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  1. i had been using EZDok for years. As soon as I took a look at Chaseplane, bought it, and never looked back.
  2. And this is a bad thing, why? If I understood the video correctly, you can deactivate autoland anytime. I also find the overall approach to provide a "soothing" voice to calm down the (obviously) terrified passenger who would have to activate the system. I consider this progress.
  3. For me the holy grail is a good tutorial flight. This is a must especially if it's a fairly complex aircraft. And I loathe developers who say: He, just look it up on youtube. This is of no helpf if I'm trying to do a flight. Equally on my word not allowed list are developers who simply include a link to the "real" aircraft's manual, especially if it comes with the moniker "this is the orginal Boeing/Airbus/whatever manual." What of it? I want a manual for the $50 addon I just bought, not 5,000 pages of unrelated technical mumbo jumbo.
  4. One of the great things about the QW 787 is that it has surprisingly modest system requirements. I rarely bumped up against the memory limitations of FSX-Steam and was able to complete long flights into highly detailed scenery (Heahtrow, Frankfurt, etc.) without OOMS. I also liked the way the QW 787 "returned" memory once you left the addon area. Now, granted, the 787 doesn't have every valve and screw modeled to a t, but it always gives me a chuckle when I see addon developers claim that there super duper study level whatever needs a NASA class pc to run. I suspect it's more an issue of good coding than of the addon being "highly demanding" on your system.
  5. This thread could go on for another 400 pages and there still wouldn't be a conclusive answer. I've used the Flight1 version and never had an issue. I've also owned RealityXP avionics, and guess what? Never had an issue either. It's like six of one, half dozen of the others.
  6. extremely helpful post. If the manual and the interface were less confusing, people wouldn't ask these kinds of questions.
  7. 1. right-click anywhere in the sim window 2. Choose the Chaseplane entry - that should bring you into the virtual cockpit. 3. Bring up the Chaseplane interface. 4. Start assigning views and bind them to your keyboard. The easiest way is to download "community presets" (click on the community tab on the left) That said, the interface and the manual are both horrible and extremely clunky.
  8. Nowadays you really have to be super careful and vigilant before spending money on addons, read all the relevant forum posts, go to youtube, etc. The fact that there are hardly any solid Erjv.3 vids on youtube should tell you something.
  9. The reviews of the vol. 3 version are uniformely mediocre to negative. Not a chance I'm buying those overpriced addons. (I'd consider them at the price of $39,99 for all variants).
  10. Nope, this is the Formula 1 Ferrari edition, developed in collaboration with Ferrari.
  11. Leaving aside whatever bugs the simulated version has, the real thing is a real winner. Looks sleek and elegant, beautiful uncluttered cockpit. Beautiful cabin lighting. Composite materials. In contrast, the 737, 747, 757, 767 and 777 are, to be sure, reliable work horses but are old jalopies and beater planes. The 787 is the future. Watch this great video of a Saudia flight from Paris to Jeddah. Is this even legal what these guys are doing in the cockpit?
  12. Why do you guys uninstall a simulator that WORKS? Makes absolutely no sense to me.
  13. I have never encountered the behavior you describe, and you are still not "pointing out its faults!-
  14. Seems to be more an issue on your end.
  15. 20 fps works for me. My PC is almost 5 years old.
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