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  1. So well said Paraffin. Especially now that X-Plane 11 is regularly talked about and even given as a standard to which other softwares are compared on the other side of the fence. More and more people appreciate different simulators for their specific strengths. Cheers, Pascal
  2. SSAO: Screen space ambient occlusion Acronyms are cool... for those who know what they mean, and can overuse them. Not so cool for all the others.
  3. Exactly what I thought. But why make things simple ? @Jimm: great tip, thanks! I'll try it with Flyinside, always good to grab a few more frames per second in VR. Maybe a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is a bit expensive in a shader. It should cost no texture memory at all and probably facilitates animation, which is why Ben might have chosen it. Pascal
  4. Perfection !!! Cheers, Pascal
  5. I use Woody Island, because it's easy to remember. The smallest and simplest isolated land patch I found is RJAM. Pascal
  6. With all due respect, Jimm, I wonder if you completely understood what this map is about. It is the Gateway Scenery Map. The Gateway is a database, part of the process designed by Laminar to gather user created airports created and validated with World Editor, and include them in the default X-Plane distribution, generally during the next update. The validation process ensures that they only use the default objects library. But of course, it is also incidentally a worlds airport map with ICAO, and you can use it for any purpose, even find airport for MS flight sim is you want. Cheers, Pascal
  7. Hi Jimm, I'd like to add that the airports there are only the gateway airports (i.e. airports which are or will be included in X-Plane distribution). There are some others maps around with freeware airports, which cover a lot of the planet too, but beware the libraries dependencies hell ! ;) (check out for example Mario's excellent selection: The tourist) And, for the gateway, I think you misinterpreted the meaning of colors. Blue are indeed old ones from v9. Orange are airports created since the gateway exists (maybe around v10.25??) and are already present into the current X-Plane version. Red ones are newly created, not yet included. Red and orange say nothing about quality, it's just about the state of the publication process. To have a good idea of quality and completeness to the latest standard, check the "Airport traffic flow", "Taxi route network", and "3D only" checkboxes in the legend. Cheers, Pascal
  8. Uh, Jcomm, are you sure you are feeling well ???
  9. Taburet is a scam. He started with selling some autogen made with w2xp without even customizing the textures. Basically the same you can download for free from Simheaven, except that some real enhancement work was done on the latter. I never quite understood why he is listed among the best sells at Simmarket. Looks like some people prefer buying some cheap nothing than some real add-on with a slightly higher price and some hard work put into it. Pascal
  10. Fantastic release, congrats to Laminar Research !
  11. Really love the colors. Cheers, Pascal
  12. Great shot !
  13. Impressive, the second one really gives the feeling of altitude. Thanks Pascal
  14. I own Manchester, and share your views about the quality,... as well as the disappointment that this one only sells through XA. Cheers, Pascal
  15. Beautiful livery ! Thanks Pascal