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  1. Hi Jevon, as you probably remember, you recently sent me your mod. Unfortunately due to family matters i haven´t been able to install it untill yesterday evening. Everything went well and i followed your instructions to the letter. Long story short, i´ve been fiddling around with it a bit and everything looks fine, the GTN integrates nicely. As i´m not a real world pilot and have never been on a CJ2 i can´t comment on the modified air-file, anyway i did a short test flight and it felt very convincing. The only (minor) issues i found is that : 1.- i can´t seem to hear the window bleeds and Air conditioning systems 2.- I´ll have to find a way to get a GTN750 Popup (doesn,t work for me) As i stated above, bothe are minor issues and the don´t bother me too much. The immersion though, is great. I´ll do a complete reinstall (Original CJ2 and your mod) then, test again. Maybe, something went wrong moving files. Other than that, i really appreciate the hard work you (and the other involved persons) have put in this proyect and making it avaible for free to us I´ll report back after reinstall. All the best, Lars
  2. "I think that SimWings and MK Studios cover the entire island, but the Digital Design version is only the airport and immediate surroundings?" Hi Christopher, yes you are right. I don´t own all three versions (only the MK-Studios one), so i might not be the best choice to give you advice. But, If you are a "Night-Flyer", go for the MK-Studio, their night lighting is superb in terms of realism and immersion, while the Simwings (at least their GCLP) is NOT and has been complained about in the Aerosoft forum. All you see is a kind of "washed out terrain" with bright patches and no street lights. Long story short : it looks very unrealistic, so is their GCTS, afaik. I make this comment as someone living on the Canary Islands for 35 years and travelling very often between the Islands and i have made many real world "night flights" between islands, hence my statement on realism. If you have the MK-Studio GCRR or GCFV scenery, you will see what i mean. Both look absolutely great (and realistic) during day and night. Performance is also outstanding. Another "plus" is that MK-Studios is currently working on GCXO, (soon to be released, hopefully), otherwise you can grab the RFScenery Design GCXO wich fits in nicely deactivating a few files). I would not consider Digital Design because of the reason you already stated (it only covers surroundings of the airport) and honestly i don´t know how it works with other terrain add-ons. And before starting a "flame-war" : i´m a proud supporter of all three developers and own many if not all of their sceneries and i really enjoy all of them, except Simwings-GCLP at night 😉 Now i´ll let other users to chime in ! Regards, Lars
  3. Paul, there was no info ! It caught me by surprise as well. For now, the only way is to check your VERTX account. But I agree, it would be nice to receive a notification and to have a "change log", at least. Anyway, many thanks to Sean and his team for making this already great aircraft even better 🙂
  4. Thank you Rudi, good to know. This lovely aircraft is getting better and better ! Btw., your videos are great, very informative and a nice addition to the "theoretical-stuff" in the manuals. Regards
  5. Hi, i´m just downloading the new installer and i´m seeing versión "1.052". Just wondering as Sean confirmed versión 1.050. Has anything else changed ? 😊 Regards
  6. Hi Stu, in first place, i´m no expert but i´d suggest you to check your "Autogen draw distance"-slider. Just reduce it a bit and check results. In my case, doing so gave me a significant increase in performance, also those annoying stutters are gone, very noticeable especially with "heavy iron" aka FSLABS, PMDG. Obviously what i mentioned above is highly depending on your hardware and other graphic / terrain / lighting options you might run on your P3D-setup. So, long story short: experiment with different options, try to find the best balance between "eye-candy" and performance. Please, all you P3D-Gurus chime in and correct me if i´m wrong. 🙂 (You´ll find a lot of useful information, tips and tricks to get the most out of your simulator here on the avsim forum, just do a quick search). Good luck ! Lars
  7. Of course ! i must have been blind, thought their website was dead . Thank you so much :) Regards, Lars
  8. Hi Gents, stupid question : where can i get the native P3D4 installer for the Turbine Duke ? I haven´t seen any announcements here ! Regards, Lars
  9. You´re welcome, i´m in the same boat as you and came across this post in their forum : http://flightbeam.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=2812 Lars
  10. Just send an email to support@flightbeam.net with your proof of purchase and they will send you a one-time download link for the updated installer . Regards, Lars
  11. Hi Gents, i had the same issue as you and opened a Support-ticket. They quickly replied my email and told me that they´ll be releasing a versión that supports all latest PMDG-updates, shortly.
  12. Hi David, great work, thanks for your contribution. I´m also running P3D 3.4 on a "Middle of the road PC" and had a hard time configuring my setup to run smoothly with "Heavy Iron" and complex scenery. Finally, i found my sweet spot and i´m very happy. Reading your guide, i see that my settings and procedures are very similar to yours. One question though, would you mind letting us know your Nvidia Control Panel / Nvidia Inspector settings? Regards, Lars
  13. Just dial a heading and right click on the heading selector :smile:
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