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  1. IMHO, if you are a VR Flyer you’re going to see a massive difference. It’s clearly a new airplane compared with the NGX. I spent very little time flying the NGX in VR because the scale of the 3D modelling was off and the textures bad compared to the other PMDG products. However now they have raised the bar once again with this product. The scale is perfect, textures are great and the new features awesome. For example the EFB is in a good spot and easy to read in VR. Amazing update and a must have for those seeking the best in VR experiences. Sadly no FS2crew yet. Brian said the NGXu is very different.
  2. For those who think she’s just a polished up NGX. It’s very clear from a VR point of view that this is a whole new airplane. Everything scaled beautifully and great texture quality, it’s obvious they started from scratch again. Im trying to find out how to dim down the cockpit dome & emergency lighting. In VR its like a white out. Other than that worth ever penny. Great job PMDG IM
  3. First bit of good VR news I’ve heard so far on FS2020. I hope you’re right Carlos. I was disappointed hearing Froogle say probably no VR with the first release. Seems like the developers have done such a wonderful job with this up and coming product with all the amazing technological advancements, I would have thought VR was just a walk in the park for them.
  4. Great product Fs2Crew and I’m looking forward to trying it out when I return home next week. However from what I see in the videos the tug and handler just suddenly appear in front of the aircraft or the handler/walkers suddenly disappear after the push. Is there a way to introduce a custom appear or disappear point for this animation so they can drive up to the aircraft for the push and on pushback completion the handler either hops into the tug and drives away or continues to walk away back to the gate (or awaiting van) rather than simply vanishing. Thx
  5. LAX comes to mind, most heavies need to shut down their engines prior to entering the ramp area, then get towed on to the gate using wing walkers. I’m guessing, but I assume UGCX will carry out this function now.. how cool is that. I’m away from my computer for a week so can’t get to buy and install yet.
  6. I’ll wait for the gas turbine model. My only concern is the MAX X-wind component is probably only 1 knot. Awesome.. thx for posting.
  7. I like how their safety jackets reflect the light. Looks great. More pic please team.. Great work as always Brian.
  8. Well thats a poor excuse for not visiting and posting here daily. Hopefully she’ll be back soon. Certainly a very helpful & talented person indeed.
  9. FWIW, I’m using a PIMAX 8k with 2 VIVE lighthouse base stations for full head movement. (Pretty cool walking around in the cockpit) Clarity is improving constantly with new technologies both in software and hardware. Be prepared to keep updating as the improvements develop. The pleasure is worth it. The resolution is acceptable nowadays and I have the super sampling scale wound up in steamVR settings as far as my 2080ti will go without causing stutters. I get good clarity. I doubt you’d be sorry. Its as real as it gets.
  10. The maddog seems more abrupt now but I just pushed back in the PMDG 747 and all was good and smooth. Also I noticed I get pushed out but over shoots the line and then the tug needs to correct the line from the other side.
  11. I had a quick fly with the Marcomi FMS today and I see it doesn’t have a VNAV function. I use the button version, but so far this is the only thing I’ve noticed thus far.
  12. Anyone noticed since the update that the pushback start and stop is very sudden. Im sure the push out started nice and slow initially previously.
  13. All the Texture Files ending in LM are the night textures.
  14. Hi Eduardo, All the night files are found in the main texture folder ending with the letters LM. (I just use the search function to filter out unwanted files then copy & past them into a folder of your choice. However you must do this before installing ORBX GLOBAL) But since this post from 2017, I believe ORBX have altered their night textures and lava flow roads and I don’t need to copy back these original night textures. I still use a slight PTA night texture boost to increase the visibility of the cities and towns at night to my liking but there is definitely an improvement now since the birth of FTX Global. Trust this helps IM
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