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  1. I am trying to connect Plan-G to X-Plane 11.26 across 2 networked PCs via XPUIPC.but XPUIPC in X-plane tells me "no IP client connected". X-Plane is on and Plan-G and XPWideClient on The full XPUIPC folder is in X-plane 11/Resources/plugins and XPUIPC.ini has "server address=" & "XPUIPC2XPUIPC Client mode = NO" XPwideclient on "[Network Settings] IP Address of THIS PC = IP Address of server =" Can anyone offer helpful suggestions why X-Plane is saying no IPClients connected?
  2. I have modified an XboxOne Kinect to connect to my Win7 PC ( to use as a head tracker for my VR headset. Kinect SDK v1.8 installed but my PC doesn't detect the Kinect, can anyone offer any help? TIA Dave
  3. As expected US only. HP VR1000 £375.95
  4. Vulcan

    Ezdok problem in fSX-Steam

    Thanks Kyle, all back to normal now. I'll delete all the 747 service packs I had saved and just keep v3.00.8415 for future reinstalls should i need to. Dave Wild
  5. Vulcan

    Ezdok problem in fSX-Steam

    Thanks Kyle, the Ezdok update ixed the issue however I have created another problem myself Before trying the Ezdok update I decided to reinstall the 747 and now the ops centre tells me updates are available. When I select install the windows cmd window opens briefly then closes so all appears to be OK, however if I close then re-open the ops centre it still tells me updates are available. I have tried running the 2 updates from the downloaded files as well as letting the ops centre install the updates (all done with AV disabled) but still keep getting notifications about the updates. If I select the 747 in the Ops centre and check on the version it is 3.00.8132 and there is version 3.00.8466 available. Sorry for being a pain. Dave Wild
  6. Ezdok is not responding when in the PMDG 747 QotS II using FSX-Steam, DX10 preview and Steve's DX10 fixer. The Ezdok control panel opens but if I try to click on any part of it the panel just "blinks" and will not accept any mouse commands. The FSX-Steam, DX10 preview and Steve's DX10 fixer setup works fine with all other aircraft including the PMDG 737 and DC6; it's only the 747 which causes problems which is why I've posted the problem here. I have noticed that when initially loading an aircraft Ezdok uses about 25% CPU and then quickly drops to <1% but with the 747 it remains at around 25%. Can anyone offer a solution please? TIA Dave Wild
  7. Thanks Steve, I totally missed that top menu, I feel a right numpty Now installed for both FSX and FXS-Steam.
  8. I have just purchased the DX10 fixer v3.3.103 and wish to install it for FSX and FSX-Steam. The manual states that in v2.9 there is a User Preferences section which allows you to select Dual System Mode, this option did not appear during installation. So how do I install the DX10 fixer for both FSX and FSX-Steam? Thanks
  9. Has this crash been resolved with any 737 update since July? Dave Wild
  10. Vulcan

    Joystick buttons vs Keyboard buttons

    I'm talking about a standard XBox or Playstation controller Ralph, you can pick them up quite cheaply on eBay. I use one, along with a steering wheel, on a different sim and the controller shows up in MSFS so you should be able to assign buttons via the MSFS controller setup screen.
  11. Vulcan

    Joystick buttons vs Keyboard buttons

    Would an ordinary game pad work Ralph? At the very least you would have 12 buttons; the "joysticks" would only show as "axis" I guess.
  12. Just whipped the base off to see if there's anything obviously wrong but all looks good. No play, nothing loose and no pots to clean so looks like I'll just have to put up with it. I might try Saitek/Logitech support.
  13. The Windows controller window shows the same thing; deflection markers reach the edges of the box about 2/3 of the stick travel in both X & Y axis. It just seems very strange that pots or sensors don't cover the full stick travel
  14. I recently acquired a Saitek X52 (not the Pro version) throttle and stick and I think I have a problem with the Y axis (elevator) I noticed through FSUIPC that the output values of the elevator axis stop changing about halfway through the stick's travel, i.e. you can move the stick past where it has any effect on the aircraft elevators. Is this normal for an X52? I had an X36 previously and that changed values through the full range of movement.
  15. Vulcan

    Route Finder

    I mainly fly European routes and find this site ideal for real World routes. You need to register but it's free.