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  1. I can understand that. Had I known FSW would have died an early death, I would not have purchased that either. But in this case I have a little more faith in the sincerity of this developer's ambitions which is why i stepped in early.
  2. Usually, whether or not a sim will develop in future depends on sales. So, just keeping your eyes open, i am not sure if that helps.
  3. What I usually do to remedy that is put the aircraft on autopilot, put my Rift aside and have a chat with the passengers in the living room until TOD. It will be different if you're flying with online traffic i guess, Wearing a headset does take getting used to but indeed, 3 hrs is a long time. I remember that during the first days of flying VR it was a funny feeling to step in my car IRL and drive. It was not dangerous or anything but I could tell my mind was somehow taking up the real life enviroment in a different way.
  4. avhpilot


    do you have the same issue without overclocked CPU ?
  5. avhpilot

    PMDG 747 V3 OOM after long haul

    EHAM is and has always been cursed with bad performance in FSX. Since I installed FlyTampa scenery it's gotten even worse with OOMS. What sometimes helps for me is to put the sim on pause 'P' for a minute and then continue. It might just give you an extra few seconds so you can complete the touch down to stand still. You could try DX10 preview mode as it is slightly easier on VAS. It's very little but could just make the difference. PMDG does not support DX10 preview mode though so cannot promise a smooth ride. FWIW, in my case I do not notice any difference.
  6. avhpilot

    FlyInside FlightSimulator

    True, We will have to wait and see indeed. so It's a leap of faith basically but based on great software developed prior to this sim by a developer who seems to listen to its users. At least that is the situation right now. investment is not that steep i think, certainly not when you're previous customer.
  7. avhpilot

    FlyInside Flight Simulator...

    No swearing allowed here indeed. 🙂 Perhaps better call it FIFS. Much easier to pronounce and less likely to be confused with FSX when in noisy conversation....(like all those wild flightsim parties us folk tend to go to i mean 🙂)
  8. avhpilot

    FlyInside Flight Simulator...

    Playing all MS flightsims on 2D for decades until it became unplayable. More and more, more and even more added to it. It's too much for it too handle. Going to LM for their pimped-up FSX then ? academic or Pro? What am I? I'm confused. Surely this is entertainment no? Oh it's not .... apparently. Also, would need hard cash to move over and start over again building up the same. And next year? re-purchase v5 again? What do I hear? Even with hard cash on hardware and add-ons, FPS over Seattle is still an issue? Then comes this guy Dan from FLyInside along and says I can play FSX in VR. And guess what? I can indeed, and my FSX is reborn! It's a new sim. It's always been good, I just didn't see it in VR yet so i've missed a few things all those years. And all of a sudden I have a real Boeing 737 that I can fly, from PMDG. I already had it but first time I could take a real seat inside the cockpit. OK, good for now, Im not complaining. but, still, need to look at future. Future is VR, right ? X-plane then perhaps? Now there's something interesting! Yes this is good! VR there but too demanding for my specs. won't play. Need hard cash for new PC. Now Dan comes with his own sim! FlyInside Flightsimulator. Finaly a breath of fresh air? No more false prophets like Flight or FSW but a new sim built on tech from the planet Vulcan? A developer that will listen to input from community? You know what? I think i'm gonna give this a try (I already have).
  9. avhpilot

    FlyInside FlightSimulator

    Hmm. I disagree. Aerofly is only playable in a few areas out of the box + others for which you have to pay. the rest of the world only makes sense at 30.000 feet or higher. Even in the payware Switserland region the airports are the only areas with 3D buildings. the main city Zurich is just flat photoscenery making an approach into LSZH dull. The only thing that looks like how a sim should look like is the LOWI area (payware) . For the rest of the world., there is no nightlighting, (it's completely dark everywhere). fuel is always unlimited, clouds are annoyingly rotating 2d flat pictures, The options are more like an iPad app game than a desktop sim. No, I think that FlyInside's FS at this stage has more to offer and can only get better and hopefully at a faster pace. So i have given it a go and purchased.
  10. yes, I'm in since friday and it looks promising. Do not expect yaw dropping scenery straight out of the box like X-plane 11 or a decently dressed-up FSX or P3D but what i see looks promising but still very much a work in progress. Performance in VR seems great and clever interface and seemless switching between 2D and VR. For the moment I'd say the 'fairest' comparison with other sim would be with Aerofly, the latter which is only limited to a few areas and only playable from high distance in most areas due too poor resolution satelite photoscenery. FIFS shines at lower altitudes, not so much at higher cruise levels (in my case). Autogen is at places enormous (KLAX area is impressive) and still visible at high distance. Autogen itself needs art make over, too dull still. Clouds are way better than Aerofly and do not turn with head movement like it so annoyingly does with Aerofly. Evening and night lighting is way better than Aerofly (wich is complete dark in most areas) and resembles X-plane (but not as good and no road traffic yet). Big question is whether performance can be retained when cloud and scenery shadows are featured in the future. So, as Froogle mentioned in his weekly sunday evening shopping channel yesterday, the most vocal community members should support this. I agree. If this sim gets better and better, we will all get better in the end. Even if X-plane now seems the most future proof sim (my guess) it would be better to have a competitor sim when that day arrives than a solo market leader.
  11. avhpilot

    OTT and FlyInside

    oh sure, if you mean by 'judder' that in areas with heavy autogen at low altitude the landscape projects like a powerpoint slide show, then Yes. but the fps of the sim, dreadful as it can be (below 10 fps) is bearable because headmovement in the vc is still at 90 fps. i have an old i7 980X running at 3.45 gHz. no overclock. when i do that, the rift starts to shake. frames are set to unlimited in fsx:se
  12. Link not working anymore? Honestly, every time I give this 767 another try I end up troubleshooting installation issues. Windows 10 + FSX:SE. Downloaded the 1.5 version (complete installer) and installation did not produce errors. Now when selecting the aircraft in the free flight menu from FSX SE, it gives me the dreaded 'Panel Initialization failure' error (re-install LVD767 is the recommendation) and FSX SE quits when clicking OK Then I see this: FSX-SE MCP blank, weird flap indication, gear up level when gear is down, flickering N 2 indication. Uninstalled all 4 simconnect modules and reinstalled from the SDK folder in FSX-SE. Simconnect files: YOUR_STEAM_FOLDER\SteamApps\common\FSX\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces But how do I first 'uninstall all 4 simconnect modules' to start with?
  13. avhpilot

    OTT and FlyInside

    I have never had any judder issues with FI for FSX SE. I remember having had some shakiness with Rift when using Asus turbo mode (which is a sort preset overclock setting from within an ASUS tool). For some reason i seem to be stuck with the default clock setting of the processor in order to experience smooth operating.
  14. News on VR? Perhaps the fact the FlyInside has announced that they will release a brand new flightsimulator soon? http://www.flyinside-flightsim.com/#news
  15. Am using FlyInside + FSX SE + Rift (runtime 1.x) + Win 10 Home Ed. When I start the OTT (right click run as admin) and change to 45 FPS with ASW of 45 FPS without ASW. I can see in the sim that that has been changed. However, when changing pixel override from 0 to 1.5 or even higher like or 2.0 I do not see a significant change in resolution of sharpness improvement in the sim. Does this even work in this combination? Should it work, Am I missing something? Thanks.