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  1. Thanks Dave - I tried it last night and "Request" appears to be what I've been missing. Worked last night; hopefully will tonight as well! 🙂 Thanks!
  2. Hi Dave, I have tried just about every thing I know (including reading the manual! :)) to figure out how to get taxi instructions after I switch over to ground when exiting the runway. Of the hundreds of flights I've done, I think I've maybe had two instances where the controller gets back to me with instructions; usually Ground just ghosts me. LOL What is the proper procedure to ensure I get taxi instructions after I land, inform the tower that I've exited the runway, and get handed off to ground? That's the only real issue I have with P2ATC - everything else works excellently! Thanks! Mark
  3. Hi All, I want to make sure I'm properly understanding the procedure to add new 3rd party scenery gates and taxiways to P2ATC - please let me know if I'm doing something incorrect. 1) Buy the scenery through the third party directly - not through the MSFS in-game store - so that the scenery data is not encrypted. 2) Delete the default scenery through the content manager for the scenery purchased, if there is a dedicated Asobo/Microsoft airport (i.e. something that was added in one of the deluxe additions). 3) Run makerwys again. 4) Go to the taxiway and gate maintenance part of the app and then import information specifically just for the new airport. Am I missing anything? Is there a better way to do it? Please let me know - thanks! Mark
  4. This is all I need. Don't try to direct them - I'm not sure Asobo's going to allow that given their arrangement with FlightAware anyhow. But if you could somehow decipher what they're doing and simply chat with them accordingly...that would be simply fantastic! Keep up the great work Dave!
  5. Hi there, On the 8E beta right now, and am having problems when first connecting with P2ATC and getting the ATIS. At both KORD and KPHX, the local ATIS "is not available" and am getting alternate ATIS reports from the closest airport. Confirmed this behavior on my friend's computer who is also running 8E. We're both in MSFS in the SU11 beta, Steam Edition.
  6. That's too bad - it would be great at least for some areas of the world, but ATC Chatter is a good alternate as well.
  7. On a related note, does anyone know of a good source of the real-life up-to-date sectors and frequencies? I'm starting to use LiveATC and finding that while there are gaps in the coverage (to be expected since volunteers provide the feeds) sometimes I'm getting frequencies that don't match up with the real life frequencies anymore. I can find general sector maps, but not where they're subdivided into high/low and the different areas within a major section.
  8. Hi Bryan, I was wondering if you would be able to include a "cargo" mode for the 737 FS2Crew product. I'm primarily interested in flying cargo with the 737 and I'm sure that flow is going to be at least a little different than the pax flow, at least for pre-flight, and some of the callouts to the cabin crew. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. I was having this problem as well, happened at PANC and KEWR. I solved it by editing my parameters.xml as follows: <parameter name="STOCK_AIRPORTS_PATH" value="F:\MSFS\Official\Steam\fs-base" /> <parameter name="afolder0" value="F:\MSFS\Community" /> <parameter name="afolder1" value="F:\MSFS\Official\Steam\" /> This parameter also needed to be tweaked - for some reason it was just set to "" <parameter name="STOCK_AIRPORTS_FOLDER" value="stock_airports" /> Hope this helps!
  10. UPDATE: It's now working. However, I have to switch RT to Spotter Mode first, then back to PSXT mode, for the traffic to show up. Haven't had to do that in the past, so not sure what's causing that to trigger everything to work. For now it's a workaround though. Hope it helps shed some light if there is a bug. Thanks!
  11. Hi Kiek, 1) Yes 2) Yes 3) When I originally posted this message, yes it did. Now, it does not. I've tried reinstalling RT, but I think RT is having issues with me now using a VPN. That's all that's changed really. On the RT site there's a link to click on to check your connection which fails for me, but the rest of the internet is working fine. So, I'm back to where I started. RT + PSXT + MSFS is showing AI traffic parked at the gates, but no planes taxiing and nothing airborne. Is there a way to contact the RT dev directly? Thanks!
  12. 1) No - will do that now. 2) Not directly - I presumed Steam did that automatically. Will investigate. 3) Yes. I'll tackle 1 and 2 and report back tomorrow. Thanks!
  13. Hi Nico, I recently had to reinstall both Windows 11 and MSFS. I'm fully installed and patched up through Sim Update 9. I'm running 31.3.1 of PSXT, and 9.0.180 of RT, Standard Edition. My issue is that that PSXT is not receiving traffic data from RT, even though RT is showing all kinds of traffic on it's display. I've read through the manual and also specifically FAQ 10 regarding potential fixes, including cycling from PSXT to Live Traffic, closing and restarting LT, and switching back to PSXT, deleting the RT .ini file in AppData, plugging in the actual IP of the machine running RT (same as the one running PSXT) and saving the new profile, and none of those options has cleared the problem. Multiple restarts of both RT and PSXT have not cleared the problem either. I did have traffic at the gates of my departure airport, which was KFLL, and PSXT seems to not have any problems with my livery or scenery folders. Wouldn't be surprised if this is potentially a SU9 issue, but I'm not sure what to try next. I am using add-on scenery for both KFLL and KORD (destination) but it's airborne traffic that I'm missing. The other potential issue is that I started using a VPN (mainly due to the atrocious download speeds I was getting when trying to reinstall MSFS, and their FAQ on fixing that involved using a VPN, which actually did help solve that problem.) I'm not sure if that changes the settings that PSXT likes? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  14. Is there an updated tutorial on how to get this all to work? I have the entire AIG-OIC setup installed (after hours of waiting), plus PSXT and one month of RT. RT doesn't seem to recognize that I'm in MSFS at an airport, and PSXT says it's missing a livery.xml file for the AI traffic. Usually I can sort these things out but this one is besting me tonight. Any suggestions? Thanks! Mark
  15. Hi All, Been flying a lot lately with P2ATC and something that doesn't quite feel as realistic as it could be are the vectors by ATC in two ways. I get vectors to specific headings that don't account for crosswinds. In other words, ATC is giving me the course it wants me to fly, but it's looking at my heading and when those don't match - which they won't except in zero wind or direct head/tail winds - even when I'm on the course they really want me on, I still get yelled at for not being on the correct heading. Vectors are being given with very specific headings - "fly heading 267" - and for things like airway headings those are correct. However, when vectoring aircraft around the pattern, it seems to me that vectors rounded to the closest 5 degrees would be more realistic. Runway headings are rounded to the closest 10 degrees (and sometimes not even that if there are more than three parallel runways like at KDEN or KDFW). If I'm wrong on point 2 and it is correct phraseology to use exact headings then please disregard, but back when United let us listen in to ATC I just feel like approach and tower would use 5 degree increment headings. Background: I'm using P2ATC with the development version of the FBW A320, and I am keeping current with the public beta versions of P2ATC (just downloaded Beta 2b in fact.) Thanks! Mark
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