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  1. I use SimBrief and Navigraph. But I am not a pilot and even though I have been simming for many years I am still unsure as to how you pick which VIA to use on approach? Where can you see the VIAs and on which chart? Mostly the waypoints are not mentioned on the approach chart? SimBrief does not seem to tell you this and the FBW seems to need one to prevent the approach going haywire. Thanks for any help.
  2. Who is? Never heard of them? Edit. Come to think of it I've heard of Filbert who does nice airport reviews. Or am I thinking of some one else?
  3. 1. Hedges. Cut field hedges. The uk countryside in the sim looks ludicrous at present. 2. Leafless deciduous winter trees.
  4. Ah! Thanks. I'm away. I'm guessing that there must have been an update in the last day or two.
  5. I'd like to try this. But how do you set up FSLTL to use the FS models as well. Is the the Exclude Generic Models option in the setup menu?
  6. OK thanks. I'll give it a try. EDIT Well don't get me wrong because I have nothing but love for Just Flight. But, and I've tried and tried, I do not think this has anything to offer above the freeware FSLTL. In fact i think FSLTL is far superior bar a few missing planes and liveries. The extra fps you get is purely down to fewer ai planes. I'm sorry but this is not worth the money. I reckon that JF were beaten to the mark by the freeware but by then they just couldn't stop.
  7. Hi. So to populate the whole airport in order to make it look more realistic can we add statics with the MSFS Traffic menu? Or could you add a statics option which uses the very nice FST models please?
  8. Patch seems to have resolved the injector crashing for me and it's far more stable. However I've noticed that at large airports such as Heathrow it only spawns traffic within a small radius of your plane. So when you use the drone most of the airport is barren. Presumably this is to save fps? I would prefer that the injected traffic, even if the number is restricted, to be scattered over the whole airport. I'm still several patches away from preferring this to FSLTL. Edit. But it does include liveries for Loganair,😀
  9. It seems fine to me? Just the same except that the new WT GNS works.
  10. Quite right. Mind if I chip in back on the Org again?😀 Wonder how long I would last...
  11. Have you made up your mind with regards to value for money? Which to my mind is an important consideration when choosing a sim.
  12. Quite a few third party planes. Here's what Matt from WT said about it on this forum a while back. I first noticed the issue when the WT 530 broke the P-750 XSTOL "Well, to be fair to both us and the aircraft developers, we do have to use a lot of the super recent features of the sim and many planes were made before those features and/or never bothered to hook some stuff up because it didn't work with the previous GNS. So we're working directly with nearly all of them to help guide them to updating their aircraft. Of course, we could pull all that stuff out if desired that makes the GNS able to simulate all it simulates and then you'd have a stock featured GNS but with a really nice retro font. 😉" ie. They are working on it with the Devs affected.
  13. It's on the FlyingIron site. You need to login and navigate to your accounts download section.
  14. That isn't the particular issue I had. I thinks that's with the new WT 530 plus PMS I believe? I do not have the WT 530 because that does break a number of planes autopilots. What I was seeing with the 152 mod installed was the autopilot behaving strangely with things like no altitude capture. That did coincide with me updating the PMS so who knows? Anyway now I've uninstalled the 152 it is back to normal.
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