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  1. Do you find that when using Flyinside in P3Dv4 that it reduces the resolution so the gauges are only just readable, whereas native gives much you better clarity. I'm using a Pimax 4K unit and find it really annoying loosing the higher resolution in native. I've manually set a higher resolution in the FI ini file but this doesn't seem to help much. I'm guess they drop the res down to keep the FPS up. Ice
  2. I agree with you. However sometimes I just feel the need to fly the flat screen, to once again enjoy the spoils of 4K clarity and eye candy that just isn’t there (yet) with VR. Best of both worlds. ICE
  3. I have changed the New World Scale Value to 95 because to me it looks better. But does anyone know how or where to change this value in Native P3Dv4.1 VR. (without FI) Sometimes I like to just use native P3D VR and miss the scale adjustment.. IM
  4. Definitely try the mouse first, I found if more natural believe it or not to use the mouse. As I said the technology is amazing and seeing your electronic hands in the cockpit is certainly a wow factor. BUT flicking the switches and turning the knobs is weird. E.g. to turn a knob on the MCP your finger brings up a little slide scale and then you move it left and right to change the altitude or airspeed. It just dumped the whole VR experience for me. So much easier with the mouse. Don't get me wrong LM is really really cool (for about 10 mins)
  5. I’ve hooked up Leap Motion with FI and P3Dv4 without issues. I use a Pimax Headset and have good performance. LM is really interesting and it’s absolutely an amazing technology. However I think I prefer just to use the mouse for flicking switches and turning knobs. I found my hands were distracting and the way the knobs get turned is a little annoying and somewhat difficult. That said LM works perfectly fine in P3Dv4 IM
  6. Those of you having DL issues, are you using SSAA or MSAA? If I use any SSAA setting I notice my GPU begins to suffer. MSAA results in no impact on performance for me with DL. I can’t imagine a titan X (p) is that much better in performance than a 1080. IM
  7. Eduardo, It appears to me (IMHO) that the solution is in the GPU. If you really wana fix to the DL problem it means a GPU upgrade. What is the GPU that is needed to have no impact on performance? You’ll need to ask around. I personal think a minimum of a 1080 GPU would probably do it. If you have a 4K monitor and if you are like me you’ll want to enjoy 4K resolution. Its worth the money and you won’t be sorry, 4K is beautiful as you know and why should you not enjoy it too. I have an aging 4.6 OC 6800K running a Titan X (pascal) on a 65in 4K TV and have absolutely no performance drop when the landing lights are turned on. (8xMSAA) I don’t use SSAA. Having said that for smooth crystal clear results I must set frames to unlimited, Vsync on in SIM and the TV set to 25hz. (Slight mouse lag on screen due to low HZ but not noticeable when flying) I use 25hz because in complex 3rd party airports and aircraft my little old OC 4.6 6800K can’t deliver 30fps or more in these harsh FPS demanding sceneries, but it can do 25fps with most slides maxed out. Since the TV is at 25hz and Vsync is on, frames get locked at 25 and it’s all smooth stutter free sailing. For some reason if I lock frames in SIM to 25 or anything other than unlimited I get stutters when approaching complex 3rd party airports. Not a nice feeling having to fork out a few hundred bucks on a new GPU I know, but it is very satisfying seeing a SIM runny the way developers intended it to be seen and by that I mean everything in 4K resolution, slides set for max eye candy and then go sit in your favourite PMDG aircraft and head for the clouds. Don’t forget to save for a VR headset... now that’s a whole different story. 😁 Ice Man
  8. I haven’t done the homework on knowing the difference between monitor and TV. So I’m only making this up, but I’m guessing the good thing with a monitor is you don’t get all the smart APP stuff that comes with a TV. One function that I found useful that comes with the TV is judder and motion blur reducer. This eliminates all stuttering with milky smooth results. (I did have to change the input setup to allow this functionality because setting the input to Computer greyed out this option) Sorry I can’t be more help Ice
  9. Great watch, thanks for posting. 30 Year’s ago I might have entertained this idea in a light aircraft but now that I fly heavy iron across these large water masses there’s no way now. Seen too many nasty weathers and other freaks of nature to wish an attempt like this. I like having lots of fuel. Like 180 tonnes of it. lol IM
  10. My 2 bobs worth.. go as big as you dare. A 4K TV delivers crisp clear quality and allows refresh rates as low as 25hz resulting in smooth flying when frames are locked to the same. This also means the CPU and GPU can produce all the eye candy stuff we’ve all come to love and expect without demanding high FPS. I have a 65in 4K Samsung and love it. Size does matter... Your GPU/CPU will also be a limiting factor so do your homework. I have an OC 4.6 CPU running a Titan Pascal GPU which copes very well on the big screen, almost everything maxed out and not one FPS drop with dynamic lighting enabled. (In a PMDG wagon) I bought a 4K Pimax VR headset recently and I must say it’s where the futures headed. I’m absolutely thrilled with it particularly with Flyinside now working in P3DV4.1. I’ve up’d the Target Resolution within the FI ini and now I’ve got good image quality in the cockpit. I will add though my GPU is taking an absolute pounding now and nearly gets to 100% usage. I have needed to reduce some settings for VR. 😫 All boils down to what you want and what your partner allows. ICE
  11. That’s all I did too. Works fine. At present CP and FI don’t get along with each other so when I’m VR’ing I simply close down CP as soon as it autostarts. ICE
  12. I’d just ignore the new rain effects just for now. What LM have done in V4.1 is make it possible for developers to come up with their own rain effects on 3rd party aircraft. This is the beginning of great rain effects and I’m sure we’ll see mods made to all our favourite 3rd party Aircraft over time. IM
  13. I’m new to Flyinside and trying it with P3Dv4.1 but I’m unsure about HDR. Flyinside must start without HDR on but when I select it on after the SIM starts through the menu everything works great. Anyone know why HDR has to be off with FI? ice
  14. Daelight, Flyinside has some great features like moving 2D panels around the cockpit. Performance is solid and no stutters even with big 3rd party airports and PMDG aircraft. The only complaint I have with Flyinside is that it reduces my clarity so the gauges become almost unreadable. Without Flyinside with Native P3D VR I get the 4K Pimax quality and clear gauges. But then I miss out on all the neat Flyinside features. (That’s a bit disappointing) Another thing annoying me is every 5mins or so P3DV4.1 pauses momentarily as if the SIM needs time to catch up. I only get this in 4.1, 4.0 was fine. IM
  15. I noticed I loose image quality with my 4K Pimax when using the new Flyinside. I have set the resolution in flyinside to max but if I compare the quality to the native P3D VR the resolution is like 1080 or less not 4K. Any ideas IM