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  1. Pascal_LSGC

    Pilot Figures under aircraft

    The Windows redist are listed here: I'm surprised it's not mentioned under the requirement tab (neither on the .org, nor on Carenado's website) P.S: apparently, the new SASL 3 doesn't need these redistributables.
  2. Pascal_LSGC

    Pilot Figures under aircraft

    Something's definitely not right. Either you didn't activate the aircraft, or you miss some dependency. I think on Windows there used to be something to install, but it's not mentioned in the requirements. Someone had a similar problem lately, I think he posted on the .org. P.S: did you update your X-Plane install to at least 11.25 ?
  3. Pascal_LSGC

    X-plane 11 frame rates

    Anyway, vortex681's claims are well informed claims, because it's exactly how it works on my computer. If I check vsync in X-Plane's graphic options, the frame rate is always a fraction of my monitor's refresh rate (Linux here, but I could check on my window machine). Now, if like ColonelX you tweak Nvidia parameters, (for example using adaptative vsync), your mileage may vary. Pascal
  4. Then your plane is not properly installed or activated.
  5. Pascal_LSGC

    The Easy World of X-Plane :-)

    Hi Glenn, Are you sure that's from your actual scenery_packs.ini file ? AFAIK, X-Plane doesn't allow to reference links outside of it's own folder, or comments. Furthermore, the names don't match with the folders shown above.
  6. These are the official gateway airports, they are all included in X-Plane by default or will be soon anyway. Not much sense to download from there and create a mess with duplicates that will never update themselves automatically. Look there, it's not about the quality, but I think it's quite comprehensive: Pascal
  7. Pascal_LSGC

    Why is this not working?

    Hi, SASL is not suppposed to be installed in the global Resources/plugins folder. It has to stay inside each aircraft's plugin folder. Pascal
  8. I read his goodbye earlier and didn't have the heart to spread the news. Although I fully understand and respect his choice, I can't help but thinking this is sad news for the community. His contribution to X-Plane has been enormous and will count for the years to come. I'm into geographic software myself, and his website has been an amazing resource. Andras's work mainly on free software is also the main reason we have a Linux version of X-Plane. Andras, Thanks a lot for everything you've done. For the inspiration. For the world. Thanks to Albert Laubi as well, although I hope he continues his excellent work on the textures. Thanks for letting the email link alive, you probably don't remember, but I still have a few things I promised to show you about the tiling shader. Cheers, Pascal
  9. Pascal_LSGC


    Wow, deserts are beautiful from up there ! Pascal
  10. Hi,
  11. Pascal_LSGC

    Acclaim over Værøy

    Is that the AFM M20R ? If it is, good job finally on the typical nose's curve. I couldn't stand the totally wrong curve on the model, enough for removing it from my wish list. I hate when people nitpick on some details of the model, but this was a huge flaw right on your nose. I'm relieved now. Thanks! Pascal
  12. Pascal_LSGC

    Do I need better than that?

    Hi Filou, your sentence, translated it back to french, means: "Avec cette capture je prouve à vous tous "non prétentieux" l'importance de [...] " ... which is not what you meant in the first place. I also misinterpreted this sentence and found it very snarky. Thanks for clearing that up. Pascal But why do you keep looking down on Murmur ? He brought to your attention a problem with your message. Now the translation issue is solved, but you go on with some other dismissive remarks !
  13. Pascal_LSGC

    11.20VR2 released !

    You don't have any problem to find your controllers: you actually see them in VR (at least, an hybrid between the Vive and Rift ones). You might have some problems finding your mouse. You can organize your space around so that you can put the controllers to rest easily. The best I found is to put a chair at my right: the reason is that I actually did try to drop them on the virtual seat at my left, while there was nothing there in reality (and I'm sure I'm not the only one who did that ;-) ). Bang. :o Great news ! Cheers, Pascal
  14. Hi, it's time to warm up you VR headsets (if you have one ;-) ) Cheers, Pascal
  15. Pascal_LSGC

    11.20VR2 very soon ?

    You're welcome ! And, BTW, the release note are up as well: About the new VR options: I can't wait to be able to grab and manipulate the yoke realistically: I already caught myself trying to grab the virtual yoke with my real hand instead of the joystick ! Pascal