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  1. I just have a desktop with a VR headset. Saving for the 747 throttle all though lately I’ve been enjoying flying around in the 777. Torn between the 767 & the 747 quadrant. 😩 IM
  2. I made some inquiries regarding the B747 quadrant a month or two ago and found dealing with them very good. They were very professional in every way. I haven’t ordered anything yet because the quadrant was a little pricey for me just right now and I need a little more time to convince the other half I need one. IM
  3. My bet is many folks will see the list of features and demo videos after its released, then get curious buy it and like it. Hope it’s got MELs and CDLs. IM
  4. Iceman2

    FS Expo LM Interview

    Well said Simbol
  5. Iceman2

    Prepar3d Blurry ground textures

    A big warm welcome to the forums. It sounds like you have done a lot of homework already and gathered some good knowledge. I have been plaqued by blurries for many years in FS9, FSX, P3D until P3Dv4.1 came along and to my surprise out of the box crisp clear textures. Didn’t matter how many addons or where I placed my settings slides I could not get any blurries. Then came alone P3Dv4.2 and back to the blurry textures. Mainly when flying low and fast. I have managed to fix it although not perfect using an affinity mask, I had to play around with many numbers before I found my sweet spot. I fly now using the Pimax 4k VR head set and the blurred textures (if any) are hard to see. good luck IM
  6. Iceman2

    VR Device Advice

    I cannot compare other devices but the 4K Pimax is quite good for resolution although not 4K guality it is good enough if using native VR in P3Dv4.2. I used flyinside for awhile but hated the low resolution. P3D Native VR is much clearer and smooth on my system. Instrument gages are clear to read but out the window things get a little blurry in the distance. FOV is the same (I think) across all the available headsets as stated already. I believe the new Pimax 8K headset has widened the FOV to 200 but not yet released. This unit could be a game changer if it does what is advertised. IM
  7. Hopefully we’ll get a new version of YBBN someday. IM
  8. Gidday Nico, I do use real live ATC for short flights but find it difficult to find the appropriate frequencies for longhaul tube liner flying. It’s certainly pretty cool and I’m amazed at this software’s development. However I miss being controlled by ATC and therefore use PF3 unless I can do a flight with live ATC and hear my callsign. (Ok for short flights) I know you mentioned flight plans before in another topic I posted a few weeks ago so I’m starting to understand, albeit slowly. I completed a flight the other day and assigned my gate via GSX but noticed GSX showed the airport as empty from any AI. Unfortunately when I arrived at the gate another aircraft was parked in it. It got me thinking again as to what needs to be done from these other 3rd party developers to make them work together. As I wrote in another topic a week or two ago the developer from PF3 said his product only responds to AI movement whether controlled by FSX/P3D or some other software so depending on the title names PF3 should work and see your AI. Another example is the AIcontroller program (freeware) slews the AI around and works fine with PF3. On more testing I now think PF3 and GSX just don’t see any of the AI from PSXseeconTraffic. Early days for this program so maybe there’s a solution around the corner. Cant wait for a fix and hopefully then you’ll turn PSXseeconTraffic into payware and get something back for your hard work. My biggest thumbs up for PSXseeconTraffic is no more multiple AI landing on each other, AI follow SIDs & STARs and cruise at RVSM flight levels. Excellent product (thank you) IM
  9. Hi all, what’s the difference between UTL and the way PSXseeconTraffic injects their AI. I thought both used simconnect to inject the traffic. With UTL 3rd party programs can see the AI. For example ATC programs (PF3) and GSX. However with PSXseeconTraffic the AI are invisible to them. Im really loving PSXseeconTraffic and don’t want to do without it. So is it something PSXseeconTraffic needs to change to make 3rd party software work together or is it the 3rd party software that needs to be altered to work? Life is so much better with PSXseeconTraffic, just need it to work with GSX and PF3. cheers IM
  10. Iceman2

    PSXseeconTraffic and PF3

    Nico, FWIW this is the response from the developer of PF3. “PF3 gains it's AI data from FSUIPC and if the format or name is not recognised by PF3 you will get the first part of the name given phonetically rather than hearing the correct callsign. PF3 does NOT only see and respond to air traffic but ground traffic also. Finally NO, PF3 does not read the AI flight plans and knows nothing about where AI traffic is coming from or going to.” It all comes down to how PF3 sees the titles, I guess. IM
  11. Iceman2

    PSXseeconTraffic and PF3

    Hi Nico, thanks for the reply. PF3 may read the AI’s flight plan for determining its destination to give out initial departure clearances. But my understanding is PF3 just monitors the AI (can’t control them obviously) so clearances are issued just a few seconds behind, for example “Cleared for Takeoff. Im certainly hearing PF3 talking back and forth between AI as they flip frequencies along my flight and report maintaining an altitude. I’m guessing PF3 looks at the title to decide what airline callsign to apply. E.G. UAL606 What I’m hearing is Uniform Alpha Lima 606 and some other numbers and letters. (Maybe part of the rego) I might pop the question over on the PF3 forums and see if David can let me know how and what PF3 reads from the AI titles. thanks again for the reply IM
  12. Hi All, Im enjoying PSXseeconTraffic however I don’t normally fly live and use the delay feature. I’d like to use PFE3 ATC program as well however PF3 has trouble identifying the airline callsigns and spells out the letters not the actual airline name. I think this is because PSXseeconTraffic injects registration data which confuses PF3. Anyone know a fix. thanks IM
  13. Nice VID. Thanks for making the effort. The Harvard is always a favourite amongst the community.
  14. Iceman2

    FFPS:FFTF question

    Nice post.. thx Ive got a 6800k and need to run at unlimited FPS in order to have liquid smooth flying. But I do occasionally see blurry textures when in cruise. I will try doing as you have done.