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  1. Hi,
  2. Pascal_LSGC

    Acclaim over Værøy

    Is that the AFM M20R ? If it is, good job finally on the typical nose's curve. I couldn't stand the totally wrong curve on the model, enough for removing it from my wish list. I hate when people nitpick on some details of the model, but this was a huge flaw right on your nose. I'm relieved now. Thanks! Pascal
  3. Pascal_LSGC

    Do I need better than that?

    Hi Filou, your sentence, translated it back to french, means: "Avec cette capture je prouve à vous tous "non prétentieux" l'importance de [...] " ... which is not what you meant in the first place. I also misinterpreted this sentence and found it very snarky. Thanks for clearing that up. Pascal But why do you keep looking down on Murmur ? He brought to your attention a problem with your message. Now the translation issue is solved, but you go on with some other dismissive remarks !
  4. Pascal_LSGC

    11.20VR2 released !

    You don't have any problem to find your controllers: you actually see them in VR (at least, an hybrid between the Vive and Rift ones). You might have some problems finding your mouse. You can organize your space around so that you can put the controllers to rest easily. The best I found is to put a chair at my right: the reason is that I actually did try to drop them on the virtual seat at my left, while there was nothing there in reality (and I'm sure I'm not the only one who did that ;-) ). Bang. :o Great news ! Cheers, Pascal
  5. Hi, it's time to warm up you VR headsets (if you have one ;-) ) Cheers, Pascal
  6. Pascal_LSGC

    11.20VR2 very soon ?

    You're welcome ! And, BTW, the release note are up as well: About the new VR options: I can't wait to be able to grab and manipulate the yoke realistically: I already caught myself trying to grab the virtual yoke with my real hand instead of the joystick ! Pascal
  7. Hi, The doc has been updated, should not be too long before we see it ! Some nice improvements there ! Cheers, Pascal
  8. Pascal_LSGC

    XPlane 11 Vulcan

    Vulkan gives nothing. The transition to Vulkan (Windows and Linux) and Metal (Mac) will open the door to better multicore CPU optimization. It's not about the look, it's about performance.
  9. Pascal_LSGC

    X-Plane Developer Q/A 01/2018

    A rather complete list of what was discussed: Cheers, Pascal
  10. Pascal_LSGC

    X-Plane Developer Q/A 01/2018

    Thanks for posting this. I like the concept of flight/engine model versioning. Life will be much easier for developers, and Austin will have the freedom to make advances towards better physics without breaking thing at each version. Great times ahead! Cheers pascal
  11. Pascal_LSGC

    Some advice on VR

    I think you didn't read the article, just the title. FYI, it is about VR 360 videos. Nothing to do with the discussion here.
  12. No worries: I won't be able to wait for months anyway, as I don't want to miss the discount deadline ! ;) Cheers
  13. Jack is without doubt an artist along with a very good flight model/systems developer. I can't wait to try it in VR: probably would spend one hour scrutinizing every part of the cockpit, and then walking around the machine and jump trying to see me in the reflections, before even flying ! My problem: I have to resist the urge to buy the update right now. Yes, of course ! And I can imagine that in real time ! Cheers
  14. Wow, thanks Michael, that's breathtaking. Never seen so realistic metal. Cheers, Pascal
  15. OK, I need to correct this: We can use a supersampling of 1.78 on the current HTC Vive to get a good idea of performance with the Pro version. Basically, if you can't fly with a supersampling of 1.78 with your current gear, stay with the original Vive. Contrary to what I assumed, supersampling in SteamVR is now a ratio of the number of pixels (the scale has changed some months ago ). Pascal