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  1. Agreed, won’t fly without it. A must have along with Chaseplane.
  2. Thanks for your continued work on this Andrew!
  3. Yep, but in their own thread...!
  4. Matt, Don't let the minority grind you down. Its quiet obvious you have the support of the majority!
  5. Farewell Tom, rest in peace. My condolences to all the family.
  6. After the latest build of FSUIPC, it seems it is now possible to assign everthing in the SDK through Linda with LUA. I just worked out the Chrono ET with the help of the SDK documentation - I've been after this function for a while now...Should be pretty straight forward to add the rest of the Chrono. function NGX_LEFT_CHRONO_ET () ipc.control(69953, 536870912) end A little later... function NGX_LEFT_CHRONO_RESET () ipc.control(69952, 536870912) end
  7. Bryan,After purchasing the JS41 version, which is fantastic. I will be purchasing this without doubt.now then.... cricket and F1 or fs2crew with LDS.... :(
  8. Vandolf,If you get the latest drivers installed you might well be able to up the SSAA to x4 or x8... :(
  9. *******,Ive done some direct comparisons between shaders and it is definitely this shader mod thats giving the performance increase with my ATI card, with any cloud and or smoke/fog. The 10.4 driver is giving a little better SSAA, but the 5870 seems to very much like Shader model 3.0.
  10. I have tested, but could not see any noticeable difference, I did see a bit of stuttering, but I think that was just down to the fact I had just re-compiled the shaders.
  11. Its good to see ATI users getting some good results. Paul, good to see all is well in the world... :(Big thank you to *******, for all your help...
  12. Paul, try the 10.4 driver I had some major issues with the 10.3, it seems to be a lot better.
  13. Mike, Disable the ENB series if you installed that at the same time (Remove or re-name the DLL), I had this problem, ******* kindly pointed out that there maybe a conflict...and there was.Hope this helps
  14. Hi all,Can any ATI 5870 users trying ******* Mod please try these settings and report back there IQ & FPS findings. Make sure you fly in fairly dense weather. I'm getting some very encouraging results with SSAAand Shader 3.0, Ive just removed the 10.4 beta driver and installed the Release version, so I need people to verify things, I wasn't seeing with the Beta (ie. Big improvements)10.4 Release DriversShader update V1.1 (Shader Model 3.0)FSX AA UN-TICKEDCCC settings:Use application settings UNTICKEDAA Super-Sample x 4 with Wide-tent filter (samples x8)AF x16AI AdvancedAA Mode QualityMipMap Qualityfingers crossed...........
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