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  1. Careful now. This might get the wrong message to those not converted to VR yet, thinking it's better to use less complex (read 'Carenado') add-ons in VR only. This is not the case. The PMDG737 is just as great as a C152 in VR. Everything works as expected. So, ANY plane, also complicated systems-wise is great in VR! Just do a walk-around and take a look up at the landing gear bay of the recently updated Fenix A320
  2. Yes think of VR as sitting in the real aircraft What you see around you in VR is what you would see if you were sitting in the real aircraft but wearing swimming goggles..... and you cannot touch anything of course:)
  3. in case you won’t find find the right balance (but you will. it’s early days ) there’s always the right-mouse click hold for a quick zoom to read the smaller print.
  4. changing to VR has been by far and without a shadow of doubt the most important and significant improvement that i have made in 25 yrs of flightsimming. Your specs should be ok i think. It’s not only in the cockpit … walking outside and looking up (you can literally stand up or sit and look up to your ceiling) to you tubeliner and appreciate how big it really is. These things make a pre- or post flight phase also more enjoyable. And the taxiing as well of course. When in cruise you can press CTRL+TAB to switch off VR mode and continue 2D and vice versa. Easy!! You could even browse on you pc with the headset still on or close the link and use your internal apps on the quest if you like. In case you are also flying on vatsim you’re up for a challenge though although the are virtual tablets which allow you to take notes using mouse, stylo or keyboard etc.
  5. Am I the only one today? No BING data nor photogrammatry when everything is turned on in the data settings
  6. With Quest 2 i hardly noticed any difference between Airlink and the dedicated USB 90 euro cable in FPS nor visual quality.
  7. i believe this issue is now solved with recent updates to the oculus software on the PC, no?
  8. From what I recall he had accidentilly changed the CRS1 heading which caused the problem of not intercepting the LOC in the first place.
  9. i think that the impact of seeing a clear difference between the standard autogen and simheaven's would be even better demonstrated outside the USA, like in Europe for instance.
  10. The 2D panels are clearly not designed for use in VR as they open up exremely magnified. impossible to choose any setting because the menu is too close in your face. so forced to go to 2D back and forth for that. this means i cannot enjoy the dynamic schematic panels. They would be interesting to use but again ... useless in VR The engine visible under the hood is nice but nothing is animated when running. the belts or shafts do not move, only the prop on the front. So, raising the bar for the other devs and the 10 out of 10 perfection according to q8's review .... really? Don't get me wrong. it's a very nice add-on and flying with it is great .....but it's not 'perfect'.
  11. decided to make use of the 15% discount offer that ended yesterday. I only fly in VR (Quest 2, 5800X3D, RTX3090, 32 Gb RAM) First impression, not bad. Not extremely friendly on the FPS in my case. Where I get 30-40 FPS with a default plane I'll get about 20-30 with this one. just enough to be enjoyable (sofar only tested in LOWL -LOWS area with X-Europe v3, and auto-ortho) Popup menus show up HUGE in my face in VR like other menu's. Noticeable are high pitched sounds when landing. Perhaps they are real to life, i don't know .... but annoying nevertheless. The way light and shadows move around in the cockpit is the best i've seen in X-plane 12. Very immersive and detailed cockpit in VR. 10/10 according to above review. I don't know about that. Perhaps if I could increase performance a bit, somehow I'd be more willing to give it 9/10. For now 8/10
  12. I am happy with 30 FPS in VR changing view direction constantly like you would IRL too I gues (Quest 2 via link, RTX3090, 5800X3D, 32 Gb RAM). No complaints here either. An occassional drop to 20 FPS now and then I can live with as well as long as those are very brief. Besides ... FPS is not everything . In case Asynchronic spacewarp is enabled in the Oculus Debug tool it will be very uncomfortable panning around while FPS remains the same. Turning that (ASW) off is a bigger factor. And there are probably other factors as well.
  13. What I mean is that, once above the clouds, you can clearly detect a 'grid' like an invisible chessboard on which the clouds are drawn similar to the repetitive ground textures in FSX. So you could actually deduce in which direction you are heading as well. Has this always been there or has something been compromised along the way during an update? In the early days of MSFS 2020 I was really excited about the wheather but it did not take long before i noticed a substantial absence of clouds above, say FL250. Perhaps this grid has always been there but i doubt it. Today, I am still looking at mainly cumulus type clouds at most levels and looking at the MSFS2024 promo i do not feel like there is going to be a serious change to that either.
  14. True. When it drops below 20 you'll know anyway. and then it remains to be seen if that is just a temporary performance drop and decide to just 'go on' or consider it a continuous problem. But there are places or circumstances when it can happen. In X-plane it can really be a problem as sim time also slows down with it. Anyway, EDDF is my stress test area in case i feel there is an overall change in performance taking place. If I can fly there I can fly anywhere, Too many take Manhatten as a stress test but I think ASOBO know that and have been clever enough to optimize that one.
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