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  1. Sorry to hear this, I notice blurred FTX textures after upgrading to 4.1. I have been plaqued by blurries most of my computer life until P3D version 4 came out and to my surprise everything was crystal clear. (First time ever) Even at Mach 1 in the F35 just a few feet above ground level. LM must have realised this and brought out version 4.1 and now I’m back to the blurries again. Having said that I have a 6700k and have managed to eliminate most of the blurries by including an AM into the CFG of 170 HT on. This absurd number to me makes no sense but worked on my 6700k. 116 was also good but things began to blur up after a few mins at Mach 1 in the F35. Other more (community) popular AM numbers didn’t do a thing for me and it just goes to show every CPU is different. I think an AM could be the fix for you but you gota find the right one. During my testing I just opened up task manager and modified the AM from in there clicking on various cores until I saw a change in the blurries. Once I found the sweetspot I went to an AM calculator website popped in what cores I were using and the calculator spat out an AM number for me to add to the CFG. hope this helps and I know how frustrating this is for you. IM
  2. Interesting point Rob, I’m not at my Computer at the moment to check but I’m wondering if PMDG have a FX file that I can tone down their DL landing lights. In VR (by not so much on the 4K TV) I’m finding that the landing light effect looks a little too bright on the runway when touching down, if that could be turned down a bit this could be the answer. Im assuming not as life is never that easy. ☹️
  3. I’m the same here, I’ve been disabling just the airport DL and normally use 8 or 4 MSAA without any noticeable impact on FPS with my Titan X (pascal) and 4K TV. Therefore I can enjoy just the DL from my aircraft and the AI planes only. What has surprised me a bit and very annoying, when I use native VR my performance is great everywhere until I’m landing. As the landing lights show up on the ground around 100ft from touchdown I get massive stutters and the mighty Titan falls to its knees. To fix this I need to use 2x MSAA and turn off just about all the landing lights except one set. (eg leave inboards on only PMDG 747) This still gives me enough DL to see the runway. This proves how massive the drain on my system is when switching to VR vs a 4K tv. I guess I’ll be lining up for a new Volta card just to see if it helps, and by the time it arrives in the mail the Pimax 8k Headset will arrive in the mail too and I’ll be back to square one again. S.O.B
  4. Does anyone know if this program has been updated or if it currently works in P3Dv4? On their website for Live ATC Chatter ( it doesn’t include P3D as a playable platform. thanks IM
  5. Rob, is there any inside news from LM regarding VR-SLI ready with native VR for P3DV4.1. If yes I’ll be buying another Titan X (pascal) IM
  6. I have a 6700k also and had the blurries in P3Dv4 but not in P3Dv3. I experimented with many AM settings and found 170 is best for my rig, not the perfect fix but I am now able to fly at Mach 1 in the F35 at a 1000ft above ground without blurring textures. However photo scenery in P3Dv4.1 is still a blurry mess and I think that’s an LM fix, no AM will ever fix the photo scenery problem. IM
  7. Not sure if this will help anyone but the cause for my low level clouds going missing was Active Sky for P3Dv4. If I select (check) cloud structures in settings I would loose the low level clouds. Unfortunately once I lost the clouds the only way to get them back was a full reinstall of P3Dv4.1 and making sure cloud unchecked before using AS. One thing to note though I believe Flyinside was the route cause so this problem may only effect VR uses.
  8. PFPX is by far the most realistic software for flight planning. But it’s a full dispatchers tool that requires some careful thought before releasing a flight plan. Real world Dispatchers are trained for many days before being able to release flight plans. Its amazing that this simulated professional dispatchers tool has been made available to us simmers bringing this and aircraft like PMDG, FSlabs & others together for the most realistic experience possible. A big thank you here... However because real world route choice is rather complicated depending on many many factors like weather, winds, restricted airspace, level restrictions etc etc, the easiest thing to do (like what MarkW said above) is to edit the route in PFPX and copy and paste a desired route from FlightAware. Auto route manufacturing within PFPX will work but in most cases will not produce the most efficient route because it simply tries to follow the Airways. Once the route is chosen, PFPX will produce a very accurate professional looking flight plan for you to use and enjoy. Of course it’s an airliners dispatchers tool so its a bit of an overkill if you’re only intending to fly a Cessna somewhere. I give it a 10 outa 10. IM
  9. Good reading. thanks Flibberflops
  10. FSIPC was the main reason causing the pausing of the SIM. I didn’t notice any pauses when not in VR. However Ive stopped the saving of flights now and I don’t get any more “waiting for SIM” when using Flyinside or SIM pausing when in Native VR.
  11. I run P3D without Flyinside by clicking on the normal P3D desktop icon. If I feel like using P3D with Flyinside I simply click on the Flyinside icon. If you are clicking on the normal P3D icon and Flyinside starts running then something is not right. You may need to uninstall Flyinside and try and get P3D running normally again. I switch between both starting methods all the time. IM
  12. I have to add that for some reason the visual clarity is noticeable reduced in Flyinside regardless of how high you adjust the resolution beyond the default in the INI file. Native VR in P3Dv4.1 to me is actually pretty clear through the 4K Pimax, equally as good as Aerofly AS2. And with a few setting adjustments like reducing autogen I’m getting great native VR performance in P3D. However I miss having the 2D panel pop ups you get with Flyinside, this is a great product but needs the resolution part fixed to match that of P3Dv4 Native VR. IM
  13. Simbol, I assume this is flight number three, (from your original post) your pictures are beautiful and the lighting effects incredible. Well done. Glad you got your system sorted. It’s so rewarding getting through a flight uneventful and without computer glitches...
  14. Done a bit more research and I’m still not absolutely sure but it looks like Flyinside for P3Dv4 is VR-SLI ready. Anyone know if P3Dv4.1 Native is VR-SLI ready? thx