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  1. I noticed this too. Mine doesn't change neither with manual braking
  2. thank you! and I think 25 pounds is what an airline usually assumes as luggage weight per person?
  3. Two unrelated questions. Is the cargo value in fmc the weight of everything or only packages carried in addition to the passenger luggage? is nearest airport any nearest airport or only airports where a 737 can land? thanks
  4. BTW, update on the reverse thrust axis i mentioned earlier, if in P3dv4.1 I go under Controls, Axis Assignments I do have among many other things a "throttle reverser axis" which I can assign to the lever i want to use on my yoke. I said it wasn't working reliably however I was making some test and seems like, at least to me, that become reliable when i move the yoke lever two times, one will lift the REV TH levers on the central pedestal and the second time will actually pull them backward engaging finally reverse thrust.
  5. thanks for the input. Sorry but i am totally FSUIPC word not allowed, would that be the registered version?
  6. hi guys, maybe someone can help me here. Not strictly a PMDG product question but as i said in the past, PMDG is all i fly. Ok the issue is this, i have the latest version of P3Dv4.1 and I would like to engage the reverse thrust with an available lever i have on my yoke which is now doing nothing. Currently I am using the keyboard letter R which works very well but is unrealistic and corresponds to the command "decrease throttle quickly" but I cannot assign this to a lever, i can only do so to a keyboard button. There is also another command which i think wasnt there in the older version (or maybe it was....anyway) that reverses thrust and is called "throttle reverse axis" which i can assign easily to this lever on the yoke but most times is unreliable, sometimes works sometimes not and i am not sure why. Maybe i don't know how to use it? Suggestions?
  7. Leo, i always try to land manually and I don’t experience as u describe an automatic soft landing, not like on auto. It can be pretty hard if I don’t flare. Now I don’t flare much and I too look down the end of runway to have an idea of my sink rate. But If I don’t flare At all that’s pretty harshs. (not sure as I cannot look at my rate while I’m looking the runway and the recording playback unfortunately has my panels blacked out so I cannot review the numbers). If I flare correctly I think I end up on 0.2ish rate. But sometimes I pull a little too much and float a little and yes I push just a little the yoke to re-descent. But I know that’s my mistake often caused by fear of slamming plus trying to get centerline. Even when I float however most times I touch down within the safe zone and never beyond the very last two markings of the first half. So I consider that still a decent landing. when I review everything visually looks good to me as as the real landings I see at the airport.
  8. Correct, the other thread is slightly different because there was another livery involved but the symptom is the same: an FMC with messup fuel numbers that you cannot change as it is not accepting any change. What i do is start with the default 737-800 and fly the first leg of my flight, park and shut down almost everything then I simply go to FILE>Save with another name. That's it. The next time I LOAD this saved flight and continue with another flight. Ok so sometimes this works and sometimes at this point the fuel page in the FMC is messed up. Meaning you may just have 7000 pounds of fuel which is fine because that'show i left it BUT it also considers it 100% full and it's in yellow characters and cannot fix it...and endup losing my saved flight
  9. I'm not loading anything on top of anything. Here is the thing. In p3dv3 I could start my 737 exactly how I left it, in p3dv4 when I do that the fuel in fmc is messed up. Pretty simple
  10. I don't have FSUIPC and from my reading it may just add another layer of issues. I'll look in to it but as i said it wasn't an issue in the p3dv3 version so perhaps it can be fixed without adding FSUIPC?
  11. Actually is not gone at all. It's coming and going and i realized that another user posted the same fuel problem in Fuel Quantity Bug thread. I do realize that it is recommended to start with a fresh plane but honestly this is quite inconvenient (I often save randomly my flight just in case P3d crashes so i can recover where i left but with this bug the fuel would be off in the FMC not allowing me to continue) and makes it also less realistic (i fly Southwest and i like to continue exactly where/how i left it in the previous leg). It wasn't an issue with P3dv3 so i wonder if it is possible to look in to it and fix it please? thank you
  12. you guys are right, yes i had to move closer and put me too close but then enabling the Wide View Aspect ratio kind of put everything in the right place. BTW, i forgot to add that i was running EZDOK beta for P3dv4 and at first i thought that was the issue. In reality so far works very well as long as u set everything to run as an administrator, heck i even got my mouse wheel to work as a zoom tool
  13. try this links it's like tears/rips in the graphics, black sharp cuts thank you
  14. Hi does anyone know what causes this weird black object cutting the cockpit in half as well as the gray round one on the seat I do realize this may not be a PMDG issue but you guys are the only experts i know... thank you
  15. the problem appears to be solved! all by itself.....