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  1. fltent1184

    AI Controller 2.0 (Gate-to-Gate Control) Open Beta Prepar3D

    I tried using 1.4B in P3D v4.3. Using SIDSTAR converter, I was able to add approaches, SIDs, STARs for all airports (whatever PMDG navdata has). After generating the taxi graphs, what I found was that with all the approaches, it takes considerable time to start (10-15+ mins as it reads all data). Once started, it does control the AI in P3D. In few test flights, I saw that that AI does come in your way for landing but it is maneuvered off. Go arounds are still there. Taxi for most part is ok but I did see AI zipping through terminals at EGLL (complex AFCAD might also be contributing here) Overall, the program has/had a lot of promise. But I do believe what is trying to be achieved is not simple especially if you take control of AI from the sim. The other challenge is also that it needs to interact either with sim or 3P ATC to ensure that the entire flight is in sync. VoxATC's approach seems to be probably the best as it provides ATC with AI controlled by the program so there is no issue in detecting user aircraft or wrestling & letting go control to sim. It seems to have nailed the taxi feature at airports for sure. However, it does have its issues as well especially being very sensitive about 3P airports AFDs as well as higher performance impact as compared to sim/UTlive traffic + 3P ATC (ProATCx etc.). But I do believe that currently VoxATC is better solution if someone needs complete immersion. I think any flight sim developer who manages to nail both the issues & is able to build an integrated solution is definitely going to be very successful. However, it is easier said than done.
  2. fltent1184


    Did you run the indexer? Did you load a flight plan before starting VoxATC? From the error it looks like there is something wrong with setting the MSA at destination airport. What airports are you using for your flightplan?
  3. fltent1184


    I am using VoxATC in the latest Windows release (April update) and I have no issues. Answering OP’s question, two ATC addons that support speech natively are Pilot2ATC and VoxATC. One of the biggest drawbacks of VoxATC is lack of any support from the developer. After releasing the last update a year back, there has been no news or updates and support questions have gone unanswered. The only source of some support has been from few helpful folks here in AVSIM at the unofficial forum section. However, I wouldn’t say that there are deal breakers in VoxATC which will prevent you from using it. One of the biggest advantages which none of the other ATC addons have is its ability to control AI traffic as it spawns it’s own traffic using the BGLs. Also it has the ability to assign SID and STARs based on your flight plan and does a decent job of vectoring. It also has ability to highlight ground taxiways which is pretty good especially in unfamiliar airports. You can always use the copilot feature if the workload is high. The other thing I liked about VoxATC was that it integrated into the sim as a simple gauge. Do note that VoxATC can not integrate with UTlive today as it does not have a mechanism to read the schedules from UTlive. Developer was supposed to release a bridge but never happened till date. I don’t own Pilot2ATC; someone else might be able to pitch in. However one thing I do know is that the support from developer is very good and the software has been updated frequently with bugs addressed very quickly by the developer. One thing which was an issue for me at the time I was in the market for an ATC addon was that you had to run the Pilot2ATC window side by side and the resource utilisation was pretty high if you used it on the same sim machine (though not sure if that has changed now). It also is only AI aware I.e. the sim controls the AI. The good thing is both the addons have demo versions. You can use VoxATC for 10 days and Pilot2ATC for 15 (? Not sure) days and evaluate their functionality and see what best suits your requirement. Both of them support SAPI voices for TTS so you can add more voices if you need. Also both of them support running on networked machines.
  4. fltent1184

    VoxATC, P3d v4.3, and AI traffic

    I just tried with P3D 4.3 & am able to get the PTT keys etc. to work from a joystick with AI traffic. So this means that there is no issue with software (which is good considering that there is no inkling of any fixes or releases from the developer). I am probably thinking there is some conflict with your assignment; let's start from some basics: 1. Check the PTT key you are using is not assigned to something else in P3D (I have had this problem before when the joystick button had a conflict). 2. If you are using FSUIPC, check there are no key assignments which are conflicting. 3. Try in another aircraft just to eliminate any custom key mappings for a particular 3P aircraft. 4. Check if there is no other conflicting software; as a start I would run only P3D and Vox and see if it works. 5. Re-install VoxATC. I understand your pain. My gripe with Vox has been poor performance with AI which I wasn't able to explain when compared to higher densities with UTLive. But UTLive has its own issues & all 3P ATC software have some drawback or the other. I tried multiple but have kept coming back one way or other to Vox. The thing I liked about Vox was the ground handling along with more or less solid vectoring (AI control is also another USP considering that I have had very few to no go arounds & rare runway incursions). Give the above steps a try.
  5. fltent1184

    Loss of FPS and stutter at arrival airport

    I am investigating this to isolate the issue. Here is my test setup: Departure airport: EGLL (payware Aerosoft) Time: 2p Weather: Fair (default) Gate: 252 Aircraft: PMDG 737-700ngx in VC. My config: i7 7700k (oc to 4.9ghz), 32gb ram, 1080ti Sliders: conservative; nothing to right. Resolution: 4k in a 28inch monitor Frames: 30Hz and unlimited frames. With Utlive: 200 aircraft, taxi towards runway 9, frames remain locked at around 29-30 and is very smooth (Confirmed by FSUIPC traffic data in logs that max aircraft generated is 201). With VoxATC (slider at 30%): 77 aircraft (as per FSUIPC traffic data). Same conditions taxi towards runway 9 yields frames of 23 - 30. The issue is not low frames. It's the choppiness with stutters that makes it a problem. I have basically stressed the system out at one (if not most) of the heaviest scenery areas and keeping all things equal, I see a poorer performance with VoxATC. I went next step to see the AI aircraft used by both. Utlive uses DJC, Aardvark and TFS models mostly. For VoxATC, I had a combination of FAIB, AIG and TFS (newest converts from AIG). When I inspected the models, the number of triangles and drawcalls used per LOD is much higher in FAIB and converted models vs. a Utlive model. Though some of the TFS models in Utlive do have higher triangles and drawcalls, the more common Airbus a320, 737s etc. have lower than the FAIB counterparts. The newer 767 from FAIB has 10k+ triangles (as compared to Aardvark models which didn't have more than 3k to 5k triangles at most). My belief is as more animations such as nose wheel steering etc. are added, the drawcalls increase causing more impact on P3D. Also the number of LOD for some of the models is quite high. I cannot conclusively say if the more complex models used in FAIB and others is the cause for poorer performance in voxatc as there is no bridge available at this point to plug the Utlive models and test. However what is a bit of a concern is that even with increased drawcalls considering that voxatc only renders 77 aircraft versus 201 from UTLIVE is still something that I am not able to completely resolve.
  6. fltent1184

    Loss of FPS and stutter at arrival airport

    I did multiple tests including getting into larger airports like EDDF. With UTLive & limit at 200 aircrafts, my FPS remained locked at 30 with small variation of dropping to 28 during approach, landing & taxiing. With VoxATC, as per FSUIPC traffic limit viewer, at 50%, I see ~250 AI aircraft. Now I have set the FSUIPC limiter to 100 so 150 aircrafts get deleted. So with ~100 AI aircrafts, approaching into EDDF, I see frames drop to ~18-20 all the way till gate. If I restart Vox at EDDF, I see the FPS back up to 30 with the 100 AI aircraft. The anomaly is how is the sim able to handle 200 aircrafts with UTLive & another ATC & it struggles with 100 aircrafts generated by Vox? I don't know how internally Vox handles releasing aircrafts which are moved out of user's bubble but something seems off.
  7. I am seeing a strange issue. When arriving at destination, there seems to be loss of fps especially at the airport. I have kept the AI limit to 100 via FSUIPC. If I stop and restart Voxatc after landing, the FPS is back to normal. I checked the fsuipc logs and it does limit the ai count to approximately 100. My voxatc ai percentage is set to 50%. I am using P3Dv4 ai models from AIG or FAIB. I also experimented separately with Utlive and traffic at 200 limit and flying between same departure and destination airport. I don’t see this issue at all at the destination airport with using another ATC software like Proatc. If my system is able to handle 200 aircraft’s without any issues, I am wondering if the additional impact is coming from Voxatc?
  8. fltent1184

    VoxATC in P3Dv4.1 very slow

    What setting are you using for the traffic limiter in FSUIPC? Is there any stutter because of deleting traffic? What is your setting for traffic in VoxATC? I haven't tried this feature in fsuipc and would like to really give it a go as in heavy airports even with 30% setting in voxatc tends to bring the fps down heavily.
  9. fltent1184

    Changing aircraft call signs

    User's aircraft's call sign can be changed through VoxATC settings. If you mean AI aircraft's call-sign, VoxATC picks up the call sign from each of the aircraft.cfg (atc airline) when it would have scanned and created a DB from your AI schedules.
  10. Aerosoft is offering 20% discount on its UK sceneries till 21st January. Picked up Heathrow professional for P3Dv4 at EUR22! (excl. VAT)
  11. I am a bit surprised that there have been challenges in getting support in PFE forums. I am guessing this is probably one odd man out case as response there has been very quick by the developer. I would still give benefit of doubt and try getting access to forums and post your issues there as they would be in best position to analyse your logs which capture more data than just ATC communication transcript. Also did you try the demo version of PF3 before purchase? I remember they had a very generous trial version where you could experience all aspects of flight using PF3 which should have helped you in making your choice. There are also threads here which talk about comparisons between PF3 and other products which should have helped in providing more details on what the product is capable of. There is no one ATC product today that does everything perfectly. Some excel in certain departments more than others. PF3 is no exception to this but it is backed by an active developer who has been quick to provide updates and fixes. I understand your frustration but it would be worthwhile to wait and get a resolution from their official support before completely writing off.
  12. fltent1184

    can't enable FO.help ?

    Are you tuned to any active frequency (atis, ground, tower etc.)? Try keeping your comms at a frequency not used at the airport and then enable FO.
  13. fltent1184


    For point 3, check if you have another assignment for the PTT button in P3D. If there is another event assigned, you need to delete the assignment in P3d. It looks like a conflict. If the volume of VoxATC is low, try adjusting the volume setting in voices configuration app in VoxATC folder. You can increase the volume there along with assigning voices. For point 1, have you run the indexer? Another person on this forum reported that he was able to assign the voxatc panel & start it successfully in his A2A aircraft (the bug for recognizing aircraft's through add-on.xml was fixed in voxatc 7.41).
  14. fltent1184

    VoxATC and Ultimate Traffic Live

    WOAI should work as it uses the BGL method for injecting traffic into sim. VoxATC indexer reads the traffic BGL files from \Scenery\World\Scenery folder and creates traffic to inject into sim. I don't know about MyTraffic but if it also uses the BGL method, then it should also work with VoxATC.