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  1. lencarne

    XPlane11 Rookie Mistakes

    my mouse gets me round the cockpit and outside. RT click and hold to pan around. Scroll wheel to zoom. I find that very convenient. I'm a recent refugee from fsx. Learning curve was a little steep and as I'm 69 took longer than I thought but I love the way the birds fly here, the scenery and as I love airliners most the free 737 Zibo mod is great. What planes you like to fly?
  2. lencarne

    3 monitor advice?

    Read the xplane manual first. There's some good explanation there using multiple monitors. Also get your monitors set up properly in Windows first before you start xplane. XP runs fastest in Windowed mode rather than full screen and you have the benefit of accessing other support like simbrief when your flying. Set your FOV in settings/ graphics section to something like 135 degrees. When in the sim you can use your mouse to drag the window across all 3 screens. Set your camera view(s). When happy press ctrl and a numpad key. It will then be remembered just like EzyDok in fsx. If you are into the B737 everyone is very happy to use the Xiibo mod version. Its free too as are lots of things here! Welcome to Xplane!
  3. lencarne


    I guess we've been spoilt with Ctrl J in FSX
  4. lencarne

    Xplane11 tip

    Good idea. When I have finally nailed calm weather landings I will consider that 😊
  5. lencarne


    and how, I wonder, are we gonna find that info?
  6. lencarne

    FlightFactor B777

    PMDG has a reputation for authenticity right down to minutia but you will need fsx or p3d to run it.
  7. lencarne

    Holy smokes!

    Did anyone spot the red/white lighthouse on the banks of the Thames right near City Airport? Hows that for an immersion breaker lol
  8. lencarne

    Zibo mod n1 limit

    Yea done that, lots of differences here from pmdg... work around is to turn qrh off n guess the figures! At least i get v speeds on the pdf
  9. Refuge from fsx pmdg. I Cant set N1 full power or reductions which means I cant set V speeds. GW well within limits. Runway and SID set. Any help out there? TIA
  10. lencarne

    Which drive

    Thanks to all
  11. Refuge from FSX. I note that X-Plane strongly advise to download and install the sim to the desktop but I have a large secondary drive waiting for it. Can i just copy and paste the desktop folder there? TIA
  12. Wow thats saved me a headache. Updated over the w/e but havnt been on PMDG yet. Thanks guys
  13. lencarne

    Google Earth’s Incredible 3D Imagery, Explained

    I look for GENnav in the library and cant find it. Can someone find a link for it please?
  14. lencarne

    PAVD Valdez

    The NGX is a slippery thing for sure. When at flight idle I hit F1 as a habit now as its well known that throttle controllers can be iffy