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  1. I've logged extensive hours in Flight 1's MD80. Unfortunately, every flight beyond roughly 1 hour flying time ends with an OOM error for me. Tried this and tried that, to no avail. Most of my Maddog flights are now done with "the other" Maddog, which is also great but doesn't have a virtual cockpit. ricardo
  2. Ricardo41

    FSNavigator Closing

    Support for this product stopped a long time ago, so I'm not surprised that this is the "final curtain". FSX is causing a major Darwinian struggle for survival amongst developers, or so it seems.
  3. Ricardo41

    PSS is done

    What I simply don't understand is: how can you just "disappear"? After all, unlike some other FS outfits, PSS has a certain "legendary" status: their 747 and T7 for FS2000 were state of the art, beloved by many simmers. A final word, perhaps even a small note of thanks to those of us who bought their products (I own every single one of them) would, I think, be in order. Nobody has a problem with folks simply moving on - but to move on in this way (leaving aside the issue of compatability of the 757/777 with FSX), seems,well, a tad strange. ricardo
  4. I've been away from simming since April of this year, due to a variety of reasons. Won't be ready to return until some time next year, but thought I'd "check in" to see what's cooking. I had hoped to find a plethora and smorgasbord of new releases: highly advance aircraft, gorgeous scenery, innovative new addons, etc. But, imagine my dismay to see that most of the great addons that were on the stove seemed to be still,well, on the stove. Reading bad stuff about the interaction between Vista and FSX, and the reviews of FSX seemed to tilt significantly towards the negative. Generally, I just don't see the kind of excitement and enthusiasm that I had hoped would have developed by now. The apparent demise of PSS sure doesn't add to this. OTOH, I see that CS is still up their old shenanigans. :-), and Ariane seems to have undergone a major overhaul. ricardo
  5. Extremely sad news. PSS set the bar with their innovative releases for FS 2000.ricardo
  6. Ricardo41

    Flying the Feelthere Legacy 600

    >I fly the legacy and I enjoy it, although it's not one of the>best addons out there. Their X looks better and it's "coming>out in a few days" now. But I just read over at feelthere>forum, they will not have a support forum for the X. All>they'll have is a locked bulletin for bug list and FAQs. A>user can only submit a support inquiry on Wilco's website. To>me that basically means there will not be direct / interactive>support for their X.>>JasonWhy not be patient and wait for PROVEN leader in biz jet addons, Eaglesoft, to release their CX 2.0.?There is absolutely NO reason whatsoever to waste money on Wilco.ricardo
  7. Ricardo41

    Citation X fans...

    Looks like something out of FS98/2000.
  8. Ricardo41

    Factory Flight Sim Closing

    >Let me be the first to inform you that the FFS dev team had>nothing to do with this decision, this was made by the FFS>management only ... please see the two stickys in this forum.>>http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=show_topics&forum=246>>>Regards,>Bob JonesAre youy guys going to deliver on your promises of an update?ricardo
  9. Ricardo41

    Factory Flight Sim Closing

    Let me be the first to extend heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Flight Factory Simulations for providing timely updates to their products. ricardo
  10. Ricardo41

    CS 757 Block F in Beta

    Expect release of this at Beta 878ricardo
  11. >I've been looking at getting a new LCD, and came to the>conclusion that LCDs are getting bigger, better, and cheaper. >This means more widescreen displays will be flying off the>shelves. Now I wonder when are developers going to start>supporting widescreens? I think this is going to be an>important feature for next-gen add-ons, I certainly hope>developers are paying attention. Most other games released now have native widescreen support. Let's hope flightsim addon developers catch up to this quickly. I'm still hoping that in the near future flightsim will move to the next-gen consoles. No more $4,000 computers to play $40 games!ricardo
  12. Ricardo41

    FeelThere - Wilco EMB145 - Legacy

    >I have some interest in the Honeywell avionics panel in the>EMB-145 aircraft so was thinking about getting a payware, but>recent threads on this developer (s?) makes me cautious. >Right now my target is FS9 but FSX is also desireable.>>My priority needs are>1. 2d panel with good systems simulation>2. good flight model>3. VC nice to have>4. detailed interior/exterior don't care >>What is the realtionship of FeelThere to Wilco? Are they>different or actually the same? It seems like the Legacy is>sold by Wilco, but the EMB145 is sold by FeelThere. Is the>Legacy actually an update of the same EMB145? Would one or>the other be preferred for my priorites?>>scott s.>.>Wilco is the distributor for FT's products. If you buy the Legacy, you will have to deal with Wilco's customer service, a service I consider substandard (atrociously slow downloads, broken and interrupted downloads, requiring "resetting" of your counter, etc.).If you care about systems simulation, download the free Embraer 135 panel by Bill Grabowski. It's a classic and comes with an excellent manual, which is heads and shoulders above the manuals that Wilco puts out for their Embraers. The "manual" for the Legacy is particularly useless. The Legacy is better than the ERJ 135. However, many flightsimmers, myself included, felt "shafted" because of having to buy the new version at full price. That's Wilco's customer service for you. A real ERJ pilot over on simflight.de tested both; his verdict:"# Das Handbuch hat den Namen nicht verdient, ganze 15 Seiten umfasst es! Lieber bei Feelthere das Handbuch des ERJ145 herunterladen# Diverse Logik- und FMC-Fehler wurden seit dem ERJ145 nicht korrigiert oder sogar zum schlechten hin programmiert"ricardo
  13. Just released. Sorry if already posted. 1 credit gives you AES (you'll need version 1.40)http://www.aerosoft.de/cgi-local/rd/ibosho...i?showd,,D10425ricardo
  14. It makes me smile when people say things like: It's not fair to compare Wilco's airbus with Level D's 767. Of course, it's both absolutely fair and instructive in terms of understanding the difference between a successful flight sim addon developer with a ton of goodwill within the ommunity and a developer who basically is boxed against the wall 24/7.What would be needed would be some kind of resellerratings.com forum where users can grade an addon company. Wilco would rank close to the bottom of such a rating, for reasons entirely of its own making, with 0 inclination to change anything for the better. ricardo
  15. Ricardo41

    OmWings Fokker F-28 Fellowship First Impression

    Looked good, until I read this:"Nimmt man zum ersten Mal im Cockpit des Regionaljets Platz, so stechen zuerst die gr