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  1. Iceman2

    Freeware AI installer app from AIG

    One of the really nice things about AIG schedules (flight plans) is their Aircraft fly accurately assigned RVSM flight levels depending on east or west direction and at believable real to life altitudes. E.g the older B737-400 fly no higher than FL370 and B737NG fly higher. Or short commuter flights fly at lower levels. Someone at AIG has put in a lot of time and effort. great job thx AIG IM
  2. Mmm-very interesting. I did a fresh full install of 4.3 soon after its release but both my LIGHTS values in the CFG are 250. I use UTL AI aircraft and had noticed if I turned off the AI this would fix the landing lights turning off issue of my aircraft depending which way l was looking, as stated earlier in this thread. However changing these values to 800/700 has miraculously fixed this problem without causing any other noticeable Lighting Problems others have said. (Yet) Nice solution. IM
  3. WOW Natbrain, I've had this very annoying problem for sometime now and stumbled upon this thread, interesting solution but it works. I have no idea what these numbers do but it did fix the problem. thank you IM
  4. Welcome to VR, it’s as real as it gets. Most folks get used to it quickly the more they fly. Just like in real life your first flight may make you feel queasy. I remember my first flight in a light aircraft doing aerobics, I felt sick for two days afterwards. IM
  5. Welcome to VR, it’s as real as it gets. Most folks get used to it quickly the more they fly. Just like in real life your first flight may make you feel queasy. I remember my first flight in a light aircraft doing aerobics, I felt sick for two days afterwards. IM
  6. Don’t forget flight planners and flight dispatchers are highly trained in their jobs and use tools just like PFPX. I’m not a dispatcher but I have witnessed their hardwork many times before being handed our flight briefing package prior to walking onto the aircraft. There’s actually a bit more involved than just hitting the auto route option. Things like winds (jet streams), storms, local preferred route rules, NAT Tracks, restricted airspaces, just to name a few things all play a big part of how a route is chosen. The auto/find route is not what is done in RL because it simply try’s to use airways or direct to points that may not work for your desired destination. However in some cases this option will work just fine. Europe is one of those places where the auto route function works best since there are oodles of airways criss crossing the sky’s. My suggestion is to skip this part of the dispatchers job and go grab the route from FlightAware then past and build it into PFPX. If you are flying live with one of your favourite airlines the route should show up in FlightAware an hour before takeoff. If however FlightAware or Flightradar24 is not showing a flight to your destination then you’ll need to get a bit more creative and build your own, in which case the auto route option maybe your best bet. A RL Flight Dispatcher (with any luck) may chime in here and offer some tricks of the trade, but I’ve seen some pretty clever routes over the years mainly over the pacific where they’ve avoided storms, massive headwinds, military exercises, turbulence, volcanoes or flown on a jetstream to get the best tail winds. All good stuff and very smart people. IM
  7. My point is really only for FS2CREW users. For example after start the FO says ENG ATI ICE and WING ANTI ICE on but it’s actually NOT. Having said all that as far as the PMDG Aircraft goes I don’t have any issues with the actual anti ice system. NAI shows when switching the ANTI ICE on and goes out when turning the switches off. So no I don’t have the same problem as you. My original post second from the top, at the time I was just suggesting there maybe a fault with the aircraft since the Fs2Crew FO was getting confused with the ANTI ICE switch position.
  8. I've done a bit of trouble shooting and as I see it, if your airline/aircraft FMC setup has the ICE PROTECTION OPTION as MANUAL with or without DETECTION the aircraft will always assume the auto switching position. However if you go into the FMC and change the OPTION from MANUAL to AUTO ANTI ICE you can then save the panel setup after turning the switches to off from auto. Unfortunately after saving that panel state with the switches in the off position and then changing the FMC EQUIPMENT setup back to your airlines options choice of MANUAL (UNITED) the panel state will always default to the auto position which is where FS2CREW is getting confused. This has only happened since the -8 update and I'm sure Brian from FS2CREW will look into it for those that use the button option.
  9. Good point. I’ll see if I can change the switches. thx
  10. I’ve had a play with the panel states of the 747-8 which start with the ENG/WING ANTI-ICE switches in auto. Since the -8 update I’m thinking now that maybe the 744 is also starting the panel state ENG/WING ANTI-ICE switches in auto even though in my 744 (UNITED) config I only have the push type switches either OFF/ON. Makes me think it’s just an FS2CREW problem where it’s not recognising the correct switch position any more since the update. I’m sure Brian will identity the problem if there is one. IM
  11. Iceman2

    B748 - setting elevator trim

    Well that’s a whole different story. One tip though. You’ll need some hydraulics on before being able to move the elevator trim.
  12. Maybe worth a ticket to PMDG. Since the 747-8 update when using Fs2Crew in the 747-400 my FO thinks the ENG ANTI-ICE and WING ANTI-ICE is on although the switches are off. (All panel states) It could also be something that’s changed behind the seens since the undate that Fs2Crew needs to fix at their end. Ive notified Brian at Fs2Crew but no fix yet. Its also possible the -8 update from PMDG broke the B744 in some way. IM
  13. Iceman2

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    FWIW I have had this error a few times but only when OC’g my TitanXP. Ive never got the error when removing the OC.
  14. Iceman2

    No clickable buttons when in VR

    Get the Pimax 5k, you’ll never go back. When I fist flew a real Cessna 35 years ago I too felt a bit dizzy. You do get use to it I guess. Anyway thanks for your help.
  15. Iceman2

    No clickable buttons when in VR

    FYI, Brian done a bit of testing and changing the aircraft eye point did not fix the problem. However resizing the panel when in VR mode and bringing the Fs2Crew panel closer using the shift & ctl keys I can get the buttons to work. Takes a bit of clicking to actually be able to get hold of the panel. Soo finally all good. thx