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  1. It used to be available on Linux. After the next major version, Linux support was dropped. That made me very sad at that time: it was my favorite aircraft, and probably still would be if it was available. But now, the landscape is different, many commercial planes are multi-platform, so there always something nice to fly. 😄
  2. Reverb G2 is 4'665'600 pixels per eye. You're confusing surface and linear dimensions. XP doesn't support any Playstation,
  3. FYi, Ubuntu and some other distros support secure boot. No need to deactivate it. https://itsfoss.com/install-ubuntu-1404-dual-boot-mode-windows-8-81-uefi/ But we are OT now. 😉
  4. The grass is very good. I like it more than 3d grass, And they nailed the atmospheric scattering perfectly. Great times ahead !
  5. Ok, so, are we supposed to get used to it ? Because I won't. Can we have an official stance from Avsim's staff that they really want to solve the issue? It's starting to look more and more like we are presented a "fait accompli". Pascal
  6. "Shockingly bad" Duh... Did Denis Villeneuve steal your wife, or what? Good troll anyway... 🙂
  7. I have some difficulties understanding how Lynch's and Villeneuve's versions could even be comparable. Visuals, cinematography, storytelling, cast, CGI, I found nearly everything vastly superior is the latest. May I ask if you saw it on the big screen?
  8. According to Ben, the physics now takes the 3d shape of the waves into account, so it definitely has been reworked! I like the sunset too. 🙂
  9. My monitor is calibrated. And he looks sunbunrned indeed 🙂 But I doubt youtube videos have integrated color profile. And I don't know if Firefox color corrects videos according to a profile.
  10. The content is very interesting. But the video editing is simply appalling!!! Does Laminar really need to show themselves as a bunch of amateurs? Everything is wrong. The sound and video quality; some speakers don't look at the camera; the editing is jerky and unwatchable. And the Austin "trip" got me so ashamed that I literally sunk deeper in my chair. 😭
  11. Always appreciated his openness to different sims, and his honesty to change his mind sometimes. Farewell Froogle! And thanks for everything! Pascal
  12. Excellent and balanced analysis by Mentour Pilot:
  13. Ouch, that landing was ugly! 🤢
  14. A big number, that's the file name I guess. I'm on Firefox/Linux. I guess it's the picture Laminar posted on Facebook? P.S: I think I know what happened : if you linked to the FB image, Firefox blocks it with its FB container system (which I like btw). If that's the reason, don't worry 😉
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