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  1. Dear: I set ILS freq 109.50 in PFD active navigation radio window, set course to 144 deg. Armed NAV, PFD roll mode window showed HDG green and LOC white. Established intercept heading 104 deg. beleow GS. Still AP can't intercept and maintain localiser. Goes to far left with hdg 144. And proceeds off track. Haseen.
  2. Dear Rudi: Thank you so much for the video. I am having problem with ILS at my home base VGHS (old VGZR). I use latest 'sors.fr' nav data for p3d v4.4. I set the rw 14 ILS approach, CDI to radio nav i. e. green course pointer. AP modes are HDG and ALT at 1500 ft. I established the plane at approx. 40 deg. intercept angle to the localiser. And armed NAV mode. (Will arm APP later on) But the plane goes past the localiser and establishes far left of the loc/runway centerline at runway heading 144 deg. Any suggestion please? Regards, Haseen Ahmad Bangladesh.
  3. Dear: Just now I downloaded/installed Little Nav Map (LNP). I made a flight plan in the LNP and saved the same as .PLN in the Docs\P3D v4 Files. But I can't 'see' it in the Flight Plan Catalog of Vertxsim DA62 G1000. Kindly help. Haseen Ahmad.
  4. VGHS is my base airport. The freq. is 109.50 and course 144 deg. for ILS RW 14. Morse ID 'IDA'. Haseen.
  5. Dear: 1. I made a flight from VGJR to VGHS (old VGZR). Approach was ILS RW 14 at VGHS, 109.50/144 deg. But I found Vertx DA62 can not maintain the localizer, it goes far left and stays there, never comes back on to the localizer. I tried the same approach with default Bonanza A36. It did it quite nice.! Please help. 2. Is there any possibility to get a Navigraph extension in future? Haseen Ahmad.
  6. haseen

    Single engine modern turboprops.

    Dear Sundevil56: Majestic does not offer single turboprop..they offer Dash 8 Q400. I meant their system realism is very good. Does TBM 850 autopilot work in a realistic way..I mean in IAS/FLC pitch mode airspeed maintained by pitch? Does it support Navigraph data? Thanks, Haseen Ahmad.
  7. Dear: I am looking for a modern single engine turboprop airplane. But I didn't find any as good as the PMDG's or Majestic's. Now as a no way alternative I am thinking of Carenado TBM 850, PC-12 and Piper PA46 500TP. So which one is the best as realism concerned? Thanks and regards, Haseen Ahmad,
  8. Dear Skywolf: Thank you so much for your response. 1. I installed my P3D v4 in 😧 root directory as suggested by PMDG. 2. My question would be, if I need to reinstall Vertxsim DA62, what exact steps should I follow so that I can install it with 100% confidence? I expect it to be totally hastle free like PMDG, A2A, FSLabs etc. 3. I made a flight from VGJR to VGHS. Flt Plan: vgjr, jsr-airway W2, dac, ILS 14. But I could not put the airway W2 after JSR. I updated p3d v4 navigation database with aero.sors.fr. Can't G1000 plot airways? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  9. Dear Skywolf: I downloaded/purchased just this morning and it is v1.053. I uninstalled and installed. But it does not say anywhere to Acivate/enable. No help up to that point. However, with Lorby Addon organizer I selected Vertx DA62 and 'activate all'. Also changed encoding of FSspotlight to what you said from 'ANSI' by Notepad++. Now the plane is selectable in the P3D v4 sim. But am afraid what will happen to my Flightsimlabs Airbus A320-x and A319-X? Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  10. Dear Skywolf: Thanks for your support. I downloaded Lorby's Addon Organizer and updated Notepad++. I am not at all familiar with all these. I ran the Lorby Add on organizer, selected 'Other Addons", then found Vertx as pink color. I clicked that and then clicked 'Check conflict'. It showed "FSspotlight" duplicate which is necessary for my FSLabs A320 X and A319 X. Now what should I do? Thanks again, Haseen Ahmad.
  11. Dear: It is not showing at all. No question of favourites! I haven't yet tried Skywolf's suggestion. I also mailed to Sean and support@vertxsim.com but no reply so far! How is vertxsim's support? Haseen Ahmad.
  12. Dear: I just purchased and installed Vertx DA 62 in my P3D v4. But unfortunately can't find the plane in the aircraft list. Please help. Regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  13. haseen

    Realistic modern airplanes for P3D v4.

    Dear Henry, AviatorMan and Torsen: Thank you so much for your true replies! Warm regards, Haseen Ahmad.
  14. Dear: I am looking for realistic modern airplanes for P3D v4. They don't have to be all glass cockpit or G1000. 1. Single engine piston: I have A2A Cessna 182T, V35 Bonanza, Piper Cherokee 180, Piper Comanche. Is there any Piper aircraft of that level with more modern autopilot with pitch/VS/IAS control and ALT Hold and a more modern throttle/prop/mixture quadrant? 2. Single engine turboprop like TBM 850 or Pilatus PC-12 or Cessna Grand Caravan: As realistic as Flight1 King Air B200 G1000, Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pro. 3. Twin Turboprop: ATR 72-600 or Fokker 50 or SAAB 2000 : As realistic as Flight1 King Air B200 G1000, Majestic Dash 8 Q400 Pro, PMDG Jetstream 41 (FS X). 4. Piston Twin: As Beech Duke. . Regards, Haseen Ahmad.