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  1. I don't see it on simmarket is it on their site?
  2. Wasn't aware they updated it but I'm glad to hear it
  3. z06z33

    Saying Good Bye To Xplane

    Best buy has a 50-inch 4k smart TV by TCL for like $350 the picture quality is good and you can always switch over to netflix on a long flight
  4. z06z33

    What do you guys think of Air Hauler 2?

    I'm sure you can use it if you use network mode,that's the only way to get PMDG stuff to work in it
  5. z06z33

    What do you guys think of Air Hauler 2?

    I have it and love it I have a freight operation based in Alaska flying Beech 18s,DC-6,C-46 and a Connie. Got another outfit in the Carribean flying DC-8s and 727s. It's fun to simulate fly by night ops or charter ops using GA and corporate style planes
  6. z06z33

    Coolsky Fleet Coming to P3Dv4

    I remember the performance being terrible in their DC-9 somthing to do with how the gauges were programmed
  7. z06z33

    who stole the plane

    A very sad situation,at least he didn’t want to take anyone else with him. As for his flying skills a roll isn’t very hard and it wasn’t executed very well but, he didn’t tear the wings off recovering from the dive which makes me think he understood you can tear the wings off. As for getting it started google how to start dash 8 and chances are there is a video he could have followed along with... Anyway I won’t resort to name calling as this man was clearly suffering from some issues and felt this was his only way out. At least he didn’t hurt anyone else or seem to have that intent. May he find peace in the afterlife.
  8. z06z33

    my repaints

    What program do you use for repaints? I've been using Gimp but my DDS files come out huge like 200mbs when all I did was change a reg number or color of a stripe
  9. z06z33

    D18S Sound & Dynamics 'Fix' video

    It was a bit of exaggeration to say Extra 300 but it's roll rate seems about as high as my Yak-52s and it's pitch was pretty crazy too,the Beech 18 should be somewhere between a Baron and a DC-3 handling wise . The sounds are fine until your in the cockpit at full throttle there it sounds more like a horizontally opposed engine than a radial,not bad just not a deep radial sound.
  10. z06z33

    D18S Sound & Dynamics 'Fix' video

    Check out my YouTube channel https://youtu.be/Q-CE8cYIc6I
  11. z06z33

    D18S Sound & Dynamics 'Fix' video

    It’s a fun plane after the tweaks. I’d wait till it’s available from pcaviator and it’s a Tuesday so you can get 10% off it’ll be in there in a week or so
  12. z06z33

    D18S Sound & Dynamics 'Fix' video

    I’m using the sounds from Miltons Beech 18 they are a world better
  13. z06z33

    D18S Sound & Dynamics 'Fix' video

    I'm the maker of the video,I'm a real world flight instuctor, but have no Beech 18 time but there is another member here who flew the Beech 18 and he said they were bad,the issue is the plane flies more like a Extra 300 than a heavy twin