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  1. Dear: I presently use FS X Steam and P3D v4.5. I purchased most add-ons for P3D v4.5 and all set with it. Now P3D v5 had come out. May be after some time MSFS 2020 will be in the market. Now I am confused whether I should go for P3D v5 or MSFS 2020. Because it is costly to change a sim platform. Please suggest which one I should select if I go for a change. Regards,Haseen Ahmad.
  2. Thanks for replying. If I want to know whether a particular type of aircraft i e MD 82 is flying right now, is there a way to search by model? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  3. Dear Dave_YVR Thanks for your reply. In p3d v4, there is no LTFM. Where can I download LTFM AFCAD free or payware? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  4. Dear: Is there a way to know which aircraft model of which airline fly a particular route? Suppose, I would like to fly from LTBA, Turkey to LGTS, Greece. How do I know which airline and which aircraft model fly this route regularly? Thanks and regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  5. Dear: As I installed aero.sors world navaids for my p3d v4.5, the default GPS's and Vertx DA62, which use default p3d v4 stock waypoints/intersections, can not be used. The DA62 is a quite costly payware and very realistic. If I uninstall aero.sors navaids then DA62 and default gps's become ok, but the p3d navaids revert to old stock and do not match Navigraph fmc database that most of my addon airplanes use. In youtube video, Rudi of vertxsim suggested to use fsaerodata. Fsaerodata depends only on Paypal for payment and Paypal does not include Bangladesh in the country list. So, I can't buy it from Bangladesh. Now if I stay with p3d default navaids, they don't match with the fms of my other addon airplanes. And on the other hand, if I install aero.sors, the DA62 becomes unuseable. If Vertxsim DA62 would use Navigraph, the problem would solve. Now I am at a fix, don't know what to do. Could you please suggest something? Regards, Haseen Ahmad Bangladesh.
  6. Dear: I had to reinstall my windows 10, 64 bit. because of tech. error. Then I installed P3D v4.5 Hf2 and other add-ons. Now I am having issues with Vertexsim DA62. I placed the airplane in two places- KLGA and KJFK. When I type in the name of any waypoint, all shows lat 0. long 0, beainrg 114 degree, 4,666 nm away! it's a serious problem. Where is the support forum/ticket system for Vertx DA62? Please help. Haseen Ahmad.
  7. Thanks Evros. I didn't know that. Actually I am looking for Boeing 777-300ER profile in TOPCAT. There is only -200LR. I need to calculate takeoff and landind performance for PMDG 777-300ER and integrate with PFPX. Thanks again, Haseen Ahmad.
  8. Dear: I can't log in to topcat forum. I tried to reset password. It says to change email address. What can I do? Haseen Ahmad.
  9. Which one is technically more realistic? Haseen Ahmad.
  10. Dear:I use MSI Z370 Gaming Plus main board and Windows 10 64-bit, ver 1803, RS 4 in my desktop.I upgraded my P3d from v4.3 to v4.4. It fails to load P3D v4.4 many a times. The opening screen "Prepar3D" shows and the timer blue ring continues to rotate. After waiting long time, I use Control+Alt+Del, exit from P3D. If I try to increase or decrease sound volume, the slider moves but no sound is audible. If I open of Realtek audio control panel and click on the pictures of the speakers, still no sound and a pop up shows up saying Windows is trying to find solution of the problem. If I uninstall Realtek, a message shows Nahimic 2 version is not up to date.I don't know about Realtek and Nahimic 2. Please help me to solve the issue. I can't use P3D with confidence.Kind regards,Haseen Ahmad.
  11. Dear Rudi: Sorry for delayed reply due to some family affairs. I did step by step as you said. Now it seems all ok. Is there any update coming for Vertx DA62 in shot future? Regards, Haseen.
  12. Dear Ruedi: Thank you so much for your reply. I'll try and feedback. Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  13. Dear Viking: All that I remember Active Sky prompted to set cloud density to maximum in the p3d graphics option. But I uninstalled AS, unistalled/re-installed Vertx DA62. Then da62 topograph became ok. P3d v4 graphics setting is still supposed to be at max. Haseen.
  14. Dear Viking01: I am new to AS. Didn't change any settings. I wonder why AS would affect Vertx DA62 G1000 topographics display. Regards, Haseen.
  15. Dear Ruedi: Today I purchased & installed Hi Fi Active Sky(AS). After that I loaded Vertxsim DA62. But some strange things happened: 1. G1000 display units took long time to boot up after I turned master batt sw on. 2. Engines could not be started. 3. Both in PFD and MFD topographic displays lost. Then I adjusted code settings (Advanced menu), re-installed xml.dll files no help. Uninstalled AS. Still no help. Then I unistalled/re-installed Vertx DA62. Then topo came back. Now it appears to me that I can't use AS and Vertx DA 62 at the same time. I posted to AS Support forum. But no reply so far. Kindly help. Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
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