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  1. carrotroot

    W2XP and world editor

    The scenery generated by W2XP is overlay scenery and should exist by itself in a folder in your custom scenery folder. You don't and should not need to import this into World Editor (WED) ... if you need to make an airport just create a separate folder for your airport and build it there, and then edit your scenery.ini file so that your airport folder is listed above the folder with the W2XP generated scenery. I suggest looking at some videos about how X-Plane's scenery works, this should give you a better idea of how you can add your own custom scenery to sim.
  2. carrotroot

    Orbx Global for XP announced

    The next Xenviro will do real-time snow accumulation, even on orthophotos. Swapping textures for different reasons will soon be a thing of the past.
  3. carrotroot

    So what happened to Navigraph survey results?

    FSW's problem was that they closed the platform, made it purposely incompatible with ESP-based addons, and then proceeded to waste a lot of time re-inventing the wheel. Pretty much repeating the same mistakes that caused the demise of MS Flight.
  4. carrotroot

    So what happened to Navigraph survey results?

    I'm very doubtful that the inclusion of PBR would have resulted in any meaningful shift in the results of the survey, it not as a significant improvement as the move to 64bit was over a year ago. There are other factors at work for instance market availability, P3D isn't sold outside of Lockheed Martin's website, X-Plane is sold on steam and is often goes on sale for $40USD or less -- this lowers a barrier to entry for many people. Also, it's difficult to maintain 2 platforms (especially if the average user is spending around $200 a year in addons)... overtime people will tend to spend more time in a single sim.
  5. carrotroot

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    I can run with shadows and full autogen without micro stutters, so I'm very happy.
  6. carrotroot

    11.3 Beta CTD

    If it crashed and you just left it at that without filing a cash report, then the issue might not get resolved. Squashing bugs is kinda the purpose of the beta.
  7. Default with NOAA plugin for now but I'm interested in the next version of Xenvio, the new cloud engine looks pretty good from the W.I.P videos.
  8. carrotroot

    Stand alone or Steam

    Laminar Research changed their policy towards Steam over a year ago. Now, Steam gets the beta's usually a few (2-3) days later. * The advantage of the Steam version is it's less expensive if you are buying outside the US, and it frequently goes on sale. Otherwise, you aren't missing anything other than a delay of a few days when a new beta is realeased. * Laminar Research is a lot more cautious about pushing out beta's to Steam, especially early in a beta cycle where it's not uncommon for them to remove a beta from their non-steam edition due to extremely serious bugs. With Steam it takes longer to undo changes of this nature so this is why they wait a few days to see if any serious bugs are reported first before releasing to Steam.
  9. carrotroot

    XP 11.20r1 is out

    But...the 727 is my favorite plane! All kidding aside, this is something that LR has said will be fixed in the new particle system. But vulkan is a higher priority since all visual effects will be driven by it in the near future. People like to hate on VR for some reason because the belief is that it takes resources away from development of features that they feel are more important. However I don't agree with this line of thought. VR is what is largely pushing the need for a new rendering pipeline, Vulkan, the performance improvements will allow for a better particle system, which means improvements in weather, and other visual areas. The offloading of these from the core CPU frees up the system to do more complex flight models and AI. VR is a good thing, even if you never plan to use it, you will still be getting the benefits of the new technologies that are being developed for it. Kinda think of it this way, we spend billions to send a few people to space, but will I ever get to go to space... most likely no...but I get the indirect benefits of it (and more than just drinking Tang every day)
  10. The rest of the questions (I think the majority actually) were about the Patent Troll. Anyways it definitely easier to read Austin :D
  11. Wow! This is top quality work! Also I am really looking forward to your forest mod for California!
  12. carrotroot

    whats on the x plane 11 dvd

    X-plane used to require that the dvd be in the tray every time you ran the software. However, they changed this disc check to once a week or so around X-plane 10.35. As for digital pin...I am one of those who sometimes gets the reactivation message from time to time. I do find it slightly annoying but much less than having to fumble around for a disc. I would imagine that the steam version doesn't have this issue... However you don't have access to betas with the steam version which may or may not be an issue for you.
  13. carrotroot

    whats on the x plane 11 dvd

    I recall that LR will replace scratched disks if you bought directly from them. I don't know how far back... Maybe Version 9 since that is still being sold.
  14. Especially when you are comparing a 1st Gen i7 to a 6th Generation part. Nice to see that X-Plane may benefit from having HT on with newer processors.