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  1. I knew about the comic, but not the password generator, which is excellent, thanks ! Pascal
  2. XP11

    Thanks for making us aware of this masterpiece by Belga. Over 2000 hours work for free, and the results shows this incredible dedication to realism. Cheers, Pascal
  3. XP11

    Inspiring ! Cheers, Pascal
  4. Wow ! Nope, of course not ! There's only one that can do it right now ! Better not to name it and take the risk of destroying the fragile equilibrium between the sims. ;)
  5. I think the waves are not 3D yet. The demo presented in devs blog is a glimpse into the future. Pascal
  6. Amazing video, thanks Ionfresko ! Pascal
  7. You're welcome ! I'm not sure wether the enhanced spiraling slipstream has already been implemented. However, in the Flightsimcon presentation he talked about better account of negative wind, which should help taxiing and simulate special aerobatic cases. And the new PT6 engine is for 11.10 as well.
  8. Most of the changes Austin talks about in his blog post are planned for 11.10.
  9. What a beauty ! Off to download Cheers, Pascal
  10. Most experiences posted there are just 360° videos. This is not VR !!! The term is already abused everywhere. Pascal
  11. Ryan, the fix is not out yet, so I doubt the minimal camera height is related. Pascal
  12. we are going to see 11.05. See slide 138-142:
  13. Where did you read that ? It doesn't make any sense. Georeferenced only means that they have coordinates in a known geographical system. And of course they have, else, how could X-Plane place them on the map ? Now, at worst, some coordinates could be wrong, or some navaids could be missing. The only way X-Plane could be totally wrong would be if it used a wrong coordinate system to interpret the data, and I'm pretty sure that's not the case. Pascal
  14. Here is the version just posted by Laminar, better quality: