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  1. This product is certainly shaping up to being in the best of the best category when it comes to study level aircraft. Feed back like this is terrific (thank you Rick) but getting the developers response as posted above puts the Maddog right up there with the best. Ive flown the 727 through to the 747 but never got close to the MDs. However sitting in the cockpit of the Maddog X using my VR headset gives me the wow factor. There’s really something very special and unique about the MD80. Tonight I had a spare hour for a quick SIM flight but ended up just sitting at the gate in the Maddog X looking around with the VR headset. Such a joy and so many things to switch on & off. Awesome Job team. ICE
  2. I feel your pain rbsowder, sounds like the brake problem is only FSX related. In P3Dv4.2 I have the opposite, not a problem but as soon as I release the brakes she gallops away gathering speed very quickly, seems like too quickly. I’d say they’ve fixed the ground friction problem most other developers seem to have. Hopefully there will be a fix for you around the corner soon. ICE
  3. Congratulations on such an amazing product. I’m using P3Dv4.2 and it runs extremely smoothly without any issues. I have the Pimax 4K headset and have the Cockpit resolution set to the highest. This old girl is really VR friendly and the true glass effect on the windows certainly adds to the realism. If you’re thinking about going VR then be prepared to be amazed. ICE
  4. Ha.. Just like the real thing. Nice work getting her down safely. IM
  5. After this 747 update I’m still getting the occasional CTD, usually sometime just after takeoff. However if I start first with a default aircraft like has already been advised then all is good. Ice Man
  6. I prefer to fly... And of course this I guess is the main reason for buying a flight SIM in the first place. I’ve been simming since the dawn of flight sim software. I remember booking a 30min slot during lunch breaks on my high schools latest apple computer. Back then only business and schools had such an expensive device. Sadly I admit it, I now spend a lot of time fiddling, updating and experimenting with many new products. I enjoy this too but it does get in the way of actually loading up a flight and flying. As humans we seek the ultimate experience and I’m guilty of wanting what’s new and improved. I’m constantly updating hoping for the best, I sometimes work hours upon hours on something minor just because the newest update broke something. But it’s the developers fault... We have so many talented people in this flight sim community large and small and giving us more everyday. You got to admit it.. it maybe worth buying, trying and flying. Some quickly get deleted others stay and later get replaced by something better. What amazes me, I can spend hours and hours in the cockpit of my own real world life as an airline pilot then come home fire up the computer and take to the sky’s again in an aircraft that I know I will never fly in real life. Like the PMDG DC6 or the A2A Texan the list can go on and on, but I thoroughly enjoy it. So I guess the answer is both, but I’d rather be fly’n. Ice
  7. I have the same issue, Installed just the client, T7 and NGX load ok. 747 ends in a CTD after a blank screen during loading. I'll try a repair of the 747. Maybe its a client only install problem. ICE edit: Ok tried the repair, don't get a CTD anymore but the SIM hangs trying to load the panel.
  8. Make sure you don’t use (keyboard) control “E” to start your engines. Must start using real world procedures. just a thort ICE
  9. Great news, Hows the photo Scenery in P3Dv4.1, is it blurry? thx
  10. That’s a big effort. Thanks for posting. interesting.
  11. I agree there. 200 miles is a massive bonus. Hope I don’t loose FPS when in VR. I might have to tell the kids the family holiday is over early (due to weather) and return home to try out SF.
  12. Thanks Nyxx, From what I’m gathering from other folks SF is not injecting into AS on the fly like ASCA.
  13. Good question and thanks poppet for your reply. I did notice just figure was 9999 or something like that the other day and I’ve seen a few other numbers constantly changing. Thought it was FPS health.
  14. Thanks for posting. I posted my question below in another forum not realising it was a FSX forum. I’ve been trying to gather information reading through the forums about how well SF and AS work together since REX stated that they spent a lot of time making sure SF was compatible with other 3rd party WX engines. Unfortunately I see too many posts of only negativity from people who haven’t even bought it yet so I stop reading any further. My first question is about texture performance.. I fly mainly in VR so performance is a major factor and in the past I’ve chosen one basic soft cloud texture just to keep up FPS in cloudy stormy weather. If I chose a nice white fluffy thunderstorm (non soft cloud) texture from REX’s textures direct my FPS takes a dive. Second question.. relates to using AS as the WX engine. Has REX made SF compatible enough with AS that it will inject the appropriate cloud textures into the sim on the fly just like ASCA. (That’s really cool technology) I don’t really know how this works, but do you think SF randomly throws in a cloud texture or is AS calling for a particular texture from SF based on what WX is forecast. I saw a post last night with pictures from a flight (NWWW to YSSY) that showed some very nice storm cloud build ups which I’ve never been able to achieve before because I’ve needed to use only one basic cumulus FPS friendly texture. Another problem I have with AS & P3Dv4.1 is if I tick the Cloud Structures box in AS settings I loose all low level clouds and need to reinstall P3D again to get them back so I leave this feature unchecked. I’m hoping AS and SF will still work great without the structures box being ticked. I assume structures has a lot to do with the storm build ups appearance. Thanks IM