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  1. I was going to use the crew rest facilities available in the -8 after TOC but going to use my own bed now. thanks for letting us now IM
  2. Iceman2

    Blurry Texture P3D v4.3

    Gerard, any idea how this program works with native P3D VR? The reason for the question is because I'm not actual sure how VR works in terms of benefitting from tweaks. I know Nvidia Inspector adjustments get bypassed so I'm not sure if anything else gets bypassed from within the CFG file. What would I set the FSPS FPS range to? For example in sim I currently have FPS to unlimited with Vsync on and the 4K TV is set to 25hz but in VR I think this all gets bypassed. thx IM
  3. Iceman2

    P3Dv4 SLI

    LOL... rumor has it when they were testing this setup with P3Dv4.3 it was stutter free and FPS high but the blurries were terrible. IM
  4. Iceman2

    P3Dv4 SLI

    Question for the computer guy, after reading this thread it got me thinking about SLI for VR. I run a single titan XP with good results using VR. However when the clouds turn into thunderstorms I do notice a drop in FPS spoiling the experience. Another XP is hard to come by but maybe 2 X 1080ti might help here? thoughts? IM
  5. PMDG have done a great job on the 747 cockpit and most objects are 3D modeled and therefore I would consider it to be a very true to life VR experience. Other developers are great to.. the Maddog comes to mind although I’ve never sat in a real one. But you’re right VR really helps bring the situational awareness into simming. IM
  6. Been airline flying for 25 years and lucky enough to fly the 727, 737, 747 and still flying to this day. My greatest pleasure in flight simming is purchasing 3rd party scenery of airports that I have visited (or not) over the years. Another highlight is buying aircraft that I’ve never flown in real life from GA to transport category airliners. I’ve enjoyed living here at Avsim during days off or work layovers over the years foliowing folks solving software issues for themselves then others and announcing new products. It’s a great community and I thank each and everyone of you. Keep the fighting clean for those who can’t help themselves. But seeing the talent that’s here the Flight SIM future can only get brighter. VR is my way of simming now and looking forward to seeing more advances in technology in the years to come to get that nice 4K quality vision. IM
  7. Iceman2

    AI Controller 2.0 (Gate-to-Gate Control) Open Beta Prepar3D

    Sim Developer Simbol has said to be working on something that will control AI. He has proven himself all ready with products already in use by many. Im currently using 1.4b in P3Dv4.3 without major issues whereas 2.0 had major taxiing and parking issues although the non slewing achievement was wonderful. Go check out Simbols development and give him a 👍 IM
  8. Thanks for the feed back. I’ll keep experimenting but as I said above I haven’t noticed any performance difference when assigning non P3D cores and threads or even when selecting all. But In my simple mind I would assume it best to keep the VR programmes away from P3D. Thanks IM
  9. I’ve had to add an Affinity Mask to the P3DV4.3 CFG in order to stop the odd blurries appearing. But in doing so when I go to VR mode it appears that all the software required to run VR (Vive background software) are all running off of the same cores and threads as requested in the P3D CFG AM setting. I’ve manually selected all cores for the VR software but haven’t noticed any performance boost, I’ve even selected the cores and threads that P3D is not using but once again didn’t really see any difference. I don’t have many background programmes running except for the Networked EFB data programme everything else runs on a second computer. I’m interested to know if the right thing to do is to get the VR software running off of all cores and threads for better performance. I believe there is software available that automatically assigns cores to startup programmes. Would it be beneficial to assign all or non P3Dv4 cores and threads to the VR headunit. thanks in advance IM
  10. Perhaps a timing option could be part of the UI so adjustments could be made to when crew board and when PAX should board. I use FS2Crew where 1hour is the start of Crew setup and PAX board at push back minus 30mins. (Long haul) Or if doing short haul adjust the timings to suit 30mins and 15mins. I’d also like to see a bit more automation where the user would simply enter the departure and arrival airports including the expected arrival gate and let GSX2 just do it’s thing without too much menu selecting on departure and arrival. xmas wish list
  11. I saw a vid recently showing the highly anticipated B747-8 with a nice engine wobble. So it appears PMDG have made progress on this newer version. I thought the earlier release of the B747-400 had this feature but was later removed in an update due to some major issues. IM
  12. Iceman2

    Is VR blurry?

    I use the 4K Pimax in P3Dv4.3 and find the vision equivalent to that viewed in DCS or Aerofly FS. Unfortunately if using Flyinside software in P3D the resolution is reduced significantly compared to P3D native VR. I have good performance in 4.3 Native VR and the 4K Pimax headgear has little to no screen door effect. There is blurriness in the distance when looking out the window of the aircraft which is disappointing when comparing this to my 65in 4K TV but I cannot go back. VR is the way to SIM fly. Hopefully the 8K headgear will help a little more in the near future. IM
  13. Iceman2

    enable realistic startup in P3D v4

    Just tried it on the Turbo Commander 690. Watched a video online from a real one and matched the startup rotation rate. Worked like a treat. Awesome thanks.
  14. Iceman2

    enable realistic startup in P3D v4

    Great thanks 🙏 Any idea if these values work on other turboprops? Obviously the values will need tweaking but I have other Aircraft that need this attention too. IM
  15. Iceman2

    Making GSX more realistic for DC-6? (pic)

    I doubt it. In the good old days they employed more airport people. (ground staff) Catering was brought out in small vehicles and walked up the stairs. There was lots of engineers, lots of baggage handlers and even front windscreen bug washers. 🤓