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  1. Operations Center

    whats the issue do what it is asking you do send in a support ticket in note pmdg requires you to add your full name to each of your posts
  2. How to use NGX 737 FMC and AutoPilot?

    you asked how to activate the nav and i replied press the Lnav which will take the ngx on the nav mode, beside this is a 4 year old thread
  3. How to use NGX 737 FMC and AutoPilot?

    press the Lnav switch, you realize this is a 4 year old thread
  4. Actually this is stated in the introduction manuals that comes with the pmdg aircraft, that you shouldn't have a payware aircraft as your load up aircraft just because you don't have any other issues with the others that you havn't noticed yet
  5. Navigraph

    dont know about p3d but in fsx its fsx/fslabs/navdata thats using navigraph
  6. yep comes in handy good thing about it now you can view your charts as you view your flight plan on the same gui
  7. the good thing now with the new version of navigraph is the charts version, you can file your flight plan etc and it will put your plane on the map on your flight plan or sid or airport diagram so you can follow your flight on the charts bit like a moving map,
  8. PMDG 777-200LR for Prepar3D v4.2

    think you need to go back and read all of your posts in this thread and see who is the one at fault here, when you start calling some one "young man", "my friend" etc And yes people do have first names in here thats why you need to add your name in here.
  9. PMDG 737NGX bounces on ground FSX-SE

    there plenty of topics on this, doing a search would have brought one of these solutions
  10. Cannot download full base package

    follow last post from chris
  11. Cannot download full base package

    did you actually purchase the base package and not the expansion package since you need to purchase the base first
  12. Can't place order

    did you click yes saying this is for such and such plaform
  13. IRS alignment realistic timing

    did you actually read the introduction pdf page 106 clearly it states on where and how to change the settings
  14. Could be wrong here but some one will correct, think its saying your using your reserve fuel to your alternate airport since you have imputed a lower value in your reserve fuel in the fmc. This has been mentioned a few times in other addons threads eg ngx, 777