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  1. Yep. I'm going to need some aircon for the summer months. Will save on gas in winter though 😄
  2. It’s in the MS App Store, Carl. I hope you’re well! Craig
  3. Hi, I recently purchased the MCP Combo 2 Airbus variant. Will AAO & Vrinsight bridge work with this version too?
  4. I did. Very happy to see the return of Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  5. Agreed, won’t fly without it. A must have along with Chaseplane.
  6. Thanks for your continued work on this Andrew!
  7. Yep, but in their own thread...!
  8. Matt, Don't let the minority grind you down. Its quiet obvious you have the support of the majority!
  9. Farewell Tom, rest in peace. My condolences to all the family.
  10. After the latest build of FSUIPC, it seems it is now possible to assign everthing in the SDK through Linda with LUA. I just worked out the Chrono ET with the help of the SDK documentation - I've been after this function for a while now...Should be pretty straight forward to add the rest of the Chrono. function NGX_LEFT_CHRONO_ET () ipc.control(69953, 536870912) end A little later... function NGX_LEFT_CHRONO_RESET () ipc.control(69952, 536870912) end
  11. Bryan,After purchasing the JS41 version, which is fantastic. I will be purchasing this without doubt.now then.... cricket and F1 or fs2crew with LDS.... :(
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