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    Im a real world commerical pilot and I have time in quite a different few types ranging from C152's up to DC-3s.

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  1. z06z33

    Carenado in X-Plane

    They have lot's of little cool features that they are missing in p3d like dimming panel lights,domelights on swivel that move and actually move the light with them ect
  2. With the sale on at Carenado I decided to pick up a couple GA planes for XP11 wow is all I can say. Im really Impressed lots of cool features not found in P3D, I say this as a P3D guy
  3. z06z33

    Marcel Felde/Aerosoft PC-6 RIP :-(

    Sad because the Model and VC look pretty good even though the screenshots are from 2014. If your looking for a good bush plane try the milviz Turbo otter
  4. z06z33

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    I had this issue with Orbx socal in 4.2 and 4.3. It's not the sim it's an Orbx issue they are aware of it but seem to ignore it
  5. OK so I was looking into this the other day turns out that when P3D is set to unlimited frames it disables fiberframetime. Which is default set to .33 when a frame lock is set. If you lock your frames and add the FiberFrameTime tweak ie set it to .1 then your stutters should go away
  6. z06z33

    P3D V4 and the Boeing 767

    If your really wanting a 767 you might consider picking up XP11 and trying the flightfactor 767 its a great bird lots of systems depth and awesome visuals and performance
  7. Not being political but according to the CEO of ASUS. Our leader's (Trump) Tarrifs are to blame. Just saying in my first year of Business school I learned dozens of reasons why Tarrifs are a bad thing and only hurt local economy and the consumer.. yet he chose that path....
  8. Is something wrong with your system? Even on my 4790k and 1080 I never went below 25 FPS. With my 8700k I get mad if it goes below 40 lol
  9. z06z33

    Sky Simulations MD-11 For FSX and P3D

    It's actually a decent plane,just the FMC sucks(I spoke to the devs and they are adding features to the FMC) the rest of the systems are decent. Here is my review
  10. Any updates in this project?
  11. Just looked at a bench mark single core performance is only up 6% compared to a 8700k not worth spending the money to upgrade,since that boost if probably from the 5.0 vs 4.7ghz turbo boost. I'll stick with my 8700k I can hit 4.9ghz on 1.33v
  12. z06z33

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Just curious but why do you need panel lights in the day?
  13. z06z33

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

  14. z06z33

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

  15. z06z33

    New MD11 for P3Dv4.3

    Still gonna do a video on this plane was in the air 6 hours yesterday with student pilots (I’m a CFI for a living) and I was a bit to tired to make a video yesterday lol