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  1. And that's the major trouble Dillon. For years unfinished software has been delivered with very little or no comeback so people have become used to accepting faulty software and the fans will defend it. If you bought a washer/dryer with multiple programmed modes and when you got it home you found half the modes didn't work you'd demand a refund "unfit for purpose" yet because you've been conditioned that faulty software is the norm you accept it. At least some of the replies inform Norman, and others, that usually unfixed bugs are not usually the fault of the alpha/beta testers.
  2. IIRC there is an outer and inner knob, make sure you are using the correct one. At least you should be able to set it in single degrees.
  3. I think it's in the camera settings, you're looking for "remove HUD"
  4. AFAIK it was stated that the SDK would be included with the "game". However i don't own FS2020 so cannot offer any help on where to look. Does Pete not suggest where to look in the install instructions for FSUIPC?
  5. Sadly what Dave2013 posted is true, very rarely, if ever, is software delivered fully done. If this was any other consumer purchase they would be forced out of business for offering "not fit for purpose" goods. All this stems back to the early days of selling software to businesses when it was "take it or leave it"; just read the EULAs, basically "if you don;t like it, tough"
  6. You already have 2 buttons for flaps so I would map one of them to increase flaps incrementally and the other to decrease incrementally, you never increase/decrease flaps in one go. Map one of the B/C combinations to elevator trim up/down. remember in a real aircraft you pull back on the trim wheel to trim nose up. You don't need separate left/right brakes but I would map a button for brakes, no need for parking brake, you can do that with the keyboard. Most, if not all, joystick mappings should be to control stuff while you are flying. So other things to map:- thrust reversers, landing gear, spoilers, and if flying prop aircraft you need prop control and mixture control. If FS2020 allows you to map to each aircraft then you can double up on the controls which are specific to the type of aircraft, so if flying jets you don't need prop or mixture. For jets you may need fuel cut-off but again this can be mapped to keyboard because you would be on the ground when you need to use them. Have fun
  7. Real world charts. Many countries' airport charts are available for free online. Sometimes it takes a bit of effort to get them, usually knowing where to look. The usual place to look for is "AIP" Aeronautical Information Publication. This is broken down into sections, e.g en-route, airports. For airports look for AD2 within the AIP Alternatively subscribe to Navigraph for monthly updates.
  8. If you want to learn how to fly a 737 using real world procedures search YouTube for flightdeck2sim, he's RL 737 captain and has done a lot of tutorials for flying the 737-800 as in real life, mainly the PMDG 738 and X-Plane Zibo mod 738. His early videos are the main tutorials.
  9. Yes YoYo I'm pleased to say. Partially my fault because I didn't know the format of the serial numbers but uncertainty because I am not able to register the Reverb.
  10. Everything good.My serial number is for a version 2, Just need to talk to HP why it won't register.
  11. I recently purchased a new HP Reverb Pro from Amazon UK but when I entered the serial number to register the Reverb with HP their system could not identify it, so who knows what it is! I am waiting to ask HP UK what my serial number refers to, evidently it may be a v1 that has been upgraded by HP. Having said that I will not hesitate to return the Reverb if it is not a v2 or an upgrade to v2. I will update this post when i know more
  12. I agree, and probably explains why FSW was suddenly shut down. When the first screenshots were published I though how very FSW they looked. I just hope the sim runs on less than bleeding edge hardware
  13. Thanks Rick. I can now see the photos and videos. Before all I could see was the road map, all there was below were the bullet points about the update. Hope accessing the sim is as difficult as this 🤪
  14. Yes Rick, At least I think I am., I can see the roadmap and my profile icon top right gives me a logout option so I must be logged in.
  15. OK I figured out how to see the roadmap but how do I see the screenshots and clips? None of the bullet points are links to anything and the Media tab in the top menu bar only shows the initial announcement video.
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