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  1. Why is anyone expecting Aersoft to move out of their comfort zone? The CRJs, the Airbusses, and the Twin Otter - Aerosoft is going to recycle this trio of planes until MSFSD 2055 gets released.
  2. Let's be honest here. If you want to fly a modern glass cockpit biz jet, you'll have to ....wait for it.....wait for Carenado to port their stuff over to MSFS. Carenado doesn't do avionics, so you'll get stock and some great interior and exterior visuals. I'm hoping that the G1X and G3X mods from WT also work with the Carenado stuff. Good enough for me. It is what it is. Predictably, folks will buy Carenado, thinking that a zebra can lose it's stripes, then the tears will start flowing, and so the cycle continues (as can be seen in the 940,000 other threads on this). I don't see any other company stepping up to the biz jet plate.
  3. That would be great, but they seem to be in the early stages of development, and I suspect we would have to wait several years for an MSFS version to materialize. Also, how many aircrafts have been ported from the X-Plane to the Microsoft flight simulation platform in the past?
  4. ...or you could just slap a business jet paint on the crjs and call it a day....... (kidding) To be honest, I don't see this happening. I mean, it took PMDG over a decade to deliver the bbj version of their 737; Eaglesoft is out of business, and I don't think Aerosoft is up to the task. That leaves us with Carenado....... Generally speaking, the market for "study level" biz jets seems to be rather small. It seems that simmers either want to fly their little hedge clippers around the circuit, or they go for the "study level" airliners. I agree in general, though: I'd pay a premium for an advanced long-range business jet. I doubt I'll be taking my credit card out any time soon.
  5. -haven't noticed any significant degradation of visuals at medium settings. - performance for me has improved over the course of the updates on my 6-year old PC. Very few CTDs since MSFS was launched. No more than a handful, all due to problems on my end, with the exception of the inflight-map crash. - Not sure what you mean by "small planes ...almost unusable." I regular fly the DA62 (with mods) and would consider it to be very usable.
  6. Buying the premium version was worth it for the Longitude alone, and with the WT G3X and Darkfly's performance mod I got more than my money's worth.
  7. I'd be interested in knowing how many people buy the basic version, have regrets, and then spend the xtra cash on the Premium version.
  8. Completed a three and a half hour flight with the Longitude today. Again, no isses. Vapp and Vref are also now closer to the book figures. Shot an ILS approach. Loc and GS capture went smoothly. This plane's coming along nicely. The 50 40 30 20 callouts work.
  9. The Citation Longitude with mods alone was worth the price for the Premium version.
  10. I just completed a short flight, using the 0.6.2 release and didn't encounter any issues. Performance has improved as well over the 0.6 and 0.6.1 releases.
  11. The WT guys are one of the few 3PDs who don't gaslight their customers. Rather, they carefully listen to reports of issues, ask for clarifications, and, if need be, issue fixes shortly thereafter.
  12. Why do we necessarily need 3PDs to deliver better IFR experiences.?This is the old way of doing this. Bringing the WT guys on board seems to suggest that Microsoft/Asobo are more interested in gradually improving the core sim rather than relying on 3PDs to do it for them. A lot of developers seem to be soundly asleep at the wheel, hoping that the - choo choo - money train that was FS9/FSX/P3D is gonna start moving again. Not gonna happen any time soon, IMHO.
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