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  1. doors don't open, no cabin, etc. It flies well enough, but it's just a cockpit and decent outside visuals.
  2. true, but classic Avsim (and I've been on here 20 years)
  3. Looks fine. I like the "retro-futuristic" look. Asobo, please keep the Dune loading screen indefinitely.😀
  4. I don't get the negativity either: not everyone wants to waste their lives flipping 345 switches and twisting 235 knobs before getting airborne.
  5. When are they going to fix the word not allowed texturing on their planes?
  6. Where is the clickspot for TOGA? it used to be that small square button to the left.
  7. And their jokes are, IMHO, profoundly unfunny.
  8. Yawn @SierraDelta you need to improve your clickbait skills - instead of this lukewarm thread title, you should have posted CHASEPLANE FOR MSFS IS RELEASED!!!!!!!
  9. I agree 100%. This new ground handling model is worth the price of the entire simulator.
  10. Wow, stellar revolutionary insights into how business works! Publicly traded companies have to show "constant profit". This inside alone is worth the Nobel. word not allowed, why did my parents spend all this money sending me to expensive colleges? I could have just read PC Gamer!!!
  11. Please, no rollbacks. I've had few if any issues with the latest beta updates.
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