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  1. I am new to P2A I need help in setting my PTT button
  2. I am looking for a program like RC4 or ProATC which allows for real background chatter---there are all sorts of AI voice type programs around but I only know of these two that allow for REAL LIFE background chatter to be runnung during the flight ---Real life flying is ALL about the radio and that IS the ambiance and background sound a all Airline flights. I am looking for a program to do this or a way to set it up myself Cheers Thanks Dorn
  3. Is there a program as good as ProATC for XPlane?
  4. Hi Nils, I Attended the FlightSinCon a few weeks ago and after over 30 years of the FSX/Prepare world I am thinking about giving XPlane 11 a try---this is all totally new to me---so for a real Newbie question--what is the scenery being used in the B-17 pictures?
  5. Thanks Scandinavian 13, I am off to start learning---I used to use PFPX--but stopped after learning how to use ProATC--now I must relearn them all! Cheers Dorn Cranert
  6. Hi All, I know this is an old question---but I have been ill for a long time and am better now and ready to sim full time again---I have forgotten all the stuff i used to know and have a questin---I am looking for a program to make and the install into the FMC/CDU a flight plan for the PMDG 777 for Prepar v4---can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks for any help Cheers Dorn
  7. Hi All, I am running the P3Dv4 with all the Orbx--PMDG 747 and 777 and Active Sky Beta---I am having no crashes and no problems even with an old cards (two 760's and a 3.2 I7 processor and 24 Gig of Ram. My question is---I think I saw on one of the forums that someone was running rex with V4---is this correct or am I just dreaming? Cheers Dorn
  8. Thanks for the information---This sort of communication always helps big time. If it is almost ready but not quite--then so be it. I just went to my account and did a rouge estimate of what I HAD SPENT AT PMDG OVER THE YEARS AND IT TOTALED OUT TO BETWEEN 1600.00 AND 1700.00--I would not have invested that amount unless I was very very happy with the product. Keep up the good work. I am so looking forward to flying long VA flights without the oom issues. Wish you guys were coming to Simcon 2017 Cheers Dorn
  9. KEWR/WSSS SQ21 is 18 hours and 30 minutes---we fly it in our virtual but SQ uses the 340-500--the 777-300ER will do it if PMDG makes the model
  10. OK JDI kept doing this over and over and on about the fifth try today--tenth try overall it suddenly worked!Thanks for all the help.Next issue is how to get two sets of rc working like I do on my old computer on for fs9 and one for fsx---it has been a few years since I set that up and can not begine to remember how to do itCheersDorn
  11. Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7600]Copyright
  12. I am running the 64 bit versionYes it said: Administrator: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exeIt seems that I went to system32No I typed the regsvr64 promptThere were no errorsI am starting rc with the right click and clicking run as administrator I will go back and try typing in the regsvr 32 commandI will get backCheersDorn
  13. JDI read the 713 error pinned post--followed all the directions--got positive results (class registerd etc) checked to see if the dll files were in the 32 and 64 bit folders--they were----RC4.3 work fine untill I try to load a flight then I have this problem!I get the class not registered msstmdft.dll not installed on this machine--(but it is)What nowCheersDorn
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