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  1. I'm taking my chances and not updating in fact windows update has been disabled. Considering this issue has been around for 10 years and nothing has happened I don't see the sky falling tomorrow without this update. I just built a new rig at great expense..I'm not going backwards in performance. Besides I don't keep important info on my pc,and will stop the use of it for anything important. Worst thing that will happen is they will get my CC info but I've had that stolen at restaurants so no way to protect everything
  2. No issues anywhere else and my settings aren't extreme as I maintain 60fps most of the time even at payware airports
  3. 8700k@4.7ghz GTX1080 32gb DDR4 at 3200mhz P3Dv4 installed on its own SSD
  4. I keep getting 5-10 sec freezes when,flying near LA in ORBX Socal anyone else have this issue?
  5. Hope this fixes the horrible stutters I experience with only this plane
  6. I don't understand how people think that the CPU isn't important in P3D or Xplane. Yes the GPU is way more important than it used to be but the CPU is still number one in flightsim
  7. The issue is those are a mismatched set and my not run at the rated speed together stabily.
  8. Got my 8700k on the way now just picking out a mobo and some DDR4. Looking forward to the upgrade from my 4790k. The move to DDR 4 alone should help.
  9. Fsx will finally be able to get 60 fps when we switch to quantum computing lol
  10. Flightsims are still cpu bound so any jump in cpu performance is good for us
  11. I love XP11 I just wish more payware scenery was available,like stuff from flight beam or FSDT