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  1. I just replaced my 20y old CH yoke with the honeycomb and I'm having the same results as you. I think its a little more heavy feeling than the real thing but as I use it more I'm becoming more comfortable with it. Frank
  2. I upgraded to a new pc recently. i have CH yoke & peddles Saitek throttle quad and run FSX-SE with PMDG and Majestic Q4. Everything works just fine. Frank
  3. Hi Ben, I'm having the exact same problem. Frank
  4. Congrat's Nick! Nothing like the feeling you get from your first solo.Good luck the rest of the way,before you know it you will have your ticket.Frank
  5. The DF727 is one of the best.I to learned the old way and it is a great addon to keep you honest.It keeps you busy during every flight,worth every penny.Frank
  6. The Flying club seneca is ok.Better than the default baron but not as close to the real thing as I would like it to be.Not to good for IFR practice as it dosen't have an HSI.I only used it a couple of times because of no HSI and it just didn't feel wright to me.I have quite a few hours on the real thing so that's my view for what it's worth.Frank
  7. I had this problem also with the LDS767.In cruise the throttles would be constantly moving.I know this happens in rl as I am a pilot,not the big iron,but the power was changing way to much.It was going from cruise power down to idle to full power constantly.Then I read a post from someone,can't remember who,to change the settings in fsuipc wind smoothing to 0 5 8.That did the trick.No more big power changes just slight ones that are expected.Jim and the rest of the ASV team you guys have done an excellent job on the programe and helping all with there problems great job keep it up!Frank
  8. >Anyone else after update, had a problem with inputing a>direct waypoint into the FMC, and the L Nav not heading>towards the direct to waypoint, but heading on the orginal>direction? Wanted to post this on Level D site, but it seems>to be down at this point.>>>Ya I had the same problem.Select a waypoint to go direct execute and engage Lnav and the ac would turn away from the desired heading.I uninstalled lds and the sp then reinstalled including the new small patch for sp2.I've done a couple of flights and everyting seems to be ok now.Frank
  9. Go to www.panelshop.com and you will find all your answers there.Frank
  10. Try this onehttps://
  11. Try this one it's pretty good.http://www.liveatc.net/feedindex.phpFrank
  12. Q) How do I disable the warning message on startup about non-compatible modules? A) Add the following lines to the fs9.cfg file{OldModules} (use brackets not braces - this forum does not display brackets)name of dll=1 There you go.Frank
  13. Just go to the MS Flight Simulator Tips and Tricks at the top of this forum then click on read me first.You will find instructions in there.Frank
  14. DF for sure.CS is ok but after one flight in the DF727 you will never look back.Frank
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