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  1. pete_auau

    who stole the plane

    yea than what happens when it falls in the wrong hands
  2. pete_auau

    Question on operation centre

    glad you found it
  3. pete_auau

    Question on operation centre

    thx for the info
  4. pete_auau

    Manuals missing. Liveries not shown

    If you navigate to your pmdg ngx folder click on it you should see the flight manual folder and all the pdf should be in there, make sure you got anything but other ticked in the aircraft selection since if you got other ticked the liveries wont be shown
  5. Since moving from fsx to p3d4 and to windows 10 pro, when using windows 7 I had pmdg operation centre in the start menu, all I had to do was to click on start menu and there it was, but not with windows 10 pmdg is not to be there at all, I have to go to my c drive and go to where it was installed to start the operation centre. I know I can make a short cut but was wondering why I cant see it when I click on the start menu? as per windows 7
  6. pete_auau

    AUTOPILOT DISC message when established on ILS

    some how I doubt its either of these since if it was than there would be heaps of posts on this issues that Richard has
  7. pete_auau

    Editing Aircraft With GSX

    best bet is to go to the fdst forum the dev will fix your issues
  8. pete_auau

    Unknown Error

    how else you suppose to find issues than if you don't read forum postings, how else would I have found the issue than for you
  9. pete_auau

    Unknown Error

    its a known issue if you would have gone to the fsl forum, going to be fixed in the next update
  10. pete_auau

    Error message when start P3Dv4.2 with Ultimate Traffic Live

    also another silly question you havnt gotten ut2 installed since you cant have both installed at the same time
  11. pete_auau

    FTX Global - Base and Vector... your comments?

    strange that users have issues with my pc upgrade I had no issues in downloading all my orbx addons with no issues into p3dv4
  12. pete_auau

    Another ORBX sale soon?

    I went even further on my pc upgrade went with 32gb of ram:)
  13. pete_auau

    Blue Screen has me puzzled

    same here no issues at all looks it effects some and not others suppose it depends on what other programs are install as well
  14. pete_auau

    FTX Central , will it ever work properly?

    never had any kind of issues of installing from the ftx central 3 so much easier than it was before
  15. pete_auau

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 - Released

    you need to install the server on your main pc that's has your sim, than install the client on the other pc or lap top that your using, when starting the client you need to enter the ip for your main pc. than you have to start the server first than the client make sure you run both as admin