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    I am looking for a program like RC4 or ProATC which allows for real background chatter---there are all sorts of AI voice type programs around but I only know of these two that allow for REAL LIFE background chatter to be runnung during the flight ---Real life flying is ALL about the radio and that IS the ambiance and background sound a all Airline flights. I am looking for a program to do this or a way to set it up myself Cheers Thanks Dorn
  2. Is there a program as good as ProATC for XPlane?
  3. Hi Nils, I Attended the FlightSinCon a few weeks ago and after over 30 years of the FSX/Prepare world I am thinking about giving XPlane 11 a try---this is all totally new to me---so for a real Newbie question--what is the scenery being used in the B-17 pictures?
  4. machie

    Old flight plan question

    Thanks Scandinavian 13, I am off to start learning---I used to use PFPX--but stopped after learning how to use ProATC--now I must relearn them all! Cheers Dorn Cranert
  5. machie

    What about Rex

    Thanks Flic1
  6. Hi All, I know this is an old question---but I have been ill for a long time and am better now and ready to sim full time again---I have forgotten all the stuff i used to know and have a questin---I am looking for a program to make and the install into the FMC/CDU a flight plan for the PMDG 777 for Prepar v4---can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks for any help Cheers Dorn
  7. machie

    What about Rex

    Hi All, I am running the P3Dv4 with all the Orbx--PMDG 747 and 777 and Active Sky Beta---I am having no crashes and no problems even with an old cards (two 760's and a 3.2 I7 processor and 24 Gig of Ram. My question is---I think I saw on one of the forums that someone was running rex with V4---is this correct or am I just dreaming? Cheers Dorn
  8. Thanks for the information---This sort of communication always helps big time. If it is almost ready but not quite--then so be it. I just went to my account and did a rouge estimate of what I HAD SPENT AT PMDG OVER THE YEARS AND IT TOTALED OUT TO BETWEEN 1600.00 AND 1700.00--I would not have invested that amount unless I was very very happy with the product. Keep up the good work. I am so looking forward to flying long VA flights without the oom issues. Wish you guys were coming to Simcon 2017 Cheers Dorn
  9. machie

    L-1049 question and PMDG CTD

    Thanks Mike Yes I understand why to go to the PMDG Forum for the 737 question---The memory crashes have always been an issue with PMDG products---I just thought that someone might have a new thought concerning V3---I did not really have this issue much with V2.5. The connie issue is a Prepar issue tho and have been waiting to see if others have fixed this problem. I love the Connie---My first commercial flight was on a connie in 1951--- At eight years of age I was being sent from San Francisco to Ontario for a month of summer camp and flew from San Francisco to Midway on a TWA Connie---At that time SFO still had the outdoor wooden boarding gates that you see in the Movie "The High and Mighty". I remember being sat next to a soldier returning home from Korea and looking out the window for eight hours straight.
  10. Hi All, First---why does my Saitek X-55 Rhino controler not work with the Prepar V3 Generic L-1049 and work perfectly with all the other Generic Prepar V3 aircraft? Why do all my PMDG 737's and 777" cause Prepar v3 to stop running after about One and a half to two hours of flight---this is a bummer for flying in my virtual airline. Thanks---Cheers--and happy Holidays to all!!! Dorn
  11. machie

    Just wanted to say thank you...

    Best ever tutorials---fun to watch as well--In a bit of a hurry today going to a playoff basketball party---will write a more in-depth comment in a day or two Cheers Dorn
  12. machie

    Airsimmer and prepar

    Good info might think about trying to qualify for Qantas virtual to go along with my FTG membership
  13. machie

    Airsimmer and prepar

    Michael, I have the Adelaide X but looking for something more involved like the Fly Tampa or FSDreamteam and FlightBeam stuff . Is all flying at your Qantas Virtual Airline done with Vatsim---or can you fly off Vatsim—I am not a big fan of Vatsim because it is often sketchy with coverage and I love my PRO ATC with tons of real life chatter on vaus routes.
  14. machie

    Airsimmer and prepar

    Thank You Gentlemen, I am going to go into aerosoft support---have not had much luck there in the past--but never say never--I know that when I loaded up the Black Box Airbus the first thing that I needed to do was calibrate the throttle through a Menu LSK on the MCDU-- (this was Highlighted in RED on the first page of the Manual and the Training Tutorial as well) do you know is this is also necessary on the Aerosoft 320/321 version? Michael I see that you are an Orbx supporter---I just put a stunning Orbx Alice Springs Airport in my sim this week (filling in a lot of little airports to go with my Global/Vector/Aus Orbx Scenery0—but I was only able to find a rather funky Scenery for the Adelaide Airport---I see that you are a member of Qantas Virtual and thought you might know of a good Adelaide scenery---or any other Australian airports of high quality---I have over 1800 hrs. with my Virtual but most of my Qantas Flight are international (not all of course)—I am now starting to fill in and fly all the Qantas/Jet Star Domestic routes and really learn the Geography of Australia. I am a retired guy and once I feel as if I really have a handle of the Local geography I think I will take myself and my wife on a 30+ day of touring around Australia. Off to the Aerosoft site! Cheers Dorn
  15. machie

    Airsimmer and prepar

    Thanks Michael, I am trying to become proficient with the Airbus so that I can fly all the Jetstar routes for my FTG Virtual Airline (Qantas Group QF001). I have put this off over the years---I am a retired pilot but never had any Airbus time (It’s all Greek to me). I bought the Aerosoft version but the Saitek X-52 Rhino Throttle Quad will not work with that sim. I bought the Black Box airbus which will work but I cannot find a way to update the Airac Data Base. Navigraph does not produce a data base for black box.—so I am looking for another product---Navigraph does make an Air Simmer Data Pack but it looks like the product will not work with Prepar. What is FLS? Cheers Dorn I