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  1. Another issue for me: as far as I can tell, based on my research the xbox consoles do not support ultra wide displays, for example 21:9 without stretching.
  2. I have to say: I'm giving this serious thought. What holds ME back is the fact that I hate playing first person shooters on consoles, and first person shooters make up about 80% of my gaming.
  3. In case you didn't notice: this thread is about to be released console version. That said, I might "preemptively" buy a new console and hook it up to my PC monitor.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_g76ex4qNo From Diamond so it's, obviously, not an "objective" look at the aircraft, still very interesting and entertaining. (For all those who are looking forward to flying the DA62 with the WT G1000 NXi) ...still waiting for that Robert Young mod.......
  5. But that's exactly the point: simply change the wording to "in case of very rare installation issues perform these steps." I've installed and reinstalled REX products for years and never had an installation issue.
  6. Yup. Zinertek: 1. Download from simmarket. 2. Install to the community folder 3. Done
  7. The likelihood of me disabling my firewall and antivirus is by a factor of 5000 lower than the likelihood of me moving in with the Kardashians.
  8. Your syntax and choice or words is confusing: the update to v.2 is - as per their website - free for existing customers: "Existing customers will be able to upgrade to this version for FREE!"
  9. I looked at all the pictures posted, and it seems pretty obvious that if you already own Zinertek's version, there's no compelling reason to buy the REX textures. OTOH, if you don't, then it's really a toss-up. Both companies provide great customer service. I've owned all of REX products' over the years, and bought a lot from Zinertek. Can't complain about either company.
  10. @Baber20thanks for the comparison shots. I think I'll stick with Zinertek's version.
  11. Would be nice if you could post a couple of ingame screenshots and do a quick comparison with Zinertek's textures.
  12. I fixed your sentence the way I think you intended it to come across.... Anyways, I think in the end it will come down to personal preference.
  13. Rex Weather Force was pretty much a day one buy for me when it was released. However, I haven't used it since they upgraded and moved their servers Three reasons: 1) The default live weather has improved significantly since 08/2020 2) Rex Weather Force, IMHO, still has harsh weather transitions. You could be flying in clouds and then, suddenly, it all clears up. MSFS seems to do a better job in (pre-) loading the weather around you as you fly. 3) It's another program you have to have to start and have running in the background. MSFS live weather is pretty much a set it and forget it, and also quite accurate (compared to when I look out the window or look at webcams - my, admittedly, "unstudy-level way" of judging weather addons. JMHO.
  14. That's really the only relevant question: how does this compare to Zinertek's version.
  15. To be honest, the mod community has me a whole lot more excited than the announcements of commercial 3PDs who are basically trying to reheel and resole their worn out addons they've been selling since FSX. Think about it: in a couple of months we'll have what will be a fairly advanced G1000nxi - in the base sim for free. I can't remember the last time I was more excited about the development of the base sim than I was about any payware addon.
  16. You made a trollish comment and got blowback. No toxicity here. As for available utilities, the sim is out barely a year, give it time. As I've said before, do you expect your daughter who has just taken up ballet to already be fielding offers from the Bolshoi? There are several very good freeware utilities available already. Apart from the base sim, you can literally spend 0 dollars and have a fully working, immersive flight simulator.
  17. "Cleaning up the registry" is almost always terrible advice for folks that do not know what they are doing, can't use a hex editor, etc. Many programs dig so deep into the operating system, that a simple "uninstall" won't do. There are essentially only two viable steps: 1. Get help from a professional 2. Follow the above steps to a)reset windows, b)download needed windows updates, c) remove old drivers (carefully following the uninstall instructions on the respective manufacturer's websites), d) install the latest drivers, e) reinstall your apps, including MSFS 2020. It might take a few hours but that is the safest way to proceed.
  18. ? I'm from a Northern European country, but I appreciate the thought.🙃
  19. You can just reset Windows, while keeping all personal files. Programs will be deleted. MSFS will need to be reinstalled. Once you've done resetting, it will then install all the updates and bring you up to speed. Delete your gpu drivers and reinstall the latest drivers for your hardware. Type "windows 10 reset" into google to get all the relevant information.
  20. XPlane: stringy vegan food, probably good for you. P3D: mushy vegetarian MSFS: plenty of issues 9 months after release, but in about a year it'll be perfectly marinated Jerk chicken, grilled to perfection.😄
  21. I wish I had your patience......
  22. https://www.workingtitle.aero/packages/g3000/ Forgot to post the changelog: Working Title G3000 v0.7.2 Release Highlights Added support for advisory VNAV guidance. The FMS can now calculate VNAV descent profiles and provide information on top of descent, bottom of descent, required vertical speed, and vertical path deviation. The autopilot still does not support V PATH mode. Enabled entry of custom VNAV altitude restrictions for approach legs in the active flight plan. Added measurement unit options (gallons, liters, pounds, kilograms) for fuel display fields. (Note that these do not apply to EICAS). Fixed a bug that prevented editing of the active flight plan under certain circumstances (specifically if you start a flight from the world map after you select a procedure, then delete the origin/destination tied to that procedure without first removing the procedure). Fixes [FPLN] Fixed a bug that prevented editing of the active flight plan under certain circumstances. [PFD] Autopilot display now correctly shows ALTS armed indication while in PITCH mode. [NavMap] Flight Plan Text Inset now displays cumulative ETE instead of leg ETE when CUM mode is selected.
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