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  1. you would be surprised what you would eat, if you were lost in the jungle or desert with out any food. And if some thing dropped from the sky 🙂
  2. Yep considering he said in a earlier post he said he is taking his wallet to the fenix 🙂
  3. didn't take long to turn south as usual
  4. than post your issues at the fdst forum then, might be some else with same issues
  5. is that the only issue the loading time everything else runs ok with in the sim itself if it does than just wonder around the room till it loads 🙂
  6. yep agree found out about this va just the other week and yes its very hard to get a 10, good thing about it you can choose which aircraft you want as well
  7. tried fishing from a train or aircraft 🙂
  8. you need to enter your decent rate depending on your aircraft weather its 1800 or 1200 its set to 1200 as default is most likey the issue
  9. open your cockpit windows I'am sure you will hear everything 🙂
  10. yep thought it was at my end 18 May 23
  11. it doesn't appeal to every one just like any other addon thats out there.
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