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  1. I wish they would quit nurfing our graphics just so it’ll run on the Xbox,who would even take simming seriously on Xbox? I’ve played war thunder on PS4 and it sucks due to a clack of controls can’t even imagine a sim on a console. As for now back to XP11,if they ever get this sorted out I’ll come back but I’m tired of Beta simulator 2020, honestly the sim was better in Alpha.... Last year when I was testing it
  2. That’s where they are in the real plane I have about 150 hours in the Arrow,it’s a pita to set power settings as you have to lean around to see the manifold pressure gauge IRL
  3. It’s $19......Yet people expect full systems lol
  4. All I said was you don’t have to be looking at the gauges the entire time on a approach in VMC,I look outside than my gauges than look outside again the FAA actually recommends this approach to flying. I can assure you it’s easier to fly looking outside than having your head stuck on the instruments. I’m furloughed from the airlines so I know a thing or two about flying jets just saying
  5. Unless your in IMC why do you need to look at the gauges constantly?
  6. I’m a big fan of Bill’s work as well. I own a Viking in real life and did a repaint to match my plane. Fun to fly it without burning 16 gallons an hour lol.
  7. The issue is that the SDK is in a poor state currently and heck most people can’t even run the default airlines at decent FPS let alone a PMDG bird
  8. With the fact that my system can’t even run GA planes at 1440p consistently at 30 FPS... I have a feeling the CRJ will be released as a PowerPoint lol... My system is no slouch 8700k@4.8 ghz and a GTX 1080. I just ordered a RTX 3090 so we will see if that changes things.
  9. In real life you get a phone number lol and it’s for a date with an FAA inspector lol
  10. Are you flying in clouds? If so and it’s cold you’ll get icing in the real world too,what doesn’t seem to be working on the planes is the defroster. It won’t stop much accumulation in the real world either but works ok for trace icing.
  11. The best bet if Asobo refuses to fix the issue is to either build or find a good 747-8 external model and simply use the default 747 cockpit and systems. This is pretty common in the conversion community. I have a A330 with the cockpit of the default A320
  12. Yes I have the Real Air Duke Flying in FS2020 with most of the gauges and functions working (no GPS or radios). It took a fair bit of work but it flies great.
  13. I've put mine at low and the display is pretty delayed to fly IFR on.
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