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  1. Pascal_LSGC

    Xplane11 View Tips

    ...of ten numeric keys by default. CTRL + Num0 - Num9 to save the views Num0 - Num9 to recall. One interesting property of the quickview system: if you press any numpad number twice, you first go to the recorded view (as expected), then back to the initial viewpoint you where at. Try it, this is extremely useful. Pascal
  2. Pascal_LSGC

    XPlane11 Rookie Mistakes

    ... when it will be out. Not right now, it's in beta ! 😉
  3. Pascal_LSGC

    X-Plane 11.30 Beta is out!

    This video is frightening and insanely beautiful !
  4. I don't know the original short story, but this animated vr movie is a work of art. I saw it in comfort mode, will try the fully cinematic mode later. If I'd have to find a criticism, I'd say the constant changes of scale are not necessary, and don't bring anything to the story. Maybe they make more sense with the cinematic mode. Everything else is so well made I'll probably watch it several times. The surroundings of each scene is gorgeous. Every character's movement is absolutely perfect, motion must have been used. All the best, Pascal
  5. Pascal_LSGC

    X-Plane v11.05r2 is out

    Uh ? Am I seeing a ghost ???
  6. If you press a numpad key, you get the associated quick view. If you press it again, the previous view is recalled. Also, you can program a view on the fly with CTRL+numpad. Just decide which numpadkey you want to use for that temporary point of view.
  7. Pascal_LSGC

    KDAB to KPBI 🙂
  8. Pascal_LSGC

    Could we ask for more ?

    My guess is, it will be quite basic at the beginning, but will come with a strong foundation for a future complete logic. At least, from what Chris said, the bugs that make it unusable until now should be solved.
  9. Pascal_LSGC

    Pilot Figures under aircraft

    The Windows redist are listed here: I'm surprised it's not mentioned under the requirement tab (neither on the .org, nor on Carenado's website) P.S: apparently, the new SASL 3 doesn't need these redistributables.
  10. Pascal_LSGC

    Pilot Figures under aircraft

    Something's definitely not right. Either you didn't activate the aircraft, or you miss some dependency. I think on Windows there used to be something to install, but it's not mentioned in the requirements. Someone had a similar problem lately, I think he posted on the .org. P.S: did you update your X-Plane install to at least 11.25 ?
  11. Pascal_LSGC

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    Anyway, vortex681's claims are well informed claims, because it's exactly how it works on my computer. If I check vsync in X-Plane's graphic options, the frame rate is always a fraction of my monitor's refresh rate (Linux here, but I could check on my window machine). Now, if like ColonelX you tweak Nvidia parameters, (for example using adaptative vsync), your mileage may vary. Pascal
  12. Then your plane is not properly installed or activated.
  13. Hi Glenn, Are you sure that's from your actual scenery_packs.ini file ? AFAIK, X-Plane doesn't allow to reference links outside of it's own folder, or comments. Furthermore, the names don't match with the folders shown above.
  14. These are the official gateway airports, they are all included in X-Plane by default or will be soon anyway. Not much sense to download from there and create a mess with duplicates that will never update themselves automatically. Look there, it's not about the quality, but I think it's quite comprehensive: Pascal
  15. Pascal_LSGC

    Why is this not working?

    Hi, SASL is not suppposed to be installed in the global Resources/plugins folder. It has to stay inside each aircraft's plugin folder. Pascal