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  1. Restarted PC, started FS2020, checking on updates. mandatory update via ms store Done and now installing (4.73 GiB) The GUI language has now changed from English to Dutch .....
  2. i was and still am logged in with the only MS account i have in the MS Store and nothing to see there about an update. Meanwhile, the 17.33 GiB has finished with download/install I click on CONTINUE and see l'Arc the Triomphe splash screen 'World Update IV' In the menu I see i am still on I restart FS2020 and now it wants to update the same but this time only 81.69 MiB I continue .... Again Arc de Triomphe splash screen with 'World Update IV' etc. waiting ..... and I am in the menu now, and.....still on I restart FS2020 again (and still no change in MS Store) checking for updates... nothing can't check if anything changed to the scenery because constantly getting CTD's (vcruntime140.dll in eventlog) navigating in the menu just like the last few weeks. Brilliant!
  3. Confused here... i was already on and now it wants to update saying Release Notes 1.Performance optimizations when flying close to large airports.... 2.Performance optimizations of server requests when in the menus and during flight. 17.33 GiB
  4. So, i start a flight from the menu, choosing EBBR Click on 'Airport Activity' Nothing .......... waiting ........ waiting,,,,,,, 10 minutes later, still nothing. I select YSSY for departure and click on 'airport activity' Departure and Arrival flights are shown immediately I select EBBR back again and a few seconds later Departures and Arrivals populate as well. Wonky stuff.,
  5. i have counted more elephants and girafs in this sim than other aircraft. Sometimes, when i am lucky, i will see perhaps 3 other planes when there should be 15 in reality at an airport like EGLL or EHAM for instance.. What is it? the firewall, bandwith? i have fibre so nothing to complain about internet speed, ping to server is 6ms
  6. Is it possible to have fully transparant windows in the cockpit or 'remove' them ? I find that world outside is too dark at times (when cloudy/ overcast) and the coated windows even darken that view further, When moving the viewpoint outside the cockpit it is brighter
  7. I have discovered, since day 1 of release already, that changing COM 2 to COM1 (or vice versa) helped to put an end to a sudden drop in FPS. Has anyone else noticed this?
  8. here's a scary thought. What if us folks here only represent a very small section of their customer base ... I mean, my next door neighbor is now a customer as well. Followers of iJustine have become customers..... On the workfloor my colleagues even mentioned 'hey have you heard about this new flightsim ?' My guess is that most new customers are not as demanding as we are. They fly in external view only, in stock aircraft making ludicrous bank angles.
  9. ... because you quoted me. Well, so then it was I myself who misunderstood.... never mind 🙂
  10. 1.I think you should look at my comment again and you will find that you have misread it 180 degrees. i am not bashing it i am defending it. 2. Flight was dropped because of sales figures and if I remember well, it was MS that apologized for Flight to the YT content creators that were invited on that special introduction day in 2019
  11. Honestly? .... I think you will find that they have done a little more than that.
  12. let me say this i am using CV1 with a GTX780 via HDMI and a 24inch 1080p screen via DVI without problems ....apart from having to fly in clear skies always due to the clouds flickering in VR (but not in PC mode) When I replaced the screen with a 27inch 1440p screen i wasn't able to change to VR mode no matter what i tried for graphics settings in the VR menu or lowering resolution in the graphics settings menu for PC mode
  13. I still don't understand why MSFS2020 runs smoother, faster than FSX does on my ancient i7 980 and middle-aged GTX 780. Also with add-on aircraft like the justflight piper arrow or aerosoft CRJ. It's not only about the hardware. Perhaps it is a matter of clever coding and optimization/ compatibility between the internal parts.
  14. I don't see how they would even have the resources. Doesn't MSFS make use of a gaint microsoft server park with Azure AI to do what it does now? Or they would have to collaborate with another party that can. Anyway, we would all benefit from competitive upgrades to XP and P3D. Not for our wallets persé but a monopoly of MSFS is never a good thing.
  15. They did 'Lite' ages ago with the smaller planes 1900B and C but that was before they were the established brand of creme-de-la-creme simulation I think. Those planes were not that exciting. The J41 was also a ''learning experiment" for the Boeings coming to FSX later. It had its problems but was fun to fly but despite promises never been updated. Maybe now is the time .... as another 'experiment'. If you take PMDG's exquisite systems and flight modelling out of the equation you're left with a VC and exterior model that can be equalled or surpassed by other developers. 'Lite' planes is not what they're about and would be dangerous for their brand. Sometimes I can't help thinking that they deliberately take more time to release than they need so as to help strenghten that brand. The best wine needs many years before you can open the bottle. And they are very good at keeping the suspense in the meanwhile on their forums. I remember very well some years ago how good when they had this 'huge' announcement to make leaving many speculating for months. Turned out i was not in the right target group for what it was (some sort of collaboration tool where you can take over the aircraft's state as left in by previous user?) And I believe I was not the only one. Makes me wonder if they're still making the right decisions. A re-focus primarily on P3D, if true, in this day and age strikes me as odd.
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