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  1. There is a checkbox in joystick config to revert axis. FYI, the graphic driver can not be related to a joystick issue in any way. That's simply not possible. Pascal
  2. Ha ! Your analysis is spot on ! 🙂 But few people seem to realise that.
  3. I think the producer, GoD, (or I think Take2Interactive who bought GoD) decided to stop the franchise. I don't think Richard's illness played a role in this.
  4. Sorry, but, no... I can't understand a word of your rambling... Looks like you're talking to yourself... !!!? Are you ok ? Pascal
  5. What makes you think that ? I don't have P3D so I can't compare, but the fmod engine (which X-Plane uses) does spatialized sound and allows for any sophisticated mixing developers want based on datarefs (sim variables). All aircraft don't implement advanced sound yet, but if you have X-Plane, just listen at the default 737 in the latest beta ! Agreed on the other points though. Pascal
  6. cbreeze, he's talking about X-Plane mobile. AFAIK, you can't easily add liveries in that version.
  7. Hey Murmur, do you want to bet ? 😄 In fact, I would be much more worried if I was a P3D user. Cheers, Pascal
  8. I do. 😉 In fact, none of those you listed. I'ts developed by a french studio, Asobo. Source (french newspaper Le Monde): https://www.lemonde.fr/pixels/article/2019/06/17/ce-que-les-352-jeux-video-evoques-a-l-e3-2019-disent-de-l-etat-de-l-industrie_5477576_4408996.html The studio is known for developing AAA games for different platforms. They have also worked on augmented reality, in close collaboration with Microsoft. I've read somewhere that they are also contractors for some pro flight simulation products in the aeronautical industry, but I can't confirm that rumor. Pascal PS: and to add yet more fuel to the speculation game, it seems that James Croucher, former Dovetail developer, is now part of Asobo team. Go figure ! 😄
  9. Hi Jan, Looks like you have a great time ! Will the landing competition be streamed ? That would be nice to look at. I'll try this approach this afternoon. All the best, Pascal
  10. A factual update about Boeing's modifications and FAA investigations, which might go back to other 737 models as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4qDLR4s45U Pascal
  11. There's a trick: Go into replay mode and go back to the time you want to start from. View > Reset 3d flight path (or something like that). Get ready and come out of the replay mode. That's it.
  12. Amazing piloting skills here ! I really, really need pedals. Thanks HiFlyer ! Pascal
  13. As far as I can tell, the buildings are the ones from Laminar, but with adjusted texture color. I hope they got the permissions from Laminar, otherwise there will be in serious trouble. But let's give them the benefit of doubt. Replacing the whole texture set is a huge undertaking that nobody tackled till then, except for the coming product by MisterX6. Indeed, we need comparisons. And very few will buy the product if it's not clearly better than the default. And, IMHO, the people should refrain from using bad language and bullying a new developer. Producing textures is a lot of work, whatever the result. Pascal
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