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  1. Ok thanks, I’ll try this.
  2. Pilot53, thanks for your input. In my case I want to lighten up the terrain just a little bit for a full moon. Do I adjust this multiplayer only ? (•0.1;) I assume increases this number increases darkness of the moon light, is that correct and if so how do I brighten the moonlight. Thanks in advance IM
  3. Maybe a glitch occurred during the update somehow. While you have a break from the SIM why not delete and reinstall. I have an ageing 9900k @5.1, 2080ti & 65in 4K TV set at 30hz. Most slides on ultra. 60fps locked in-sim, 30fps locked in NCP. Beautifully smooth fly’n. Still have stupid grin when flying since the August release.
  4. I believe you are required to watch the download. If you walk away it will slow down or even stop altogether. lol
  5. Well said, let’s not forget this.. It’s pretty simple really. You like, you download, you install, you don’t like, you uninstall. Thank you VFX looks great.
  6. Hi, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the journey with the new SIM. Let us know your progress and shot out for help if need be... many talented folks here.
  7. I think the classic uses the generic singles cfg.
  8. Not sure if I’d be diagnosed as an addicted yet, only the professionals can tell me that. But every time I go to fire up (other sim) and do a meaningful and satisfying long haul PMDG flight across the pond. I accidentally click the FS2020 icon and do a quick low level VFR sight seeing flight somewhere that lasts for hours. Got to admit doing VFR is great again.
  9. Could this mean FSX AI traffic can be ported over. Next is to figure out how to add AI flight plans.
  10. I seemed to have lost my ability to do a MANUAL CACHE after the update.. its grayed out now with ROLLING CACHE on or off. ? EDIT: got it working the bing data world graphics and photogrammetry was turned off after updating.
  11. I looked at the list and didn’t see anything that would change my sim.. so haven’t rush to fire it up and update. i will now tho
  12. Nooo... it’s to good to send back and ask for your money. But hollymolly that’s a real bummer. I have very slow internet service too, took me about the same time to download and install. My initial install issue was it just stopped (froze) mid download. I left it alone for a few hours just to see if it would start downloading again but it didn’t. I did the ctrl/alt/del thing rebooted the computer then started the install again. Fortunately the download started right back up where it had stopped, about half way. I’ll try the update now if it’s there.
  13. Well demonstrated. (thx for the vids) Exactly my point from earlier, would be great if MS could turn the yaw movements down a bit. I think the other axis's movements are modeled quite well.
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