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  1. The "hate" or "anger" being expressed all over social media platforms is a sad state of the times. Whether directed at PMDG or any other dev. And it's only becoming increasingly worse. Largely, it is mis-directed and out of all proportion. And from my observations, this pandemic has certainly exponentially blown the magnitude of modern day anger/stress levels right through the stratosphere and many are not coping and finding ways to vent albeit not so productively. As if modern day living wasn't stressful enough. Most of what I've seen in forums for MSFS are nothing more than "storms in tea-cups" but the fervour from many are way out of proportion and context....... for the reason pointed out above.
  2. In terms of the EFB, why has Fenix and PMDG only opted for Navigraph? Why not let users choose their own source for charts etc? It's clear that there may be a monetary mutual benefit for all devs concerned......but consumer choice should also apply. I hope that both devs wake up (and any future devs).
  3. Could be your hardware ie CPU handles the pressure with ease. My CPU is older than yours and OC'd. It isn't running high and handling MSFS quite well for the most part. I'm just lightly perplexed as to why some non-US PG cities are adversely impacting the US PG cities, at least on my rig (and some other users also).
  4. I'm relatively new to this discovery. I've tried this (deleting PG cities other than US) and it definitely worked for me. What would be really interesting to know, is how many users are experiencing this phenomena. I hope Asobo/MS devote some time to resolving this so that the need to uninstall PG is no longer necessary.
  5. Thanks for this info Fielder. I can say that the Aus PG is not creating an adverse issue on the US PG, at least on my end. I just tested this yesterday and confirmed it. I'm now seriously considering further testing to see if there are any other non-US PG areas that do not interfere with the US PG areas in an effort to isolate.
  6. I hope that info regarding Asobo/MS reading through this forum is correct and hopefully they'll take corrective action. I tested the issue by deleting all the PG's with the exception of Australia as I had read in the MSFS forum that another user found Aus PG didn't adversely affect US PG. Ergo, I went to KPHX with PG set to On, the frames were at 16 with worldwide PG's still installed. Then uninstalled all PG's (with the exception of Aus) and frames at KPHX were at 35. nb: same gate, same time of day, same weather, same aircraft (ie: Fenix A320) That is a very clear indication that something is awry with the PG within the sim. These non-US regions are geographically extremely distant to the US PG cities and should absolutely not affect them in any way, shape or form.
  7. Out of curiosity (as I'm looking a little deeper into this now) have you discovered that it is imperative to delete all 8 files in order to get the USA PG to work smoothly? Did you via process of elimination try deleting 1 area at a time to ascertain if it may be 1 area in particular that is adversely impacting the USA PG more than any other area/city? Really curious to know as I think I might head down this road. Appreciate your assistance.
  8. This phenomena has occurred before, some weeks ago when trees at Edinburgh were swaying and bending at crazy angles. Can't recall what Asobo/MS did to rectify it.
  9. As a matter of interest, I carried out a quick test. Same aircraft, same airports (default), and checked frame rates with PG On, and PG Off. There was a significant increase in frame rate when PG was Off. (Didn't have to uninstall PG). By increase, I mean 15+ frames and increased smoothness. Mainly, the PG set to Off increased frame rates in cities in the USA. Even a smaller airport like KSNA (default of course) - the frames went from 18 on the ground at the airport with PG On, to 39 with PG Off. In several European & Central/Southern American capitals, PG On did not kill frame rates and I didn't need to switch PG Off. From what I ascertained, there is something unique in terms of USA PG.
  10. Thanks Javier, I hadn't heard of ChartFox, just checked it out. If Navigraph can connect to the Fenix EFB, then why not ChartFox?
  11. It's unfortunate that there is no choice for the customer. If any of the Fenix devs are viewing this.......please give your customer base the ability to import their own charts into the EFB. This can be done by dropping the charts into a specific folder in the Fenix program, and the EFB recognises the pdf format and title of the files and we can open them in the EFB documents section. Programming time & testing of the feature would not be lengthy by any means, and you would be providing some choice for your customers.
  12. Hi all, I haven't been able to ascertain whether Fenix devs allow us end users to import our own sourced airport charts (pdf's) directly into the EFB. I don't need navigraph, as the tools I have at my disposal are more than sufficient. Otherwise if not, that would be a shame as it would be tantamount to a "Captive Market".
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