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  1. All Nvidia drivers have been rock-solid for me (DX11 in MSFS) - I've also been noticing small performance improvements in other games like Cyberpunk 2077.
  2. Stop obsessing about "performance" - you'll lead a more fulfilling life.
  3. You want to start messing around with the core installation for a 12 bucks addon that simply changes loading screens? I've never been asked to "move" core files to another location, why would I start now? It took two clicks but Striper eventually "found" my MSFS installation.
  4. Also, don't forget that he posts quick start-up guides to most of this videos. These are really helpful for getting a start on a new addon plane. At the beginning you just want to now where the hydraulic pumps 1 and 2 are instead of getting a muuddled and rambling 20 minute lecture on the history of hydraulics. I also like the fact that his videos aren't "cinematic" and that he leaves in his mistakes and errors.
  5. Same here, his stuff is actually watchable, unlike 99% of the rest of the tubbers.
  6. Alive and in a holding pattern....Lol As I said: They're dead.
  7. I own Pro ATC SR, which works half the time and has close to no support from the developer. I considered FSHud, but the voices are terrible. The same applies to all the other available - bad voices, clunky interrfaces, etc.
  8. All currently available ATC are word not allowed, one way or the other.
  9. I wouldn't call it a cash grab, but, as I said earlier, the program just seems unfinished and rushed. It's certainly nice to be able to replace the 300 new airports!!! 50000 points of interests! Landing challenges!!!!! screens with serene satelite images, b other than that, I don't know. It displays your simbrief departure and arrival airport, but it would be nice, for example, to have the complete route displayed with additional info, like time of arrival, cruising altitude, etc. or an overlay of the plane moving along the route. I'd say it's a solid first effort, but I expected a little more from Parallel42.
  10. I gave what I consider to be a fair and balanced first assessment/overview of the program. Here are a couple of quick and dirty images from the sim while loading into a flight.
  11. Well, no, not really: there's advertisement, and then there is what I got, which is a little different: but that's the nature of advertisement. Did you buy it?
  12. It's on sale, so I bought it. So far, I have to say, I'm.....underwhelmed. Installation didn't go smoothly, had to relaunch MSFS several times before it detected my installation. No change in loading times. Asobo loading screens are now replaced with low rez bird's eye views of airports. Clunky zoom effect (probably dependent on hardware) Ugly Parallel42 logo displayed prominently on bottom right. Upon loading a flight, and after adding your simbrief ID it displays the ICAO codes of your departure and arrival airports --> the point being? During loading of a flight it shows your airport position and parking/gate position --> the point being? Overall, this app has an unfinished, rushed feel to it. Not sure yet what the value is. Please enlighten me if I've missed a feature.
  13. Thanks. Installed. Never had an issue with any Nvidia drivers on DX11.
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