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  1. Hello PTA users, I recently posted in another forum about finding a fix for FlyTampa’s airport snow textures being darker than those of surrounding FTX Global. It was mentioned that my problem is related to PTA settings. Can anyone help which settings this maybe, I’ve tried a few changes without success. thx IM
  2. Iceman2

    P3DV4.4 and LOWW airport

    Interesting, thx Simbol and Gsalden, I don’t use any presets just my own settings from fiddling. I’ll take a closer look at what it might be!
  3. Hi Folks, Not really a P3Dv4 question but I didn’t see any answers at the FlyTampa forums. I never noticed this before in previous P3d versions, but after a complete reinstall of P3D and all the scenery’s my snow textures around FlyTampa LOWW seen a lot darker than the surrounding Orbx EU textures. Is this a bad install or has this problem always been like this and I’m only now just noticing this. Or have I done something in PTA to cause this slightly darker white snow texture. thx
  4. Thx for the reply, I shot ACE an email and Facebook message recently but as yet not one reply. I assume ACE don’t want my money, so I willl shop elsewhere.
  5. I have asked this question before, however hoping someone has a suitable solution or can tell me if it’s a problem only at my end. When I pull up an FS2CREW panel in VR I can’t click on any of the buttons, I need to exit VR in order to click a button which brings up additional panels. GSX menu in VR seems to work ok but not FS2CREW. Ive experimented with the mouse distance settings but this has not helped. Thx all IM
  6. Good to see changes are being made to this problem. But I can’t remember seeing this on the PMDG recent update change list. Im hoping this was indeed updated. I only had time to install the update sit in the cockpit (using VR) and enjoy the new rain effects while sitting at the gate in SFO before heading out on a RW flight away from home. Been a few years since I flew the real 744, but Rob 80% fully loaded should only require a small amount of breakaway thrust. Most times around that weight a little thrust was need just to get her up to desired speed (10-15kts) and then idle thrust for the remainder of the taxi, depending on the amount of required turns. Thx again to PMDG if they did get to play with the ground friction. IM
  7. Good service all round. I had a CPU crash recently which meant a new rebuild, replacing the MB and CPU. Unfortunately I couldn’t deactivate the PMDG fleet beforehand and needed to open a ticket to get the fleet activated again. Even with all the updates work going on at the PMDG headquarters I received an activation reset email within 24hrs. I have the new hardware and software back up and running and my 4 holer now has rain effects on the windows. Everything running nicely. Thx PMDG. IM
  8. Iceman2

    Adding a bit of Gloss to the VC

    Ok thanks TooSpooky, I’ll try that.
  9. Hi folks, Im using tomatoshade for some environmental adjustments to 4.4 but wondering if there’s an easy way to add a little bit of gloss to the virtual cockpit. I couldn’t really notice any internal effects with tomato so I’m guessing the only other way is fiddling with the alpha channel which maybe above my capabilities. I use only VR for flying these days instead of the big 4K screen and want/like to gloss up the flight deck just a bit because of the dullness from the headset. Any helpful hints would be appreciated. IM
  10. Hi all, The little time I have to search the forums regarding yokes I’m gathering that ACE is not such a great choice. However these negative comments are more than a year ago. Has anything changed since then with ACE products for the better? Im looking for a USB b747 yoke preferably with a vertical pole rather than a desktop type. Unfortunately ACE seems to be good value for money if they’re still in production these days. Any help would be appreciated IM
  11. Iceman2

    Hyperthreading for P3D. Yes or no?

    Thanks for the info. Its only in 4.4 that I’ve noticed core 0 max’d out. But for now this method is my only remedy for the stutters. I’ll keep tweaking and see if I can find another solution.
  12. Iceman2

    Hyperthreading for P3D. Yes or no?

    Yes newtie that’s how I do it. What’s strange, after deselecting core 0 unpausing the SIM then reselecting all cores, core 0 runs normally with the others and not at 100%. I’ve tried starting 4.4 with an AM that excludes core 0 but Im still getting stutters until I reselect all cores through the TM. IM
  13. Iceman2

    Hyperthreading for P3D. Yes or no?

    I needed an AM for 4.3 due blurries but 4.4 I don’t get the blurs anymore so don’t use the AM. However now after starting P3Dv4.4 I notice core 0 always runs at 100% and produces a slight stutter. I can fix this by deselecting core 0 then re-selecting it again. Everything then runs like silk on my 6700k. 4.4 seems quite different.
  14. Iceman2

    PFPX V2

    Where did you get the hotfix, or is it a complete redownload. Edit ahh.... found it in the forums
  15. Iceman2

    PFPX V2

    I have installed version 2 and enjoying the new features. Try not to forget this is a real dispatchers program and requires some careful study into its use. Dispatchers need a lot of training too. This is as real as it gets and works fine for me accept when adding a new Nav data base, I couldn't easily select old unusable routes to discard. IM