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  1. ok thanks for your input. No switch from Steam FSX to P3Dv5 for me any time soon i think,,,
  2. I anticipate that MSFS2020 will be VR ready somewhere 2021 and only THEN will i build a new super gaming pc system, not sooner. Currently i am OK flying VR Rift CV1 with Flyinside and FSXSE with framerates varying between 5-20. Since the FPS in the cockpit is 90 i do not really care that much if the world around me only updates with low framerate like 20 FPS max. What I do find frustrating is that i am very often getting memory issues (VAS running full) due to the Orbx global, vector, openlc areas etc..... or the mousecursor dissappearing after a while, That, together with some texture issues (airport buildings dissappear at night) i think has to do with Flyinside but i am not sure. Would it be worth trying Prepar3D V5 now that it has improved performance with similar settings ? i7 980 X (6-core) at 3.30 Ghz clock, 12 GB RAM DDR3, 500 GB SSD drive GTX780 6GB VRAM STRIX, Oculus Rift CV1 - Or should i just forget about it? I would need to clear some serious hard drive space for it Thanks:)
  3. Too bad that 3D television flopped years ago. If not, it could have been a bridge to give bit of an idea what VR flying is like for those that have never tried it. The stereoscopic view via 3D tv could have helped increasing VR interest to new public.
  4. About 238 tons for a 777 🙂 by the way i think that the 295 in InitialPbh = 15, 0, 295 must be degrees (so about 10 'o clock) meaning changing this number to - 180 you will look in the opposite direction But i have to try this yet.
  5. For instance for the PMDG777 \Steam\SteamApps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\PMDG 777-200LR\aircraft.config You will see all camera settings there For example, look at these 2 wing views right and left: InitialXyz = 40.8, 8.0, -17.0 nitialXyz = -40.8, 8.0, -17.0 When comparing these numbers with the other views it'll become clear how to interpret them.... [CameraDefinition.013]Title = "Right Wing"Description = View from the right wing tip looking at the cockpitOrigin = CenterSnapPbhAdjust = SwivelSnapPbhReturn = FALSEPanPbhAdjust = SwivelPanPbhReturn = FALSETrack = NoneShowAxis = FALSEAllowZoom = TRUEInitialZoom = 0.80ShowWeather = YesInitialXyz = 40.8, 8.0, -17.0InitialPbh = 15, 0, 295XyzAdjust = TRUECategory=AircraftMomentumEffect = FALSEClipMode=Minimum[CameraDefinition.014]Title = "Left Wing"Description = View from the left wing tip looking at the cockpitOrigin = CenterSnapPbhAdjust = SwivelSnapPbhReturn = FALSEPanPbhAdjust = SwivelPanPbhReturn = FALSETrack = NoneShowAxis = FALSEAllowZoom = TRUEInitialZoom = 0.80ShowWeather = YesInitialXyz = -40.8, 8.0, -17.0InitialPbh = 15, 0, 65XyzAdjust = TRUECategory=AircraftMomentumEffect = FALSEClipMode=Minimum
  6. Yes, there is no way back to 2D flying once you do this 🙂 I am already a vr dinosaur with my ancient Rift CV1 but still having fun with that. There will be better headsets nowadays no doubt.
  7. No I don't. Never had heard of discord. will look it up what it's about 🙂
  8. I also enjoyed the original version but ..... the annoying cinematic background music that could not be muted without losing the commentary The low res textures (earth continents) Neil and Buzz casting no shadows on the moon's surface .... So they've now fixed what exactly?
  9. Thanks for the replies. Meanwhile i found the settings in the aircraft.config file in simobjects. This is aircraft specific. I forgot to mention that i was using the PMDG NGX.
  10. Hi, Using FlyInside with FSX:SE and Rift CV1 here spending most of the time in cockpit -> virtual cockpit (captain's) view obviously. But sometimes also very nice in VR to stand in front of the plane/ I've set up 6 joystick buttons to move view point in X, Y, Z axes. but moving that is very slow.I would like to change some of the views relative to the aircraft (like for example aircraft -> right wing aft or aircraft -> tail view or aircraft -> left engine.Moving the viewpoint is too slow to change that with each new flight. In which config file do I find the settings for this to edit? (i don't think that Flyinside will allow any 3rd party addons like EZDOK or the other more recent one) Thanks. Antoine
  11. "Switching views ends up making the screen go black. Have to restart the whole sim to fix. Ideas?" using the S and A keys will sooner or later get you into a blackscreen view. therefore i only select views via right-mouseclick and only the aircraft views (window views etc) and the cockpit views. What i usually do is take a view like 'nose-wheel' and then move the viewpoint so you are looking at the aircraft as if you were staning in front of it. Try that with a 747 and you see how high and big that thing is. Yes, it has its quircks this add-on but for me it has been the best 30 euro's spent in about 25 yrs of flightsimming. The move to bing maps in FFS is a great step forward when flying high but not low. For me nothing beats FSX + Flyinside for me at the moment. with Orbx buildings, FTX global, vector and LC and REX textures and clouds etc the impression one gets from the world when flying VR is very plausible at all heigths.
  12. Thanks for your feedback Jozeff. you are probably right and have saved me a few bucks. Well, too bad i will have to say goodbye to my favourite 737 IGEX or wait for XP12 at least. Returning to X-plane in 2D is not an option as you will understand. About your remark on smoother experience with Rift S. perhaps it's because you do not need USB bandwith / resources for tracking antennas anymore?
  13. Hi all, At the moment i have been happy using an ASUS GTX780 GTX 6GB VRAM (STRIX) card (my system is Abit P6T Deluxe V2 motherboard, i7 980X 6-core CPU,18 GB DDR3 RAM) and Oculus Rift CV1 However, i cannot use X-plane 11 VR (enable VR hardware opion is greyed out) and this is most likely due to the Gfx card not being on the list of accepted cards. I am perfectly able to fly in Steam FSX with dozens of add-ons, AeroflyFS2 or DCS. I am planning to wait until it becomes clear exactly what will be needed for flying VR with MSFS2020 so that could take at least a year if not longer .... if it comes (but it would be absurd if it didn't) and only then buy or build a completely new system. But until then ... I am looking for a Gfx card that can replace the GTX780 to use in my current system so i can use X-plane again and also have a substantial performance increase. Is there a gfx card in the 100 to 200 euro price range that could this ? Or is the GTX780 good enough (although not for x-plane) Thanks, Avhpilot
  14. I'm afraid we'lll still have quite a long way to go before we can enjoy a stable FS2020 sim, letalone a stable VR experience of it. So what can one do in the meantime: Tip 1. Enjoy what you have right now. it might be not so bad after all and given the current hype it can only dissapoint when it becomes reality. So keep cool. Tip 2. There will be more and more sales/ discounts on products for your current sim. If you can bring up the discipline to wait longer until the initial storm has passed and a first major service pack will bring stability (say 2021 ?) you can benefit form this. Tip 3. There are still hundreds and hundreds of airports you haven't flown into. You'll be surprised how many there are in your current sim. Tip 4 .If you haven't already, switch from 2D monitor flying to VR in your current sim. By the time you have recovered from the wow factor you'll notice FS2020 is there (time flies when you're having fun) with or without VR. Tip 5. Do not watch any more YT videos with updates on FS2020 (this is a tough one...) Tip 6. anyone ....?
  15. Yes, it's too bad I already purchased that DX10 fixer and cloud shadow plug in just before I discovered VR and FlyInside. Another thing is that DX0 would have offered a slightly better handling of OOM issues. Too bad. It makes it impossible to fly into EHAM Tampa for instance. And I fear that upgrading to a new PC with higher CPU (from 3.5 to 5 Ghz) and DDR3 to DDR4, and RTX Gfx card etc will be useless to solve that problem given the fact it is still 32 bits application. Anyway, the release announcement for FS2020 now puts a clear end to my ongoing shillyshally whether to purchase P3D or not. Glad I won't have to repurchase all those PMDG and A2A licenses again now. For the moment I am more than happy with a clear picture in VR of those cockpits albeit without the shadows.
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