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  1. doubt it very much that you will get a refund
  2. i fly always in vr in dcs cant go past vr in dcs, and i use track ir for my other sims. I use voice attack, so i don't need to use memory to find switches on the key board. Since i bind all the switches to the voice attack profile for each plane in dcs. You can do this for any program that you have.
  3. https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=141826
  4. Have you tried posting your issues in here https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/pmdg-737-ngxu-for-prepar3d-v4
  5. Well if you look more closely at his footer, its in bold he is a former USAF meteorologist and since the title of the thread is Live weather
  6. the only issues is using vr is those tiny buttons on the mouse will be hard to find even by memory. Being using voice attack for dcs vr and that works perfectly u can assign as many buttons as you like and it has a free trial with only 12 buttons you can assign
  7. good point about the phone quickest way to get the phone removed is to report the post and mentioned the phone than the mod will remove the phone link. I just did so hopefully it will get removed soon
  8. depends some addons require to be added ie pilot2atc requires that to be installed for it to work
  9. think he meant you failed to respond to atc
  10. Try changing the channel, see what happens next
  11. didn't think you need to purchase steam only addons thru steam, you need to go to support than your account where you can change your details etc emails and likes
  12. you can purchase voice packs or just stay with the voice packs that comes with it, there are plenty of utubes out there with pilot2atc in which you can decide.
  13. Glad that you got it sorted and hopefully you gave a apology to Umberto as well
  14. no issues at my end with any of the fsdt addons
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