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  1. pete_auau

    Realair Legacy V2 Account!

    The dev for personal reasons has shut up shop if you need to contacxt him for activation keys etc its in the first post in the link
  2. pete_auau

    pmdg748 News

    he is trying to get the x plane v other sim argument again
  3. pete_auau

    A-10 or Harrier?

    yea going by the forum they might release the hornet to the stable version in the next 2 weeks or so, since its release i havnt even looked at fsx too busy practicing my trapping at night:) i also got the a10 and the mirage2000 as well for dcs so this is keeping my busy
  4. pete_auau

    A-10 or Harrier?

    if you do decide on getting the dcs hornet dont forget its still not finished yet eg no ground radar yet and things are still being developed for it but i would go for the hornet. And you need the dcs 2.5 open beta for the hornet untill they fix the issues and than release it for the normal version. And if want to be more relaistic and to be more easy to fly you be better off getting a hotas stick and throttle thrustmaster set up since there are a few buttons that you need to select
  5. pete_auau

    REX Environment Force

    find this amusing this thread, rex bashing for over talking of their product what else would they do talk down their addon saying no it doesn't do what it does. If you don't like what they do than do what was advised in the earlier post, post in the rex forum
  6. pete_auau

    REX Environment Force

    its always the case in here, you cant please everyone
  7. pete_auau

    DCS: F/A-18C

    to those of that got the hornet he was a hornet driver he explains the numbers on landing the hornet on the carrier and how to set things up 3 videos in total more to come from him
  8. pete_auau

    Hey PMDG. Here's an idea

    well that goes to say that for all addons that are out there
  9. pete_auau

    DCS: F/A-18C

    no worries yep alot easier to update and repair etc, also just to let you know found out they release updates wed and fridays
  10. pete_auau

    Hey PMDG. Here's an idea

    Kyle if you dont know than how the heck the rest of us know what they on about:)
  11. pete_auau

    FSLabs Spotlights with Ultimate 787 - Issues

    tried posting your issue in here
  12. pete_auau

    DCS: F/A-18C

    go to the start menu go to your dcs folder , there click on the updater open beta than it will update to the latest version, also to note maybe it the time zone on when its released easy way to do things is too download the gui updater, make sure you dont install it in the dcs folder
  13. pete_auau

    issue with pan hat view

    Just to add in spot view the hat switch works but not inside the cockpit
  14. pete_auau

    issue with pan hat view

    Just purchased the thrustmaster t.1600m and the twcs throttle as well works well with the dcs hornet etc but for the life of me i cant get the hat switch to work(view) with any of fsx planes etc, when i unplug and plug my other joystick i had it works. I must be leaving some step out hope fully maybe when i shut down the pc it will mostly likey work