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  1. fltent1184

    VoxATC in P3Dv4.1 very slow

    What setting are you using for the traffic limiter in FSUIPC? Is there any stutter because of deleting traffic? What is your setting for traffic in VoxATC? I haven't tried this feature in fsuipc and would like to really give it a go as in heavy airports even with 30% setting in voxatc tends to bring the fps down heavily.
  2. fltent1184

    Changing aircraft call signs

    User's aircraft's call sign can be changed through VoxATC settings. If you mean AI aircraft's call-sign, VoxATC picks up the call sign from each of the aircraft.cfg (atc airline) when it would have scanned and created a DB from your AI schedules.
  3. Aerosoft is offering 20% discount on its UK sceneries till 21st January. Picked up Heathrow professional for P3Dv4 at EUR22! (excl. VAT)
  4. I am a bit surprised that there have been challenges in getting support in PFE forums. I am guessing this is probably one odd man out case as response there has been very quick by the developer. I would still give benefit of doubt and try getting access to forums and post your issues there as they would be in best position to analyse your logs which capture more data than just ATC communication transcript. Also did you try the demo version of PF3 before purchase? I remember they had a very generous trial version where you could experience all aspects of flight using PF3 which should have helped you in making your choice. There are also threads here which talk about comparisons between PF3 and other products which should have helped in providing more details on what the product is capable of. There is no one ATC product today that does everything perfectly. Some excel in certain departments more than others. PF3 is no exception to this but it is backed by an active developer who has been quick to provide updates and fixes. I understand your frustration but it would be worthwhile to wait and get a resolution from their official support before completely writing off.
  5. fltent1184

    can't enable FO.help ?

    Are you tuned to any active frequency (atis, ground, tower etc.)? Try keeping your comms at a frequency not used at the airport and then enable FO.
  6. fltent1184


    For point 3, check if you have another assignment for the PTT button in P3D. If there is another event assigned, you need to delete the assignment in P3d. It looks like a conflict. If the volume of VoxATC is low, try adjusting the volume setting in voices configuration app in VoxATC folder. You can increase the volume there along with assigning voices. For point 1, have you run the indexer? Another person on this forum reported that he was able to assign the voxatc panel & start it successfully in his A2A aircraft (the bug for recognizing aircraft's through add-on.xml was fixed in voxatc 7.41).
  7. fltent1184

    VoxATC and Ultimate Traffic Live

    WOAI should work as it uses the BGL method for injecting traffic into sim. VoxATC indexer reads the traffic BGL files from \Scenery\World\Scenery folder and creates traffic to inject into sim. I don't know about MyTraffic but if it also uses the BGL method, then it should also work with VoxATC.
  8. Yes. PF3 works fine with P3D v4. Make sure you have updated FSUIPC 5 installed.
  9. fltent1184

    P3D v4 ATC Add-On

    I have PF3 and VoxATC and here is a quick summary of both: PF3 - Of all the ATC add-ons, this one requires probably the most intricate setup of the flightplan. You have to key in all the information including end of a SID and start of a STAR along with all altitude restrictions. The effort is significant especially if you want to account for different runways based on weather (You need to key in all the SID and STAR data for all the runways along with TAs and FAFs for the airport). I am not sure why the developer did not choose to use navdata to simplify this part but this is where it stands today. Though the vectoring has been ok on most occasions, it has been a hit and miss for me at least on some ocassions when I add a STAR to the flightplan. Your sim still controls the AI but it does come with a conflict monitor on the ground which does a good job of preventing AI from getting into your path while taxiing (freezes them). On the plus side, you have a very responsive developer, regular updates to the application and decent support through their forums. The other plus is also a rich voice set which adds to the immersion while flying through different regions. I think you can also talk to it instead of using keyboard shortcuts through MCE add-on though I don't own this so I don't know how good it is. VoxATC - This one adds realism through actually speaking to the controller by default. One unique feature is that it generates its own AI traffic from your traffic files and controls in the sim. The advantage is that you get a very realistic experience as right from clearance to landing, the ATC is able to handle all aspects with AI. This works reasonably well as long as you set the traffic percentage in Voxatc to a realistic level (around 30% or so). It does use navdata so it can assign you the SID and STAR automatically providing you have some of the waypoints in your flightplan. Vectoring is good though you do have minor hiccups. It does handle VFR as well. Another interesting capability it has which none of the other add-ons have (I think ProATC may have though not sure) is that it is terrain aware I.e. it shouldn't vector you into mountains and should know the safe altitudes around you (though in real world this is the pilots responsibility to not scrape metal, it still is a nice feature especially if you don't use the airport chart or a STAR). On the flip side, currently the latest version (7.4) is quite buggy and is due for an update from the developer. The developer does respond if you mail him with the bugs but the updates are not as frequent as PF3. You can check the forum here for the info on bugs. Also it has a limited voice set (uses TTS) as compared to PF3. Both the add-ons work with all sims from FSX to P3d v4 and support network capability. Also they do have a generous demo/trial of their add-on so you should get a good idea if it is suitable for you or not. As previously stated, there is no perfect add-on as of date. Each add-on has its quirks but also developing a realistic ATC addon is not that easy. Some do better than others in certain areas so it boils down to your personal taste. In my opinion VOXATC comes quite close to being a very comprehensive add-on but it is a bit difficult to recommend without any reservations as the current version has a lot of bugs that need to be ironed out.
  10. fltent1184

    P3D vs FSX SE

    You might still be able to extract some mileage from FSX SE if you have invested in lot of add-ons & you have a stable sim without too many OOM issues. Not all add-ons yet are available (FSL A320, Majestic Q400 to name a few, there are airports as well) though they do have a roadmap to make v4 versions available in near future. Some add-ons have offered free upgrade to v4 platform while some have charged a nominal upgrade fee while some are requiring you to pay a full price for v4 version. You need to factor these costs as well accordingly when you are moving to v4. Decision is yours - v4 certainly looks promising & way forward but if you have a good setup with FSX SE, you might be able to push the decision out for a little while & then take the plunge.
  11. fltent1184

    No takeoff clearance

    I used to have this problem during my very early days with VoxATC where I didn't get take-off clearance. I edited the airport's AFCAD & adjusted the holding points (technically it shouldn't have mattered as I only move them a bit). I also remove extra nodes in taxiways leading up to the runway. After doing all of this, VoxATC has consistently given me takeoff clearance for this airport. I also tried a few other airports (stock as well as freeware) and I didn't see this problem. One thing to check: Do you have taxi guidance enabled? If so, does it light up all the way to the holding point (the holding point will be indicated in bright red). Assuming you are tuned to tower frequency when you are close to the holding point, VoxATC should call out your call-sign acknowledging that it has you in slot for takeoff.
  12. For point (1), I do not see this issue. I have FSGRW & ASN and when I use them, VoxATC does use the correct runway for landing & takeoffs based on wind direction. A lot of other ATC programs rely on what runways the AI are using but as VoxATC generates its own AI, I don't think it uses that logic. I haven't however checked the destination ATIS in VoxATC (I rely on the METAR report); I will do that in my next flight to see if the winds are reported correctly. Another thing which you can try if you haven't is to force no WX updates at approach/destination airport so that winds will not change (this option should be there in AS16). For point (2), the developer acknowledged that reading runway closures is an issue in 7.4 & he will look at fixing it. Basically VoxATC 7.4 ignores runway closures and continues to use all runways as active from the AFCAD.
  13. fltent1184

    VoxATC 7 Beta bugs

    I have been using VOXATC for couple of weeks now. Few problems I encountered: 1. Take off clearance is not received sometimes: For the same airport, runway, flightplan and weather situation, I sometimes don't get the take off clearance after coming to the hold short position. The problem is the issue is very random and I am not able to repro it consistently. 2. Closed runways not being honoured: For some reason, if the runway is closed at both ends (marked as closed for take off and landing for primary and secondary in ADE), Voxatc still uses the closed runway for take off. I did drop a note to the developer and his suggestion was to "close" the runway rather than just closing for take off and landing but I am unable to figure out how to "close". There seems to be no option in ADE at least other than just closing for departure and landing. If someone knows more about this, do let me know. I have also run the indexer multiple times but to no avail. 3. Descent altitudes not correct sometimes: one occasion where I was able to repro this is in a short flight which uses both a SID and STAR, voxatc asks to descend and then climb again at the end of SID. For e.g. in a flight of 180NM, at a cruise of FL230, I was asked to descend to 6000 (which seemed ok as I was about 70NM out). However when I just reached end of SID, I was again asked to climb to FL230. Within a short while I was again asked to descend to 10000. Again I haven't face this issue in all flights but only in this particular occasion. 4. Need to repeat departure clearance multiple times in fragments - though this might be a problem with speech recognition and not Voxatc itself. Other than the above 4 issues, Voxatc has been quite good in providing an overall immersive experience. Operation of SID and STARs have been on the mark with solid vectoring in all flights that did work. The only other gripe I have is not supporting ICAO phraseology in other regions (transition altitude defaults to 18000 as well).
  14. fltent1184

    Voices Not Working

    VoxPop voices from the usual download section do also work in 32 bit sims (I have them working perfectly fine in FSX SE). When you start VOXATC after a computer reboot, the Voxpop voices take a bit of time to start (if you configured them based on the suggested configuration in download section, it takes about 1 min to have all the voices initialized). Subsequent start ups are very fast (as long as you haven't rebooted or shutdown the machine). I did have a similar problem to what you faced except that the error I got after initialization was that speech recognition was not installed (though it was). I fixed it by reinstalling voxatc couple of times followed by going through the entire speech recognition setup (the recognition tutorial setup in speech settings in Windows).