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  1. Both honestly as an airline pilot who's looking to make the jump to an airline that operates both. Already having familiarity with whichever jet I get assigned cockpit and systems won't hurt and having the option to use the sim to practice flows and setting up the FMC/MCDU during training really helped on my first type raiting as I was able to repeat the days lessons in my hotel room. Plus I can deduct them on my taxes, I'd much rather give the devs my money than the government.
  2. Yea the days of FSX and constant OOMs on short final were so fun... Or building a $5000 rig to struggle to get 30FPS consistently or or,the constant CFG tweeking... Yea let's go back to the days of a dead and abandoned platform 🙄
  3. It would probably have a 777 cockpit lol or No cockpit at all
  4. Funny to see this as I just landed an E175 on 32 the other day in real life. It's a short runway l right at 5000 feet. As far as I remember there is nothing in our 10-7 pages prohibiting a 32 departure but no idea of the controllers would assign it..... I wouldn't feel comfortable with it though personally. It could get interesting if you lost an engine right after V1 we fly into shorter runways like Key West and Hilton Head but no large buildings there to make climb performance an issue
  5. Yea but it had major limits nobody could fix and it looked horrible.
  6. So we can go back to having a dead and broken platform like FSX was for 10 years....Yea sounds awesome lol
  7. It's really sad how far they have fallen, their 707 and 727 were top notch.... The L-1011 was good aswell.
  8. What a hot pile of garbage.... Captainsim has gotten worse than Abacus was back in the day... Atleast Abacus gave you a cockpit
  9. There are several logbook apps out there many people use Log10pro. Personally I'm still on paper logs.
  10. Yes Spartan for sure! Id add the Beech 18 to that list. Id love to see a Cruisemaster, I own a Bellanca Super Viking which is eventually going to make its way into the sim when Lionheart gets around to it.
  11. Having flown both planes the 310 in XP11,P3D and FSX and the C414 in MSFS I can honestly saying both are worth getting. If your on FSE the 414 is very profitable
  12. Really depends on if your care about stuff like saved states, ownership and failures. I have enough of those things with the real plane I own and the ones I fly for a living.... Personally I enjoy not worrying about engine management in the sim beside the basics like power and mixture settings. Don't get me started on things that come with flying big geared pistons and having to deal with crossing restrictions and shock cooling. Then proper speed of throttle application and reduction so you don't screw up the gearing in the engine...Yea no thanks I get enough of that in my plane lol
  13. Why not both? They are very different planes
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