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  1. thx rob couldnt think why my screen saver had worked 🙂
  2. Why do you need to take your mask off for talking is the question? You still can talk with your mask on.
  3. think this one going to break every record since we still got another year or so of this
  4. if your going down that path here is a good link that will repair your win 10 with out losing and addons or data, have used it myself with no issues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldqFdcGL1X0 with your language settings i got mine set to english united states and in your last link control panel i got the review and enable voice activation both ticked Also i noticed in your links above in your windows and speech setting are different mine is set english - united states in both where yours is set in one as au and the other as united states
  5. Most likely since v5 has just came out Rob hasnt had the time to update it yet, hopefully he will get around to it if he knows about it
  6. no need to send a support ticket to hifi with your details
  7. https://www.avsim.com/files/file/87-avsim-prepar3d-guide/ this was on the right hand side of the main forum page with all the other guides
  8. First time posted a video in all my time being in the sim world 🙂 had nothing else to do for the past few weeks. First time connected to the tanker at night time usually during the day takes me around 3 attempts, carrier landing wasn't a correct procedure for a case 3 landing but I'am not worried 🙂
  9. Was nothing wrong with your post i got it, besides clicking on the links would have solved the issue
  10. maybe your right but does that give the right for users to rant against other devs on other forums
  11. like to know what addon that comes out that has no bugs at all
  12. All depends on how much money you want to spend, really you really cant go wrong in either one of them, but the fsl 320 is just ahead of the ngxu by a nose.
  13. must be some issues at your end since when selecting a gate you select it, not the other way round gsx doesnt tell you where to park
  14. where in fdst forum did you post your issues on this must have missed it
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