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  1. Yes YoYo I'm pleased to say. Partially my fault because I didn't know the format of the serial numbers but uncertainty because I am not able to register the Reverb.
  2. Everything good.My serial number is for a version 2, Just need to talk to HP why it won't register.
  3. I recently purchased a new HP Reverb Pro from Amazon UK but when I entered the serial number to register the Reverb with HP their system could not identify it, so who knows what it is! I am waiting to ask HP UK what my serial number refers to, evidently it may be a v1 that has been upgraded by HP. Having said that I will not hesitate to return the Reverb if it is not a v2 or an upgrade to v2. I will update this post when i know more
  4. I agree, and probably explains why FSW was suddenly shut down. When the first screenshots were published I though how very FSW they looked. I just hope the sim runs on less than bleeding edge hardware
  5. Thanks Rick. I can now see the photos and videos. Before all I could see was the road map, all there was below were the bullet points about the update. Hope accessing the sim is as difficult as this 🤪
  6. Yes Rick, At least I think I am., I can see the roadmap and my profile icon top right gives me a logout option so I must be logged in.
  7. OK I figured out how to see the roadmap but how do I see the screenshots and clips? None of the bullet points are links to anything and the Media tab in the top menu bar only shows the initial announcement video.
  8. What am I doing wrong? I'm logged into www.flightsimulator.com and all I see is the short 6 second video of the blurred aircraft and that's what I see if I'm NOT logged in, what gives? Never mind, figured it out
  9. The trailer and that new update remind me so much of Dovetail's FSW. Someone somewhere did mention that part of the agreement with Dovetail was that MS still owned the code and any modifications/updates made to the core code. So FSW created 64bit FSW and was working toward many exciting features including TruSky and their volumetric clouds, very similar to those in the MS trailer.
  10. rc 2.14a seems to have cured the problem
  11. X-plane 11.34r1 build 113400 I recently updated the Zibo mod to 3.34 rc14 and discovered that the ND is blank, it displays no route either in map mode or plan mode. before the update the ND display was normal. Thinking the latest Zibo update may have broken something I did a fresh install of v3.34 rc2.0 but still no ND display so I wonder if the latest X-plane update has caused the problem?
  12. I have an old X52 (non-pro) and I assume the pro has similar features which include the ability to adjust the spring on the base of the joystick. Not used a X55 so can't comment IMHO the best Saitek HOTAS combo was the X36 (RIP) which i used for years before buying the X52. There was no adjustment to the stick but I found it just the right amount of stiffness. It also had an excellent rocker type switch on the throttle to use as a rudder axis, far better IMHO than twisting the stick, at least for civil flying.
  13. Basic functions i.e. pitch, roll & yaw are just plug 'n play but you will need to assign (or at least check) the various buttons and rotary controls.
  14. At that price I'd be interested but not at £600 !! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-Odyssey-Wireless-Controllers-XE800ZAA-HC1US/dp/B078K2S122
  15. I am trying to connect Plan-G to X-Plane 11.26 across 2 networked PCs via XPUIPC.but XPUIPC in X-plane tells me "no IP client connected". X-Plane is on and Plan-G and XPWideClient on The full XPUIPC folder is in X-plane 11/Resources/plugins and XPUIPC.ini has "server address=" & "XPUIPC2XPUIPC Client mode = NO" XPwideclient on "[Network Settings] IP Address of THIS PC = IP Address of server =" Can anyone offer helpful suggestions why X-Plane is saying no IPClients connected?
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