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  1. It looks exactly the same in Win11. My only issue with the weather in MSFS is the inability of it to depict a truly overcast sky.
  2. No doubt in the not too distant future you'll be able to have a brain implant to make it even more technically astonishing. But the secret is in the second letter of VR. It isn't reality. It's a delusion. And the whole thing worries me.
  3. The trouble is people who are not programmers (like myself) can only struggle to understand and interpret what they read. And when it is clearly stated by developers such as Aerosoft that their plane is necessarily compromised by the limitations of the XBox it's difficult not to draw conclusions from that. That's not to say that the vast market the XBox offers will not be of net benefit to all users of the sim but It makes me wonder whether MSFS can ever realise it's full potential when both Asobo and every other developer are consumed with XBox compliance?
  4. For my part I do not think this is relevant. The point is that MSFS is being handicapped by the specs of an XBox.
  5. I wouldn't worry too much. It doesn't make that much difference. And possibly the trim wheel animation means that the plane will not run on an XBox so don't hold your breath...😀
  6. I thought you couldn't see it? You really should be more thorough with your pre flight walk around check.😀
  7. If I knew how to post a screen shot on the forum I would. Can't you see the polygons? The straight edges on the tyre rims?
  8. Look at the tyre rims side on. Maybe it doesn't bother you but it bothers me.
  9. For sure. Round wheels apparently completely overwhelm an XBox...(those wheels really get to me.)
  10. If you've got the HeavyDivision 787 mod try without it installed. Tablets and the 787 mod don't seem to mix well.
  11. Definitely a first purchase once XP12 is released. Assuming it will be compatible?
  12. Is this an evolution of the freeware Goose? What's the difference?
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