I have no idea. My guess would be 3000. All versions of P3D factored in. The Active users in the maddog, fslabs, pmdg, majestic, tfdi forums alone would suggest higher than your estimate. But without question MSFS has and should have more users. You may think I'm saying I hate MSFS and wish for it's early death. I don't. But there is a reason that a good chunk of users have come back to P3D. Or never left. There is also a reason when some of the biggest flight sim payware makers are giving huge delays for their products to be ready. It's hard for me to say when MSFS stumbled and fell. But I suspect it was at the point when it seemed to get rushed and pushed thru the shortest beta known to man kind. I think our friends at Asobo were forced by microsoft to deliver their baby too early. It's clear. Now that the buzz is wearing off (and users are decreasing) it's pretty hard to not see that.
  15. just saw a very interesting graphic posted by somebody else in the FSLabs discord server. Shows MSFS usage. While it peaked at 61k active users at one time. It's now averaging just 5000 users at a time. Guess gamers are tired of it already.
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