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  1. To use the Logitech radio panel with the Fly-by-wire A320 neo without Spadex map a button to "Avionics Master 2 on" and "Avionics master 1 on" and switch them on when in the cockpit, that will power up the radio panel https://imgur.com/a/9U5Hnyl
  2. I have the new Pico neo 3 Link headset connected to my PC via the DP (display port) mode. Steam VR is running and I can run FS2020 by either running it from the desktop or from the headset but when I switch FS2020 to VR mode it says "headset not connected". What am I doing wrong?
  3. Since SU8 I, and others, have a double mouse cursor in the cockpit when zoomed into the instrument panels. A hot fix didn't fix the problem but someone in the forums said turning off "Home Cockpit" in the camera options fixed the problem; that worked for me until yesterday but now the bug is back. I have not changed anything in FS2020, AFAIK there has been no Windows nor FS2020 update so I am at a loss as to why the bug has returned. I have logged it at Zendesk
  4. I used to be able to set up a flight on the desktop, jup into the cockpit and then go into VR, now I can't and no idea why. The only way I can get intom VR is by doing so on the main menu. I removed everything from my community folder but the problem presists. Any helpful suggestions? Steam edition of std MSFS2020 SU7 Win10
  5. Yes I've read that but I've played around with IPD settings through the whole range and can't tell any difference. I as hoping there was something more obvious, like things would be less sharp soit would be easier to set the correct distance. I started out using the Pimax 4K, it has a cross as a target so you adjust (software) the IPD until the 2 crosses coincided, yet again running through the whole range I could detect no difference. Maybe I've got wonky eyes 😁
  6. What, if any, obvious visual difference between a correct IPD setting and an incorrect one, this is for WMR software adjustment?
  7. Oh dear 😢 A brilliant concept IMO but let down in execution. The yoke has "stiction" mainly in pitch so trying to make small adjustments, such as when landing, is very difficult. Also I'm not keen about the stong yoke centering effect. The throttles have very little friction. I haven't tried the rudders because I have rudder pedals. Overkill Simulations Youtube review highlights the stiction and someone else mentioned the "loose" throttles but I'm sure he said he'd found a fix, but I can't find that video now
  8. Using local time for global events/travel is akin to how the UK railways were back in the day, in fact it was the UK that first introduced "standard"or "railway" time because back then each town/city had it's time dictated by it's longtitude and passangers often missed trains because of the time differences. So railway time was introduced in 1852 and it became GMT (Greenwiich mean time) which some anti-Brit renamed UTC https://www.sciencemuseum.org.uk/objects-and-stories/standardising-time-railways-and-electric-telegraph PS The update is 33.4GB and my download speed is is around 85Mbits/sec
  9. It is 16:00 UTC (4pm) here in the uK and I've just opened up Steam and it tells me MSFS2020 is running, but it isn't so perhaps Steam is intalling the update in the background. And my Velocity One has just been delivered. it's going to be a busy evening 😁
  10. Justflight did one for fSX along with the Warrior and Arrow so I expect they will release a Tommy for FS2020 considering they've released the Arrow and Warrior.
  11. And that's the major trouble Dillon. For years unfinished software has been delivered with very little or no comeback so people have become used to accepting faulty software and the fans will defend it. If you bought a washer/dryer with multiple programmed modes and when you got it home you found half the modes didn't work you'd demand a refund "unfit for purpose" yet because you've been conditioned that faulty software is the norm you accept it. At least some of the replies inform Norman, and others, that usually unfixed bugs are not usually the fault of the alpha/beta testers.
  12. IIRC there is an outer and inner knob, make sure you are using the correct one. At least you should be able to set it in single degrees.
  13. I think it's in the camera settings, you're looking for "remove HUD"
  14. AFAIK it was stated that the SDK would be included with the "game". However i don't own FS2020 so cannot offer any help on where to look. Does Pete not suggest where to look in the install instructions for FSUIPC?
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