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  1. Find your MS2020 exe.xml file and edit it as I've tried to explain. I'm sorry that I can't be more precise than this but I'm no geek. Some one else may be able to help you locate the file. The exe.xml is basically a file which lists all the external programs that need to be started when MS2020 launches. Most installers can find it but this one just assumes it's in the default location which in many cases it isn't. I'm guessing that this will be corrected before too long.
  2. You will find that its added a new rogue exe.xml file in what it expected to be the default install path on your C drive. For me it was C:\Users\jarms\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you cant find it add this to your exe.xml file <Launch.Addon> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Name>MSFS2020_AutoFPS</Name> <Path>C:\Users\jarms\AppData\Roaming\MSFS2020_AutoFPS\bin\MSFS2020_AutoFPS.exe</Path> </Launch.Addon> And edit the \jarms\ part to you own C:\Users\ ? \ path. As you can see I am no coder!!😀 But Im up and running and it auto starts. And if you find the erroneously created new file the above is the only part of the code you need. (I only know about this because of a hilarious fight I had with Aerosoft after I submitted a support ticket with regard to the DRM for the E175 who's installer did exactly the same thing. Aerosoft simply refused to believe that it was possible for the exe.xml file to be anywhere other than in the default location! 50 screenshots and emails later they finally twigged and sorted the installer!😀)
  3. The app is fantastic. However I cannot get it to autostart. Th installer is not editing my exe.xml i think because its not in the default location? Could some one kindly post the relevant code so that I can manually edit the exe.xml file myself? EDIT Never mind, I found where the installer put the code and copied and pasted it into the correct exe.xml.
  4. I can't seem to import a Simbrief flight plan into the MCDU. I can do so in the EFB and ACARS init request page but I get an error in the Init page in the FMC. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Everything is failing. How to you turn off failures? MCDU is set on Manual and Random but still, loads of stuff borking out.
  6. I didn't get CTD's with the beta? So what caused them? I'm guessing rubbish hardware. All I am saying that I do hope that Asobo do not dumb things down.
  7. Sim is perfectly stable for me. I hope that they are not going to row back on the memory/performance optimisations just to cater for those with dodgy hardware.
  8. Same as before the beta. No difference at all re the PMDG 737. Just much better performance with regard to stutters and pauses.
  9. Just flown the PMDG EGPH to LFPO. No difference except less stuttering and pauses? I think people are looking for problems when none exist.
  10. Good God! They've nearly nailed it for me! Stutters and pauses almost eliminated to the point where I don't care. The sims looking and performing like a dream! Nice rainbow EGGD to EGPH in the Fenix. I'm so glad that I chose MS2020 over the alternatives.
  11. The highlight for me will be the improved memory management. The last remaining performance issue I have is an occasional five second pause usually after takeoff. Apart from that the sim runs smooth as silk.
  12. You probably do see rough water but it never looks particularly rough because waves breaking on a shore or over a sea wall aren't modelled. So no matter what all seems calm and relatively peaceful. Nor are there tides or ships and boats riding the waves.
  13. Well if you would just announce that you are, in fact, developing a plane for MS2020 then every one would love you. 😀 Come on, go where the money is. You know it makes sense. Meyer is done. He is never going to take the lead again, Go with the flow. EDIT Happy new year to you.
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