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  1. why not bite the bullet and go with 64bit p3dv4
  2. pete_auau

    ATT:RST Message

    According to Dan delete all the panel files, but if you already deleted your previous saved panel files and have no further issues with your above issues, than there is no need to delete the original, but if you still have issues than delete them and make your own up
  3. pete_auau

    login to PMDG website for purchasing

    best bet is to submit a support ticket in which is a different sign in, if you havnt used this before you need to register first
  4. pete_auau

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    fsl 319 is even better still
  5. pete_auau

    ATT:RST Message

    thx for the tip but its not me with the issues
  6. pete_auau

    ATT:RST Message

    its the last one you linked pmdg/pmdg 747qots11/panel state don't delete the ones from pmdg only the ones you had saved, eg don't delete the short/default/long/cdldrk ones
  7. pete_auau

    ATT:RST Message

    no they are the same you just have to navigate to the fsx panels folder than delete any panels that you have saved
  8. pete_auau

    Old nav AIRAC cycles?

    don't know but why would you want old cycles for
  9. pete_auau

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    just do go out for a couple of nights and save your money
  10. pete_auau

    Bugs disappearing?

    Don't think Marc had meant she opened the window whilst flying. since he was talking about 40 minutes turnarounds which suggest she had done it on the ground
  11. pete_auau

    FMC acting strange NGX

    yep that's the issues
  12. pete_auau

    Windows 10 October update. Ver. 1809

    trouble is you can block them but eventually they will update, I got no issues so far touching wood with the updates although I got a new pc and completely virgin install of windows 10 pro so it wasn't a upgrade from win 7 to win 10
  13. pete_auau

    Navigraph Sign-in Issue

    same here but iam not worried about it, not stopping me from flying and its only a click of the mouse button
  14. pete_auau

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    well it a simple test to find out anyway the op has it solved
  15. pete_auau

    Auto-Pilot is NOT Engaging

    Yep, but I keep saying one way to find out if it his joystick either its not returning to centre to which some thing else could be wrong with his joystick other than the springs etc is for him to completely remove his joystick from his pc and use the key boards to test if he has the same issues, other than doing this we are going around in circles here