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    Im a real world commerical pilot and I have time in quite a different few types ranging from C152's up to DC-3s.

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  1. z06z33

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Its pretty decent,looks pretty good and yells at me for not having the Stab in the correct position like all MD's do lol. The frame rate is GREAT!
  2. Rename the sounds from the sound kit to those from the original alabeo engine sounds and then replace the original alabeo engine sounds then just use the original sound CFG from alabeo the new engine sounds will play
  3. Rob would it be a worthwhile upgrade from a GTX1080 for p3d? Im running an 8700k at 4.8ghz
  4. Computer parts manufacturer logic,lets release a product but not make enough to even meet initial demand.....why not release a little later and build up a greater stockpile.
  5. z06z33

    Should I check out the A2A C182?

    I’d look into the Bonanza
  6. z06z33

    Best traffic addon Performance wise

    Decided to go with UTL I’m very happy with it, no FPS impact as far as I can tell thanks everyone for your input.
  7. Might want to look into simstarter it shows you a map of all your installed scenery
  8. So what is the best traffic addon when it comes to performance? Visual quality of the planes isnt that important Thanks,David
  9. z06z33

    really weird pulsing motion effect...

    If your using the latest drivers from Invida I hear they can caude this something to do with power management
  10. z06z33

    really weird pulsing motion effect...

    It's stuttering I've got the same issue,not sure what the cause is. If you pull up your frame counter youll see it go from the 50and 60s down to 30 something for sec then back to 60. It's like the sim is loading somthing every few seconds.
  11. Having a little break from the straight and level of flying airliners.
  12. Yep Commercial Multi engine, also a CFI,CFII,MEI. I instruct most of the time but also fly a Citation part time
  13. z06z33

    No DME for the ILS

    Some stations don't provide DME you have to use timing to find the MAP. The timing should be on the approach plate just find your category (it's based on approach speed) and read off the time
  14. z06z33

    LatinVFR Bermuda TXKF v2 for P3D v4

    It sucks that I bought it through (PC Aviator Australia),I have the receipt in my account but they no longer sell Latin VFR so my links are gone even to the original version. Just want to clarify They are a different group than PC Aviator USA which is a great company btw. I highly recommend PCAviator USA I've never had an issue with them.
  15. I've had that issue on other planes I went into the sound folder and deleted the sound file problem solved