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  1. If you want to take your top model girlfriend for a shopping trip from, say, Paris to Dubai, you're stuck with the Longitude. I did a flight from Berlin, Germany, to Dubai in just under 6 hours. With the Dakfly mod the Longitude is a nice plane to fly, but the avionics aren't there yet, it has no interior cabin modeled, no animations, etc. That just doesn't cut it anymore in 2022.
  2. Dead as a doorknob, their last release, I believe, was the CitationXLS for the 32bit version of P3D
  3. Well, they released the Citation X ,which has a range of about 3,400 miles.
  4. My doorbell just rung....it's Kylie Jenner.....dreams do come true!!! I won't be buying until PMDG makes major improvements and provides a state-of-the-art EFB, upgrades the textures, fully modeled interior that's actually part of the interior, etc. Let's be honest, as of right now, the state of the flightsim biz jets is not very good. Almost two years after the release of MSFS 2020 you're pretty much still "stuck" with the CJ4 and the Longitude. Both jets have great mods, but I want a little more variety. Also the constant drum beat of "coming soon!!" "the wait is almost over!!" and all these previews of bizjets that may or may not ever see the light ot day is getting a little long in the tooth. With the decline and death of Eaglesoft the biz jet market pretty much went down with them.
  5. You are making assumptions based on almost no evidence, I'm sorry to say. Nobody is "whining". Some folks are simply pointing out, respectfully, that the above mentioned features should have been included at launch. I, for one, would have preferred a delay in order for PMDG to provide a more polished product --> and that, in your book, makes me a "whiner"?
  6. Have you tried the fantastic Heavy Division mod with the default 787?
  7. Comparing MSFS 2020 to P3D is like comparing a DaVinci to a Bob Ross painting.😏
  8. Compared to the details in the Fenix, the PMDG wheel wells look abysmal - reminds me of Arianedesign's CRJ ca. 1998 - it included a low res pic of the cabin, it was just that - a low res jpeg, fuzzy no detail. https://youtu.be/9rBqlATRkec?t=1743
  9. I, personally, am not confused at all. 1. I'll never give a red cent to FSLabs - even if someone threatens to blow up my house AND promises me a 100,000$ cheque, I'd say: Feel free to blow up my house AND you can keep the money. 2. Aersoft's A320 will be mediocre 3. There is the excellent FbW A 320 Neo 4. The Fenix A320, leaving all the unnecessary hyperbole and hype, twitching and streaming, etc. aside, seems a winner right out of the box --> this is the one I will buy once it's past a few patches. Addendum: I briefly considered the PMDG 700, but will not be buying it after all. I know it performs better than the Fenix, but no EFB, wonky simbrief integration, interior part of the exterior, and subclass visuals turned me off. The continous stream of consciousness posts don't help either. --> IMHO.
  10. PMDG is the great recycler - that's the way they do things. And I've been a PMDG customer since they launched their products for TRF. No EFB at launch? Interior model not part of the interior? Gimme a break. It's 2022.
  11. Doe this mean this update will include making the interior cabin part of the interior model?
  12. Lol. You win the internet. As the avsim front page says, PMDG is on its fifth recycle of the 737. Eventually, this well is going to run dry.
  13. Why wouldn't it? I've used amd stuff for decades with no problem. Also intel and nvidia with no issues. You're basically asking all the wrong questions. The two questions you should be asking yourself are: 1. What's my budget? 2. At what resolution do I want to play games and MSFS? The answers to 1 and 2 will determine your next steps. What you are doing is putting the cart before the horse and looking for solutions instead of identifying the problems.
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