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  1. Great Job Steve. Boy, this sim is crying out for helo's......
  2. @Noel And even viewing this poll, still isn't considered empirical. There are low ball numbers there presently, and don't reflect the total number of users (as Asobo/MS have reported sales in excess of 1 million users). Granted, I'm seeing quite a few reports from users on various platforms/forums including the MSFS official forum. But again, not enough hard data considering 1 million plus users.
  3. Truth is, I'm pleased to say (thus far) I'm in the same boat as you. But the real question for me is - "Are we really members of the happy few group"? I have not seen any concrete data that indicates very clearly that we are the "few". For all I know, we may very well be in the majority, and the loudest voices belong to the few who have some valid concerns/complaints.
  4. I understand, but initially with FBW up until most recently, you could overwrite the transponder code without the need to clear it first.
  5. I had the same issue - after some deductions, I figured the "new" procedure was to "clear" the transponder of any code, then it allows you to enter your allocated code.
  6. @MediaHypeTrain Nice little addition: the MASH theme music.........
  7. If there's one absolute certainty for me..... MSFS was made for Helo's. A match made in heaven ....so to speak. I'll patiently await the opportunity to grab a quality payware Helo for use in this sim. (Let alone when I finally plunge into VR in MSFS). And all this coming from a guy who previously would only ever fly jetliners.......
  8. You'll have to forgive me for thinking you were the dev. I didn't realize you copied and pasted the material directly, so it sounded as though you were the dev. 😉 I'll get onto the devs social media and ask directly.
  9. @Dylanear Just a quick question. In the not too distant future, are you considering adding deployable weapons to the F15 for MSFS? (ie similar to Tacpac?)
  10. I changed my settings to "Legacy" mode after hearing that this would invoke a more realistic flight model. I mainly flew the A320 (Vanilla and Modded and it made no difference which) - as soon as I deployed Flaps 1 on approach, the aircraft went into an almost uncontrollable steep ascent which completely threw the final approach out the window. To add insult to injury, from Flaps 1 to Flaps 4 (Full) the aircraft would nose down with trim all the way down. Despite attempting to trim it back to normal manually using my assigned trim controls, the flight model would force revert trim all the way back down. Mind you I learnt how to land it without destroying the aircraft and all lives on board despite this handicap. But the immersion was well and truly killed in legacy mode. My SOP for flying the A320 was correct and valid - but, the "Legacy" mode caused that inconguous/unrealistic reaction. Needless to say, I jumped back to "Modern" mode .........and no such problems since. By the time 3rd party devs bring their masterpiece aircraft to MSFS......well, need I say more?
  11. On my end, I can confirm a bug with the logbook since the latest patch. Sometimes flights are not being logged at all (and I've definitely completed them without crash/error/etc) And the airport ICAO code of the arrival airport is not named correctly in the logbook and is using some random name that is not reflective of the actual airport I arrived at.
  12. Refreshing to see a "Fair & Balanced" assessment. Pointing out the Pros and Cons. Recognizing the predecessing platforms and their contributions. Understanding the future possibilities of this new platform and the technological advancement of it's default scenery state. Recognizing that all the major players (ie current flightsim devs) are aligning themselves with this new platform.
  13. Well said. There's evidence of unjust bias. I only have to peruse this forum and identify certain individuals who clearly have an agenda that is aimed fair and square at MS. Now that is fine indeed, as I believe very deeply in Freedom of Speech and Liberty in general (and have personally fought for that right for a more than a few decades). I'd just like to ascertain what is driving these behaviours? It seems as though they have been personally burnt by MS in some fashion, and are bent on some form of revenge. Despite other flightsim platforms experiencing some major/minor issues over the years, I doubt you would see these same individuals replicating that outrage/outcry in these other flightsim forums. And there is the point. Just check these other forums carefully. Have these individuals conducted themselves in the precise same fashion with their criticisms in all forums - or, just this one? Otherwise, why spend an inordinate volume of time criticsizing a product in the attempted guise of "I'm merely pointing out the issues". Constantly ready to provide their points of view on those who oppose them in any way, or provide an "au contraire". Just take a look at this thread as a perfect example. The evidence is right there. These same points are being driven several times over and over. That certainly doesn't have the hallmarks of persons without any bias / prejudice. To further highlight this, when any of these individuals are called out, the response is either, "don't attempt to stifle free speech", or "you can't handle the truth about this product" or "you're wearing blinkers and don't want to acknowledge the issues this product has" etc. There is a point between healthy, rigorous debate. And there is a point where it becomes prejudicial / bias. These individuals have tipped past that point and shown their cards (so to speak) very clearly. Now I'm no MS word not allowed, to be blatantly clear. And it can easily be misconstrued that I'm defending MS. I could easily point to MS and many of their OS issues over the years which have added to my chagrin, and that's the tip of the iceberg....as I'm sure many here could attest to. And when it comes to MSFS - I agree on many/most of the issues raised. But, I see a product with great promise. Whilst many are viewing it as a single use platform (ie Flightsimming), I'm seeing a bigger picture with many applications spanning many facets of Govt & Private. But for now, I'll adhere to the flightsimmimg phase. It is new. It's technology is new. The team delivering it is new. These aren't battle hardened devs that have spent 20 yrs+ working deep in on major titles like GTA, COD, P3D, FSX and the likes - where we would expect that all facets of creating, delivering and providing post sales support would have been a higher standard. In fact, even these battle hardened devs and their teams get things wrong and the community uproar is felt and heard. I certainly didn't walk into this purchase commitment with the highest expectations. I paid for the Premium Deluxe. It came with some issues. I knew it would not be a polished, shiny product. I knew this was a longer term deal. And, as long as I'm breathing, I'll stick with it as I can see where it will be in a period of time. I sincerely hope MS/Asobo are fully committed as they have publicly stated they are. Time will tell. This is all a storm in a teacup - but it's being treated by some as though it is an absolute natural disaster where many lives have been tragically lost. There is a loss of all proportion/reality and a complete loss of focus on what is really important. For those who have had major issues like constant CTD's, download interrupts, etc. I sincerely hope this is addressed soon and completely. Like many others, I'm thankful that I can complete most flights and generally enjoy the sim for what it is now, and look forward to further enhancements via both MS/Asobo and 3rd party devs and enjoy it for what it will become.
  14. I believe you may have misunderstood me. I have always maintained a respect for LM at the very least for continuing the FSX / MS franchise and I continued flying in that environment up until recent months. As a military man, I have several other levels of respect for LM which perhaps most civilians will never know or understand. I have always conceded that there are issues with MSFS (check any forum- I utilize the same username) but like all software (P3D/XP included), these will be resolved in time. The critical sensitivity you refer to is something I've noticed on various forums - but the pendulum swings both ways - and at times I've witnessed you defending P3D. I guess almost everyone is guilty at some level of this attitude/conduct regarding their preferred platform. I recall very clearly though, some 12 months ago you referred to MSFS as "Vaporware" when it was publicly announced despite the video/still previews which were evidence of actual working software. I respectfully disagreed with your analysis then, as I knew instinctively 12 months ago after it was announced and all the previews that MSFS was here to stay and was the real deal. I agree with you that criticism (just and evidence based) is the only way to achieve sound results for the bettermant of all involved. It could be debated whether MS/Asobo introduced the platform earlier than perhaps it should of. It could be debated whether the QA process was sped up unnecessarily particularly pertaining to this latest patch of which this thread is dedicated to. All valid. But I have seen this before in other platforms - t's not mutually exclusive to MS/Asobo. And to be clear - I agree 100% with you regarding DX12. Would have been nice to have it in MSFS now. But that's in the past. It will be implemented into MSFS soon enough. But as far as I'm concerned - the overriding au-contraire is - why didn't LM introduce DX12 earlier than it did? Why haven't LM found a way to introduce the map technology that MS/Asobo have? Trailblazers are always open to heavier and often more unjust criticisms. And that is a historical fact. I would not be surprised now to see all the other platforms now considering the possibility of utilizing the same or similar tech that Asobo/MS have introduced. Needless to say, I see non-flightsim games ie shooters, etc and a host of other software companies jumping onto this tech. I cannot even begin to go into detail regarding how we in the military are now looking into this tech for various applications across all branches including tha VR/AR aspect. This new tech is, in a sense, the future. All thanks to MS/Asobo and their vision/commitment. And we won;t be surprised to see government and private sector adopt the technology for use in civil sims by CAE and others. This may clarify my stance, as I'm seeing a product with new innovation that has the capacity to seep through an almost endless myriad of applications ranging from civil to military and well beyond.
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