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  1. pete_auau

    GSX Catering Service

    when did you post your issue at the fsdt forum, since Umberto is usually pretty quick with his replies
  2. pete_auau

    P3D v4.4 stays in black screen
  3. pete_auau

    Top 3 P3D Airports - And Why

    lowi airport by orbx is up there as well
  4. pete_auau

    PMDG 737 HUD not working FSX

    you realise this is a year old post and most likely the op has solved his issue, and this is his first post and hasn't come back
  5. pete_auau

    Maddog MD82 Christmas Sales?

    so what your saying that no one should buy the maddog at all,
  6. pete_auau

    Sales site

    least you got it, yea some days do have its days 🙂
  7. pete_auau

    Sales site

    no issues here to load the site web page up, maybe it was the time of day you tried
  8. pete_auau

    P3D running but CPU not running at max speed

    ray iam no expert on pcs far from it lol but just read in your post that everything works fine until you added the the ch pedals which suggest to me anyway its the culpit , could it be the issue here that being a faulty ch pedals
  9. pete_auau

    Out of Date Nav Data?

    or you can manually download the cycle and than install it to see if you get the same issues
  10. pete_auau

    The dreaded blurries.
  11. pete_auau

    The dreaded blurries.

    didn't think you could install p3d4,3 only 4.4 from the download page from lm
  12. pete_auau

    ORBX 4.4 install errors

    don't know if this will help index 3 in this thread
  13. pete_auau

    How to make FSX accept long tail numbers?

    yep agree would be good to know one way or the other, but the "default" got me thinking😀
  14. pete_auau

    How to make FSX accept long tail numbers?

    the op has stated in his first post his is flying the default copa 737 which suggest its not a pmdg aircraft